\ Kamyanets Podilskyy, Ukraine
Kamenets-Podolsk and its surroundings
(Kamyanets Podilskyy, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Kamenets-Podolsk u-sevivata

Editors: A. Rosen, Assoc. of Former Residents of Kamenets-Podolsk and Its Surroundings in Israel

Published in Tel Aviv, 1965

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This is a translation of: Kamenets-Podolsk u-sevivata (Kamenets-Podolsk and its surroundings),
Editors: A. Rosen et.al., Tel Aviv, Assoc. of Former Residents of Kamenets-Podolsk and Its Surroundings in Israel, 1965 (H, 263 pages).

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Translated by Sara Mages

The title page   9
The editorial board   11
Podolia A.R. 13
Kamyanets Podilskyy
Articles and Notes:
Kamyanets Podilskyy Y.A. Bar Levi (Weisman) 19
The Hebrew Revival Movement in Kamyanets Avraham Rozen 47
The school for girls named after Bluvstein Sara Reznik-Gluzman 52
What is done Y. Bernstein 54
Religious Life in Our City under Soviet Rule Rabbi Ben-Tzion Fendler 63
The “Stolen” Torah Scrolls Y.G. 64
A journey to Orinin Y.A. Bar-Levi (Weisman) 65
Characters and Images Shabtai Kaplan 67
“Ze'irei Zion” [Youth of Zion] during the 1917 revolution H. Sarig 76
Childrens fight for Hebrew Shmuel P. Brazin 77
The struggle for Hebrew among the youth Pesach 79
Zionist Youth in the underground Haia Gelman-Tesnbaum 80
Kamyanets Podilskyy Ghetto Moshe Doitch 81
Personalities: David Shleiper Yisrael Goldman 87
                        Yisrael Goldman Y.A. Bar-Levi (Weisman) 91
                        Zalman Porat (Pratkin) Y.A. 92
Articles and Notes:
Dunaivtsi Avraham Rozen 103
The city of my birth Tzvi Scharfestein 109
A Jewish Metropolis S.L. Blank 121
My life in Dunaivtsi Yakov Fichman 126
My city Dunaivtsi Shlomo Rozen 128
The way of life in our city B. Blank-Bokser 131
Institutions in our city M.B. 131
Our city in the years 1920-1935 Feige Tauchner 134
A gravestone (Poem) Avraham Rozen 141
Personalities: Professor Yehazkel Kaufman Dr. M.Z. Sula 143
                        Professor Tzvi Scharfestein L.Y. Riklis; Y. Churgin 144
                        S.L. Blank Tzvi Scharfestein 145
                        Avraham Rozen Dr. Shimon Ginzburg 147
                        Avraham Rozen Natan Goren 148
                        Mordechai Michaeli A.R.; S. Shpan 150
                        Yosef Blank N. Avi-Haim; Ester Chen 151
                        Avraham Lerner Avraham Rozen 154
                        Mordechai (Motel) Roizen Avraham Rozen 155
Articles and Notes:
Zamechov Yakov Haezri 159
Articles and Notes:
Haganah” in Zavanets A.D. Stit 163
Talmud Torah” in Zavanets Michael Tenen 171
The first lesson in the Russian language Yosef Zalzman 172
The struggle with the smugglers Zev Peler 176
The roofers strike Y. Rozenblat 180
My visit to Zavanets in 1943 Karl Blank 183
Personalities: Shalom Altman Yisrael Goldman 185
                        Rabbi Alter Haim Sarig 186
                        Yhoshua (Shaike) Zalzman Y.A. Bar-Levi 187
                        Hadassah Lerner Y.A. Bar-Levi 189
                        Yisrael Drechler X  
Articles and Notes:
Minkovitz Moshe Berman 193
Memories of My Town Haim Drukman 194
Jews of Minkovitz and the Royal Court By a Minkovitz native 195
Minkovitz in My Youth Aaron Elman 197
An deed in my home Mesulam Tuchner 198
Articles and Reports:
Smotrich Moshe Hochman
Mordechai Shneiderman
Articles and Notes:
Frampol Zev Meiberg 215
Personalities: Dr. Yakov Hoffman Moshe Meiberg 220
Articles and Reports:
Kupin Avraham Rozen 223
My Town Haim Sarig 225
Personalities: Weibaum Family Zev Meiberg  
                        Meir Haezrahi (Muni Zak) Y.A. Bar-Levi  
Articles and Notes:
The Rabbi refused to recite the prayer Tzidduk HaDin M. Kapeliouk 235
We will remember   247
A memorial plaque for the victims of the Holocaust from Kamyanets-Podilskyy and the vicinity in “Martef Hashoah”
[The Chamber of the Holocaust] Museum in Jerusalem
Remarks about members of the board who passed away:
Matityahu Segal Y.A. Bar-Levi 249
Gabriel Shahor A.D. Stit 250
Aharon Wassermann A.N. 251
A memorial plaque to the victims of the Holocaust from Kamyanets-Podilskyy and the surrounding area   253


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