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[Col. 675-676]

Mourning announcements


(on right-hand tablet)
May God remember the martyrs of our city Suwalk and vicinity who were killed for the holy name's sake in the years of the Holocaust in the death camps. May God avenge their blood and may their souls be bound up in the bonds of life.

(under tablet)
They were lovely and pleasant in their lifetimes and in their deaths they were not parted.

We shed a hot tear for our losses, for lives not fulfilled, for dreams not achieved, which the monstrous Germans cut off.

(in box)
Names of dead members and families of our subscribers, some of whom were martyred by German bestiality.
May their souls be bound up in the bonds of life.
May God avenge their blood.

[Col. 677-678]

For an eternal memorial

by natives of Suwalk and Vicinity

in our Holy land

(On upper border of photo, first four words of Kaddish).
May the Name be magnified and sanctified.

(On lower border)
Near the monument of Mt.Zion.

(On monument)
Memorial monument for the martyrs of the communities of Suwalk and Vicinity. This stone will be an eternal memorial for the memory of parents and children, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends who were exiled and killed by the Nazis. May their names be annihilated, in the years of the Holocaust. 5699-5704(1939-1944). May God avenge their blood. May their souls be bound up in the bonds of life. Natives of Suwalk and Vicinity


Once upon a time (poem) by Lazar Pearlstein

“Once upon a time “ - - with these words
Our mothers used to tell at the cradle
Of palaces built with golden bricks
Of princes, princesses and exotic places

“Once upon a time”, how sweet the sound
Was to our childish ears
Smiling we dreamed of open gates
From which came forth angelic song

“Once upon a time” - - the time of Lamentations
Accompanies each syllable, pierces through every word
How and How[1] - - Where are you
The place which was once - - and is no more?

Where are you Suwalk with your surrounding villages
Which formed a great metropolis?
Where are the people who played such a role?
In high places where they earned praise and glory?

Now we say Yizkor for you, our dear martyrs
We hallow the memory of your souls
Until vengeance will come from the God of vengeance
We shall have no end of the thirty[2]

“Once upon a time” - - with the melody of Lamentations
These words are chanted by us today
Our moods depressed by sorrowful longing
For what once was and is no more.

[Col. 679-680]

For an eternal memorial

We, the “Independent Suwalk Society” consider ourselves the rightful heirs of the destroyed community of our hometown Suwalk and Vicinity, whose institutions we helped maintain, the Talmud Torah, Hospital, Old Age Home, and others.

May this inscription serve as an enduring memorial for our brothers and sister who fell martyrs to murderous hands - - may God avenge their blood. May their memory be for a blessing.

Independent Suwalk Benevolent Society.

Shlomo Riman (Rayman), Secretary         Hayim Seligson, President.

[Col. 681-682]

“Oh that my head were waters, and mine eyes a fountain of tears that I might weep day and night for the slain of the daughter of my people”. (Jeremiah 8:23)

The people of my city Suwalk and environs that were killed for the sanctification of the Name in the days of the Holocaust and War, 5700-5705(1939-1945). May God avenge their blood.

A eulogy and a monument of memorial to the holy and pure souls of our father, crown of our heads, glory of Israel, the gaon Rabbi Yosef, son of Rabbi Yisrael Aryeh Yoslewitz. May the memory of a righteous man be for a blessing; the head of the Bet Din of Suwalk who died on 19th of Shevat, 1938.

Our mother, the righteous Rebbetzin Sarah Rivkah, daughter of the gaon, Rabbi Hayim Avraham Shas. May the memory of a righteous person be for a blessing. According to hearsay, she was martyred near Semelishok in Lithuania on the first day of Sukkot, 1940.

Our daughter, Avivit-Rashel. May God avenge her blood, who died in the middle of the night on 28th of Heshvan, 1939, in the fields on the border. She was buried in Suwalk on the first day of Kislev.

These, we will remember and mourn, and our souls will bow down. David Lifshits, head of the Bet Din of Suwalk and Rebbetzin Tsipora Haya.

[Col. 683-684]

Ladies Auxiliary of Independent Suwalk Benevolent Society.

Together with all Suwalkers, we hallow the memory of our martyrs, the victims of Hitler.

Sylvia Gershen, President
Eva Gladstone, Financial Secretary
Sylvia Seligson, Recording Secretary
Mrs. Levy, Treasurer

Suwalker-Vilkovishker Branch 300,
Workmen's Circle.

We hallow the memory of the fallen victims of the Jewish people in general, and of our home towns in particular

H.Seligson, Executive Chairman;
Sadie Gotlieb, Secretary

  Suwalk Club of Los Angeles

In holy memory of the fallen victims of our near and dear ones of Suwalk and vicinity

Yosef H.Bauer, President;
P.Kavin, Secretary

[Col. 685-686]

The yortsayt[3] of my parents, Avraham Yehudah, son of R'Yisrael Yitshak Selgson, who died 5 Iyar{5}707, Friday, Sabbath eve[4] , Tazri'a-Metsor'a, (April 25th, 1947), in the synagogue of Mt. Eden Centre in New York.

Hayah, daughter of R'Yehezkel, who died 10 Tevet{5} 693. (December 16th, 1931) in Suwalk.


My aunt, Malke Doktor, daughter of R'Yekezkel came to visit Suwalk from America and was killed in Biale Podlask in 1942.
May God avenge her blood.
Avraham Yehudah and Hayah Seligson


Eliyahu Leventin and Batya Feygl and their children
who died in the Kovne ghetto.
May their souls be bound up on the bonds of life.
May God avenge their blood.


Yehezkel Hayim Seligson

[Col. 687-688]

I weep for these! My eyes, my eyes shed tears!

As the only one left alive of a large extended family, fortunate to have left the accursed Polish earth while still a child, I note, with broken heart and holy trembling, my murdered brothers and sisters and their families.

Yaakov Seligson and his family.
David Berl and his family.
Batya Feygl Leventin and her family


Yaakov and Pearl Seligson and their children, Mina and Shaul


David Berl and Tsila Seligson and their children, Leybush and Rivkah, killed in Slonim


All my uncles, aunts, cousins and their families, who were murdered by the inhuman beasts in various cruel ways: “they slaughtered and had no mercy” in 1942.

May God avenge their blood. May their memory be blessed forever.

Yehezkel Hayim Seligson

[Col. 689-690]

In eternal memory

Brother Bezalel Davidson

Brother Yaakov Davidson

Sister Sarah Rivkah Shereshevski (nee Davidson)

  Father R'Velvl Davidson

Mother Sheyna Rahel

Brother Leyzer Davidson

Father Yehudah Mendl Gershen
Mother Sarah Feygl Gershen
Two brothers and a sister lost

May their souls be bound
in the bonds of life

Sister Mary Zelda

May her soul be bound
in the bonds of life

Mr & Mrs Bernard Gershen

[Col. 691-692]

In eternal memory of the Seligson family of Sapotkin

R'Yosef Leyb and Blume Seligson
Peace upon them

Parents: Yosef Leyb and Blume – their children:

Sarah and her husband, Kalman and children

Kune and her husband, Haykl and children

Sheyne and her husband, Yehudah and children

Yisrael and his wife, Elke


Who died for the sanctification of the name

May their memories be for a blessing


Yaakov Seligson and brothers Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

[Col. 693-694]

Yizkor – May He remember the holy martyrs

My father, R'Tsadok, the ritual slaughterer Riman. May his memory be a blessing; and his family. My mother, my teacher, Devora. Peace upon her; and my brother Mendl, Mordekhay-Bezalel, Moshe Leyb and Binyamin, and my sister Leah, who were killed for the sanctification of the name, in the death camps in Lukov and in the USSR.

May God avenge their blood and bind their souls in the bond of life.

Shlomo Rayman and his family

R'Moshe Leyb Meytkes, the ritual slaughterer. May He remember the holy and pure women: my mother, Brayne Meytkes (Avkovits); our aunt, Mashe Avkovits. May their memory be for a blessing, who were killed in the death camps in Lukov.

Feygl and Hannah Meytkes.

[Col. 695-696]

To the bright memory of our dear father

R'Shelomoh, son of Yisrael Avigdor Perla. May his memory be blessed. He was first warden of the Hevra Kadisha in Suwalk; First warden of the Hevra Linat Ha-tsedek in Suwalk; First warden of Hevra Kadisha in Independent Suwalker Fareyn in New York.

Died 13 Menahem Av {5}695 {1939}

To the bright memory of our dear mother. Hinde Rivka, daughter of R'Shimon. Peace be upon her.
Died 7 Shevat {5}719{1959}.

May their souls be bound up in the bonds of life.

The Perla family

[Col. 697-698]

To the eternal memory of our uncle

Elkahah Gladstone and his wife, Hinde Leah.

With his son Aharon

and his children

A.G. Gladstone

[Col. 699-700]

In Eternal memory of our brother Elkahah Gladstein, his wife Hinde Leah, their son Aharon and their children.
Of our sister Rahel and her husband Yudel Kavalevsky and their daughters, who fell as martyrs murdered by the Nazis.

G. Gladstone and wife

Eva Gladstone and family

Ethel Steinberg and family

Fanny Gladstone and family

In memory of our father and mother.


Moshe and Rivka Gladstein and our grandfather, Aharon Seynenski.

In memory of my father Avraham Yitshak, son of Aharon Seynenski.
Mother Libe Reyna Gladstone.
Brother Elkahah Seynenski (Kohen)
Brother Yehezkel Seynenski (Kohen)
Sister Rahel Seynenski

Yosef and Eva Gladstone

Translator's footnotes:

  1. first line of Lamentations in Bible is How Return
  2. days of mourning Return
  3. anniversary of death Return
  4. when the portion of the Bible is Return


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