The Jews of Szekesfehervar & Its Environs
(Székesfehérvár, Hungary)

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Translation of
Z'chor-Emelkezz-Remember Yehdei Szekesfehervar V'Hasviva

By: Dr. Eliezer Even (Koves) & Bemjamin Ravid

Published in Jerusalem, 1997

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation from: Z'chor-Emelkezz-Remember Yehdei Szekesfehervar V'Hasviva,
The Jews of Szekesfehervar & Its Environs, Dr. Eliezer Even (Koves) & Bemjamin Ravid
Jerusalem: Shem Publishers (Lanczos), 1997 (Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Szekesfehervar

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Introduction 7
History of the Székesfehérvár Jews 9
From the beginning to Lovansberény 11
The Lovansberény community 15
Székesfehérvár 19
Székesfehérvár at the turn of the 20th century 25
The effects of First World War 28
The Székesfehérvár Jews between the two World Wars 32
The increasing pressure of the 1930s 34
After passing the laws against Jews 39
The German occupation and its results 44
After World War Two 55
Bibliography 58
The neolog (reform) synagogue in Székesfehérvár 64
The orthodox synagogue in Székesfehérvár 65
Excerpts from the Székesfehérvár community Quarterly 66
The budget of the Székesfehérvár community in 1937 68
The Congress of the Jewish communities in Székesfehérvár (from the Newspaper of the Hungarian Jews) 71
Minutes of the Chevra Kadisha of the orthodox community, 30 March 1931 73
The executive members of the Chevra Kadisha of the orthodox community in Székesfehérvár 77
Minutes of the last meeting of the Chevra Kadisha of the orthodox community in Székesfehérvár, 7 March 1944 (12 days before the Germans occupied Hungary) 78
The Fejér County 81
Maps 82
The Jewish communities in Fejérmegye [Fejér County] 83
Numerical data on the communities in the county 85
Aba, Bicske 86
Ercsi-érd 87
Dunapentele, Alap. Kápolnésnyék 88
Mór 89
Sárbogárd 90
Sources 92
Education and Zionism 93
The Goldsiher Ignac Jewish elementary School in Székesfehérvár 95
Zionism in Székesfehérvár 101
From Fall 1943 until the “outing” of the group in May 1944 104
Zionst agricultural training near Enying 107
Zionist youth training in Bodajk 108
Photographs of the school and Neolog synagogue, and data about the school at its 50th anniversary (since its foundation in 1889) 110
Article by the principal of the Bátory József school on its 50th anniversary 112
Article by the teacher Weizs Lajos on the development of the religious studies 118
End-of-year Diploma ans half-year Diploma of a student in 1939 121
Partial survey of the 1910-1911 school year 123
Statistical data of the 1910-1911 school year 126
Scholarships 127
Partial report on the 1895-1896 school year 129
Article in the press about a celebration in the Jewish School 132
Photograph of the Jewish school in Székesfehérvár; in the background the synagogue 133
Graduation photograph of the 4th grade 1932-33 134
Photograph of the kindergarten children, mid 30th 135
Photograph of the Köves family teachers in the Jewish School, with their son; The Hagana Colony Balatonboglár 136
Three members of the Hanoar Hazioni in the Herend summer colony; Members helping with the harvest, 1933 137
Balatonboglár winter Colony 12.12. 1943; Founding meeting of Maccabi, Hashomer Hatza'ir 1941 138
Figures 139
Hirschler Pál - chief rabbi 141
Mermelstein Mór - rabbi 146
Natonek József - rabbi 148
Löwy Károly 150
Szegö Miklós 154
Goldziher Ignác 156
Hevesy György 159
Lánczos Kornél 161
Vidor (Avidor) Lászl 166
The Holocaust
Saving 4 young people with the help of Hano'ar Hazioni movement 171
Summary of Kemenes (Deutsch) Magda's testimony 176
Summary of Kalmár Andor's testimony 182
Auschwitz diary, testimony of Kiss László (Seregéles 186
Diary of a student in Auschwitz - Kádár György 191
“They were five” 194
List of Martyrs 201
Introduction 202
Photograph of the “Memorial Tent” and the list of martyrs 203
Photograph of the Memorial plaque of the town rabbis, on one of the walls 204
Székesfehérvár 205
Sárbogárd 220
Sárosd, Etyek 222
Igar, Káloz, Rácalmás 223
Iváncsa, Kajászószentpéter, Alcsút-Tabajd, Baracska, Csákvár 224
Csór, Lepseny, Mór 225
Sárkeresztúr 226
Kápolnásnyék 227
Gádony, Alap, Cece 228
Felcsút, Bicske 229
Martonváásr 231
Seregéles 232
After the Holocaust 233
Epilogue - The years after World War II 235
People who returned to Judaism after the Holocaust holding a prayer service in Hebrew and Hungarian 239
A Catholic Church document releasing a woman who requested to return to Judaism 240
A call by rabbi Komlós to the community members to donate money for acquiring 100 chairs for the prayer hall 241
Fragments from a diary on the activity of a Talmud Torah pupil in the 50s 244
Foreign Language Section
History (Hungarian) 5
History (English) 69
List of Martyrs – Fejér County (alphabetically ordered)  

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