Monument to the Community of Jaworow
and the Surrounding Region
(Yavoriv, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Matsevet zikaron le-kehilat Jaworow ve-ha-seviva

Editor: Michael Bar-Lev

Published in Haifa 1979

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation of: Matsevet zikaron le-kehilat Jaworow ve-ha-seviva
(Monument to the community of Jaworow and the surrounding region),
Editor: Michael Bar-Lev, Jaworow Societies in Israel and the United States, Published: Haifa 1979 (H,Y 252 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Yavoriv (1979)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Introduction N. Bar-Lev 1
Foreword [E] M. Bar-Lev 2
Introduction S. Eichbaum 3
Introduction [Y] S. Eichbaum 4
Foreword [E] S. Eichbaum 5
To S. Eichbaum, to his 80th birthday   6
The activity of the Committee   8
The Yavoriv Committee [Y]   12
History   16
From the Middle-Ages to the Holocaust   17
Galicia   30
Map of Galicia   31
The Jews in Galicia   40
Yavoriv   44
The town Yavoriv From “Judenstadt Yavoriv” 54
The Jews of Yavoriv - the rabbis and The Council of the Four Lands   55
The First World War   60
Memories S. Eichbaum 61
Memories B. Maurer, S. Saboni (Seifer) z”l 64
Memories S. Eichbaum 65
Memories M. Flamm 68
A collecion of memories I. Drucker 69
Between the two World Wars   69
The Holocaust   71
Poland, Galicia, Yavoriv   72
The Yanovska Camp A. Goldberg 72
The Holocaust of the Galicia Jews Based on the Silberstein Book 73
The ruin of the Polish Jewry S. Anski 74
The situation of the Galicia Jews at the beginning of the Russian occupation “Haaretz” newspaper 76
Report of the United Committee for the aid of the Polish Jews   78
The solution of the “Jewish Problem” in Galicia The plan of the Galician Police Cief Katzman 80
Testimonies from the Holocaust Mrs. M. Ringel & Mr. Borodor, A. Winter, M. Zatokovski, Mrs. R. Brumer, A. Zimmerman (translation: A. Hovner-Altschuler) 84
A Diary from the Holocaust Based on “Judenstadt Yavoriv” by S. Druck - USA (Translation: M. Bar-Lev 93
Memories from the Holocaust Y. Meltzer 99
Yavoriv Jews in the USA Dr. N. Birn (Translation M. Bar-Lev) 100
Yavoriv Jews in the USA [Y] Dr. N. Birn 104
Yavoriv Jews in the United States [E] Dr. N. Birn 110
Krakowitz   117
A Memorial Plaque at The Chamber of the Holocaust [Martef Hashoah]   117
Sources for the history of the Shtetl   118
Krakowitz - memorial candles Kampel 119
Krakowitz Eliezer Ben Yakov 120
Wilkatch   121
A Memorial Plaque at The Chamber of the Holocaust [Martef Hashoah]   121
Rabbis   122
The Altschuler family, authors of the “Metzudot” commentaries   123
Rav A. Ettinga   124
Rav Tz. Hirsch (Charif)   125
Rav Y. son of R'Moshe Pinchas   126
The Darshan [preacher] Berechia Birch son of A. Getzl   127
The BABAD dynasty   130
Photograph of the book Tehila LeDavid by M. M. Babad    
The Margaliyot family - a family tree   131
The Rav Elimelech Teomim-Frenkel, the last rabbi of Yavoriv ztz”l   132
Rav R'Feivish of the Belz dynasty, the last Yavoriv rebbe Klapholz 139
R'Feivish Sternberg Ratik 144
Rav Elimelech Hurwitz z”l From “Judenstadt Yavoriv” by S. Druck (translation: M. Bar-Lev 145
R'Elimelech from Yavoriv Klapholz 146
The Melamed R'Gedalia Chameides S. Eichbaum 147
The visit of the Belzer Rebbe in Yavoriv   150
The Belzer Hasidism   151
The synagogue attendant [shamash] Y. Arie Dr. S. Matok-Suess 152
Righteous figures in Yavoriv - officeholders in religious institutions   153
The Great Synagogue [Bet Hakneset Hagadol] Drawing by S. Eichbaum 156
The Synagogue Att. S. Matok-Suess, Ch. Goldman 157
The wooden synagogue Based on Davidowitz 158
The Great Synagogue S. Eichbaum 159
Jewish Life in Yavoriv before the Holocaust   161
Jewish life in town S. Eichbaum 162
Religious life S. Eichbaum 167
Memories [Yiddish] S. Eichbaum 170
A Jewish wedding in town B. Maurer 176
Way of Life   178
Life in general   179
Educational institutions: “Tarbut” Schools   180
The “Tarbut” school A. Hochner-Altschuler 181
Founding the Tarbut School and the affiliated kindegarten Ch. Ackereisen-Ratz 183
Zionism   185
Zionism in Yavoriv after WWI M. Flamm 186
The pioneers from Yavoriv S. Eichbaum 187
Tha Hashomer branch in Fischler's house Ch. Ackereisen-Ratz 188
The Zionist Movements A. Hanner 189
Agudat Israel A. Strich 193
Photographs   194
Life in Yavoriv - in the Press   196
Thanks to Hebrew and Yiddish  
Figures   203
Yafa (Sheindel) Eichbaum z”l Her children 204
R'Eliezer Eichbaum ztz”l   205
Yuta Eichbaum, may God avenge her blood A. Hochner-Altschuler, D. Ginsburg-Bernstein 206
Z. Klarfeld, may God avenge his blood S. Eichbaum, A. Altschuler 207
A. Herschenfeld and his wife z”l S. Fein 209
Letters Z. Klarfeld, S. Strich (the brother)  
M. Ohringer z”l   210
Letters from M. Ohringer z”l    
The Kanigel family   211
M. Koenig z”l [E] J. Koenig 212
Elka Wurzel A. Altschuler 216
Dovidl - the water-carrier S. Eichbaum, A. Altschuler 216
Assorted stories S. Eichbaum 216
Memories   220
The Altschuler family A. Hochner-Altschuler 221
M. Adler   222
D. Hocks   223
My Yavoriv Dr. S. Matok-Suess 223
My family N. Nudel 224
Memories from my home Ch. Ackereisen-Ratz 225
My shtetl Yavoriv S. Eichbaum 226
Shreds of memories Ch. Goldman 228
Brothers I. and I. Bleiberg   229
I. Serber   230
My Yavoriv M. Breitkopf's grandson 231
Memories I. Schpetz, Hame'iri (Ratik) 232
Sternberg Ratik 232
M. Flamm   233
I. Druker   233
A. Winter   233
C. Frenkel - a printer   234
I. L. Kanigel z”l   234
The family of M. M. Ratik I. Schpatz z”l 235
Childhood days in Yavoriv D. Ginsberg-Bernstein 236
B. Maurer   239
Z. Strudler-Strich   240
Yavoriv: Members of the organization who died in Israel   241
These are the names… List of the martyrs of the Community 242


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