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From One Photograph to a Journey of Discovery

By Eli Rabinowitz

“My journey of discovery, starting with a photograph given to me in Israel, has taken me to Germany, South Africa, Poland, the United States, UK, Canada and back to Israel, with updates to my research findings in each destination. ”

A Family Reunited

By Martin Tompa and Siva German

“We exchanged some rapid and excited messages, and it didn't take long to establish that we are third cousins. Some more research ... took us to Hlinsko, where we uncovered our common great-great-grandparents. ”

Holocaust Survivors Reunited After 67 Years

By Michael Tobias, as told to Meredith Hoffman

“It didn't take long for Michael to realize that Moshe Porat was the same man as Moshe Perelman, Moniek Garber's cousin.... Later that morning the two cousins spoke to each other after sixty-seven years of separation.”

EDITORS' NOTE - January 2017

We present three inspiring success stories in this issue, stories that highlight various avenues for family history research, reunions with long separated or previously unknown relatives, and the untangling of complex familial relationships.

We hope you enjoy these stories and learn from the variety of research approaches the authors describe. JewishGen offers a wide array of resources to aid you in expanding your knowledge and connecting with family. We wish you success and encourage you to send us your stories.

Please welcome Colin Mathias Justin, our new volunteer Webmaster for JewishGen's Success! Stories. Colin brings considerable experience and expertise to this role. We plan to implement technical upgrades and some design changes in 2017.

Nancy Siegel, Editor                                                            Colin Justin, Webmaster
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