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List of Photographs

Translated by Jerrold Landau

The Synagogue 18
The Mountain Castle 21
The Fire Station 38
The Rabbi Reb Shmuel (Shem Mishmuel) 96
The Pharmaceutical Warehouse 104
The Market 107
The Civic Gymnasia (High School) 117
Beis Yaakov School 119
Jewish Children with the teacher Kampelmacher 121
Library Committee 125
Members of the sport club 129
A scene from Berglasan's "Der Toiber"[1] 133
The City Hall 139
Jewish rescue delegation 147
The Joint kitchen 151
Simcha Grundwag and his wife 159
Sochaczevers sponsored by N. Sokolow 161
Farewell banquet for Chaim Tempel 162
Volunteers of the "Keren Kayemet" 169
"Hashomer Hatzair" in Sochaczew 171
Nachum and Rivka Grundwag 181
Drama club 183
Orchestra 187
Menashe Knott 191
Reb Yehoshua (Shia) Brzezinski 192
Reb Mendel Friedman 194
Reb Shmuel Hakohen Zaltzman 195
Yisrael Meir Silberman 197
A monument 198
Torah scrolls 199
Moshe (Temes) Sheinwald 200
Hertzke Goldfarb and his family 202
Yudel Moshman 203
Chaim Sheinwald 204
Yosef Nadelhaft 205
The City Hall 206
A group of Sochaczever activists 207
A group of youth 211
A Jewish leader 212
The Women's Organization of the J.T.G.S. 215
Football club 218
Football club with the teacher Kampelmacher 220
By the grave of the teacher Kampelmacher's son 222
Reb Elazarl's Monument 239
Reb Hershel Brzezinski 245
Alexander Zisha Friedman 248
Reb Yehoshua Friedman and his wife 254
Ozer Warshavski 257
Gedalia Warshavski 267
Pinchas Graubard 275
Elchanan Libert and his wife 282
Reb Hirsch Freiman 284
Reb Mendel Friedman with his children 287
"Hatechia" Hebrew School 290
Mrs. Tshipe Katz with her children 293
The Tempel family 294
Reb Zalman Albert 295
Reb Yankel Kavel with his family 297
Eliahu Posanski with his wife 303
The Knott family 318
Avraham Levkovitch and his wife 335
The kick over the "bzore"[2] 341
The director of the non-kosher business 366
The director of the non-kosher business 369
A group 375
Moshe Festman 376
Naftali Festman 377
Berl Leiper 378
Reb Shmuel Nelsman 380
A memorial of the cemetery 382
Thus it began 386
Nazi evils 388
A group 402
Avraham Chazan 408
Maidanek 413
Yisrael Rothstein is forced by the Germans to play 426
A group of Jews brought back from Warsaw 428
Nazi evils 430
Hersh Nathan Moshenberg 438
Yosel Chazan's sister and her child 443
Some of the remaining gravestones 451
Beila Shmulevitz 454
Rachel Shmulevitz 454
Chaya Shmulevitz 454
Roza Moshenberg 459
A group 472
Shevchick 474
Moshe Izralevitch with his wife 477
Shaul and Perl Rothstein 477
Communal grave of those that died in the bombardment of Orle Street 483
Treblinka 492
Berish Levkovitch and his wife Gittel 494
Moshe Schwartz during his visit in 1949 508
Moniek Levin 533
The children of Reb Shlomo Rosenperel 536
Bracha and Avraham Hirsch Libfreund 537
Yechezkel Adamchik 538
Wolf-Itche Galek and his wife 551
In the destroyed Sochaczew cemetery 553
In Germany 554
Sochaczevers returning from Russia 554
Convention in 1945 559
Meeting with our compatriot Fleischman 559
The first organized group 560
The presidium at a memorial gathering 562
Sochaczevers at a memorial gathering 563
The Rabbi Reb Henech, the son of the "Shem Mishmuel" 564
Moshe Aharon Wideletz 566
Reb Hertzke Ines of blessed memory 569
Eliezer Meir Libert of blessed memory 574
Reb Yitzchak Graubard of blessed memory 582
Yisrael Moshe and Chava Zuckerweiss 588
Chaim David Neiten 591
The Admor Rev Dovedel 639
Shopping Center 646
The Yavneh School the teacher Streicher and his students 651
Betar is established in Sochaczew Lubitz[3] 651
An announcement of the Academia in memory of Mendele Mocher Seforim[4] 655
A scene of the play "Haalmoni"[5] 660
An announcement of a performance of "Kreitzer Sonata" 662
A group of activists 663
Zanwil Zibola and his wife 665
The twins Yitzchak of blessed memory and Eliahu may he live long Zibola 667
A group of girls from Sochaczew 671
Moshe Jakobovitz 672
Alexander Zisha Friedman and his family 679
Reb Chanoch (Henech) Zaonz and his wife 694
Pesach Walert and his family at his father's grave 699
Reb Yechiel Friedman and his wife Sara Lea of blessed memory 701
Reb Avraham Rechten of blessed memory 707
Reb Leib Zavadski and his wife Frimet 717
"Life and Death", a drawing by David Wolert, 1943 728
The Rebbetzin Mirele Bornstein of blessed memory[6] 736
Pinchas Weinberg 747
The grave of Pinchas Weinberg 748
Shabtai Weinberg and his wife Lea 749
A copy of a letter of Pinchas Weinberg from 1945 750-1
Aharon Friedman at his father's grave (1937) 757
Tzipora Baum 759
Yaakov Friedman of blessed memory 765
Moshe Eliezer Bornstein of blessed memory 769
Shmuel Yashinski 775
Tzvi (Hershele) Levin 776
Meor Auerbach 778
A memorial Candle 781


[1] "Der Toiber" translates as "The Deaf one" Return

[2] The translation of the Yiddish word "bzore" is unclear. Return

[3] Betar is the youth wing of the right wing revisionist Zionist movement. Return

[4] Mendele Mocher Seforim, literally "Mendele the book seller" is a pseudonym for a well known Yiddish author, Shalom Abramowitch, 1835-1917. Return

[5] Haalmoni literally is "The anonymous one". Return

[6] Rebbetzin is a wife of a Rabbi. Return

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