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Sochaczew map

Produced from memory by Mr. Yosef Grundwag of Jerusalem (label 16)

Note from translator: I labeled the Hebrew/Yiddish inscriptions from 1-63. I did my best to verify the spelling of cities and towns. For street names, I tried to match Polish spelling, but it is probable that the spelling that I provided is not exact in most cases. I put my own comments in parentheses. In the two cases where street names had parentheses in the original (presumably these are alternative street names), I put them in square brackets so as not to confuse with my own comments.


Map of Sochaczew

Small Map in Upper Left Inset

The small map inserted at upper left is a map of Sochaczew in relation to major cities and concentration camps of Poland. Cities are denoted on map by circles, and Concentration Camps by black dots.

  1. Wysla (River)
  2. Plock
  3. Treblinka (Concentration Camp)
  4. Warsaw
  5. Sochaczew (underlined)
  6. Kutna (a city, but noted on map with a black dot, so presumably a Concentration Camp as well, although not a well-known one.)
  7. Chelmno (Concentration Camp)
  8. Lodz
  9. Radom
  10. Lublin
  11. Sobibor (Concentration Camp)
  12. Majdanek (Concentration Camp)
  13. Belzec (Concentration Camp)
  14. Czestochowa
  15. Auschwitz (Osweicim – Concentration Camp)

Main Map

Directions are not labeled, however, since the note (27) at rightmost edge of main street crossing City (Warsawer Street) notes that direction is to Warsaw, and Warsaw is almost directly east of Sochaczew, it can be deduced that the rightmost edge is east, and consequently, the top edge is north. These directions may not be exact, as it is doubtful that the main streets which cross from top-bottom and right-left are exactly north-south and east-west respectively, however from the labels, it is obviously that they are close to that.

  1. Main label – Map of Sochaczew, produced from memory by Mr. Yosef Grundwag of Jerusalem.
  2. Trajanower Street [Staszica] – upper segment of main north-south Street
  3. Kolejova Street [Traugutta] – lower segment of main north-south street
  4. To Boryszew (village south of Sochaczew)
  5. To Chodakow (town northeast of Sochaczew)
  6. To Chopin’s birthplace
  7. Rabbi’s Hauf (not sure what Hauf means, perhaps a high place)
  8. Slaughterhouse
  9. Horse Market
  10. Narutowicza Street
  11. Movie theater
  12. To Warsaw
  13. Sport stadium
  14. Wyszogroder train line
  15. Warsawer Street
  16. To Wyszogrod (town north of Sochaczew)
  17. Hales (perhaps from Polish Hala – a hall)
  18. Market place
  19. The Ludawi (people’s hall)
  20. Czerwanker [Pilsudski] Street
  21. Park
  22. Czerwanker Hauf
  23. Folk School
  24. Kolejova Street
  25. Towarowa
  26. The Mill
  27. Hospital
  28. Lustgarten
  29. Pierrer Laszer place
  30. Garberbuch
  31. Bzura River
  32. "Hatechia" school
  33. Marketplace
  34. Kazsza
  35. Magistrate
  36. Farna Street
  37. Roszloszower suburb
  38. Lowiczer highway
  39. Folk School
  40. School Street
  41. The House of Study (Bais Medrash)
  42. The Community Offices
  43. The Synagogue
  44. Cemetery (Christian)
  45. Schloss Mountain
  46. Cemetery (Jewish)
  47. Gymnasia (high school)
  48. Gowlower Forest
  49. Remont Street

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