A Memorial to the
Jewish Community of Zhetel
(Dzyatlava, Belarus)

53°28' / 25°24'

Translation of
Pinkus Zhetel

Edited by Baruch Kaplinski

Published by the Zhetel Association in Israel

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Project Coordinator

Becky Diamond


This is a translation from Pinkus Zhetel,
(A memorial to the Jewish community of Zhetel),
Editors: Baruch Kaplinski, Published by the Zhetel Association in Israel,
Tel Aviv 1957 (H,Y 482 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Dziatlava

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A memorial to the Jewish community of Zhetel


Published by the Zhetel Association in Israel
in Participation with the Zhetel Attociations
in the United States of America, Argentina and Canada


Tel-Aviv 1957
(in alphabetical order)


Pictures tell the story Baruch Kaplinski 12
Ell, Molei Rachamim   18
Zhetel Martyrs   19
The old Zhetel  
The history of the Jews of Zhetel Baruch Kaplinski 33
Zhetel and budget of Lithuamia Mordechai Berenstain 40
Zhetel of old Avrom Iveniecki OBM 47
The Rabbis of Zhetel Avrom Shepetnicki 49
The big miracle which occurred with the author from the Machanei Jehuda Mordechai Berenstain 53
Books by authors of Zhetel   54
Articles about Zhetel in encyclopedias   55
Zhetel in the Hebrew press M.Tzinurit, B. Kaplinski 58
Chapters from the history of Zhetel   65
Geography and climatic conditions in Zhetel Dr A.I. Braver 67
Population and occupations Baruch Kaplinski 69
On the threshold of the 20th century  
Zhetel 50 years ago Moshe Bitn 73
I left Zhetel in the year 1900 Izchok Gebury 76
Zhetel in my memory Avrom Shepetnicki 78
A great city Rabbi Itzchok Wainshtain 80
The Navaredok community in Zhetel I.L. Nakric 82
My birthplace Nachemie Emuna 83
Zhetel in the year 1905 Zalmon Mirski 85
Bits of everything Avrom Izchok Medzwiedski 87
Settlers and army recruits Avrom Leizerovich 93
The First World War  
Zhetel at the time when I was the Rabbi Rabbi Zalmon Tzarackin 99
During the German occupation Josif Viniecki OBM 109
The Almighty is calling Menachem Vernikovski OBM 111
Only memorial books remained Avrom Zak 112
During the first world war Moishe Mirski 113
The Jewish republic in Zhetel Efraim Hamuni OBM 116
Transition from ruler to ruler Nachemie Emuna 118
At the time of transition Izchak Epshtain 122
This is how I remember Zhetel Sora Medzwiedski 124
Between the two world wars  
The cultural and economic existence Avrom Iveniecki OBM 127
Zhetel and its tradesman Moshe Mendl Leizerovich 132
The excommunication in Zhetel Rabbi Alchanon Maracki 136
The big fires Sora Epstein - Shuer 138
The endecks** are raging Moishe Mirski 140
The lovers of Zion and the Zionist Aguda Baruch Kaplinski 143
Revolutionaries of Zhetel Moshe Mirski 148
Memories of Bund Yechiel Kuzniecki 150
Memories of the SR (Social Revolutionaries) in Zhetel H. Habibi 151
Workers of Zhetel after the I WW Dov Orzechowski 152
Ha Chalutz Josef Berman 155
Poalei Zion Eliezer Namiot 159
Hashomer Hatzair Jankef Indershtain 163
Revisionists and Betar Avrom Alpert 165
Agudat Israel Isroel Karpel 166
The Bund Sholem Lisogurski 167
The first Keren Kayemet bazaar Liza Kaplinski 169
The last Keren Kayemet bazaar Sore Gal-Bigin 170
The social life in Zhetel collected by Sore Gal 171
Brotherhoods and institutions Baruch Kaplinski 177
The voluntary fire brigade Dov Orzechowski 179
Our fire brigade orchestra Philip Zavich 180
The dramatic circle Hinda Mirski 184
Medical and social institutions Dr Avrom Alpert 187
A mission of help and aid for the sick Henie Rosenblum 192
The orphanage committee Shifre Medwiedski 194
Womenís social help Sore Gal-Bigin 194
The Peopleís bank Arie Berkovich 195
The fund for the poor Sore Gal-Bigin 197
TOZ (Society for Preservation of Health) in Zhetel   197
Izkor - remember Moshe Man 198
The Talmid Tora (student of the Tora) A.Z. Silverman 201
The story of the Jewish peoples school Beniomen Kaplinski OBM 203
How can I conceive it? Avrom Sawicki 212
We built the Jewish public school Moishe Minski 213
The Tarbut school Dvoire Szkolnik 215
Memories of a pupil Sora Epstein - Shuer 219
Rabbi Yankef Kranz OBM I. Mandelbaum & I. Trunk 223
Rabbi Isroel Maier Hakohen OBM Rabbi Maier Yasher 225
My meetings with Chafetz Chaim Shabtai Majewski 227
The wise men of Zhetel Moishe Tzinuvitz 228
Hírov Reb Baruch Avrom Mirski OBM Hírov I.L. Mimun 230
Hírov Reb Baruch Avrom Mirski of the Lovers of Zion Moishe Tzinuvitz 231
Hírov Reb Shmuel Rabinovich OBM Moishe Tzinuvitz 232
The life of Hírov Reb Zalmon Tzarapkin Rabbi Alchanon Tzarapkin 233
Hírov Reb Tzvi Churgin OBM Josif Eliau Pekelni 236
Public figures and ordinary people  
Reb Avrom Takavski Ė a older of Zhetel Mojshe Man 239
Reb Leib Kaplinski OBM Jehudit Ostrovski 240
Reb Shmuel Kustin OBM Dvoire Shkolnik 240
Reb Mendl Vernikovski OBM   240
Reb Shloime Zalmon Dunetz OBM Mordechai Dunetz 241
Reb Isroel Ezer Barishanski OBM Avrom Ivenicki OBM 245
My grandfather Reb Isroel Alchanan Pekielny OBM Leye Rozenblum 247
Types and facts Mojshe Man 248
Reb Avrom the porush OBM Efraim Pasach 249
Reb Moishe Ruven Mordkovski OBM Avrom Iveniecki OBM 250
Reb Yoisef Muchnik OBM Shloime Muchnik 250
Reb Yosef Iveniecki OBM Avrom Iveniecki OBM 250
Reb Shoel Kaplinski OBM Baruch Kaplinski 250
Reb Mendl Mirski OBM Ruven Mirski 251
Reb Avrom Langbart OBM Izchok Rabinovich 251
Reb Avrom Nachman Gal OBM Sore Gal-Bigin 252
Noiach Mikulicki OBM Chim Ludski 252
Jehuda Ludski OBM Chim Ludski 252
Jehoshua Ovseevich OBM Moishe Man 253
Alter Gertzovski OBM Shmuel Menuskin 253
Motl Man OBM Moishe Man 253
Reb Yankef Abershtein OBM Moishe Man 254
In my fatherís house Benyomen Kaplinski OBM 255
Nioma Kaplinski a Bundist and cultural activist Rishe Kovenski 257
Neighbours, friends, teachers and acquaintances Yitzchak Epstein 259
Lost talents Sora Shuer 268
Men of the people Shabtai Mayevski 269
The tailor of Zhetel Yankef Intershtain 271
Zeivke Yankef Intershtain 275
The last wedding celebrant Yankef Intershtain 276
The family Sielubski from Haleli ? Moishe Mirski 278
My mother Leye Hinde Meriams Miriam Davidovski 278
Reb Efraim Bielogolovski OBM Nachemie Eminuach 279
The writers of Zhetel Mordechai Dunetz 280
Why do we have aching hearts? Baruch Kaplinski 283
There was once a township Mordechai Dunetz 286
The Seder night Masha Rozvovski 287
A week in Zhetel Sore Gal-Bigin 288
My home Rivke Valdman 293
The market on Friday Chae Alpert 295
The Slonim Street Sore Gal-Bigin 296
Memories Yehudit Ostrovski 297
Famous Zhetel Shmuel Rabinovich 298
Impressions Lizi Razvatski 299
The Chasidic Rabbi in our house Rochl Rabinovich 300
Customs and habits Mordechai Dunetz 301
My township Petie Majewski 304
The folklore of Zhetel  
The Dzyatlava Folklore Baruch Kaplinski 305
The Dzyatlava Nicknames Baruch Kaplinski 306
Dzyatlava folklore Avraham Iventzki, may his memory be for a blessing 308
Under the Soviet régime  
Under the Soviet régime Efraim Shepshelevich 311
The tailors cooperative Lize Rostovski 313
The extermination of Zhetel  
Under the German oppression Ezriel Shelovicki 317
Hunger Pessya Mayevsky 320
The first killings Miriam Shepshelevich 325
The first 120 victims Pessya Mayevsky 327
Zhetel at the end of 1941 Sarah Nishmit 329
The first slaughter Batie Ishir 332
Kiddush Chaim Vainshtin 333
Back from the ditches Izchok Rubinshtin 334
How I saved myself Lize Kaplinski 335
The tragedy of my brotherís family Mashe Rozvadski 336
A tragic finish Chana Majewski-Klar 337
Two children fight for their life Kalmon Minuskin 342
He escaped from his grave Shifre Miedviedski 347
Zhetel without Jews Cila Joselevski 349
How I saved my children Sneinke Minuskin 353
I lost my whole family Izchok Goldshtain 356
From the synagogue into the forest Bashe Minuskin 358
In the workshops of the Novogrudok Ghetto Peshe Majewski 359
The Zhetel glaziers in Novogrudok Zavl Mordkovski 361
I escaped from the Novogrudok Ghetto Mojshe Mendl Leizerovich 363
My tragic childhood Avrom Leibovich 366
The road of my torments Kalmon Shalkovich 367
The killing of Gypsies in Zhetel Izchok Epshtain 368
The underground activities in the Ghetto Leib Sholem Gerling 369
The way we lived in the Zhetel Ghetto Pessya Mayevsky 373
Remember! Pessya Mayevsky 375
Kadish Mortchi Epstein 376
In the forests  
People of Zhetel in the Lipiczanski partisans A group of partisans 379
Revenge for the blood of our people Eliahu Kovenski 391
We fight Ezriel Shilovicki 395
The years in the forest Chana Majewski-Klar 397
Between life and death Cila Joselevski 401
Ravage for the Maichek murder Yechiel Joselevich 404
Revenge for the Maltuch murder Zavl Mordkovski 405
The fight in Dubrovka Sholem Gerling 406
Four victims Leia Kalbshtein-Yacham 407
The family camps Shmuel Minuskin 408
The partisan hospital Sholim Gerling 412
Partisan heroes Sholim Gerling 414
Brief biographies of heroic partisans Group of partisans 420
“Krokes un shachmanies” a song of the partisans Cilia Joselevski 428
Before the liberation Lizi Kaplinski 430
The last months in the forest Sora Ovseievich 431
My last day in the forest Hinda Mirski 433
Partisans of Zhetel in the Soviet army Chaim Savicki 434
A man from Zhetel in the red army Shloime Sharlat 439
In a German prisoner of war camp Berl Goldberg 439
Zhetel heroic partisans   440
People of Zhetel in the world  
People of Zhetel in USA Efraim Pasaf 443
Citizens of Zhetel in Argentina Moishe Man 445
From Zhetel to Israel Baruch Kaplinski 447
Financial assistance for Zheteler in Israel Shaftai Majewski 451
The Zhetel forest Yehuda Ostrovski 452
At a memorial service in Tel Aviv Shimon Berliker 453
From Zhetel to Petach Tikva Pese Majevski 454
Izkor Mordechai Dunietz 458
Zhetel in April 1957 Mira Goncharovski 459
Bricks have collapsed, we will build in stone Baruch Kaplinski 461
List of former Dzyatlava residents living in Israel Addresses 464
List of former Dzyatlava residents living in the USA Addresses 467
List of former Dzyatlava residents living in South America Addresses 469
List of former Dzyatlava residents living in Canada and elsewhere Addresses 470
Families from Zhetel Pictures 471


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** ND Narodowa Demokracja. return

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