Memorial book of
Briegel-Brzesko and vicinity

(Brzesko, Poland)

49°58' / 20°37'

Translation of
Sefer yizkor shel kehilat Briegel-Brzesko ve-ha-seviva

Edited by: Hayim Teller, Liber Brenner

Published in Ramat-Gan, Israel 1980



Project Coordinator

Deborah H. Long


This is a translation from: Sefer yizkor shel kehilat Briegel-Brzesko ve-ha-seviva;
(Memorial book of Briegel-Brzesko and vicinity), ed. Hayim Teller, Liber Brenner
Ramat-Gan, Israel 1980 (H, Y, 267 pages)

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TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner

1 The Small Town of Briegel (Brzesko) In place of a Foreword (H) The Coordinator of the book 5
2 Instead of a Foreword (Y) The Coordinator of the book 6
  The Jewish Shtetl Briegel
3 The Small Town (H) Chaim Teller 8
4 In Memory of the Destroyed Community of Briegel (Brzesko) (Y) Moses Mendl 27
5 Events in the Small Town (H) Main points by Rafael Perlman. Written by Chaim Batlan 32
6 The Years of my Youth in the Town (H) Tzvi Dorf (written and edited by Chaim Batlan) 35
7 The Village of Sczorova (In Yiddish Stzirve) (H) Y. L. Kampes (edited by Ch.B.) 41
8 Bzshesko (Briegl) Dr. Avraham Chumet 43
9 The Town of Briegl (Y) Bunem Flantzer (written and edited by Chaim Briegler) 45
10 Memories of the Town (H) Gad Buchman (written and edited by Ch.B.) 47
11 The Rabbi Of Vilipoll (H)   50
12 The Legally Elected Mayor of the Town (Y) Yehoshua Shnir 51
13 The Jews-opressor in the town Grilev M. D. Brandstaedter  
  Movements and Organizations in Briegel
13 Zionist youth movements in Briegel 1923-1930 (H) Yosef Hoenig  
14 The Hebrew Youth Association “Akiva” in Briegel (H) Teller Chaim  
15 BEITAR in Briegel (Y) Daniel Keiner (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
16 Po'alei Zion Left in Briegel (H) Elisha Sternlicht z”l (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
17 The sports club Jordan in Briegel (Y) Moshe Dorf (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
18 The “Akiva” branch in Briegel (H) Mina Treiber (Teller) (edited by Ch.B.)  
19 Po'alei Agudat Israel in Briegel (H) David Plank (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
20 Beit Ha'am (Dom Lubovy) (H) Shimon Einhorn (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
21 On Hassidism in Briegel (H) Mendel Moses  
22 Memories from the Hashomer Hatza'ir in Briegel (H) Rachel Hammer (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
  The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Briegel
23 Recognize the shirt that was soaked in blood and fire (Y) Shimon Kleinberg (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
24 From Briegel to Archangelsk (Y) Yosef Schieffer (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
25 Impressions from those days (H) Sabina Schmukler (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
26 This is how I saved my life (Y) Yitzhak Teedor (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
27 The first Jew shot in town (H) Moshe Lichtbraun (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
28 The liquidation of the Briegel Ghetto (Y) Lea & Michael Schuksinger (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
29 A drop of the sea of afflictions that I experienced (H) Zvi Gottselig (written and edited by Ch.B.)  
30 The Briegel miserable and wretched (Y) Chaim Briegeler  
31 Last hours in the Briegel ghetto (H) I. L. Blaugrund Kacholi  
32 From Briegel to Briegel and then to Israel (H) Zvi Leffelholf  
  Section of the Heroes of the Jewish Community of Briegl
33 Woe to the evil one! Yakov Sika 170
34 Mala Tzimmetbaum Hartman (H) Co-ordinator of the book 171
35 The act of Mala Hartman Tzimetbaum (H) Giza Weissblum 171
36 The Story of Auschwitz Ch. 10 - The Story of Mala Tzimmetbaum Hartman (Y) Ber Mark 180
37 Pinchas Baron (H) Written and edited by Ch.B. 187
38 The Catholic Edek and the Jewish Mala (Or: A Love from Life until Death) (Y) 189
39 The “Lustigs” and the “Yatzkes” (Y) 200
40 Remember The teacher Yakov Sika  
41 God of Vengeance Mendel Moses  
42 My Father in Heaven The teacher Yakov Sika  
43 Jews! The shtetl Briegel in the mirror (Y): Number 1 Chaim Briegeler  
44 Jewesses of the shtetl Briegel in the mirror (Y): Number 2 Chaim Briegeler  
45 Young people of the shtetl Briegel in the mirror (Y): Number 3 Chaim Briegeler  
46 Children of the shtetl Briegel in the mirror (Y): Number 4 Chaim Briegeler  
47 The shtetl in the large mirror (Y): Number 5 Chaim Briegeler  
48 The day when the House of Israel was mourning (H) The teacher Yakov Sika  
49 Our Jewish Shtetl does not exist any more (Y) Chaim Briegeler  
50 A Prayer from the Valley of Death (H) The teacher Yakov Sika  
51 Briegel is Calling You! (Y) Chaim Briegeler  
  Characters in the little town
52 The Name, The Profession (Y) Yossel Spivak: Written and edited by Ch. Briegeler 223
53 As One Born in Briegel (Y) Rivkah Shechter (Shullerer). Written and edited by Chaim Briegeler 225
54 The Street of Reb Menashele Din (H) Tuvia Manglgrin. Written and edited by Chaim Batlan 229
55 Briegel Characters (appeared in the Jewish “Wochenblatt” in Tarnow) (Y) Yakov Faust 238
56 The Bernshtatters in the Village of Briegel (H) Miriam Shtranger (Bernshtatter). Written and edited by Ch.B.  
57 An Extract from my Life in the Village (H) Chaim Batlan 242
58 Yehoshua Ostreich, of blessed memory (H) As told by his wife. Written and edited by Chaim Batlan.  
  Memorial Collection from the Press about the Community
Articles from “the Yiddish Wochenblatt” in Tarnow
59 The struggle over the Community Committee in Briegel (H)  
60 A confession of a Briegel Hasid with a question mark (Y)  
61 The Hevra Kadisha in Briegel (Y)  
62 The “Patent” Hasidim in Briegel (Y)  
63 The Briegel dreamer (Y)  
64 “Zion, will you ask” (Yehuda Halevi)  
65 To the election public in Briegel (Y)  
66 Under the mantle of religion… (Y)  
67 Appendices to the Book, Questionnaire A
68 The only document about Briegel that I found in the National Library  
69 A letter from I. B. Burgnicht 15.1.1978  
70 From the speech at the Memorial Ceremony in Ramat Gan  


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