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List of the Martyrs from Davidgrodek

Last Name First Name Gender Father's
First Name
First Name
First Name
Profession Page no.
ABERBUKH Khaim Male     Sara   284
ABERBUKH Sara Female     Khaim   284
ABRAMOVITZ Sara Female         284
ABRAMOVITZ Zeev Male         284
ANTL Gershon Male         292
ANTL Khava Female         292
ANTL Shlomo Male         292
ASHMAN Henia Female         284
ASHMAN Khaia Female     Yaakov   284
ASHMAN Miriam Female         284
ASHMAN Yaakov Male     Khaia   284
ASHMAN Yisrael Male         284
AVREKH Braindel Female         284
AVREKH Sara Female         284
AVROSHIN Moshe Faivel Male         284
AVROSHIN   Male     Moshe Faivel   284
BARASH return Teibel Male         284
BARZIVIN   Male     Yaakov   285
BARZIVIN Yaakov Male         285
BASEVITZ David Male         285
BASEVITZ Lipka Female         284
BASEVITZ Moshe Male     Nekhama   285
BASEVITZ Nekhama Female     Moshe   285
BASEVITZ Yaakov Male         285
BEGUN Mordekhai Yaakov Male         285
BEGUN Peshe Female     Shlomo   285
BEGUN Shlomo Male     Peshe   285
BEGUN   Male     Yosef   285
BEGUN   Male     Mordekhai Yaakov   285
BEGUN Yosef Male         285
BEIGELMAN Shlomo Male         285
BEIGELMAN Shlomo Male         285
BEIGELMAN   Male     Yosef   285
BEIGELMAN   Male     Shlomo   285
BEIGELMAN Yosef Male         285
BEILIN Barukh Male         285
BEILIN Meir Male         285
BEILIN Pesakh Male         285
BEILIN Sara Female     Yaakov   285
BEILIN   Male     Pesakh   285
BEILIN Yaakov Male     Sara   285
BEKMAN Rashke Female     Shlomo Khaim   285
BEKMAN Shlomo Khaim Male     Rashke   285
BEKOV Barukh Yeshayahu Male         285
BEKOV   Male     Barukh Yeshayahu   285
BEREZNOGER Alte Female     Yitzkhak   285
BEREZNOGER Barukh Male Pinkhas Etil     285
BEREZNOGER Breindil Female Pinkhas Etil     285
BEREZNOGER Etil Female     Pinkhas   285
BEREZNOGER Khaia Female     Shlomo   285
BEREZNOGER Khaia Female         284
BEREZNOGER Leizer Male         284
BEREZNOGER Libe Female Shlomo Khaia     285
BEREZNOGER Mikhaela Female     Yosef   284
BEREZNOGER Moshe Male     Tzipora   285
BEREZNOGER Motil Male Pinkhas Etil     285
BEREZNOGER Pinkhas Male     Etil   285
BEREZNOGER Reina Female         285
BEREZNOGER Rivka Female         284
BEREZNOGER Shaia Male Pinkhas Etil     285
BEREZNOGER Shlomo Male     Khaia   285
BEREZNOGER Tamara Female         285
BEREZNOGER Tzipora Female     Moshe   285
BEREZNOGER Yaakov Male Shlomo Khaia     285
BEREZNOGER Yerakhmiel Male Shlomo Khaia     285
BEREZNOGER Yitzkhak Male     Alte   285
BEREZNOGER Yosef Male     Mikhaela   284
BERGMAN Gitel Female     Motil   285
BERGMAN Gitel Female     Motil   284
BERGMAN Golda Female     Pesakh   285
BERGMAN Lea Female     Yosef   284
BERGMAN Motil Male     Gitel   285
BERGMAN Motil Male     Gitel   284
BERGMAN Pesakh Male     Golda   285
BERGMAN Rakhel Female         284
BERGMAN Yaakov Male         285
BERGMAN Yosef Male     Lea   284
BERKOVITZ   Male     Yosef   285
BERKOVITZ Yosef Male         285
BERMAN Beril Male     Sheina   285
BERMAN Beril Male         285
BERMAN Ester Female         285
BERMAN Gisia Female         285
BERMAN Lea Female         285
BERMAN Sheina Female     Beril   285
BERMAN Yudel Male         285
BIGUN Khaikel Male     Tzirel   285
BIGUN Tzirel Female     Khaiakel   285
BLIZOVSKI Nakhman Male         285
BORUKHMAN Gitel Male         285
BORUKHMAN Lea Female         285
BORUKHMAN Meir Male         285
BORUKHMAN Mordekhai Male         285
BORUKHMAN Moshe Male         285
BORUKHMAN Reuven Male         285
BORUKHMAN Sara Female         285
BORUKHMAN Shalom Male         285
BORUKHMAN Yehoshua Male         285
BRANCHUK Beniamin Male Khaim Rivka     284
BRANCHUK David Male Khaim Rivka     284
BRANCHUK Itka Female Khaim Rivka     284
BRANCHUK Khaim Male     Rivka   284
BRANCHUK Rivka Female     Khaim   284
BRATZKER Etil Female Mendil       285
BRATZKER Mendil Male         285
BRATZKER Rakhel Female Mendil       285
BRATZKER   Male     Mendil   285
BRATZKER Utka Female Mendil       285
BROKHMAN Arie Male     Fruma   285
BROKHMAN Asher Male         284
BROKHMAN Barukh Male Khaim Yekha     285
BROKHMAN David Male     Simkha   285
BROKHMAN David Male Meir       285
BROKHMAN David Male         285
BROKHMAN Fruma Female     Arie   285
BROKHMAN Khaim Male     Yecha   285
BROKHMAN Liba Female     Moshe   285
BROKHMAN Mania Female Moshe Liba     285
BROKHMAN Mikhael Male Moshe Liba     285
BROKHMAN Moshe Male     Liba   285
BROKHMAN Moshe Male         285
BROKHMAN Shalom Male         285
BROKHMAN Simkha Female     David   285
BROKHMAN Sonia Female Moshe Liba     285
BROKHMAN Sonia Female         285
BROKHMAN Tzipa Female         285
BROKHMAN   Male     Asher   284
BROKHMAN   Male     David   285
BROKHMAN   Male     Moshe   285
BROKHMAN Yecha Female     Khaim   285
BROKHMAN Yehuda Male         285
BROKHMAN Yosef Male Moshe Liba     285
BROKHMAN Yosef Zalman Male Khaim Yekha     285
BRONSHTEIN Lea Female         284
BRONSHTEIN   Male     Yaakov   284
BRONSHTEIN Yaakov Male         284
BUKHLITZKI Dov Male Nisan Khaia     285
BUKHLITZKI Khaia Female     Nisan   285
BUKHLITZKI Khaim Male Nisan Khaia     285
BUKHLITZKI Nisan Male     Khaia   285
BUKHLITZKI Zeev Male Nisan Khaia     285
BUKOV Lea Female         285
BUKOV Mindl Female         285
BUKOV Moshe Male         285
BUKOV Rivka Female         285
BUKOV Tilka Female         285
BUKOV Yitzkhak Male         285
BURMAN Yudel Male Meir       285
BURSHTEIN Avraham Male     Brakha   284
BURSHTEIN Beilka Female     Yosef   284
BURSHTEIN Brakha Female     Avraham   284
BURSHTEIN Meir Male Avraham Brakha     284
BURSHTEIN Menakhem Male         285
BURSHTEIN Moshe Male         285
BURSHTEIN Moshe Khaim Male         285
BURSHTEIN Motil Male         285
BURSHTEIN Pesil Female         284
BURSHTEIN Rivka Female Avraham Brakha     284
BURSHTEIN   Male     Motil   285
BURSHTEIN   Male     Menakhem   285
BURSHTEIN Yosef Male     Beilka   284
CHECHIK return Arie Male Herschil Fredil     295
CHECHIK Braindel Female     Yudl   295
CHECHIK Dvora Female Herschil Fredil     295
CHECHIK Eliahu Male     Sheina Feigel   294
CHECHIK Eliahu Male   Sheindil     295
CHECHIK Eliahu Male         295
CHECHIK Fradil Female     Herschil   295
CHECHIK Frodil Female     Herschel   292
CHECHIK Herschel Male     Frodil   292
CHECHIK Herschil Male     Fradil   295
CHECHIK Itka Female   Sheindil     295
CHECHIK Khaia Female         295
CHECHIK Khaia Elka Female         295
CHECHIK Khashke Female         292
CHECHIK Khashke Female         295
CHECHIK Moshe Male         292
CHECHIK Moshe Male         295
CHECHIK Sheina Feigel Female     Eliahu   294
CHECHIK Sheindil Female         295
CHECHIK Shmuel Leibel Male         295
CHECHIK Simkha Male   Sheindil     295
CHECHIK   Male     Eliahu   295
CHECHIK Yudel Male     Breindil   295
CHECHIK Zelda Female Herschil Fredil     295
CHERTOK Nakhum Male         288
CHERTOK Nekhama Female         288
CHERTOK Sara Female         288
CHESNOK Barukh Male     Rakhel Lea   295
CHESNOK David Male     Tema   294
CHESNOK Khaia Female Meir Liba     294
CHESNOK Liba Female     Meir   294
CHESNOK Meir Male     Liba   294
CHESNOK Moshe Ber Male         294
CHESNOK Rakhel Lea Female     Barukh   295
CHESNOK Sheina Female Meir Liba     294
CHESNOK Tema Female     David   294
CHISNUK David Male         292
DANZIGER Itka Female     Yekhiel   286
DANZIGER Yekhiel Male     Itka   286
DIATLOVITZKI Dov Male         286
DIATLOVITZKI return Pinkhas Male         286
DIATLOVITZKI   Male     Dov   286
DIATLOVITZKI   Male     Pinkhas   286
DIATLOVITZKI Yosef Male         286
DOBRUSHIN Aharon Male     Rakhel   287
DOBRUSHIN Aharon Male     Rakhel   287
DOBRUSHIN Eliahu Male Noakh Miriam     286
DOBRUSHIN Faivel Male         286
DOBRUSHIN Faivel Male         286
DOBRUSHIN Khaia Elka Female         286
DOBRUSHIN Lea Fridl Female Noakh Miriam     286
DOBRUSHIN Mania Female         286
DOBRUSHIN Miriam Female     Noakh   286
DOBRUSHIN Noakh Male     Miriam   286
DOBRUSHIN Rakhel Female     Aharon   287
DOBRUSHIN Rakhel Female     Aharon   287
DOBRUSHIN Rozale Female   Mania     286
DOBRUSHIN Shimel Male         286
DOBRUSHIN Yosef Male         286
DOLGOPIATI David Male     Itka   286
DOLGOPIATI Itka Female     David   286
DREBSKI Matatiahu Male     Pesil   286
DREBSKI Pesil Female     Matatiahu   286
DREIZEL Rasel Female         287
DREIZIN Miriam Female     Yosef   287
DREIZIN Miriam Female     Shlomo   287
DREIZIN Sheindil Female         287
DREIZIN Shlomo Male     Miriam   287
DREIZIN Yosef Male     Miriam Scribe/Writer 287
DUBERSHTEIN Mania Female         287
DUBLIN Metil Male         287
DUBROVITZKI Avraham Male         287
DUBROVITZKI Avraham Male         287
DUBROVITZKI Beniamin Male         287
DUBROVITZKI David Male         287
DUBROVITZKI Fradil Female     Mordekhai Leib   287
DUBROVITZKI Khashke Female         287
DUBROVITZKI Mordekhai Male         287
DUBROVITZKI Mordekhai Leib Male     Fradil   287
DUBROVITZKI Moshe Male         287
DUBROVITZKI Peshe Krina Female         286
DUBROVITZKI Sara Female     Shepsil   287
DUBROVITZKI Shepsil Male     Sara   287
DUBROVITZKI Shmuel Male         287
DUBROVITZKI   Male     Avraham   287
DUBROVITZKI Yisrael Male         287
DUBROVITZKI Yosef Male         287
DUBROVITZKI Zelig Male         286
DURCHIN Avraham Male         287
DURCHIN Hinda Female         287
DURCHIN Khana Female     Yaakov   287
DURCHIN Khana Female         286
DURCHIN Leibke Male     Sara   287
DURCHIN Rakhel Feiga Female     Yitzkhak   287
DURCHIN Sara Female     Leibka   287
DURCHIN Shimon Male         287
DURCHIN   Male     Avraham   287
DURCHIN   Male     Velvil   286
DURCHIN   Male     Yitzkhak   287
DURCHIN Velvil Male         286
DURCHIN Yaakov Male     Khana   287
DURCHIN Yehudit Female         287
DURCHIN Yitzkhak Male     Rakhel Feiga   287
DURCHIN Yitzkhak Male         287
EDEL return Berta Female     Yitzkhak   292
EDEL Gedalyahu Male         292
EDEL Khaia Female         292
EDEL Roza Female         292
EDEL Yitzkhak Male     Berta   292
EIZENBERG Aharon Male     Elka   284
EIZENBERG Bashka Male     Simka Broindel   284
EIZENBERG Beril Male         284
EIZENBERG Elka Female     Aharon   284
EIZENBERG Gitel Female Aharon Elka     284
EIZENBERG Gitel Female Moshe Yitzkhak Sara     284
EIZENBERG Gudel Male Aharon Elka     284
EIZENBERG Miriam Female Aharon Elka     284
EIZENBERG Moshe Yitzkhak Male     Sara   284
EIZENBERG Motil Male Moshe Yitzkhak Sara     284
EIZENBERG Reizil Female Moshe Yitzkhak Sara     284
EIZENBERG Sara Female     Moshe Yitzkhak   284
EIZENBERG Shoshka Female Moshe Yitzkhak Sara     284
EIZENBERG Simka Broindel Female     Bashke   284
EIZENBERG Yaakov Male Moshe Yitzkhak Sara     284
ELPINER Aharon Male Avraham       284
ELPINER Alte Female         284
ELPINER Avraham Male         284
ELPINER Gedalyahu Male     Rakhel   284
ELPINER Itzel Male         284
ELPINER Khaim Male Avraham       284
ELPINER Meir Male     Sara   284
ELPINER Rakhel Female     Gedaliyahu   284
ELPINER Sara Female     Meir   284
ELPINER Sonia Female     Yosef   284
ELPINER   Male     Itzil   284
ELPINER Yosef Male Moshe Nisan   Sonia   284
EPSHTEIN Moshe Male         292
EPSHTEIN   Male     Moshe   292
EPSHTEIN   Male Moshe       292
ERLIKH Moshe Male         284
FEIN return Barukh Male         293
FEIN Dvora Female         294
FEIN Ester Female         293
FEIN Lea Female     Moshe   293
FEIN Moshe Male     Lea   293
FEIN Rakhel Female     Yekhiel   293
FEIN Rakhel Female     Yekhiel   294
FEIN Yekhiel Male     Rakhel   293
FEIN Yekhiel Male     Rakhel   294
FELDMAN Akiva Male     Dvora   293
FELDMAN Barukh Male         294
FELDMAN Dvora Female     Akiva   293
FELDMAN Feigil Female         294
FELDMAN Khaia Female         294
FELDMAN Khaim Male         294
FELDMAN Khava Female         293
FELDMAN Mikhael Male         294
FELDMAN Shalom Male         294
FELDMAN Yitzkhak Male         294
FERBER Beril Male     Ester   293
FERBER Ester Female     Beril   293
FERBER Ester Female     Leizer   293
FERBER Leizer Male     Ester   293
FERBER Rivka Female Leizer Ester     293
FERBER Sara Female Leizer Ester     293
FERBER Shmuel Male Leizer Ester     293
FERBER Yosef Male Beril Ester     293
FERMAN Aizik Male         293
FIALKOV Beril Male         294
FIALKOV   Male     Beril   294
FILBIN Batze Female         294
FILBIN Bilka Female     Leizer   293
FILBIN Feigil Female     Khaim   293
FILBIN Herschil Male     Rivka   293
FILBIN Khaim Male     Feigil   293
FILBIN Leizer Male     Bilka   293
FILBIN Moshe Male Khaim Feigil     293
FILBIN Moshe Male         294
FILBIN Rivka Female     Herschil   293
FILBIN   Male     Moshe   294
FINKELSHTEIN Alter Male         292
FINKELSHTEIN Golda Female     Khaim   293
FINKELSHTEIN Khaia Female     Shlomo   293
FINKELSHTEIN Khaim Male     Golda   293
FINKELSHTEIN Khava Female         292
FINKELSHTEIN Lipa Male Khaim Golda     293
FINKELSHTEIN Mania Female         293
FINKELSHTEIN Rivka Female         293
FINKELSHTEIN Shimon Male     Zelda   293
FINKELSHTEIN Shlomo Male     Khaia   293
FINKELSHTEIN   Male     Khava   292
FINKELSHTEIN   Male   Khava     292
FINKELSHTEIN Yisrael Male         293
FINKELSHTEIN Zelda Female     Shimon   293
FISHELOV Sara Female         294
FISHELOV Zlatka Female   Sara     294
FISHMAN David Male         293
FISHMAN Doba Female         293
FISHMAN Feigel Female     Moshe   292
FISHMAN Feigil Female         293
FISHMAN Malka Female         292
FISHMAN Moshe Male         293
FISHMAN Rivka Female         293
FISHMAN Roshka Female         293
FISHMAN Sara Lea Female     Zalman   293
FISHMAN Simkha Male         293
FISHMAN   Male     Yeshiyah   293
FISHMAN   Male   Doba     293
FISHMAN Yeshiyah Male         293
FISHMAN Zalman Male     Sara Lea   293
FISHMAN Zelig Male         293
FLEISHMAN Aharon Male         293
FLEISHMAN Barukh Male     Mania   293
FLEISHMAN Mania Female     Barukh   293
FLEISHMAN Shlomo Male         293
FLEISHMAN   Male     Aharon   293
FLEISHMAN   Male     Shlomo   293
FREIMAN Feigel Female Khaikel       293
FREIMAN Hodel Female Khaikel       293
FREIMAN Khaikel Male         293
FREIMAN Khaim Yankel Male         293
FREIMAN Leibel Male Khaikel       293
FREIMAN   Male     Khaiakel   293
FREINKEL Khinka Female     Yosef   294
FREINKEL Yosef Male     Khinka   294
FRES Eliezer Male     Vichna   294
FRES Vikhne Female     Eliezer   294
FRIDMAN Alter Male     Yentil   293
FRIDMAN Asher Male         294
FRIDMAN Barukh Male     Kreina   294
FRIDMAN Barukh Male         294
FRIDMAN Brakha Female     Mikhael   294
FRIDMAN Ester Female     Mordekhai   294
FRIDMAN Feigil Female         293
FRIDMAN Freidil Female     Reuven   294
FRIDMAN Golda Female         294
FRIDMAN Henia Female     Yaakov   293
FRIDMAN Henia Female         293
FRIDMAN Khaim Male     Pril   294
FRIDMAN Khaim Male         293
FRIDMAN Khana Female     Yehuda   294
FRIDMAN Kreina Female     Barukh   294
FRIDMAN Makhla Female         293
FRIDMAN Mania Female         293
FRIDMAN Meir Male Yaakov Henia     293
FRIDMAN Mikhael Male     Brakha   294
FRIDMAN Mindl Female         293
FRIDMAN Mordekhai Male     Ester   294
FRIDMAN Moshe Male         293
FRIDMAN Moshe Male         293
FRIDMAN Moshe Male         293
FRIDMAN Peril Female     Khaim   294
FRIDMAN Rakhela Female Yosef       293
FRIDMAN Reizl Female Yosef       293
FRIDMAN Reuven Male     Freidil   294
FRIDMAN Sara Female Yosef       293
FRIDMAN Shmuel Male         293
FRIDMAN   Male     Yaakov   293
FRIDMAN Yaakov Male Moshe   Henia   293
FRIDMAN Yaakov Male         293
FRIDMAN Yehuda Male     Khana   294
FRIDMAN Yehuda Male         293
FRIDMAN Yentil Female     Alter   293
FRIDMAN Yosef Male         293
FRIDMAN Yosef Male         293
FRIDMAN Yosel Male     Zelda   293
FRIDMAN Yudel Male         293
FRIDMAN Zelda Female     Yosel   293
FRIDMAN Zelda Female         293
FRIMAN Leibel Male Mordekhai Vikhna     292
FRIMAN Meir Male Mordekhai Vikhna     292
FRIMAN Mikhael Male         292
FRIMAN Mordekhai Male     Vikhna   292
FRIMAN Pesakh Male Mordekhai Vikhna     292
FRIMAN Vikhna Female     Mordekhai   292
FRIMAN Yentl Female Mordekhai Vikhna     292
FRIMAN Yosef Male         292
FRIMUN Entil Female Motil Vikhna     294
FRIMUN Leibel Male Motil Vikhna     294
FRIMUN Meir Male Motil Vikhna     294
FRIMUN Motil Male     Vikhna   294
FRIMUN Vikhna Female     Motil   294
FUKSMAN Moshe Male         294
FUKSMAN   Male     Moshe   294
FURMAN Blumka Female     Yosef   293
FURMAN Dina Female     Shlomo   294
FURMAN Golda Female         294
FURMAN Khashke Female     Yosef   293
FURMAN Meir Male         294
FURMAN Mikhael Male         294
FURMAN Motil Male         294
FURMAN Shaia Male         294
FURMAN Shimon Male         293
FURMAN Shimon Male         294
FURMAN Shlomo Male     Dina   294
FURMAN   Male     Yosef   294
FURMAN   Male     Yosef   294
FURMAN   Male     Shimon   293
FURMAN   Male     Shimon   294
FURMAN   Male     Shaia   294
FURMAN Yosef Male     Blumka   293
FURMAN Yosef Male     Kheshka   293
FURMAN Yosef Male         294
FURMAN Yosef Male         294

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