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[Col. 655-656]

Photographs of victims from Suwalk and environs found in the
“Juden-Sheinen” in Majdenek Concentration Camp

Gitl Brodsky
Born 1921
Rachel Okun
Psherosle, Filipowe
Rachel Yablonovski Barukh Yablonovski
Freyda Bidvitski-Svitkovski
Sheyna Eylander
b.1912. dressmaker
Mordekhai Alpovich Mordekhai Borovski
b.1878. Farmer
Shloyme Yosel Bernstein
Rachel Doktorski-Bernstein Malkah Bernstein
b.1922 bookkeeper
Miriam Glishtsinski
b.1918 dressmaker

[Col. 657-658]

The tailor
Feyge Granditsh Asher Goldgamer
Rosa Goldgamer
Yankl Zhivevski Moshe Zhargovski Miriam Leah
Haytinski b.1900
Mordekhai Bublman
son of Talmud Torah teacher
Boruk Yablonovski
b.1922 tailor
Hanah Freyde Yellin
b.1916 Ratzk
Moshe Topolanski Zelik Vroblevski
b.1902. tailor

[Col. 659-660]

Alter Lifshits
merchant and community activist
Hayim Lazovski Toybe Khlebovski Volf Khlebovski
b.1914. lectrician
Sarah Lublinski
From the glass shop
Avraham Lublinski Leyb Lublinski Risha Livshin
Sholem Morgenshtern Avraham Hersh Menaker
Sheyna Martshikonski Sarah Levinson

[Col. 661-662]

Mina Stsheletski Moshe Motl Simenski
son of Meir the the fisherman
Sarah Simenski
daughter of Meir the the fisherman
Hadassah Morgnshtern
Hayah Saferson
b.1898. dressmaker
Yosl Saferson
Yosef Saper
of the candles
Sheyne Stsheletski
Elkanah Srogovski
b.1893. fisherman
Etl Srogovski
Zalmen Sitkivski
Beyla Sitkivski

[Col. 663-664]

Frume Soloveytshik-Bernstein
Moshe son of
Isaac Sandovski
Volf son of
Isaac Sandovski
Fanye Sandovski
wife of Isaac
Raya Staviskovski-Grinstein
b.1918 Ratzk
Zevulun, son of
Avraham Nota Staviskovski
Ronya Staviskovski Zevulon, son of
Zvi Hirsh Staviskovski
Avraham Popovski
Toybe Epleboym Henye Epleboym Leah Epleboym

[Col. 665-666]

Gitl Pilitovski Eliyahu Pilitkovski Leah Pavlovski,
daughter of Daniel Lifshits
Leyb, son of
Paltiel Pavlovski
Yitshak Fleisher Frida Firmanski
b.1926. Saini
Moshe Perling
b.1908. tailor
Meir Plishkin
Toybe Feyge Fleisher
Sheyne Fleisher
Feyge Fleisher
Sarah Fleisher

[Col. 667-668]

Leyb Kaminkovitch
Sheyne Zimerman
Rosa Friedman Moshe Finkovski
of Tiferet Bahurim
Frida Kaminkovitch Mordekhai Kaminkovitch
Miriam Kaminkovitch Moshe Kaminkovitch
Bronya Kirvianski Avraham Kasperovitch Sarah Kasperovitch Hinde Kaminkovitch

[Col. 669-670]

Leah Shklarman Ben Zion, son of
Leyb Kashinski. Filipowe
Frume Kramarski  
Shmuel Rubinstein
from Tartak
Leyzer Katcherinski
b.1901. labourer
Hannah Mintz
wife of R'Binyamin Mintz
R'Khayim Kaufman

[Col. 671-672]

A group of Filipowe martyrs whose names were not given A group of Filipowe martyrs among them are:
Rishke Motles; David Pivavarski's three daughters;
Mikhle-Liebe Moyshes; Shevah Langevitch, Haya Sarah Okunovitch
Entrance to gas chamber Barracks in Majdanek.


[Col. 673-674]

On the fresh grave of friend, Lazar Pearlstein

Hayim Seligson

Eliezer Pearlstein


As we come to the conclusion of preparing our Yizkor Book for publication; we are devastated by the great loss of friend Pearlstein. Lazar Pearlstein was born in Suwalk in 1886 to parents of modest means. His father wanted him to be a rabbi. After Lazar completed his studies at the Suwalk Yeshiva, he was sent to the Slobodka Yeshiva to study with the great scholar, Rabbi Moshe Mordekhai Epstein, may the memory of a righteous man be for a blessing. It seems that our Lazar did not want to be a rabbi, but wished to learn a trade – to be a ritual slaughterer. He received his certificate from the rabbi of Saini, later of Suwalk, Rabbi Moshe Betsalel Luria, may the memory of a righteous man be for a blessing.

After a year's experience as a ritual slaughterer of cattle in Suwalk, he came to New York in 1906 hoping to get a position as a ritual slaughterer. But, in those days, one needed a great deal of influence to get such a job. Since he had no relatives in America, he did not succeed. He gave up the idea of being a ritual slaughterer and decided to learn a trade by which he could earn a living.

After a few years of working in the ladies' garment industry, he developed heart trouble and was forbidden to do hard physical work.

His nostalgia for his youthful years in Suwalk brought him into close contact with his compatriots. He invested a great deal of his energy in working for landsleit organizations. At first, he became the treasurer and leader of the Suwalk-Vilkovishk Branch 300 of the Workmen's Circle. After the First World War, he became a member of the Suwalk Benevolent Association and then, became an active member and secretary of the Suwalk and Vicinity Relief Committee.

During the Second World War, he was at his post preparing for the rescue of those who would survive Hitler's hell; sending letters of support to anyone with whom he could correspond; finding relatives for people via newspaper advertisements; keeping records of the landsleit in America, who were supporting and helping the survivors.

When the Relief Committee decided to publish a memorial book to memorialize the martyrs of Suwalk and vicinity, he threw himself wholeheartedly into the work, corresponding with landsleit all over the world and informing them of the plans for the memorial book.

In April of 1960, while sitting with the writer of these lines, preparing the announcements and other matters related to the book, all night long, he suddenly complained of dizziness and headache. From that moment, his condition deteriorated.

Even on his sickbed, he wanted to do something for the people in the transit camps in Israel – a letter, a hope for better times, finding relatives – but he was too weak and on second of Av,720(26 July,1960) he died in the hospital in great agony, with his lifelong companion, Mrs. Tillie Pearlstein at his side.

May his good deeds be an eternal memorial for his faithful wife who helped him in his work until his final day.

The entire Suwalk and Vicinity Landsmanshaft in every country where its members are found will mourn our great loss. We end with the traditional: “may his soul be bound up in the bonds of life”.


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