Memorial Book of Davidgrodek
(Davyd-Haradok, Belarus)

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Translation of
Sefer zikaron Dawidgrodek

Editors: Y. Idan, Tel Aviv, Former Residents of Dawidgrodek in Israel

Published in Tel Aviv, 1957

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This is a translation of: Sefer zikaron Dawidgrodek (Memorial book of Davidgrodek),
Editors: Y. Idan, Tel Aviv, Former Residents of Dawidgrodek in Israel, 1957 (H,Y, 487 pages).

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Hebrew TOC translated by Sara Mages

Yiddish TOC translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund

Introduction   5
From the Editorial Board   6
The history of the town and the Jewish population Yosef Lifshitz 7
Way of Life
The City of David 80 years ago Dr. M. Zagorodski 63
The progress of the town Yitzchak Ben-Yosef 69
Distant sights A. Veiner-Yisraeli 71
Thoughts Yosef Lifshitz 75
Segments of memories Moshe Meiri (Moravchik) 77
My father's house Yosef Lifshitz 80
In the Diaspora in Polesie [Polesia] D. Tannenbaum 89
The town's way of life A. Lahav Lakhovski 92
What we had no longer exist A. Veiner-Zeldin 94
Memories Zipora Konda-Gintzburg 97
Refugees in Davidgrodek Y. Zeldin 99
Davidgrodek during the days of the Balakovtzes* Gershon Berman 101
Memories Zvia and Bracha Fishman 102
Institutions and Organizations
About our lost community S. Kevinty 105
Maccabi” in Davidgrodek Yakov Klojeni 107
Organizations and Economic Institutions Shmuel Papish 109
The “Kabaim” [firefighters] society Yosef Yudovitz 111
The Zionist Movement
The beginning of the Zionist Movement Yitzchak Eidan 115
About the Zionist activities in Davidgrodek Shmuel Papish 117
“Poalei Zion” in Davidgrodek S. Zizik 119
A tale about a notebook A. Veiner-Yisraeli 121
The youth that was lost M. Meiri (Moravchik) 125
Youth clubs M. Meiri (Moravchik) 126
“HeHalutz” organization Y'hoshua Begun 127
The training Kibbutz in Lisavitch Rivka Aharoni-Ziporin 128
“HeHalutz HaMizrachi” in Davidgrodek G. Gloiberman 129
The League for Working Eretz Ysrael S. Zizik 131
The Revisionist Movement in Davidgrodek H. Klojeni 132
“Keren Hayesod” Fund in Davidgrodek A. Lakhovski 133
A Davidgrodek son in the “Jewish Legion” Haim Yakhnich 134
How I got an immigration permit Leibush Dushnik 135
How we immigrated to Israel Dov Dushnik 135
Tarbut” School
Tarbut” School S. Papish 139
The school P. Dobrushin 141
Ten years since the establishment of the school Litman Gotlib 143
Tarbut” School Moshe Meiri 143
How the “Bnei Yehuda” society was established Yakov Hochman 144
Bnei Yehuda” pioneers who revived our language Yerachmiel Morstein 146
About the teacher Branchuk Of blessed memory Mendel Kravchik 146
In memory of my loved ones Sara Romer-Olshanski 149
Told by the Elders
My memories Moshe Yehudah Lifshitz 153
Wonders and Miracles R' Mordechai Kozikovich 155
Told by R' Kopel Lichtenstein Of blessed memory   158
A. The Pure and the Holy, May the Lord avenge their blood (murdered by the Nazis)
Rabbi Yisrael Yehudah Kola Of blessed memory Y. Ben-Yisrael 163
Avraham Zev Lutzki A. Ziporin 164
My father R' Yosef Klojeni H. Klojeni 165
Avraham Durchin Y. Idan 167
Yakov Alpiner Y. Lifshitz 168
Aharon Lifshitz S. Zizik 169
Sara Gloiberman-Plotnitzki Shoshanna Gloiberman 169
Musia Geier- Gloiberman Shoshanna Zilberstein 170
About my beloved girlfriends A friend 170
B. From the old generation (and also from the new)
HaRav Yeshaya Rozenblum Y. Lifshitz 171
HaRav Yeshaya Rozenblum A. Lahav 172
HaRav R' David Berkovitz Yitzchak Ben-Chana 172
HaRav R' Dudle A. Lahav (Lakhovski) 174
To the image of R' Avraham Yitzchak the “Angle” Yakov Klojeni 175
In memory of R' Avraham Yitzchak the “Angle” A. Lakhovski 177
The preacher R' Shaul Dov Y. Magidovitz 177
Sara Ita Zeger H. Klojeni 178
Yitzchak Leib Zeger Of blessed memory S. Zizik and Y. Lifshitz 179
Passed Away in Israel
HaRav Shneur Zalman Shapira Of blessed memory Yakov Ben Yosef Klojeni 179
R' Shimon Ronkin HaRav Techoresh 181
Raphael Shefer H.B. 182
Raphael Shefer M. Gur-Ari 183
About the death of Yehudah Kashtan Z. Rozenstein 184
Yehudah Kashtan Y. Ritov 185
In memory of R' Yosef Kashtan Gloiberman 186
The Rabbi R' Avraham Yitzchak May his soul rest in paradise Yosef. Kashtan Of blessed memory 187
Yehudah Kashtan the teacher H. Klojeni 187
From the mourning meeting in “Beit HaMore Dov Yelin 188
A memorial to the departed Yakov Rimon 189
Rivka Ziporin-Aharoni Of blessed memory Y. Ben-Shachar 190
R' Natan Neta Gloiberman H. Klojeni 190
Persons from Davidgrodek (Photos)   191
The Holocaust
Why? Y. Idan 197
We will remember M. Meiri (Moravchik) 200
Who will tell H. Klojeni 201
A monument Zelda 202
My visit to Davidgrodek M. Rapport 203
My last days in Davidgrodek M. Schor Ami 204
From 1939-1945 Y. Klojeni 204
The last days of Davidgrodek Jews Bat-Sheva Kusnir and Gronem Pilvin 208
About two small towns: Stolin and Davidgrodek Michael Nosenchuk 209
Among the partisans in the vicinity of Davidgrodek Haim Hochman 215
The female partisan Miriam Bragman 218
Polkovnik Stanovski Haim Hochman 222
After the Holocaust
My visit to Davidgrodek after the Holocaust M. Kravchik 227
In Davidgrodek in 1945 Meir Tzvi Korman 229
My small revenge to a heinous crime Aharon Moravtchik 231
The murderer and his punishment Leibus Dushnik 239
The small community (Rubel)
A house in the village Y. Idan-Zeldin 243
Craftsmen in the village Yitzchak Zigerman 260
Those who engaged in public needs with trust Yakov Kolodni 263
Fragments of memories Zelda Kagan-Stulin 266
The Balakovtzes* in Rubel Yisrael Nachum Dortzin 268
Davidgrodek Landsmanshaft organization in Israel   270
A Memorial Prayer
A Candle for the Fallen
Lipman Yitzchak son of Leah   277
Aharon Sherman   277
Arye Shostakovski   277
Pesia Lev   277
Shoshanna Lev   278
Zev Lakhovski   278
Zev Virobnik   279
Shulamit Durchin   279
Tzvi Durchin   281
Ori Weisberg   282
Baruch Hochman   282
Zalman Gloiberman   283
Dov Gloiberman   283
Isar Brosky   283
List of the Martyrs from Davidgrodek   284
Davidgrodek sons and daughters who died in Israel   299
Family pictures   300
El Malei Rachamim   323
Forward 327
From the Editorial Committee 328
History of Davyd-Haradok Lipshitz 329
From the Childhood Years
Davyd-Haradok 50 Years Ago Motl Slutzki 405
Erev Shabbos [Sabbath Eve] (Pictures of the Shtetl [town])  Berl Neuman 414
My Grandmother Told Me Berl Neuman 418
Our Shtetl [town] Berl Neuman 420
Davyd-Haradok Until the War Yitzhak Nachmanovitch 424
Rabbis and Community Workers
Haradoker Dynasty Dr. Rabinovitz 429
Yitzhak Leib Zager Lipshitz, Sh. Tsitsik 430
On the Eve of the War
My Visit to Davyd-Haradok M. Rapaport 435
My Last Day in Davyd-Haradok M. Shur-Ami 436
The Last Day and the Last Hour
Last Days of the Davyd-Haradok Jews Bas-Sheva Kushner and Grunem Pilavin 441
A Visit to the Shtetl [town] after the Holocaust Yitzhak Nachmanovitch 443
Impressions Meir Hershl Korman 447
Partisans Relate
Polkovnik [Colonel] Satonovski Chaim Hachman 453
Miriam Bregman Tells 462
Two Shtetlekh [towns]; Davyd-Haradok and Stolin Mikhal Nusenczuk 468
My Small Revenge for the Savage Crimes 475
Tsvia Kraus (Cifarin), of blessed memory Ruwin Mishalov 486
* The Balakovtzes was a Russian military group under the leadership of General Bulak Balakowitch


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