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These are the holy names of Bielsk Podlaski (cont.)

First Name
First Name
First Name
MALIN Index   Buzak Male         545
MALIN   Leibel Male         545
MALMED   Aharon Meier Male Alter Doba     545
MALMED   Alter Male     Doba   545
MALMED   Doba Female     Alter   545
MALMED   Elke Female Alter Doba     545
MALMED   Mikhael Male Shlama Yosef Yokheved     545
MALMED   Munia Male Shlama Yosef Yokheved     545
MALMED   Rivka Female Alter Doba     545
MALMED   Shlama Yosef Male     Yokheved   545
MALMED   Yitzkhak Eli Male Alter Doba     545
MALMED KAPLANSKI Yokheved Female     Shlama Yosef   545
MARINSKI   Chaia Female     Natan   545
MARINSKI   Natan Male     Chaia   545
MASTOVSKY   Alter Male     Rachel   544
MASTOVSKY   Barukh Male     Bevel   544
MASTOVSKY   Bevel Female     Barukh   544
MASTOVSKY   Rachel Female     Alter   544
MASTOVSKY   Sheike Male Barukh Bevel     544
MAZE   Sunia Female         540
MAZE     Female         540
MAZIA   Efraim Male     Mania   545
MAZIA   Efraim Male Mikhael Mania     544
MAZIA   Frida Female     Yaakov   545
MAZIA   Frida Female     Yaakov   544
MAZIA   Lusia Female Efraim Mania     545
MAZIA   Lusia Female Mikhael Mania     544
MAZIA KRUGMAN Mania Female     Efraim   545
MAZIA   Mania Female     Mikhael   544
MAZIA   Mikhael Male     Mania   544
MAZIA   Musia Male Yaakov Frida     544
MAZIA   Musia Male Yaakov Frida     545
MAZIA   Nakhum Male         544
MAZIA     Female         544
MAZIA   Yaakov Male     Frida   545
MAZIA   Yaakov Male     Frida   544
MELAMDOVITZ   Efraim Male         545
MELAMEDOVITZ   Sara Female         545
MINOVITZKI   Eliahu Male     Ester   545
MINOVITZKI   Ester Female     Eliahu   545
MINOVITZKI   Shmuel Male         545
MINOVITZKI     Female     Shmuel   545
MORGENSHTERN   Mordekhai Male         544
MORGENSHTERN     Male         544
MORGENSHTERN     Female         544
MORGENSHTERN   Yekhiel Male         544
MORGENSHTERN   Yokhanan Male         544
MOSTESHANSKI   Alter Male     Itke   544
MOSTESHANSKI FARBER Itka Female     Alter   544
MOSTESHANSKI     Male Alter Itke     544
MOSTESHANSKI     Male Alter Itke     544
MOSTOVSKI   Bila Female     Yeshayahu   544
MOSTOVSKI   Chana Female         544
MOSTOVSKI   Liova Female Yeshayahu Bila     544
MOSTOVSKI   Yeshayahu Male     Bila   544
MUCHANIK   Moshe Male Tankhum Yehudit     544
MUCHANIK   Pesia Female Tankhum Yehudit     544
MUCHANIK   Tankhum Male     Yehudit   544
MUCHANIK   Yakhtzek Male Tankhum Yehudit     544
MUCHANIK   Yehudit Female     Tankhum   544
MUZIKANT   Ala Female Shaia Lea     544
MUZIKANT   Alter Male     Mania   544
MUZIKANT   Lea Female     Shaia   544
MUZIKANT   Mania Female     Alter   544
MUZIKANT   Shaia Male     Lea   544
PASHKOVSKI Index   Barukh Male     Yente   547
PASHKOVSKI   Barukh Male         547
PASHKOVSKI     Female     Barukh   547
PASHKOVSKI   Yente Female     Barukh   547
PERSTEIN   Elke Female     Yosef   547
PERSTEIN     Female Yosef Elke     547
PERSTEIN   Yosef Male     Elke   547
PESHKIN   Avraham Male     Golda   547
PESHKIN   Golda Female     Avraham   547
PESHKIN   Golde Female     Henech   547
PESHKIN   Henech Male     Golde   547
PESHKIN   Lea Female         547
PETERBURGSKI GELBURT Fruma Female     Mordekhai Leib   546
PETERBURGSKI   Mordekhai Leib Male Yosef   Fruma   546
PETERBURGSKI   Yosefa Female Mordekhai Leib Fruma     546
PETLOK   Eliahu Male Moshe       546
PETLOK   Khaim Male Eliahu       546
PETLOK   Yaakov Male Eliahu       546
PETMAK   Efraim Male Eliahu       546
PIASEK   Avraham Male         546
PIASEK   Chana Female         546
PIASEK   David Male         546
PIASEK   Ershel Male         546
PIASEK   Etel Female         546
PIASEK   Etel Female         546
PIASEK   Feigel Female         546
PIASEK   Gutke Female         546
PIASEK   Lenekh Male         546
PIASEK   Moshe Male         546
PIASEK   Meier Male         546
PIASEK   Nakhum Male         546
PIASEK   Nakhum Male         546
PIASEK   Shepsel Male         546
PIASEK   Taibe Female         546
PIASEK   Yitzkhak Male         546
PIN   Khaim Male   Sheina     546
PIN   Khaim Male         546
PIN   Sheina Female         546
PIN   Shiae Male   Sheina     546
PIN     Female     Khaim   546
PITLAK   Eliahu Male     Pearl   546
PITLAK AUZSHITZKI Pearl Female     Eliahu   546
PITLIUK AUZSHITZKI Pearl Female     Yaakov   546
PITLIUK   Yaakov Male     Pearl   546
PLOTNITZKI MELAMDOVITZ Rachel Female         547
PLOTNITZKI   Yaakov Male         546
POLONETZKI VLODEVSKI Ala Female         546
POLONETZKI   David Male         546
POLONETZKI   Lulu Female         546
POLONETZKI     Male   Lulu     546
PRUZHAN   Shimon Male         547
PRUZHAN   Lena Female         547
PRUZHAN   Roza Female         547
PRUZHAN     Male       Dental Technician 547
PRUZHANSKY   Lena Female Semian Roza     547
PRUZHANSKY   Roza Female     Semian   547
PRUZHANSKY   Semian Male     Roza   547
RAVICH Index   Berl Male         550
RAVICH   Bluma Female         550
RAVICH   Dvora Female         550
RAVICH   Gruna Female         550
RAVICH   Yaakov Male         550
REISKIND   Ida Female     Yaakov   550
REISKIND   Yaakov Male     Ida   550
RISHELEVSKI   Dvora Female     Yosef   550
RISHELEVSKI LESHTSH Henia Female     Lipa   550
RISHELEVSKI   Lipe Male     Henia   550
RISHELEVSKI   Reike Female Yosef Dvora     550
RISHELEVSKI   Tzinke Female Yosef Dvora     550
RISHELEVSKI     Male Lipa Henia     550
RISHELEVSKI   Yosef Male     Dvora   550
RITZGRUTZKI   Ester Female     Yekhiel   550
RITZGRUTZKI   Yekhiel Male     Ester   550
ROSEN   Keile Female         550
ROSENBERG   Mashke Female         550
ROSKES   Hershel Male     Riba   550
ROSKES   Rachel Female Hershel Riva     550
ROSKES   Riva Female     Hershel   550
ROTSHTEIN   Efraim Male     Sara Tzivia   550
ROTSHTEIN MALMED Sara Tzivia Female     Efraim   550
ROZEN   Moshe Mordekhai Male         550
ROZENBERG   Eli Male Moshe Zeev Sheindele     550
ROZENBERG   Eliahu Male Moshe Zeev Sunia     550
ROZENBERG   Moshe Zeev Male Eliahu   Sheindele   550
ROZENBERG   Moshe Zeev Male     Sunia   550
ROZENBERG SHTERNBERG Sheindele Female     Moshe Zeev   550
ROZENBERG MORGENSHTERN Sunia Female     Moshe Zeev   550
ROZENBLUM GRUDZANSKI Bluma Female     Faivel   550
ROZENBLUM   Breina Female Faivel Bluma     550
ROZENBLUM   Faivel Male     Bluma   550
ROZENBLUM   Moshe Female Faivel Bluma     550
ROZENBLUM   Milik Male Faivel Bluma     550
ROZENBLUM   Noakh Male Faivel Bluma     550
ROZENBLUM   Rivka Female Faivel Bluma     550
ROZENBLUM   Yaakov Male Faivel Bluma     550
RUBINIAK               550
SANITZKI Index   Yaakov Male         546
SEMIOTSKY ROZEN Rachel Female         545
SEMIOTSKY   Tzvia Lea Female         545
SEMIOTSKY   Yudl Male         545
SENITZKI   Itzl Male         546
SHAPIRA   Khaim Yosef Male         551
SHAPIRA   Motel Male         551
SHAPIRA   Rachel Female         551
SHAPIRA   Sonia Female         551
SHEINBOIM     Male         551
SHEPS BARKHAT Chaia Female     David   551
SHEPS   David Male     Chaia   551
SHERES   Foma Male   Mina     544
SHERES MAZIA Mina Female         544
SHERES   Talia Female   Mina     544
SHIFMAN   Dvora Female Leibel Sara     551
SHIFMAN   Khaim Male Leibel Sara     551
SHIFMAN   Leibel Male     Sara   551
SHIFMAN SHTEINBERG Sara Female     Leibel   551
SHIFMAN   Shlama Male Leibel Sara     551
SHKELKE   Berl Male         551
SHKELKE   Betzalel Male         551
SHKELKE   Ester Female         551
SHKELKE   Moshe Male         551
SHKELKE   Yaakov Male         551
SHKOLNIK   Moshe Aharon Male         551
SHKOLNIK   Moshe Aharon Male         551
SHKOLNIK     Male Moshe Aharon       551
SHKOLNIK     Male Moshe Aharon       551
SHLIUZBERG   Yona Male         551
SHLOSBERG     Male         551
SHMEGLER MAZIA Mina Female         551
SHMEGLER   Mindl Female         551
SHMEGLER     Male     Mindl   551
SHNEIDER   Avraham Male         551
SHNEIDER   Yaakov O Male         551
SHPITZKOVSKY   Berl Male         551
SHRAS   Foma Male   Mina     551
SHRAS   Talia Female   Mina     551
SHTEINBERG   Avraham Male Yekhiel       551
SHTEINBERG   Avrahmale Male Gdalyahu       551
SHTEINBERG   Chaia Rachel Female Gdalyahu       551
SHTEINBERG   Ester Mirl Female Gdalyahu       551
SHTEINBERG   Ester Mirl Female         551
SHTEINBERG   Gdalyahu Male         551
SHTEINBERG   Hinda Beile Female Yekhiel       551
SHTEINBERG   Menukha Female Gdalyahu       551
SHTEINBERG     Male     Ester Mirl   551
SHTEINBERG     Female     Gdalyahu   551
SHTEINBERG   Yekhiel Male         551
SHTERN   Asher Male Moshe Frida     551
SHTERN   Avraham Male   Dvora     551
SHTERN   Dvora Female         551
SHTERN   Feiga Female         551
SHTERN   Frida Female     Moshe   551
SHTERN   Moshe Male     Frida   551
SHTERN   Morishka Female Yaakov Peshke     551
SHTERN MUCHNIK Peshke Female     Yaakov   551
SHTERN   Tzvia Female Yaakov Peshke     551
SHTERN   Yaakov Male     Peshke   551
SHTERN   Zlatke Female Yaakov Peshke     551
SHTZERBUTI FREIDKES Chana Female         551
SHTZERBUTI     Male     Chana   551
SHULMAN   Berl Male         550
SHULMAN   Moshe Male         551
SHULMAN     Female     Berl   550
SHUR   Iokhe Female         551
SHUR   Feigel Female         551
SHUR   Peshe Female         551
SHUR   Rachel Female         551
SHUR   Shmuel Aharon Male         551
SHURP   Avraham Male Shmuel Ester     551
SHURP   David Male Shmuel Ester     551
SHURP   Ester Female     Shmuel   551
SHURP   Shmuel Male     Ester   551
SHURP   Yekhiel Male         551
SHUTLENDER   Reuven Male         550
SIMIATITZKI KABINUKI Leitze Female         545
SIMNER   Henia Female     Yaakov   545
SIMNER   Khava Female Yaakov Henia     545
SIMNER   Moshe Yitzkhak Male         545
SIMNER   Tzipora Female Yaakov Henia     545
SIMNER   Yaakov Male     Henia   545
SINAI   Peisha Female         545
SINAI   Barukh Male David Rachel     546
SINAI FARRELL Feva Female         546
SINAI   Frida Female         546
SINAI ROBINIAK Hedsche Female     Yosef   546
SINAI LEVIN Rachel Female Zeev Raicha     546
SINAI   Shlama Male         546
SINAI   Tzive Female         546
SINAI     Male         546
SINAI   Yosef Male     Hedsche   546
SINAI   Yosef Male         546
SMAGLER   Idke Female Yeshayahu Sheina Chaia     545
SMAGLER   Mudel Male Yeshayahu Sheina Chaia     545
SMAGLER   Sheina Chaia Female     Yeshayahu   545
SMAGLER SHURP Yecha Female     Yehuda   545
SMAGLER   Yehuda Male     Yekha   545
SMAGLER   Yeshayahu Male     Sheina Chaia   545
SMAGLER   Yosefa Female Yehuda Yecha     545
SOKAL PESHKIN Chana Female     Mordekhai   545
SOKAL   Mordekhai Male     Chana   545
SOKAL     Female Mordekhai Chana     545
SOKAL     Female Mordekhai Chana     545
SOLOVEI   Dvora Female Khaim Siba Bebel     545
SOLOVEI   Khaim Male     Siba Bebel   545
SOLOVEI   Shoshana Female Khaim Siba Bebel     545
SOLOVEI BARKHAT Siba Bevel Female     Khaim   545
SOLOVEI   Yoel Male Khaim Siba Bebel     545
SPAZNIK   Gitel Female         546
SPAZNIK     Male     Gitel   546
STOPNITZKI   Bat Ami Female Shaul       545
STOPNITZKI   Ben Ami Male Menakhem Keila     545
STOPNITZKI   Chana Female Menakhem Keila     545
STOPNITZKI   Emanuel Male Shaul       545
STOPNITZKI LONDON Keila Female     Menakhem   545
STOPNITZKI   Menakhem Male     Keila   545
STOPNITZKI   Pnina Female Shaul       545
STOPNITZKI   Shaul Male         545
STOPNITZKI   Shaul Male         545
SUKENIK   Sheine Chaia Female         545
SURASKI   Ester Female Shmuel Ber Mirl     545
SURASKI   Mikhael Male Shmuel Ber Mirl     545
SURASKI   Mirl Female     Shmuel Ber   545
SURASKI   Rivka Female Shmuel Ber Mirl     545
SURASKI   Shmuel Ber Male     Mirl   545
SURASKI   Yitzkhak Male Shmuel Ber Mirl     545
SYUAR   Arie Male         545
SYUAR   Batia Female         545
SYUAR LEV Hene Female         545
SYUAR   Lea Female         545
SYUAR   Mordekhai Male         545
TEIKHMAN Index LEBENTAL Chana Female     Moshe   541
TEIKHMAN   Moshe Male     Chana   541
TIKOTZKI   Beniamin Male   Liba     541
TIKOTZKI   Libe Female         541
TKHOR   Moshe Yosef Male Shepsil Sheina     541
TKHOR   Meier Male     Rachel Dvora   541
TKHOR   Rachel Dvora Female     Meier   541
TKHOR   Sheina Female     Shepsil   541
TKHOR   Shepsil Male     Sheina   541
TZIZITZKI   Hani Female         547
TZIZITZKI   Shmuel Male         547
TZUPRIK KOSOVSKI Chaia Female     Shlama   547
TZUPRIK   Khava Female         547
TZUPRIK   Sheine Female         547
TZUPRIK   Shlama Male     Chaia   547
ULANITZKI Index   Avraham Male         535
ULANITZKI   Lea Female         535
ULANITZKI     Male         535
ULANITZKI     Male         535
UTSHTEIN   Avraham Yaakov Male         535
UTSHTEIN   Dvora Female         535
UTSHTEIN   Yaakov Male         535
UZHITZKI   Avraham Male         535
UZHITZKI   Elke Female         535
UZHITZKI   Ester Lea Female         535
UZHITZKI   Freide Female         535
UZHITZKI   Hadasa Female         535
UZHITZKI   Hershel Male         535
UZHITZKI   Khaim Yitzkhak Male         535
UZHITZKI   Lipa Male         535
UZHITZKI   Moshe Male         535
UZHITZKI   Moshe Yosef Male     Shusha   535
UZHITZKI   Sara Female         535
UZHITZKI   Sara Female         535
UZHITZKI   Shushe Female     Moshe Yosef   535
UZHITZKI   Teme Female         535
VADMAN Index   Aizik Male         539
VAIENTSCHER   Shifra Female         539
VASER KAMINSKI Chana Female     Mordekhai   540
VASER   Mordekhai Male     Chana   540
VASER   Sheina Female Mordekhai Chana     540
VASILKOVSKI   Meirim Female Yitzkhak Tzvia     540
VASILKOVSKI   Reuven Male Yitzkhak Tzvia     540
VASILKOVSKI WEINSTEIN Tzvia Female     Yitzkhak   540
VASILKOVSKI   Yaakov Male Yitzkhak Tzvia     540
VASILKOVSKI   Yitzkhak Male     Tzvia   540
VATZKI   David Male         540
VATZKI   Heni Female         540
VATZKI   Khaim Male         540
VATZKI   Rivka Female         540
VATZKI   Tzila Female         540
VEINBERG     Male         540
VEINSHTEIN   Evlish Male   Feige     540
VEINSHTEIN GAILE Feige Female         540
VEINSHTEIN   Genya Male         540
VEINSHTEIN   Genya Female         540
VEINSHTEIN   Mikhael Male   Feige     540
VEINSHTEIN   Misha Male         540
VEINSHTEIN   Misha Male         540
VEINSHTEIN   Niuta Female         540
VEINSHTEIN     Female         540
VEKSELBLAT   Riva Female Zeev Raicha     540
VEKSELBLAT   Yitzkhak Male         540
VENGROVSKY               540
VENGROVSKY     Male         540
VENGROVSKY     Female         540
VILK     Male     Yidl   540
VILK ZONDELSOHN Yidl Female         540
VINEVSKI   Sunia Female         540
VINEVSKI   Zelig Male         540
VINEVSKI   Zisele Female         540
VINOGRAD   Avraham Male         540
VINOGRAD   Chunke Male         540
VINOGRAD   Elke Female         540
VINOGRAD     Female     Avraham   540
VISHNIA   Chaia Female         540
VISHNIA   Eliezer Male     Menukhke   540
VISHNIA   Gdalyahu Male         540
VISHNIA   Menukhke Female     Eliezer   540
VLODAVSKI   Berl Male         540
VLODAVSKI   Ershel Male         540
VLODAVSKI   Gershon Male         540
VLODAVSKI   Iser Male         540
VLODAVSKI   Penia Female         540
VLODAVSKI   Roza Female         540
VLODAVSKI   Tzishia Female         540
VODILEVSKI   Chana Female         539
VODILEVSKI   Leibel Male         539
VODILEVSKI   Pesi Male         539
VODILEVSKI   Rachel Female         539
VODILEVSKI     Female     Leibel   539
VODILEVSKI     Female     Yisrael   539
VODILEVSKI   Yisrael Male         539
VODILEVSKI   Yosfe           539
VODMAN               539
VOLCHIK     Male         540
VOLMAN               539
VOLODOVSKI   Moshe Male Pesakh       540
VOLODOVSKI   Pesakh Male         540
VULFSON               540
VULFSON   Dora Female         540
VULFSON   Mina Female         540
VULFSON   Peshke Female Yitzkhak Rivka     540
VULFSON   Rivka Female     Yitzkhak   540
VULFSON   Sara Female         540
VULFSON   Yitzkhak Male     Rivka   540
VULMAN   Efraim Male         540
YANOV Index   Alte Female         541
YANOV   Chana Female         541
YANOV   Elke Female         541
YANOV   Itsche Male         541
YANOV   Shmuelke Male         541
YECHIELCHIK   Nisan Male         541
YUNGERMAN   Leahle Female Moshe Pearl     541
YUNGERMAN   Moshe Male     Pearl   541
YUNGERMAN   Pearl Female     Moshe   541
YUNGERMAN   Toiba Female         541
YUNGERMAN   Yosef Male Moshe Pearl     541
ZABLUDOVSKI Index   Yisrael Male         540
ZILBERBERG   Alte Female         540
ZINGER   Blumka Female     Hershel   540
ZINGER   Hershel Male     Blumka   540
ZLOTKEVITZ   Emanuel Male         540
ZOGEL   Dov Berl Male     Sheintze   540
ZOGEL KOBELINSKI Sheintze Female     Dov Berl   540
ZOGEL   Yossi Male Dov Berl Sheintze     540
ZUNDLSUHN     Male     Yente   540
ZUNDLSUHN   Yente Female         540
ZUP   Kreshe Female         540
ZUP   Sara Female   Kreshe     540
ZUP   Taibe Female   Kreshe     540
    Khaim Male     Itke   543
  MUCHANIK Bruria Female Tankhum Yehudit     544
  KAPLINSKI KAPLANSKI Chaia Female   Mia     549
  PIASEK Chana Female         546
  PIASEK Chana Female         546
  MUCHANIK Etel Female Tankhum Yehudit     544
  LITVAK Frume Female     Moshe   543
  PIN Gitel Female   Sheina     546
  LITVAK Itka Female     Khaim   543
    Izi Male Srol Tzila     546
  MUCHANIK Lea Female Tankhum Yehudit     544
    Moshe Male     Frume   543
    Moshe Yitzkhak Male       Blacksmith 544
    Natan Male     Rachel   547
  FREIDKES Rachel Female Berl Selda Natan   547
  MORGENSHTERN Rachel Female         544
    Srol Male     Tzila   546
  SINAI Tzila Female     Srol   546
  GOLDVITZ Tzipora Female         548
  LESHTSH   Female Shlama       544
  LESHTSH   Female Shlama       544
    Yaakov Male         548

[Page 552]

Our People Who Died in the State [Israel]

Translated by Judy Petersen

Surname Given name Maiden Name Remarks Page
Utzyski Avraham     552
Utzyski Tzipora   wife of Avraham 552
Utzyski Mari GOLDENBERG   552
UCHBERSKI Aharon   (Drori) 552
ACHRIMOVSKI Yitzchak     552
EIZBOTZKI Aryeh   and his wife 552
EIZENBERG Betzalel     552
ITZKOVITZ Payril     552
ISH HOROVITZ Yitzchak Tzvi   and his wife 552
ISH HOROVITZ Avraham   and his wife 552
ALPERT Sarah     552
EFRATI Moshe     552
EFRATI Pesha     552
BAZHZINSKI Avraham Yehuda     552
BAZHZINSKI Rivka   wife of Avraham Yehuda 552
BIDER Tzvi     552
BEILIS Yekev Yoel     552
BEILIS Esther Itka   wife of Yekev Yoel 552
BLUMENTAL Yospe     552
BEN DAAT Hillel     552
BEN DAAT Tzvi     552
BETZALELI David     552
BERMAN Chaim     552
BERNETZKI Aharon   and his wife 552
BERNETZKI Zev     552
BRECHT Chaim   one of the first initiators of the Bielsk yizkor book 552
BRECHT Yisrael     552
BRECHT Natan     552
BRECHT Feigel   wife of Natan 552
GOLDE Asher Moshe     552
GOLDE Yudel Chaim     552
GOLDE Leah   wife of Yudel Chaim 552
GOLDE Feigel   son of Chaim 552
GOLDE Shimon     552
GOLDE Yehuda     552
GOLDE Menucha   wife of Yehuda 552
GOLOS Chaya     552
GUSITZKI Gershon     552
GORFINKEL Moshe     552
GELBORD Dov     552
GLOTZER Sonia     552
GLAGOVSKI Nachum     552
GOLAND Mirka     552
GOLAND Moshe     552
GOLAND Meir     552
GRUDZHENSKI Grodenai Aharon     552
DISATNIK David     552
DREIER Feige Necha BEILIS   552
WEINSTEIN Yechezkel     552
WEINSTEIN Chaim     552
WEINSTEIN Moshe Yitzchak     552
WEINSTEIN Yente Rakhel BEILIS   553
VINTZER Mendel     553
VISHNIVSKI Yosef     553
VISHNIVSKI Rakhel Leah   wife of Yosef 553
VASER Gedalia     553
ZILBERSTEIN Chaim   and his wife 553
TINOTZKI Reuven     553
TINOVITZKI Chava   his wife [note the preceding male surname has a different spelling] 553
TIKOTZKY Chana     553
TARSHECHINSKI     the mother 553
YECHIELCHIK Meir     553
YERUSHALATZMI Devora     553
LEV Tzirl   Edna SCHWARTZ 553
LABENDIK Eliahu     553
LEBKOVSKI       553
LONDON Yisrael Eli     553
LONDON Duba   wife of Yisrael Eli 553
LONDON Binyamin   son of Yisrael Eli and Duba 553
LONDON Dina DVIR   553
LEBENTAL Yechezkel   Rabbi; and his wife 553
LEBENTAL Moshe   daughter of Rabbi LEBENTAL and his wife 553
LUTZKI Dov     553
LAZOVSKI Yitzchak   and his mother 553
LITMANER Tzipora     553
LERMAN Yakov Meir   and his wife 553
LERMAN Tzvi   and his wife 553
MAZIA Reuven     553
MAZIA Channah   wife of Reuven 553
SURASKI Yosef Meir     553
SURASKI Khinka   wife of Yosef Meir 553
SMARGON Shmuel     553
PATRITZER     and his wife 553
FILIPOVSKI Yakov Hirsch     553
FERBER Zalman Tzvi     553
FERBER Stira   wife of Zalman Tzvi 553
FERBER Mordechai     553
CHIZITZKI Natan     553
CHIMERINSKI Lemel     553
KOSOVSKI Zundel   child/youth 553
KOSOVSKI Yoel     553
KLISHCHEVSKI Devora   wife of Tzvi 553
KLEMANTINOVSKI Mordechai   and his wife 553
KAM Shimon     553
KAMIN Yitzchak     553
KESTIN Chaim     553
KESTIN Vah   wife of Chaim [full given name could be Chava] 553
KAPLANSKI Guta     553
KAPLANSKI Baruch Hirsch     553
KAPLANSKI Rakhel   wife of Baruch Hirsch 553
KAPLOSHNIK Tzvi     553
KARBENIANSKI Moshe Chaim   Rabbi; and his wife 553
KRAMER Yakov     553
RADILEVSKI Chaim   and his wife 553
SHUR Liba Reizel BEILIS   554
SCHURP Yisrael   one of the first initiators of the Bielsk yizkor book 554
STEINBERG Zahava     554
SHEMESH Yechezkel     554
SHEMESH Shmuel     554
SHNIUR Khasya     554

[Page 554]

Our sons who died as martyrs for our State [Israel]

Translated by Judy Petersen

Surname Given name Maiden Name Remarks Page
GOLDE Tzvika   (Paz) 554
TEITELBOIM Avraham     554
STEINBERG Zev     554
SHLAPASKI (SHALAF) Kalman     554


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