Memorial Book for the Community of Ciechanow
(Ciechanów, Poland)

52°53' / 20°37'

Translation of
Yisker-bukh fun der Tshekhanover yidisher kehile

This translation is dedicated to the blessed memory of
Mordko (Marcos) Hersz Myssior and Lonya (Lea) Szrenskier

Edited by: A.Wolf Yasni, Former residents of Ciechanow in Israel and in the Diaspora

Published in Tel Aviv, 1962



Project Coordinator

Stan Zeidenberg

Translated by

Miriam Dashkin Beckerman


This is a translation from:
Yisker-bukh fun der Tshekhanover yidisher kehile; Memorial book for the community of Ciechanow,
ed. A.Wolf Yasni. Tel Aviv, former residents of Ciechanow in Israel and in the Diaspora, 1962 (H,Y)

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An earlier translation of the Table of Contents, contributed by Hyman Kirsh and Harriet Brown,  is incorporated

Page Title Author
5 Introduction Moshe Fuchs
9 Overall History Of The Jews Of Ciechanow
24 Rosa Robota -- The Holy Heroine from Ciechanow
27 Ciechanow and its Jewish Kehillah Historical Notes
  The Rabbonim and Religious Leaders
35 The Gaon and Tzadik Rabbi Avraham Landau Sh. Rotstein
38 Harav Reb Yaacov Landau of Yezev  
38 Harav Zeidenfeld  
39 The Rav Yitzhak Yehuda Trunk  
40 Harav Shmuel Yitzhak Landau  
50 Rabbi Mordechai Bronrot and his leadership Avraham Dov
  Religious Functionaries, Religious Institutions and Tzedakah Societies
52 Hasidim, Misnagdim and Religious Chevras/Societies Isaac Kessler
54 Reb Yosele Dayan and his Son the Kadosh, Reb Ephraim Moshe Fuchs
57 The Ciechanow Hazzanim (Cantors) M. Fuchs
58 Shoichtim, Shamesim and Religious Institutions Simcha Fuchs
  Community Activities in the Years Before World War I
61 From Bais Hamedresh Religiosity to Secular Enlightenment Judaism Isaac Kessler
66 The Start of the Jewish Socialist Movement Yisrael Bernstein
68 The Ideological Struggle Between Children and Parents Rivka Kahane
70 Maccabee Organization and Dramatic Group Mayer Gottlieber
74 The Beginning of a Yiddish School Presence in Ciechanow B. Poulos
  World War I and its Effect on Ciechanow Jews
76 Memories of the Years 1914 - 1918 Tanchum Maccaver
90 The Tragic Events on Yom Kippur of the Year 1914 Yakov Kahane
  The Zionist Movement and the First Hebrew Schools
93 Thirst for Learning Amongst the Jewish Youth Eliyahu Kinitz
95 The First Hebrew Schools in Ciechanow Rivka Kahane
98 Activities of the Zionist organization Moshe Frach
  Cultural Revival in the Epoch Between the Two World Wars
107 Hebrew Courses and Renewed Zionist Activities Braina Botska
112 Activities of the Right Poele Tzion Zisha Barka
116 The Hashomer Hatzair organization Z. Apel
121 Beitar, Hatzhar - Hatzakh, Beit Hakhayal Yakov Varshavsky
  Organizations of Religious Institutions of Orthodox Jews in Ciechanow
125 Community of Cultural Activities of Religious Jews  
128 Reb Laibish Borenstein - the Rebbe, Teacher and Spiritual Leader  
133 Reb Shimon Srebnik  
134 Activities of the “Agudah” and its Institutions  
134 The Free Loan Society  
135 The Leaders and Activists of the Agudah Movement  
143 The Activities of Reb Yoel Dovid Weingarten  
143 Poelei Agudat Yisroel in Ciechanow  
147 The Ciechanow Kehillah and its Activities Yakov Bronrot
149 The Rebbe Rov Hagaon Rebbe Chaim Mordecai Bronrot and the Kehillah Activities  
150 The Kehillah President, Chaver Kirshenzweig  
151 Kehillah Disputes in Ciechanow  
  Jewish Financial Institutions
152 Folk Bank and Co-Op Bank Yakov Bronrot
153 The Free Loan Society Wolf Henoch, Zylberstrom, Tel-Aviv
156 The Elections to the First Polish Siyum Rivka Kahane
157 Accused of Spying Moshe Frach
  The Jewish Workers Party in Ciechanow
158 Home and Surroundings in My Formative Years Yehoshua Grossbard
175 Political and Cultural Activities L. Noshelskar
183 The Split in the Jewish Workers Movement Vigdor Kessler
187 The 'Club' and its Welfare Work for Ciechanow's Jews Yosel Mundzak, Paris
  Memories and Descriptions of the Jewish Way of Life in Ciechanow
191 My Childhood-Years and Youth-Years in the Shtetl Nachman Grossbard, Haifa
204 Jewish Ciechanow, As I Saw It Z. Apel
209 The Shtetl in Light of My Memories Yosel Melazker, Paris
217 The Daily Life of the Ciechanow Jews Moshe Fuchs
220 The Idealists of the Jewish Organizations in Ciechanow Yakov Rubenstein
222 The Ciechanower Polish State School Nachman Grossbard
232 How I Remember the Shtetl Ciechanow  
236 The Shomer Hatzair Movement Dvora Newman
236 Zionist Activity in Ciechanow  
243 The Workmens Club of Bund and Poele Tzion  
  Types and Personalities
244 Reb Laizer Borokhovich, Shtetl Chazzan and Shoichet  
244 Reb Yoel Dovid Weingarten  
247 Reb Dovid Vise  
248 Reb Yantshe  
249 Reb Binyamin Malina  
251 Reb Yaacov (Yenkl) Misher  
253 Reb Yisroel Yaacov Student  
254 Reb Natan Skurnik  
254 Adla Pafa  
256 Reb Avraham Friedman  
257 Urku-Aaron Kostsheva  
258 Reb Avraham Aaron Kelman  
259 A Few Lines About My Teacher Reb Avraham-Aaron Kelman  
261 Reb Berish Kleinetz  
261 Reb Moishe Yaacov Rakovsky  
261 Reb Shloime Rubinstein  
  Jewish Women Personalities
263 The Woman Rokhl Malka Tik  
264 The Bobe (Grandmother) Faige Lifshitz Moshe Fuchs
268 My Grandmother Khana Raizl  
269 My Father's Suffering for the Education of his Children Dovid Makaver
272 Poor People Z. Appel
275 The Shtetl Ciechanow and Yiddish Literature  
279 To the Ciechanower Zishe Landau
280 The Ciechanower niggunim Y. Apatasho
284 My Brother, the Poet, Yosl Grosbard Yehoshua Grossbard
289 Songs of Yosl Grosbard  
292 Tears Shimon Stern
295 The Son and the Grandchild of the Ciechanower Rebbe, Reb Avremele Avraham Pinkus Unger
297 Yehoshua Podruznik – the Ciechanower Writer  
299 Ciechanow in the Years of the German Extermination of the Jews
322 My Experiences in World War II Noach Zabludowicz
340 Ciechanow Jews in Auschwitz L. Silver, Montreal
372 Ciechanow Jews in the Uprising in Auschwitz Moshe Kolka
400 Rosa Robota  
407 The Partisan Gavriel Avshanka  
409 Shlomo Zalman Kahane  
410 Menakhem Kalenberg  
414 A speech by Yitzhak-Leib Kleinitz, in Paris  
420 Two Processes Against German Mass-Murderers Who Carried
Out the Torture and Extermination of Ciechanow Jews
Yitzhak-Leib Kleinetz
423 Families and Individuals of Ciechanow Tortured by the Germans  
457 Necrology
473 In Ciechanow After the Destruction  
481 Ciechanow in 1956 Riva Gonska
485 Ciechanow Jews Throughout the World  
487 Landmanschafts and Aid Activities  
501 The Ciechanow Landsmanschaft in Detroit  
508 Ciechanowers in Paris and Surroundings  
520 Ciechanow Landsleit in Montreal  
523 Epilogue  
  Pictures and Illustrations  
  Paid announcements memorializing families  

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