The Community of Sierpc; Memorial Book
(Sierpc, Poland)

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Translation of
Kehilat Sierpc; sefer zikaron

Edited by: E. Talmi (Wloka)

Published in Tel Aviv, 1959


Project Coordinators

Sandra Krisch and Dorothy Lipsky


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This is a translation from: Kehilat Sierpc; sefer zikaron (The community of Sierpc; memorial book),
Editors: E. Talmi (Wloka), Tel Aviv, the former residents of Sierpc in Israel and abroad, 1959 (Hebrew, Yiddish, 603 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Sierpc

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Table of contents translated by
Sara Mages (Hebrew) and Yocheved Klausner (Yiddish)

Title Page
Credits ג
Preface ד
Yizkor ה
There Once Was… ו
Table of Contents ז
Rubber Stamps י
Of Sacred Memory (Poem) י”א
The History of Sierpc (Sheps)   I. M. Sidroni 3
Chronicles of the Sheps Rabbinate   I. M. Sidroni 16
The Holders of Religious Posts in Sierpc [Y] M. D. Goldman 40
The Old Beis Midrash [Y] M. D. Goldman 45
The Old Beis Midrash as I Remember it [Y] Ben-Zion Kempner 54
Parties and Institutions
Institutions and Activists   I. M. Sidroni 61
Zionism in Sierpc 60 Years Ago [Y] Shmuel Lanter 122
Poalei Zion[1] [Y] H. L. Fokatsh 123
The Activities of Poalei Zion Left [Y] Y. D. Wajsroze 132
The Bundist Movement [Y] A. Gordon 133
"SKIF" [Y] H. Jurkewicz 136
The Youth Organization "Herzlia" [Y] Shmuel Cyna 136
Personalities [Y] Mordechai Reshatka 138
Hashomer Hatzair in Sierpc[2] Chanoch Nachshon 139
From the Life of Hanoar Hatzioni[3] Moshe Smolenski 141
Hehalutz Hamizrachi in Sierpc[4] Yosef Appelbaum 143
The Revisionist Movement in Sierpc   Z. Appelbaum 144
Beitar in Sierpc[5] S. Y. Algavish 145
Agudat Yisrael in Sierpc[6] A. I. Panfil 146
Aguda Youth Organizations and Beis Yaakov Schools [Y] A. M. Benczkawski 149
Banot Agudat Israel and the Beit Yaakov School[7] Hana Tzitrinbaum Lichtensztejn 149
Cheder Yesodei Hatorah[8] [Y] Y. D. Wajsroze 150
The Library in 1916 [Y] Rivka Arpa 151
The Hebrew School Tarbuth in Sierpc   Yitzhak Dichter 152
WIZO in Sierpc[9] Hana Dichter 156
School and Cultural Activity, the Zionist Movement [Y] Tzvi Malewanczyk 159
Beis midrashes, Hassidic shtibels and Political Organizations [Y] Menachem Beinwal 165
The Sierpc Handworkers Union in the Law of the Guilds [Y] Avraham Ben-David 172
Once Upon a Time
My Town, Sierpc (Sheps)   I. M. Sidroni 175
Street Names in Sierpc     256
The Jewish Community of Sierpc between 1892-1907 [Y] Y. A. Libsohn 258
The Great Flood of Sierpc [Y] S. Y. Lenter 272
Sierpc Was My Spiritual Home   Meir Weisgal 274
A Pious Jew from the Old Generation [Y] Elisheva Rabinowich 275
Chapters of Memories   I. M. Sidroni 282
Memories from my Childhood Years [Y] Moshe B. Goldman 322
The Jewish Self Defense in Sierpc [Y] Avraham Mlawa 333
My Town Sierpc   Ephraim Talmi (Wluka) 334
My Little Shtetl of Sierpc, Now Destroyed [Y] Y. Weingarten 338
Memories of Chanukah from my Town of Sierpc [Y] M. Rajczyk 341
Images and Memories from my Hometown [Y] G. Bergson 344
My Girlhood Years in Sierpc [Y] H. Oberfeld Lewin 350
Jewish Livelihoods in Sierpc [Y] T. Malowanczyk 352
Memories [Y] Y. D. Sendrowicz 356
Rabbi Zalman Hasid   I. M. Sidroni 377
Uncle Chaim Nachum [Y] H. Pundek 378
Avraham Fried Yerushalmi - Zionist No. 1   E. Talmi 380
Natan Tatz   R. Eshajwicz (Alter) 381
Reb Nachum the Head of the Community [Y] Y. D. Sendrowicz 383
My Girlfriend Ika [Y] D. Meir 385
Riva Alter (Rivka Iszajewic) [Y] M. Alter 386
Types and Personalities of the Bundist Movement [Y] H. Jurkewicz 388
Attorney Yehoshua Podskocz   Chanoch Nachshon 390
The Holocaust
I Will Not Cry for You (poem)   E. Talmi 392
In the Valley of Tears   I. M. Sidroni 393
When I Came to Sierpc from the Land of Israel   E. Talmi 417
Before the Holocaust - the Town in 1938   S. Czarka 418
Of the Blood (Poem)   E. Talmi 418
The First Months Under Bloody German Rule [Y] Tzvi Malowanczyk 419
The First Days of German Cruelty in Sierpc [Y] N. Frenkel 423
The Last Night in Prison [Y] Y. Shurek 425
The Days of Awe Under German Rule [Y] Yaakov Sendrowicz 426
The Synagogue is Burning [Y] Yaakov Skurnik 428
God's Temple Went Up in Flames   Y. Juzelewski 429
Setting the Synagogue on Fire [Y] A. Majeranc 430
The Deportation from Sierpc [Y] Golda Goldman 431
The Deportation   Y. Juzelewski 433
The Day After I Arrived   Yoel Pas 435
After the Expulsion [Y] A. Majeranc 436
The Sick Mother [Y] Asher Mlawa 437
My Town Sierpc [Y] B. Fejnberg 438
Old Man and Child on the Route of Torment [Y] Yaakov Skornik 439
Experiences of a Thirteen Year Old Boy [Y] E. Grinberg 439
From Nowy Dwor to Auschwitz [Y] Meir Teitelbaum 441
In the Sierpc Ghetto and in the Camps [Y] Hela Listapad-Izakowicz 444
Sierpcer Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto [Y] Y. Nemlich 448
Life in the Ghetto and the Activity of the Partisans [Y] Hela Listapad-Izakowicz 451
In the Camps [Y] Y. Ch. Grinberg 453
In Auschwitz [Y] Yechiel Nemlich 454
German Cruelty and the Tormented Life as a Refugee in the Soviet Union [Y] Beile Rabinowicz 457
One Occurrence from Among Many [Y] Chava Digala 459
On the Verge of Extermination   Y. Juzelewski 459
Wartime Memories [Y] Binem Maj 461
My Experiences in the Soviet Union [Y] A. Majerance (Meron) 463
On the Ruins of Sierpc [Y] Y. Frenkel 471
After Everything, I Have Arrived… [Y] A. Tatz 473
One Who Survived [Y] B. Dorfman 476
Henryk Przenice [Y] G. Goldman 477
Autumn in Poland (Poem)   Ephraim Talmi 479
Before the Storm   Zvi Arpa 480
Excerpts about the Holocaust   I.M. Sidroni 519
Vision of the Dry Bones - Ezekiel 37:1-14   536
Former Residents of Sierpc in Israel   I.M. Sidroni 539
"Mister United Sierpc Relief" [Y] Y. L. Mintz 543
Independent Sierpcer Young Men's Benevolent Association [Y]   546
The Sierpc Branch of the 42nd Jewish National Workers Farband [Union] [Y]   549
For Eternal Memory (Necrology)     559
Obituaries     577
56 Pages of photos

  1. Poalei Zion: Workers of Zion. return
  2. Hashomer Hatzair: The Young Guard - a left-wing youth movement. return
  3. Hanoar Hatzioni: Zionist Youth. return
  4. HeHalutz HaMizrachi: Religious Pioneers. return
  5. Beitar: Acronym for Brit Yosef Trumpeldor - Covenant of Joseph Trumpeldor. return
  6. Agudat Yisrael: Union of Israel - the Orthodox Jewish (anti-Zionist) political movement. return
  7. Banot Agudat Yisrael: Daughters of Agudat Israel. return
  8. Yesodei HaTorah: Foundations of the Torah. return
  9. WIZO: Women's International Zionist's Organization. return

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