Memorial Book of Chmielnik;
Yizkor Book of the Annihilated Jewish Community

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Translation of
Pinkas Chmielnik.
Yisker bukh noch der Khorev-Gevorener Yidisher Kehile

Edited by: Ephraim Shedletski, former residents of Chmielnik in Israel, 1960

Published in Tel Aviv, 1960



Project Coordinator

Mark Froimowitz


Our sincere appreciation to Pinchas Rosen, Chairman, Former residents of Chmielnik in Israel,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

Table of Contents and Necrology were originally published in the Kielce-Radom SIG Journal,
Vol. 7, No. 2 (Spring 2003), pages 19-28 & Vol. 8, No. 2 (Spring 2004), pages 12-16

This is a translation from: Pinkas Chmielnik. Yisker bukh noch der Khorev-Gevorener Yidisher Kehile;
Memorial book of Chmielnik; yizkor book of the annihilated Jewish community.
Editor: Ephraim Shedletski, Tel Aviv, former residents of Chmielnik in Israel, 1960 (H,Y)

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[Pages 1305 - 1312]

Translated from the Hebrew and Yiddish by Sharon and Isi Lehrer

(Y = Yiddish; H = Hebrew; P = Polish)

Forward (H)   9
Introduction (Y)   11
In Memoriam (H)   15
List of Martyrs (Y)   17

The History of the City
The History of the Jews of Chmielnik (H & Y) Dr. N. M. Gelber 57 & 73
Sources / Documentation of Chmielnik (P & H)
from the geographic lexicon of the Kingdom of Poland, first published in 1883
The Jewish Community in Chmielnik in the 19th Century (Y) Yishaya Tronk 91
History of the Chmielnik Chasidic Movement (H) M. S. Geshori 97
The Dynasty of the Tsadikim of Ozorow and the Rabbis of Chmielnik (H) M. S. Geshori 133
Portrait of a Rabbi - R' Avraham-Yitschak Sylman (H & Y) R' Avraham-Aharon Price 151 & 157
My Struggle in the Polish Parliament on Behalf of the Jewish Postman (H & Y) Yitschak Greenboim 161 & 165
The Chmielnik Republic (H & Y) Ya'acov Zerubavel 169 & 173

Memories from the Past
My Town Chmielnik (H) David Sifri-Kshonzer 179
These Do I Remember (H) Rabbi Avraham-Aharon Price 181
From “Chmiel” to Chmielnik (Y) Moshe Domb 185
My Memories (Y) Moshe Leizer Mintz 189
During the Revolutionary Years (Y) Mordechai Fuchs 217
Fifty Years Ago (Y) Penina Weinberg-Cohen 221
Chmielnik Before the First World War (Y) Yechiel Gotoviezne 225
Streets and Characters (Y) Yechiel Gotoviezne 233
Chmielnik Surroundings (Y) Yechiel Gotoviezne 245
The Shtetl I Remember (Y) Ya'acov Friedman 253
The Outbreak of War (Y) Leon Kleinplats 261
Memories from World War I (Y) Motl Rosenblum 269
Life During World War I (Y) Azriel Sametband 277
Episodes from World War I (Y) Ya'acov Friedman 279
During the War Years (Y) Moshe-Abba Kornblum 287
Memories (Y) Yisrael Greenboim 289
Poland is Liberated (Y) Mendl Klarman 291
November 1918 (Y) Kalman Pshevarski 293
The Day of Poland's Liberation (Y) Ya'acov Friedman 297
On Weekdays and Festivals (Y) Velvl Hershkop 305
Folklore of the Shtetl (Y) Leibl Pietrikovski 307
A Wedding in the Shtetl (Y) Chana Fuchs 309
The Market (Y) Kalman Pshevarski 313
Memories (Y) Yosef Kantor 315
On the Outskirts of Kielce(Y) Leibl Pietrikovski 321
Trade and Manufacturing (Y) Motl Goldlist 329
Teachers in the Cheders (Y) Motl Goldlist 339
The Big Market and the Small Market (Y) Mordechai Zonshein 343
The Bet Yosef Yeshiva (Y) Avraham Guts 351
The Funeral of Avraham-Yitschak Gorlitski (Y) Moshe Gurgel 357
In the Eyes of a Sabra (H) Moshe Ben-Shachar 361

Types and Characters
Moshe-Yosl Smolarz (Y) M. Gelbart 367
Moshe-Yosl Smolarz - From his Literary Inheritance (Y)   369
Portraits (Y) Moshe Domb 387
Yochanan Tsipaniu (Y) Leibl Pietrikovski 401
Characters from the Shtetl (Y) Ya'acov Friedman 403
My Teachers (Y) Shlomo Neiman 415
Hertske Tarek and his Sons (Y) Gershon Gorlitski 419
The Struggle Against the Desecration of Shabbat and the Peddlar's Decision (Y) Motl Goldlist 423
Yendrek (Y) Yisrael-Yitschak Ridelnik. 431
The Storyteller (Y) Leibish Kvashnievski 433
The Doctor Yisrael-Itche Kleinert (Y) Y.K. 435
My Teacher Leibl Viltchik (Y) Yisraelke Disenhoiz 437
My Father Itchele Neiman (Y) David Neiman 439
An Event with Kopl Kaminski (Y) Avraham Tsuker 441
Harav Ya'acov Sylman (Y) M. S. Geshori 443
Public and Prominent Figures (Y & H)   455

Political and Social Life
The Beginning of Social Life (Y) Eliahu Ben-Shlomo 475
The Chmielnik Zionists (H) Avraham Pinchevski 479
The Turning Point (H) Binyamin Simchoni-Friedman 483
The “Ivriya” (H) Dvora Abramovits-Simchoni 485
Zionism in Chmielnik and Immigration to Israel (H) Tsadok Kanertsuker 489
The Accusations of the Professional Sewing Union (Y) Shlomo Neiman 497
The Library - A Center for Socializing (H) Ya'acov Friedman 501
The City Council (Y) Avraham Pinchevski 507
Between Two World Wars (Y) Yosef Kleinert 511
The Worries of a Yiddish Shtetl (Y) Moshe Kleinboim 515
The Charity Fund (Y) Moshe Zonshein 517
Our Drama Club (Y) Motl Goldlist 525
The Synagogues (H) M. S. Geshori 531
Study and Prayer (Y) Mordechai Gutman 541
Rabbinical Disputes (Y) Mordechai Freidnsan 545
Rabbinical Disputes in the Press (Y)   551
Educational Facilities (Y) Moshe Zonshein 553
Yitschak Aspis and his School (Y) Mordechai Zohar 565
Religious Institutions (Y) Moshe Zonshein 567
The General Zionist Youth Organization “Hatchiya”(Y) Shmuel Unger 571
The Beginning of the Mizrachi Movement (H) M. S. Geshori 577
The Mizrachi Movement (Y) Yehoshua Shteinfeld 581
Leftwing Poalei Tsion (Y) Eliahu Bahiri 585
The Beginning of Hashomer Hatsair (H) Aryeh Veinberg 595
Hashomer Hatsair in the years 1929-1939 (H) Ya'acov Roit 597
One Summer Camp (H) Rachel Mali 599
Ongoing Activity (H) Meir Mali 605
Poalei Tsion - Tseirei Tsion (The Young Zionists) (H) H. Nirnberg, M. Goldlist, K. Unger 609
Brit Hatsohar and Betar (H) Moshe Zohari 623
Controversy Among the Zionist Groups (Y) Mordechai Ben-Baruch 631
Agudat-Yisrael (Y)Perets Pasternak   635

Destruction and Holocaust
The Jews of Chmielnik Under Nazi Rule (Y) Dr. Yosef Karmish 653
The Official Magistrate's Order Concerning the Destruction of Jewish Chmielnik (Y & P)   693
Thus Our Town Was Destroyed (H) - a testimony   697
To My Father (Y) - a poem V. Hershkop 700
The Years of the Holocaust (H) Yisrael Feingold 703
I Hear the Cry (Y) - a poem Yankl Rosenblum 710
Statements from Witnesses (Y) 1. Yechiel & Kalman Mape 713
2. Tseshe Diamant 719
The Years of Hitler's Occupation (Y) Menashe Montsazsh 725
The Arrival of the Germans (Y) Menachem Mali-Zeira 733
A “Quiet” Day (Y) Zelig Friedman 737
The First Casualties (Y) Yehoshua Shteinfeld 741
Attempted Opposition (Y) Dr. Z. Lederman 743
The First Deportation (Y) Alter Shteinfeld 745
The 72 Survivors of the First Deportation (Y) Arthur & Mary Kleinhendler 747
One Roundup to the Next (Y) Ya'acov Lemberg 751
From Bunker to Bunker (Y) Yitschak Goldlist 755
The Struggle for Survival (Y) Rivka Sametband-Mali 761
On the Aryan side (Y) Miriam Miodovnik-Reich 773
With the Dead Face to Face (Y) Motl Zonshein 791
In a Hiding Place in Chmielnik (Y) Yosef Kleinert 809
The Struggle for my Family's Survival (Y) Alte Shorr 823
Chmielnikers in the Kielce “Hasag” Labour Camp (Y) Kalman Mape 837
Chmielnikers in Skarzshisk Camp (Y) Freide Mape-Zonshein 843
My Brother Velvl's Death in Skarzshisk (Y) Zelig Friedman 849
In the Concentration Camp in Germany (Y) Sarah Zilberberg-Kleinhendler 851
With the Partisans in the Chmielnik Area (Y) Moshe Kvashnievski 855
With the Polish Army from Ravena until Berlin (Y) Nachum Mali 861
In the Soviet Camps (Y) Yisrael Veiman 873
My Wartime Wanderings in Russia (Y) Bentsion Veitsman 879
From Ander's Army to the Ranks of Etzel (IZ”L) (Y) Efraim Goldshtein 891
My Participation in the French Underground (Y) Moshe Gorgel 903
Three Times I Bid Farewell to Chmielnik (Y) Hershl Kaminsky 911
Return to Poland After the War (Y) Yosef Kantor 921
The Chmielnik Victims of the Kielcer Pogrom (Y) Yisrael Turkeltoib 925
Shmuel Veinberg - A Victim of the Kielcer Pogrom (Y) Chaya Rozenblum-Frucht 929
Alter Greenboim (Albert) - A Postwar Victim (Y)   931
The Tragic Death of Ruchama Zaltsman (Y) Sarah Kerbel 933
Nostalgic Thoughts of Home (Y) Chana Goldstein-Konichovsky 937
In Chmielnik in 1956 (Y) Naftali Kanertsuker 939
In Death Did They Bequeath Us Life:
        Chmielnikers Who Fell in the War of Independence (H & Y)
  945 & 961

Chmielnikers Worldwide
The First Chmielnikers in Israel (H) Shmuel Yutshenka 945
The First Aliya from Chmielnik (Y) Avraham Vigodny 971
Our First Memorial Day (Y) Moshe Zohari-Zonshein 975
The Chmielnik Association in Israel - “Irgun Yotsei Chmielnik” (Y) Moshe Zohari-Zonshein 979
Chmielnikers Serving the State of Israel (Y)   991
With Chmielnikers in America (Y) Moshe Leizer Mintz 997
The United Chmielniker Aid Committee in America (Y) Yosef Rosenberg & Hershl Machtinger 1011
Contact with Chmielnik - letters (Y)   1021
Father and Son - Yosef and Kalman Freidman (Y)   1033
Longing for Chmielnik - 2 songs Moshe Leizer Mintz 1035
Harav Avraham-Aharon Price (H)   1037
The Chmielniker Organization in Canada (Y) Ya'acov Friedman 1039
The Chmielniker Charitable Organization in Argentina (Y)   1053
The Activities of the Chmielnik Organization in Paris (Y) Charles Deitelboim 1059

Addresses of Chmielnikers Around the World
Israel   1073
America   1081
Brazil   1089
Canada   1091
Argentina   1093
France   1095

Obituaries to Memorialize the Martyrs by Their Families
Israel   1101
America   1213
Canada   1257
Argentina   1273
France   1289
The End, but not Complete – Afterward from the Editor (Y) Efraim Shedletski 1301
Table of Contents   1305


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