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Translated by Sara Mages

View of the city: The “New Bridge” 19
View of the city: The “Turkish Bridge” 20
View of the city: The “Turkish Fortress” 21
View of the city: The “Polish Suburb” 23
The Fire Brigade watch-tower (Kolantcha) 24
The Cathedral 28
The founders of the Zionist students organization “Kadima” 29
The Zionist conference in our district 31
The Zionist students organization “Kadima” in 1918 33
A group of Zionists from Kamyanets and the vicinity who were arrested at the Zionist conference in Mohilev-Podolsk in the year 1920 34
The first group of members from Kamyanets in Kiryat Anavim [Israel] 37
The students organization “Kadima” 39
The management of the Jewish Community 40
The “Haganah” in the year 1909 41
A celebration on the occasion of the approval of the Balfour Declaration in the San Remo Conference in 1920 44
“Podilskyy Krai” [a daily Russian newspaper] 44
A group of pioneers from the Kamyanets district on their way to Israel 45
View of the city: The Military Hospital 46
The board of “Moledet” School 47
The Zionist youth society “Tehiya” in the year 1920 48
The music society “Kadima” in the year 1919 49
The management of “Kadima” 50
The school for girls named after Bluwstein 52
The “Kadima” administration 53
A destroyed synagogue from the days of the Holocaust 56
A group of pioneers on their way to Israel 70
Parting from Shalom Altman before his immigration to Israel 70
The Hebrew musical society “Kadima” in the year 1920 73
A play about life in Israel during “Israel Week” in 1918 75
A Scout Troop 76
A group of “Hashomer Hatzair” members in the year 1923 78
Hashomer Hatzair” battalion 80
A certificate on behalf of the “Young Zionists Organization” to a member immigrating to Israel 81
The gate to the Ghetto 83
The gate to Karevsar Ghetto 84
A remnant from a destroyed synagogue 86
View of the city (A) 105
Pirchei Zion” organization that was established in 1908 107
View of the city (B) 110
School for boys 113
School for girls that was established by the city's Zionists 119
Avraham Lerner immigrating to Israel and his companions 123
The Fire Brigade 125
Yosef Blank with his family in Israel, 1914 127
The Fire Brigade next the fire engine 132
Volunteer nurses from our city during the World War 139
A memorial to the Holocaust Martyrs 142
View of the city 163
The “Haganah” committee in the year1918 164
A youth group (A) 165
A youth group (B) 169
The founders of “Talmud Torah” with Baron Ginzburg in 1906 171
Members of the “Talmud Torah” administration 172
The nursery school in the year 1934 173
Talmud Torah 174
School for girls 175
Pirchei Zion” [Flowers of Zion] in 1909 176
The library committee 177
Poalei Zion” [Workers of Zion] in the year 1908 179
A group of “Bond” members 179
View of the city in 1905 180
Talmud Torah” for girls in the year 1906 181
A certificate from “Tushia” [resourcefulness] School 182
The mass grave for the victims of Petliura 195
Next to the grave of the pogroms' martyrs 197
A group of local Jews next to the ancient synagogue 199
View of the city: The Smotrich River 209
A group of Chalutzim [pioneers] 210
The Yiddish School 216
The Zionist underground in town 218
A group of “Poalei Zion” [Workers of Zion] 219
Talmud Torah” teachers' body 224
Talmud Torah” in the year 1909 226
Talmud Torah” in the year 1913 227


Table of Contents

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