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List of the Holy Ones

Who fell at the hands of the Nazis as martyrs during the Holocaust period*

Transliterated by Ann Harris

Edited by Yocheved Klausner


Gender Marital
Name of
Remarks Page
      M         children SCHNEEWEISS, husband of Mali's first daughter 417
      M         children SCHNEEWEISS, husband of Mali's second daughter 417
    MANDELBERG F Married Itshe   Nadel     414
    SCHNEEWEISS F     Mali   children Mali's first daughter 417
    SCHNEEWEISS F     Mali   children Mali's second daughter 417
    SCHWARZ F Married       husband & children sister of Yashe SCHWARTZ 413
  Devora   F   Hershele       Hershele STRELISKER [Hershele from Strelisk] 415
  Eidel KLERSFELD/KLARSFELD F Married Yisrael Perl   husband   423
  Kunye   M         family   426
  Libe   F Married     Moshe Leibele children   420
  Moshe Leibale   M Married     Libe children   420
  Moshe Natan   M   Efraim     family   422
  Nadel   M Married         MANDELBERG 414
ABRAHAM   return Chaya   F Married     Avraham   family relation according to POT 420
ABRAHAM Roza   F   Avraham Chaya     family relation according to POT 420
ADLER Daniel   M Married     Roize     419
ADLER Rozia   F Married     Daniel     419
ADLER Sane   M   Daniel Roize       419
ANDERMANN Itzik   M         family   424
AUSTER Chana   F Married       husband could be different surname 418
AUSTER Leib   M         family   424
AUSTER Shimon   M         family   424
AUSTER Shimon   M         family   426
AUSTER Yankel   M         family   426
BACKER   return Hersh Mendel   M         family   420
BANNER     F Married     Urie     413
BANNER Urie   M Married           413
BAUER     F Married     Shmuel     417
BAUER Ettel   F           listed as male 417
BAUER Freide   F Married     Mendil     421
BAUER Goshi                 417
BAUER Mendil   M Married     Freide     421
BAUER Sheindel   F   Mendil Freide       421
BAUER Shmuel   M Married           417
BEIN Meier   M         family   425
BERNSTEIN Ezra   M   Leib Sheindel       423
BERNSTEIN Koppel   M   Leib Sheindel       423
BERNSTEIN Leib   M Married     Sheindel     423
BERNSTEIN Lotti   F   Leib Sheindel     family relation by estimation 423
BERNSTEIN Mordechai   M         family   419
BERNSTEIN Sali   F   Leib Sheindel     family relation by estimation 423
BERNSTEIN Shaya   M         family   419
BERNSTEIN Sheindel   F Married     Leib     423
BERNZWEIG     M Married         son-in-law of Dr. Zeev SCHMURAK 422
BERNZWEIG   SCHMARAK F Married Zev         422
BIEN   MEERBERG F Married Efraim Rechil Baruch children   416
BLECHER Isser   M         family   426
BLEIBERG Adel   F Married     Moshe children   413
BLEIBERG Brani   F Married     Kuba     413
BLEIBERG Kuba   M Married     Brani     413
BLEIBERG Moshe   M Married     Adel children   413
BLUTREICH Yosef   M         family   425
BRADMANN Beile   F Married     Zigmund 3 children   413
BRADMANN Zigmund   M Married     Beile 3 children   413
BRAND     M   Eliahu Ettil     first son of Eliahu & Etel BRAND 417
BRAND     M   Eliahu Ettil     second son of Eliahu & Etel BRAND 417
BRAND Eliahu   M Married     Ettil     417
BRAND Ettil   F Married     Eliahu     417
BRANDWEIN     F Married     Moshe   rabbi's wife 417
BRANDWEIN     M   Moshe       first son of rabbi Moshe BRANDWEIN 417
BRANDWEIN     M   Moshe       second son of rabbi Moshe BRANDWEIN 417
BRANDWEIN     M   Moshe       third son of rabbi Moshe BRANDWEIN 417
BRANDWEIN Rabbi Moshe   M Married         Rabbi 417
BREITBART     M   Hersh Chana       416
BREITBART Chana   F Married     Hersh     415
BREITBART Dr. Wilhelm   M           from Nastashino 418
BREITBART Dzuniu   M           from Nastashino 417
BREITBART Hersh   M Married     Chana     415
BREITER     M   Shlomo Shertche       420
BREITER     M   Shlomo Shertche       420
BREITER     M   Shlomo Shertche       420
BREITER Avraham   M Married     Eidel     413
BREITER Bertshe (Ber)   M   Avraham Eidel   family   413
BREITER Blume   F Married       husband & children could be different surname 426
BREITER Eidel   F Married     Avraham     413
BREITER Mechel   M   Avraham Eidel       413
BREITER Moshe   M Married Avraham Eidel   family   413
BREITER Sara   F Married       husband & children perhaps different family name 420
BREITER Shertche   F Married     Hersh     420
BREITER Shlomo   M Married     Sortsi     420
BREITER Yosef   M         family   425
BRIER Moshe   M         family   424
BRIKNER/BRUCKNER Hinde BAUER F Married   Ettel Yekutiel     417
BRIKNER/BRUCKNER Yekutiel   M Married     Hinde     417
DEICHSLER   return     F   Leizer Peshe       417
DEICHSLER Chaim   M         family   417
DEICHSLER Leizer   M Married     Peshi     417
DEICHSLER Peshi   F Married     Leizer     417
DIER Hersh   M         family   418
DOV Leib   M         family   419
DRIEMMER/DRUMMER Mechil   M         family   424
DRUCKER Itzik Hersch   M         family   419
DRUCKER Menashe   M         family   419
DRUCKER Menie   M             419
DRUCKER Yakov   M         family tailor 424
EBERHAAR   return Maltsche   F Married     Yisrael     418
EBERHAAR Yisrael   M Married     Maltsche family   418
EBERT Yoel   M             425
EHRLICH Moshe   M         family   426
EHRLICH Yona   M         family   419
EHRNBERG/EHRENBERG     F Married     A.     420
EHRNBERG/EHRENBERG     F   A.         420
EHRNBERG/EHRENBERG     M   A.         420
EHRNBERG/EHRENBERG A.   M Married           420
EIRES Henie   F         children   420
ERDSTEIN     M   Yosef Heli       416
ERDSTEIN     F   Avraham         418
ERDSTEIN Avraham   M             418
ERDSTEIN Heli   F Married     Yosef     416
ERDSTEIN Yosef   M Married     Heli     416
FEIER   return Meier   M         family   423
FELDBAU     M         family   418
FELDBAU     F Married     Zalman     424
FELDBAU Avraham   M   Zalman     family   424
FELDBAU Benyamin   M   Krantsche         422
FELDBAU Berl   M         family   416
FELDBAU Berl   M         family   419
FELDBAU Efraim   M Married     Etti family   418
FELDBAU Eidel   F Married     Ziskind     416
FELDBAU Eidel   F Married     Ziskind     418
FELDBAU Etti   F Married     Efraim     418
FELDBAU Hersh   M   Moshe     family   416
FELDBAU Hersh   M   Koppel     family   419
FELDBAU Krantsche   F             422
FELDBAU Meier   M   Moshe     family   415
FELDBAU Shimon   M   Zalman         424
FELDBAU Yossel   M   Krantsche         422
FELDBAU Yossil   M     Krantsche   family   420
FELDBAU Zalman   M Married           424
FELDBAU Ziskind   M Married     Eidel family   416
FELDBAU Ziskind   M Married     Eidel family   418
FELDBAU Ziskind   M         family   422
FELDKLEIN Avraham   M   Zisshe     family   423
FELDMANN     M   Yakov Peshe       426
FELDMANN Beile   F             426
FELDMANN Genie   F     Perl       426
FELDMANN Itzie   M     Perl       426
FELDMANN Perl   F             426
FELDMANN Pesie   F Married     Yakov   listed as wife of Yakov FELDMAN 426
FENSTER Beile   F Married     Y. L.     417
FENSTER Teibele   F   Y. L. Beile       417
FENZTER Shlomo   M Married       family vinegar manufacturer 418
FISCHER     M         family from Kuropatniki 423
FISCHER Aizik   M         family   421
FISCHMANN     M   Yehuda Hersh Sara Zissel       413
FISCHMANN     M   Eli Berte       416
FISCHMANN Berta   F Married     Eli     416
FISCHMANN Betti   F   Yehuda Hersh Sara Zissel       413
FISCHMANN Eidel   F Married     Yona     418
FISCHMANN Eli   M Married     Berta     416
FISCHMANN Feige   F             420
FISCHMANN Geni   F   Yehuda Hersh Sara Zissel       413
FISCHMANN Mundtsche   M   Yona Eidel       418
FISCHMANN Sara Genendl   F             420
FISCHMANN Sara Zissel   F Married     Yehuda Hersh     413
FISCHMANN Simche   M             420
FISCHMANN Yeruber   M           Yarober first name 420
FISCHMANN Yona   M Married     Eidel     418
FLESCHER Avraham   M         family   419
FRANKEL Sara   F         family   426
FRECHTEL     F     Keile       420
FRECHTEL Keile   F             420
GELLER   return Shlomo   M         family   422
GINSBURG Chaim   M   Yoel         417
GINSBURG Gershon   M   Yoel         417
GINSBURG Rabbi Yoel   M         family Rabbi 417
GINSBURG Zissel   F   Yoel         417
GLANZBERG Brantsche   F         family   420
GLIKSMANN/GLUCKSMANN Nutta   M         family   424
GLOTZER     F Married     Moshe     423
GLOTZER     F Married     Yossil Yona     426
GLOTZER Aharon   M   Yossil Yona         426
GLOTZER Baruch Shmuel   M         family   424
GLOTZER Berl   M             425
GLOTZER Chaim David   M         family   421
GLOTZER Ester   F   Yisrael Ettel     family relation accirding to pages of Testimony (POT) 414
GLOTZER Ettel   F Married     Yisrael   family relation accirding to pages of Testimony (POT) 414
GLOTZER Godel   M         family   425
GLOTZER Itzik Hersch   M         family   422
GLOTZER Mechil   M         family   416
GLOTZER Meier   M         family   419
GLOTZER Meier   M           tailor 420
GLOTZER Moshe   M   Nutta     family   422
GLOTZER Moshe   M Married   Slave     listed as Slave's 423
GLOTZER Moshe   M   Yossil Yona         426
GLOTZER Rachel   F             419
GLOTZER Roza   F   Yisrael Ettel     family relation accirding to pages of Testimony (POT) 414
GLOTZER Sara Fradl   F Married     Yitzchok     421
GLOTZER Shimon   M Married       family butcher 420
GLOTZER Shmuel   M         family   425
GLOTZER Shmuel   M   Yossil Yona         426
GLOTZER Simche   M           tailor 420
GLOTZER Simche   M   Moshe     family   423
GLOTZER Wolf   M   Yona Leib     family   425
GLOTZER Yehuda   M         family   424
GLOTZER Yehuda Hershke   M         family   426
GLOTZER Yisrael   M Married     Ettel   family relation accirding to pages of Testimony (POT) 414
GLOTZER Yitzchok   M Married Berki   Sara Fradel family listed as Berke's 421
GLOTZER Yona   M         family   419
GLOTZER Yukil   M             419
GLOTZER MACHNITZKI Yossil Yona   M             418
GOLDSTEIN Avraham   M         family   421
GRANWITTER Aharon   M   Wolf Sara     perhaps his mother's first name was different 414
GRANWITTER Sara   F Married     Wolf   perhaps her first name was different 414
GRANWITTER Sara   F   Wolf Sara       414
GRANWITTER Wolf   M Married     Sara   perhaps first name of wife was different 414
GRINBERG/GRUNBERG Efraim   M Married     Rivke father-in-law   415
GRINBERG/GRUNBERG Geni   F   Efraim Rivke       415
GRINBERG/GRUNBERG Moshe Leib   M         family from Sarniki 423
GRINBERG/GRUNBERG Rivka+G107   F Married     Efraim     415
GRINBERG/GRUNBERG Yakov   M   Efraim Rivke       415
GRINBERG/GRUNBERG Yetti   F   Efraim Rivke       415
GUTSTEIN David   M         family   421
GUTSTEIN Leah   F Married       husband could be different family name 421
GUTSTEIN Meier   M Married     Roize 3 children   421
GUTSTEIN Perl   F   Meier Roize       421
GUTSTEIN Rivke   F   Meier Roize       421
GUTSTEIN Rozia   F Married     Meier 3 children   421
GUTSTEIN Sale   F   Meier Roize       421
GUTSTEIN Tisane   F Married     Yossil     421
GUTSTEIN Yossil Yona   M Married     Tsani husband   421
GUTTENPLAN Leizer   M         family   419
GUTTENPLON Leizer   M         family   421
HABER   return     M Married     Rivke     415
HABER     F   Itshe Sara       418
HABER     F Married     Nachum children   420
HABER Chana   F             416
HABER Itshe   M Married Moshe   Sara     418
HABER Leah   F     Sara       422
HABER Motel   M             416
HABER Nachum   M         family   419
HABER Nachum   M Married       children from Shwiltelnik 420
HABER Reizel   F     Sara       422
HABER Rivke   F Married     Pinie     415
HABER Rozia   F   Pinie Rivke       415
HABER Sara   F Married     Itshe     418
HABER Sara   F Married     Mates     422
HABER Shaul   M         family   423
HABER Sheva   F     Sara       422
HABER Shmuel   M         family son-in-law of David KLEARSFELD 423
HABER Yitzchok   M   Bendit     family   425
HALPERN Chana   F     Elke     family relation according to POT 420
HALPERN Dania   F     Elke     family relation according to POT 420
HALPERN Elke   F             420
HALPERN Hersh   M     Elke     family relation according to POT 420
HALPERN Shmuel   M         family   421
HAMER Chayale   F             426
HAMER Hershke   M             426
HAMMER Beile   F             421
HAMMER Benyamin   M Married     Dobrish     422
HAMMER Binia   F Married     Itzi     416
HAMMER Dorbish   F Married     Benyamin     422
HAMMER Ester   F             415
HAMMER Itzi   M         family   421
HAMMER Leah   F Married     Matti 3 children   415
HAMMER Moti   M Married     Leah 3 children   415
HAMMER Munie   F             421
HAMMER Rivke   F             421
HAMMER Shprintsche   F             421
HAMMER Yossil   M             424
HANDSCHUH Shlomo   M         family   417
HARNIK Leibish   M         family   422
HAUPTMANN Berish   M   Moshe Chana       414
HAUPTMANN Chana   F Married     Moshe     414
HAUPTMANN Fishel   M   Moshe Chana       414
HAUPTMANN Moshe   M Married     Chana     414
HAUPTMANN Yudel   M   Moshe Chana       414
HELLER Leon   M         family   416
HOCHBERG Chaim   M Married     Ettil     415
HOCHBERG Ester   F   Chaim Ettil   family with the TANNE family 415
HOCHBERG Ettil   F Married     Chaim     415
ITTES?   return Hersh   M         family Itzies could be "son of Itzie", not surname 426
JAMEL   return Itte   F         family   424
JAMPEL David   M         family   415
JAMPEL Yisrael   M         family   415
JONAS/JANAS Velvel   M         family   416
JONAS/JANAS Yankel   M         family   416
JUDENFREUND     F Married     Nachum     425
JUDENFREUND Nachum   M Married           425
JUPITER Chaim Zvi   M Married     Libe     415
JUPITER Ettil   F             424
JUPITER Libe   F Married     Chaim Tzvi     415
KAHANE   return Antshel   M         family   425
KAHANE David   M           cantor 425
KAHANE Natan Shomer   M   Yosef Mordechai Roize       422
KAHANE Rozia   F Married     Yosef Mordechai     422
KAHANE Yosef Mordechai   M Married     Roize     422
KAHN Itzik   M Married     Reizel     414
KAHN Reizel   F Married     Itzik     414
KANFER Efraim   M Married     Sara family   416
KANFER Sara   F Married     Efraim     416
KATZ Dr. Shmuel   M             413
KLARBERG Dzshunie                 422
KLARREICH Ettil   F Married     Shimon     415
KLARREICH Reizel   F   Shimon Ettil       415
KLARREICH Sane   M   Shimon Ettil       415
KLARREICH Shimon   M Married     Ettil     415
KLARREICH Yudel   M         family   415
KLEIN Devora   F Married     Moshe     413
KLEIN Moshe   M Married     Devora     413
KLEINFELD Daniel   M         family   425
KLEINFELD Eidel   M         family   422
KLEINFELD Hersh   M         family   425
KLERSFELD/KLARSFELD Arye Leib   M   Yisrael Perl       423
KLERSFELD/KLARSFELD Chana   F   Yisrael Perl       423
KLERSFELD/KLARSFELD Ester   F   Yisrael Perl       423
KLERSFELD/KLARSFELD Feige   F   Yisrael Perl       423
KLERSFELD/KLARSFELD Kula   F   Yisrael Perl       423
KLERSFELD/KLARSFELD Mintsche   F   Yisrael Perl       423
KLERSFELD/KLARSFELD Perl   F Married     Yisrael     423
KLERSFELD/KLARSFELD Yisrael   M Married     Perl     423
KLETTER Meier   M         family   420
KLUGMANN Dr.   M         family   422
KROCHMAL Golde Yocheved   F Married       husband perhaps different family name 420
KRUMMHOLZ Dr.   M         family   426
KUMMEL/KIMMEL     F Married     Avraham     413
KUMMEL/KIMMEL     M   Moshe Elke       422
KUMMEL/KIMMEL     M   Moshe Elke       422
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Avraham   M Married David         413
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Avraham   M Married     Sheindel 3 children   416
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Baruch   M         family   421
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Elke   F Married     Moshe     422
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Itshe   M Married     Peshe     415
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Kunye   M           son-in-law of Itche KIMEL 415
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Leib Hersh   M Married Yosef Sheva Roize     414
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Leibish   M             423
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Moshe   M Married     Elke     422
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Moshe   M   Leibish         423
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Peshe   F Married     Itshe     415
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Regina   F   Itshe Peshe       415
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Roize   F Married     Leib Hersh     414
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Sheindil   F Married     Avraham 3 children   416
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Sheva   F Married     Yosef     414
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Urie   M         family from Kuropatniki 423
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Yeti   F   Itshe Peshe       415
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Yodel   M   Leibish         423
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Yona   M           not clear whether he is son of Leib Hersh & Roize or Yosef & Sheva 414
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Yosef   M Married     Sheva     414
KUMMEL/KIMMEL Yosef   M   Itshe Peshe       415
LAKER   return     M   Meier Leah       418
LAKER     M   Meier Leah       418
LAKER     M   Meier Leah       418
LAKER Leah   F Married     Meier     418
LAKER Meier   M Married     Leah     418
LANDAU Hele   F             416
LANDAU Lotzka   M             416
LANDAU Rabbi Hertzel   M         family Rabbi 417
LANDNER     F Married     Leibtsche     415
LANDNER     M   Itzi Feige       415
LANDNER Berl   M             415
LANDNER Feige   F Married     Itzi     415
LANDNER Itzi   M Married     Feige     415
LANDNER Leibtsche   M Married           415
LANDNER Leizer   M             415
LANDNER Natan   M             415
LAUFER Adel   F Married     Yossil family   417
LAUFER Naftali   M         family   417
LAUFER Yossil   M Married     Adel family   417
LEIDER BenZion   M Married     Yutta family   416
LEIDER Yutta   F Married     BenZion     416
LEIES Taube Gitl   F         family Leyes could be "son of Leah", not surname 426
LEITER Hersh   M         family   416
LERNER     F           mother of Leizer LERNER 423
LERNER     F           sister of Leizer LERNER 423
LERNER Leizer   M             423
LEWITER Feige   F             416
MANDELBERG   return Lipe   M         family   413
MANDELBERG Perl   F Married     Yitzchok     414
MANDELBERG Shlomo   M             423
MANDELBERG Yitzchok   M Married     Perl     414
MARKFELD Hersh   M Married     Rivke family   416
MARKFELD Rivka   F Married     Hersh     416
MEERBERG Avraham Yakov   M         family   424
MEERBERG Efraim   M Married     Rechil     416
MEERBERG Leizer   M         family   425
MEERBERG Moshe   M         family   425
MEERBERG Rechil   F Married     Efraim     416
MEHLER Antshel   M         family   420
MELAMED Yudel   M         family   417
MELLER Baruch   M         family brother of Chaim MATEST 419
MINZ Yosef   M             414
MOSTEL Bracha   F Married     David children   421
MOSTEL David   M Married     Bracha children   421
MOSTEL Perl   F Married     Shmuel 4 children   414
MOSTEL Shmuel   M Married     Perl 4 children   414
MUTTERMILCH Beile   F Married     Shmuel 2 children   415
MUTTERMILCH Shmuel   M Married     Beile 2 children   415
NACHWALGER   return Chaim   M Married     Maltsche     413
NACHWALGER Maltsche   F Married     Chaim     413
NACHWALGER Sale   F   Chaim Maltsche       413
NACHWALGER Yantsche   M   Chaim Maltsche   family   413
NADLER Yehudit   F             419
NEIBERGER/NEUBERGER David   M             423
NEMETH Moshe   M         family   422
NEMETH Yisrael   M         family   424
OSTROWER   return     M         family   415
OSTROWER Berl   M   Simche Hentsche       426
OSTROWER Berte   F   Simche Hentsche       426
OSTROWER Hentsche   F Married     Simche     426
OSTROWER Moshe   M   Simche Hentsche       426
OSTROWER Simche   M Married     Hentsche     426
OSTROWER Tchize   F             421
OSTROWER Velvel   M     Tshize       421
PELZ   return Avraham   M     Hentsche       416
PELZ Hentsche   F             416
PELZ Velvel   M     Hentsche   family   416
PERLMUTTER Hersh   M         family Trustee of the Community 414
PFEFFER     M   Ishe Rachel       414
PFEFFER Rachel   F Married     Ishe     414
PFEFFER Shlomo   M         family   415
PFEFFER Yashe   M Married     Rachel     414
PFEIFFER Chaike   F Married     Itshe     418
PFEIFFER Itshe   M Married     Heike     418
PFEIFFER Moshe   M         family from Sarniki 423
PFEIFFER Shimon   M   Itshe Heike       418
PIAKER Chava   F             419
PIAKER Sima   F     Chava       419
PIKER Brantsche   F Married     Kalman     423
PIKER Dani   F Married     Wolf 3 children   418
PIKER Kalman   M Married     Brantsche     423
PIKER Pesach   M         family   418
PIKER Sane   M   Kalman Brantsche       423
PIKER Wolf   M Married     Dani 3 children   418
PILPEL Yakov   M         family   423
PINELES     M         family pharmacist 421
RAPS   return Brantsche   F Married     Eliash children   425
RAPS Eliash   M Married     Brantsche children   425
RATFELD Shlomo   M         family   419
RATZEN Dr.   M         family   423
REIBLER/RIBLER Leah   F Married     Leib Shlomo     422
REIBLER/RIBLER Leib Shlomo   M Married     Leah family   422
REIBLER/RUBLER Shalom   M         family   418
REICHMANN Mote   M         family   416
REICHMANN Petachia   M         family   414
REICHMANN Yakov   M         family   420
REINES Mechil   M         family   416
REIS Avraham   M         family   421
REIS Moshe   M         family   425
REISMANN Chaim   M         family   422
RIBLER Devora   F         children   417
RIBLER Ester   F         children   417
RIEBLER/RUBLER Elke   F             415
ROHER Aharon   M             415
ROHER Avraham   M             415
ROHER Avraham David   M             415
ROHER Chava Mintche   F             415
ROHER Devora   F             415
ROHER Mendel   M             415
ROHER Reizil   F             415
ROHER Roize   F             415
ROHER Ruchtshe   F             415
ROHER Yankel   M             415
ROHER Yechezkel   M             415
ROSENBAUM Moshe   M         family   422
ROSENBLATT     F Married     David     424
ROSENBLATT     F           mother of Moshe ROSENBLATT 424
ROSENBLATT David   M Married           424
ROSENBLATT Moshe   M             424
ROSENBLATT Yodel   M             424
ROTHENSTREICH Prof. Fishel   M         family   422
RUDE     F     Taube       419
RUDE     F Married     Yakov     421
RUDE Berl   M         family   417
RUDE Liftche   F Married     Yosef Shlomo     419
RUDE Taube   F             419
RUDE Yakov   M Married           421
RUDE Yosef Shlomo   M Married     Liftsche     419
SAGER   return     M Married           417
SAGER     F Married           417
SAGER Bumek   M     Sara       421
SAGER Nunie   M     Sara       421
SAGER Sara   F             421
SAUER Ing.   M           Engineer; SCHEUER is first name or surname 419
SCHAFER Avraham   M           from Sarniki 423
SCHAFFER Nachum   M         family from Sarniki 423
SCHECHTER Ira   M         family   419
SCHENKLER Sheina Golde   F Married     Shlomo     424
SCHENKLER Shlomo   M Married     Sheina Golde     424
SCHENKLER Yitzchok   M   Shlomo Sheina Golde       424
SCHENKLER Yossl   M   Shlomo Sheina Golde       424
SCHLESINGER Brania   M             425
SCHLOSSBERG Freide   F         children   417
SCHLUSBERG Freide   F         children   418
SCHMURAK     F Married         mother of Dr. Zeev SCHMURAK 422
SCHMURAK     F Married     Zev     422
SCHMURAK Avraham   M         family   422
SCHMURAK Dr. Eliezer   M             422
SCHMURAK Dr. Zev   M Married           422
SCHNAPP     F Married     Mattie   family of Avrahamtzie SCHNAPP 425
SCHNAPP Arahamtsche   M             425
SCHNAPP Beile   F           family of Avrahamtzie SCHNAPP 425
SCHNAPP Dulie   F           family of Avrahamtzie SCHNAPP 425
SCHNAPP Henie   F           family of Avrahamtzie SCHNAPP 425
SCHNAPP Mattie   M Married         family of Avrahamtzie SCHNAPP 425
SCHNAPP Shevach   M           family of Avrahamtzie SCHNAPP 425
SCHNAPP Shmuel   M           family of Avrahamtzie SCHNAPP 425
SCHNAPP Yitzchok   M           family of Avrahamtzie SCHNAPP 425
SCHNEEWEISS Aharon   M Married     Brane     421
SCHNEEWEISS Brana   F Married     Aharon     421
SCHNEEWEISS Fitshe   M         family   421
SCHNEEWEISS Mali   F Married           417
SCHNEEWEISS Moshe   M     Mali       417
SCHNEEWEISS Rivke   F             421
SCHNEEWEISS Soshe                 417
SCHNEIDER     F Married     Efraim children   417
SCHNEIDER Asher   M         family   426
SCHNEIDER Efraim   M Married       children   417
SCHNEIDER Fishel   M         family   420
SCHNEIDER Hersh   M         family   417
SCHNEIDER Itzik   M         family   425
SCHNEIDER Leib Shlomo   M         family   426
SCHOR Moshe   M         family   425
SCHUMER Bilah   F             421
SCHUMER Elke   F             421
SCHUMER Gitale   M             421
SCHUMER Sara   F             421
SCHURKMANN Aharon   M   Wolf Chava       422
SCHURKMANN Chava   F Married     Wolf     422
SCHURKMANN Eli Moshe   M         family   415
SCHURKMANN Eliahu Moshe   M         family   418
SCHURKMANN Koppel   M         family   422
SCHURKMANN Shmuel   M         family   422
SCHURKMANN Wolf   M Married     Chava     422
SCHURKMANN Yekil   M         family   421
SCHWADRON     M         family son-in-law of Itche DIBOKS, wife's maiden name DIBOKS 421
SCHWALB Moshe   M         family   423
SCHWARZ Chaya   F             425
SCHWARZ David   M         family   426
SCHWARZ Eidel   F Married     Sane     413
SCHWARZ Eli   M         family   418
SCHWARZ Gedalia   M         family   424
SCHWARZ Itzik   M         family   426
SCHWARZ Meni   M             413
SCHWARZ Nissan Wolf   M         family   424
SCHWARZ Reize   F     Chaya       425
SCHWARZ Sane   M Married     Eidel     413
SCHWARZ Sane   M   Yudele         414
SCHWARZ Sara   F     Chaya       425
SCHWARZ Shaya   M         family   423
SCHWARZ Yakov   M         family   424
SCHWARZ Yona   M         family   413
SCHWARZ Yosi   M             413
SCHWARZ Zeide   M     Chaya       425
SILBER Hersh Leib   M Married         ritual slaughterer 416
STANDER     F Married     Leib     416
STANDER Leib   M         family son-in-law of Moshe FELDBAU 416
STANDER Leib   M Married         public bathhouse attendant 416
STEGMANN     F   Nachum Yutta       419
STEGMANN Nachum   M Married     Yutta     419
STEGMANN Yuta   F Married     Nachum     419
STEINBERG     F     Bashe       416
STEINBERG Bashe   F             416
STEINBERG Yona   M         family   426
STOLAR Meier Wolf   M         family   424
STOLAR Velvel   M         family   425
STREGER Benyamin   M         family   423
STREGER Sara   F         family   423
STREGER Yisrael   M         family   415
STRYZOWER Chaim   M Married     Leah 2 children   413
STRYZOWER Leah   F Married     Chaim 2 children   413
TEITLER   return     F Married     Moshe     418
TEITLER Benyamin   M         family   418
TEITLER Moshe   M Married           418
TOBIAS     F Married   Chana Mendel     417
TOBIAS     F Married     Shmuel     418
TOBIAS Chana   F             417
TOBIAS Hinde   F Married     Mina     417
TOBIAS Liftsche   F             417
TOBIAS Malke   F     Liftsche       417
TOBIAS Mina   M Married     Hinde     417
TOBIAS Moshe Yosef   M         family   420
TOBIAS Shmuel   M Married           418
TRAUGOTT David   M Married     Sasha     424
TRAUGOTT Sasha   F Married     David     424
UNGER   return Benyamin   M         family   420
WAGSCHALL   return David   M           son-in-law of Shalom BAUMRIND 414
WALFISCH Aizik   M     Elke Perl   family   426
WALFISCH Elke Perl   F           mother of Aizik WALFISCH 426
WALTER     M     Rasha       414
WALTER Rashe   F Married           414
WATTENBERG Dr. Adolf   M             422
WEINERT Abba   M         family   413
WEINERT Leah   F             413
WEINERT Peshi   F             413
WEINLES Rivale   F             425
WEINREB Yisachar   M         family Hebrew teacher 420
WEISSMANN Leah   F Married     Moshe Aharon     418
WEISSMANN Moshe Aharon   M Married     Leah     418
WEITZ Abba   M           melamed [teacher of young children in Talmud Tora school 417
WEITZ Yisrael   M   Abba         417
WEIZBERG Minke   F             420
ZIERING   return Dr. Avraham   M         family   422
ZIESER Avraham   M Married     Chaya   family relation according to POT 420
ZIMMER     M   Leib Tzshani       423
ZIMMER Leib   M Married     Tzshani     423
ZIMMER Tzani   F Married     Leib     423
ZORN Leib   M         family   425
ZUSMAN/SUSSMANN Yerachmiel   M         family   424
ZUSMANN/SUSSMANN Aizik   M         family   414
ZUSMANN/SUSSMANN Yehuda   M         family   418


* This list was compiled from information received and is incomplete.


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