Book of Bursztyn
(Burshtyn, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Sefer Bursztyn

Editor: S. Kanc

Published in Jerusalem 1960

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation of: Sefer Bursztyn (Book of Bursztyn),
Editor: S. Kanc, Published by: The Encyclopaedia of the Jewish Diaspora, Jerusalem 1960 (H,Y 426 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Burshtyn

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


At the Gates of Tears Uri Zvi Grinberg 9-10
We Remember   17-18
Memorial assemblies   21-24
History of the Bursztyn Jews Dr. N. M. Gelber 25-52
My Shtetl Bursztyn Dr. Mordechai Haber 53-62
There once was a town named Bursztyn M. Nachwalger 63-66
Movements Y. Fenster 67-70
The activities of BEITAR Munia Cohen 71-76
Memories from days of lore Lushe Pripler (Rosen) 77-78
R'Dov-Berish Gelehrnter z”l M. Gelehrnter 79-80
Hanoar Hatzioni branch in Bursztyn M. Nachwalger 81-84
My adventures during World War Two Dr. Lipa Schumer 85-98
Memories and adventures Yakov Feldman 99-106
Bursztyn - History and Destruction
And you shall tell your son - our eternal duty   113-116
The history of the Jews in Bursztyn Dr. N. Gelber 117-140
My town Bursztyn Dr. Mordechai Haber 141-154
The Prince Jablonowski and the Bursztyn Jews Israel Fenster 155-160
The synagogue in the name of the Baron Hirsch Yosef Schwartz 161-172
Our teachers   173-178
Zionist organizations in Bursztyn Y. Fenster 179-182
Hebrew schools Y. Fenster 183-184
The libary in the name of Y. L. Peretz Y. Fenster 185-196
Hasidism and Rabbis
Hasidism in Bursztyn Rav R'Zeidele Eichenstein 199-208
Rabbis and slaughterers Rav R'Zeidele Eichenstein 209-210
Rav R'Yoel Ginsburg S. Shapira 211-214
R'Yankel shoichet [slaughterer] Buntche Pomerantz 215-220
R'Shulem shoichet [slaughterer] R'Z. Eichenstein 219-220
Cantors and melamdim [teachers] R'Z. Eichenstein 219-222
The melamed from Lisica and his heder Y. Schwartz 221-224
R'Hershele Strelisker S. Shapira 223-226
Way of Life
The Tailors' Little Synagogue Y. Fenster 231-234
Jewish parnoses [livelihoods] Y. Fenster 235-238
Jews in the villages surrounding Bursztyn Y. Fenster 239-140
Fires and epidemics Y. Fenster 241-244
A story that happened in Demienew Buntche Pomerantz 243-248
He knew it in advance… Y. Fenster 247-262
Types and figures Y. Schwartz 263-272
Jewish Intelligentsia
Jewish intelligentsia Y. Fenster 275-286
Types of scholars S. Shapira 287-292
R'Kopel Heinich Yosef Schwartz 291-294
Dr. Zev (Wolf) Schmurek Ilana Meschler-Schmurek 295-300
Destruction and Holocaust
In the valley of death and horror (Yankel Feldman) 305-316
The road through all Hells (Yankel Glatser) 317-338
Through lakes of tears and seas of blood (Fala Tichover) 339-350
Over the bloody roads Miriam Ginsburg-Allerhand 351-356
Inhuman suffering and pain Dr. Lipa Schumer 357-378
Through horror and fear Hersch Weissman 379-386
Deported by the Soviets and perished in the Katin woods   387-394
Bursztyn - 1957 By an eyewitness 395-400
From the few who have survived:    
  1. Maltche Feffer   401-402
  2. Yocheved Rudi   403-404
The saved Torah-Scroll   405-406
They died on the way to Eretz Israel   407-410
List of Martyrs (Necrology)   413-426
Y I Z K O R   429-448
Foreword in English   449-456

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