Memorial for Ataky:
A Memorial Book for a
Jewish Community in Bessarabia
(Otaci, Moldova)

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Translation of
Yad le-Ataki: sefer zikaron le-kehilah yehudit be-Besarabia

Editors: Zrubavel Seker, Landsmanschaften of Ataky in Israel

Published in Tel Aviv, 1993

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This is a translation of: Yad le-Ataki: sefer zikaron le-kehilah yehudit be-Besarabia
(Memorial for Ataky: A Memorial Book for a Jewish Community in Bessarabia),
Editors: Zrubavel Seker, Landsmanschaften of Ataky in Israel, Tel Aviv 1993 (H, Y, E) 416 pages

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Title and Author Page
Drowning of Ataky - David Raif 1
Map of Ataky & Surrounding 6
Mendl Slutzker - Founder of the Organization - Picture 13
Members of Committee - Pictures 14
Forward - Chasia Zamir 15-16
Review - Mendel Vinzuf 16
Maps - Besarabia and its Jewish Population at 1817 - by Districts 17
   Besarabia and Jewish Population according to census at 29.12.30 18
    (From the book “Jewish Besarabia in Struggles” by Vinitzky, 1973)  
GATE A - General Sight
History of the Jewish Settlement in Ataky - Gathered and written: Mendel Vinzuf 20-25
On Ataky - Headlines - Mendel Slutzker's Legacy 25-27
Streets and Their Inhabitants - Abraham Zonis 28-41
This is How the Small Town Lives in my Memory - Ezra Naches 41-50
Memories of Moshe Goldenberg - Interviewed: Chasia Zamir 50-53
Eliezer Zonis tells - Interviewed: Chasia Zamir 53-55
Memories of My Small Town Ataky - Malia (Doliar) Roitman 56-61
Certificate & Translation to Hebrew 61
Pictures - View of Ataky 62
GATE B - People of Ataky tell about their hometown
a. Notes by David Raif (Sodker)  
Home and Family 64-73
Something on the Hometown 74
The Dniester 74-77
“Small People” - They earned their bread with honor 77-80
Synagogues 81
Jewish Holidays 82-83
Hasidim 84-85
Animals in Ataky 85-87
The Bath House 87-88
Progress Comes to Town 88
Relationship with Neighbors 89-91
Confesion and Looking for My Way 92-93
Student Out of House 93-96
Photographs of an Exhibition by David Raif 96-102
b. Interviews by Chasia Zamir - Each Family & Photographs  
David Sodker (Raif) 104-105
Vera Seder (Bar-Shai) 106-108
Tovia Golger 108-110
Fania Rabinovitz (Reidel) 111-114
Tzilia Yules 115-117
Dora & Abraham Tcherkes 118
Zisl & Sheindl Brychansky 119-120
Malia (Doliar) & Yasha Roitman 121-122
Batia Frumchuk (Sigal) 122-123
Shlomo Berman 124
Mendel Vinzuf 125-128
Gitl Roznblit (Vinzuf) 129-130
Datz Family 131-136
c. Personalities, Characters, Families, Etc., Each Family & Pictures  
Mendel Slutzker - The Founder of the Organization - David Raif 138
David Grinberg - The Donator of Ataky - Chasia Zamir 139-140
David Grinberg - Translation to Yiddish - Mendel Vinzuf 140-141
The Halfin Family - Mendel Vinzuf 141-146
The Goldenberg House - Irucham Golan (Goldenberg) 147-154
The Rothman Family - David Argamany 155-157
On Families, Characters, Neighbors & Individuals - Fira Gorodezky (Sodker) 158-160
The Shvartz Family - Suya Shvartz 161-164
Memories of Families at Maidon Street - Suya Shvartz 165-168
The Mirkis Family - Penina Izig 169-170
Blivas Family - Aharon Blivas 171
History of One Family - Deborah & Golda Myzlish - Chasia Zamir 172-175
Sparkles - Deborah (Myzlish) Kirzner 176
Nachman Goldenberg - Roza Kogan 176
A New Immigrant & Her Wanderings - Olia Kogan written & translated: M. Vinzuf 177
Pictures 178
d. A Twinkle of Humor  
The Small Town - Mordechai Goldenberg 180
Characters, Nicknames, A Few Words about Food - Gathered by Zrubavel Seker from the Works of: Vera Seder,
Eliezer Zonis, Moshe Goldenberg, Deborah Myzlish, Tcherkis, Tzipora Sirkis
GATE C - Education, Zionism
a. Education  
Rapsody on the Dniester - Leib Kupershtein 184-200
Elementary School “Tarbut” - Moshe Lerner 200-201
Lists of a Kindergarten Teacher - Rachel Kafri & Documents 202-207
Pupils & their Families - Rachel Kafri 208
Pictures 209-210
b. Zionist Activity, Pioneer Movement Groups, Aliyah  
We Grew Up with Zionism - David Sodker 212-217
Isaschar Zarevnik - The Man of the “Rusian” Ship - Yuval Zur 217-218
About Youth Movements in Ataky, and the “Hashomer Ha'Zair” -< Shlomo Berman + Pictures 219-225
The “Ken” of Zionist Youth - Yosef Saliternik 226-228
“Gordonia” in Ataky - Gita Roznblit 228-229
Ataky - Memories of an Activist in “Gordonia” - S. Kushnir 229
Interviews by Chasia Zamir:  
  a. Ben-Zion Dorfman 231
  b. The Story of Love & “Aliyah” of Kuka Padgaetz to Israel 232
  c. Certificate - A Letter of Shlomo Padgaetz to his Sister Kuka 233
  d. On a Zionist Father & Youth Movements - Zipora Sirkis (Gerzon) 234-235
  e. Certificate - A Letter of Ya'kov Sirkis to his Daughter 236-237
From “Thiya” through “Gordonia” to “Hashomer Ha'Zair” - Zilia (Bernshtein) & Asher Sofer 238-240
GATE D - Creators & their Creations
a. Authors, Writers  
I. Mordechai Goldenberg  
On the Poet - B. I. Michali 242-247
Goldenberg's Poems - Gathered: Zrubavel Seker 248-250
On the Writer - C.A. Bertini 251-252
The Old Mill - A Part of the Story 253-254
II. Biniamin Itzhak Michali (Duchovni)  
Lexigraph Material 255-256
Critic and Witty Debator - Shlomo Kremer 256-257
B.I. Michali on his 70th Anniversary - Israel Kohen 258-261
From his writings:
  a. Plagiat - Unknowingly - B.I. Michali 261-265
  b. My First Experience in Literature - B.I. Michali 265-271
  c. Research in the Domain of Stories - B.I. Michali 271-275
  d. The Mute Sadness and the Mute Friend - B.I. Michali 276-278
  e. Certificates 278-282
III. Berl Rozen  
Berl Rozen - Miriam Rozen 283-285
Berl Rozen - Translation to Hebrew by Chasia Zamir 286-288
Memories of Berl Rozen by his Hometown Fellows 288-289
Berl Rozen - Meir Vinberg 289
Berl Rozen - Meir H'aratz 290-291
A Letter to A. Polak - Berl Rozen 292
IV. Joshua Gurevitch - Writer & Musician  
A Sketch of a Biography - by the author 293
My Town - Ataky - by the author 294-299
V. Chaim Hochman  
About Hochman & his Stories - B.I. Michali 300-303
Soberness - Chaim Hochman 304-305
Disappointment - Chaim Hochman 306-308
VI. Joseph Hess - Painter  
The Painter J. Hess - Notes from Different Sources by Zrubavel Seker 309-313
VII. Hirsh Goldman - Play Writer - from: Encyclopedia of Diaspora 313
VIII. Aba Rot - Doctor & 'Hazan' - from: Encyclopedia of Diaspora 313
IX. Theater Actors - from: Encyclopedia of Diaspora 314
Autumn in a Village - Joseph Hess - Picture 314
GATE E - The Horrors of Transnistria
a. Ataky at the Epoch of Deportation  
They All Died - MordechaiGoldenberg 315
The Map of Besarabia & Transnistria 316
Map of Camps and Ghettos Where People of Ataky were 316
Assortment from “Besarabia Book” (Enc. Of Exiles, Vol. II) - 317-318
Asssortment from the Research of Avigdor Shachan “In the Burning Frost” (Ghettos in Transnistria) - edited: Zrubavel Seker 318-321
Map of the Roads of Deportation to Transnistria of the Jews of  
Besarabia & Bukovina 322
b. Witness - Survivors tell  
Those Years - Fira Sodker - Gorodesky 324-329
The Dniester -A Path to Death - David Sodker 330-331
Photo: Tombstone - at the Forest of the People of Besarabia 331
Interviews - by Chasia Zamir  
  a. People went and didn't return - Gita Roznblit 332
  b. The Governor of the District Vrensano and the Turnatoria of Yegendorf - Gita Roznblit & Document 332-333
  c. Bunia & Jenia Gindis 334
  d. Nastasia - Vera (Seder) Bar-Shai 334-335
  e. They Burnt the Town - Dora & Abraham Cherkis 335
On My Family Members who Died at the Holocaust - Nachman Goldenberg 335-336
Chaim Reznik - Mendel Vinzuf 336
Memories from the Beginning of the Road and its End - Dina Yurkovitch 337-338
Rabinovitch Family - Berta Trachtenberg 339-341
On the Moldavian Fields - Baruch Gorodezky 341
A Letter from Shmuel Roif 342
Certificates of the Activities of the “Jandarmeria” in Ataky, during the Occupation 1941-1943 - translated to Yiddish - Miriam Rozen 343-356
Documents from “Yad Vashem” - Photo 357*-358
c. After the Gigantic Events  
In Ataky, after - Rivka Raif 359
I Pilgrimed to my Father's Tomb - David Raif 360
The Monument at Holon in Memory of People of Ataky who Died in the Holocaust and their Place of Burial is Unknown 361
List of People of Ataky who Died in the Holocaust and their Names were written on the Monument 363-367
Pictures of Tombstones 368
GATE F - Activities of the Organization “Yotzei Ataky Be'Israel”
“Igud Yotzei Ataky” - Activities - Mendel Vinzuf 370-371
Documents 372-379
List of People of Ataky in Israel and Diaspora who contributed to buy the organization's apartment in 1969 380
List of Donors to erect the Monument in the Holon cemetery, in Memory of the Martyrs during the Holocaust 381
List of contributors who purchased copies of the book before it was published and thus contributed to its publishing 382
In memory of our holy parents and families who died in the Holocaust or passed away in the Diaspora and in Israel 383-384
Pictures - Families, Groups, A Visit to Ataky 386-410


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