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Tombstone Inscriptions


Section 3



[Note 1: Dates and material in square brackets throughout the transcript do not appear on the tombstones.

Note 2: Inscriptions printed in italics are translations from the original Hebrew; those in small capitals are originally in English; ordinary Roman type is used for the editor's comments, which are usually in round brackets.]


Reichla bat Menahem wife of the late Gabbai Zedakah Mordecai died 23 Av 5566 [= 7 August 1806].

A2 to A4
Broken and illegible.

The worthy Isaac Eisak ben Jacob from Totnes, died 15 Kislev in the year 'He maketh death to vanish in life eternal' [= 24 November 1809] aged 73.

(= Isaac Jacobs. He came from Fuerth and married Betsy Levy of Barnstaple c.1774. A silversmith in Totnes in 1777 he was insured for £300. Even the name is barely legible on this stone today. Berlin noted the other information given here adding in his notes 'worth copying in full'. Alas the inscription has almost entirely gone. The date is indicated in the Hebrew verse by picking out certain letters which have a numerical value. Such a verse is known as a chronogram.)

The tombstone of Lyon Joseph (A13)

A6 to A12
Missing or illegible.

Here is buried his honour Judah ben his honour Joseph, a prince and honoured amongst philanthropists, who executed good deeds, died in his house in the City of Bath, Tuesday, and was buried here on Sunday, 19 Sivan in the year 5585 [= 5 June 1825]. In memory of Lyon Joseph Esq (merchant of Falmouth, Cornwall). who died at Bath June AM 5585/VE 1825. Beloved and respected.

(Lyon Joseph (1744-1825) made a fortune shipping goods to the ports of the peninsula unoccupied by Napoleon. He continued sending them after the British evacuation but they were seized and confiscated and he lost £20,000. One of his ships, the Perseverance was misappropriated by its captain. He sent £3,000 worth of goods to a Jew in Cadiz who stole them and threatened to denounce Lyon to the inquisition. He lost his fortune and retired to Bath a broken man.)

See Berlin 13/10, below.

A perfect man and upright, a God fearing man, eh ben Zvi. He was buried and died(!) on Friday 16 Heshvan 5589 [= 24 October 1828].

(= Emanuel Hart. He came from Biala. He was a watchmaker and silversmith in Southside Street, Plymouth, where he was insured on 5 August 1797. In 1805 he was insured on his premises in Clements Lane, Plymouth.)

A16 & A17

Here lies a faithful man the Parnas and Manhig Alexander ben Samuel. Died and buried Thusday 10 Av 5593 [= 1 August 1832].

(= Alexander Samuel who lived in Truro about 1815.)

Abraham ben Aaron, buried 11 Shevat 5593 [= 31 January 1833].

(= Abraham Aaron, became Vestry Member in 1804 when he married Phoebe (A19), daughter of Abraham Joseph I. They had eight children, Joseph, born 1796, Solomon born 1800, Hayim (Hyman) Dov born 1802, Gershon born 1804, Issachar born 1805, Eliezer born 1808, Daniel born 1814 and Rose who married Moses Simmons son of the Penzance shochet. There was a Notice to Debtors in TFP 21 April 1785.)

A20 [In a semi circle at the top]
'Thou didst make his name Abraham, and Thou didst find his heart perfect before Thee' [Neh. 9;7].
Here dwells a faithful man, fearful of sin [4 lines of poetry follow]. The Parnas and Manhig, his name well known, Abraham ben Issachar Jacob z"l. Died on Monday 17 Iyar and buried on the 18th in the year 'in order that you may be righteous'. May he rest and rise for his lot with all who are buried here.
[Reverse] To the memory of Abraham Levi died 25 May 5594 [= 1834] aged 55 years.

(= Abraham Levy. In 1962 the stone was found broken into two parts. He was not the son of Barnet Levy, son in law of Zender Falmouth. He married Zipporah bat Aaron Moses ben Abraham, c.1810.)

A God fearing man, the Parnas and Manhig Eliezer ben Solomon zts"l, died Wednesday 25 Heshvan and buried Thursday after it, 5596 [= 18 November 1835]. He lies here but shall arise at the end of days.

(= Lazarus Solomon from Lublin, a scholar, referred to as Torani, in Plymouth before 1802. Led the prayers on the Days of Awe for 25 years and had Vestry Membership bestowed on him. He married Esther bat Abraham, who died 1831 (O10) and then Mathilda. His will PCC Stowell 123 made 8 November 1835 appointed Mathilda as executrix and he left £50 to his daughter, Harriet, to be given to her at her wedding.)

Aryeh Judah ben Zvi.
[Reverse] Lyon Levi departed this life 11 August 5596 [= 1836].

(Was son in law of Judah Moses, applied for Vestry membership in 1810. Plymouth Dock merchant, bankrupt (TFP 4 April 1811).)

Isaac ben Avigdor he lived 41 years, died Friday 26 Av 5598 [= 17 August 1838].
[Reverse] To the memory of Solomon Lyon. [A long and now barely legible piece of poetry].

(Married Rose after his first wife Fanny died of cholera, 1832. He was a pen and quill manufacturer in Plymouth before 1822. As a goldsmith he was bankrupt in 1831 (TFP 5 May 1831). 'Appearing to be conscious in his last moments of the aweful change he piously departed this life for a happier state declaring the Unity of the Creator, having lived a firm adherent to the Jewish faith. The general gloom which his death has caused is a proof that he was equally beloved by Christian and Jewish friends' (Plymouth and Stonehouse Gazette 25 August 1838).)


[Reverse] Henry Phillips, aged 6 years, son of Charles and Anne Phillips.

Also near this spot lie Flora and Rachel their infant children.

My only son Isaac whom I loved, the son of Meir, Cantor here, 56..

(Isaac, the son of Reverend M. Stadthagen.)

.... in his house in the city of ... Tuesday 14 Sivan and buried here on Sunday 19 Sivan 5585 [= 1825].

A child of delights Avigdor ben Samuel died Adar Rishon 5562 [= February 1802].

Avigdor Hart aged 5.


The bachelor Abraham ben ?

A31 to A42
Missing or illegible.

Joel ben Issachar Jacob, died on Sabbath, 22 Shevat 5591 [= 5 February 1831] and his soul shall dwell with the righteous who dwell here until He maketh death to vanish in life eternal.

[Reverse] Joel Levy beloved husband of Rachel Levy, aged ?55 years. (= Joel Levy I, a member of the Plymouth Meshivat Nefesh Society in 1795. Insured as a silversmith in Market Street, Plymouth, in 1800, and as as a hardwareman as well at The Old Tree, Whitecross Street, in 1803. He was a Navy Agent near The Parade, Plymouth in 1816, and was a silversmith in Market Street in 1822. His wife was Rachel bat Joseph who died 14 February 1822 (A62).)

See Berlin O8, below.

Friedcha bat P"M Abraham Isaac, wife of Abraham ben Aaron, buried Sunday, 11 Heshvan 5593 [= 4 November 1832].

(She was Phoebe, daughter of Abraham Joseph I and wife of Abraham Aaron (A19).)

Miss Bila bat Solomon aged 51 years, died Monday 18 Kislev 5594 [= 30 November 1833].

[Reverse] Bile Nathan.

(Probably a sister of Jacob Nathan.)

Esther, wife of Mordecai ben Samuel SGL.

[Reverse] Esther Mordecai died 19 August 5593 [= 1834].

(See note to A60.)

Tella wife of Jonah from the State of Silesia who died with a hoary head aged 72, on 12 Nisan 5594 [= 21 April 1834].

(Berlin read, 'Gella died 12th Nisan 5595 [= 11 April 1835]'.)

Breincha bat Abraham, wife of Samuel ben Hayim.

[Reverse] Elizabeth Hyman died 19 Kislev 5596 [= 10 December 1835] aged 52 years.

(see A51.)

Betsy Jacobs, wife of Isaac Jacobs of Totnes... 5596 [= 1836].

(Betsy Jacobs (1759 1836) née Levy of Barnstaple, married Isaac Jacobs of Totnes in 1784. By her will she left £50 to Sarah wife of Philip Bright, Doncaster; a diamond ring with eleven stones to her daughter Caroline; 6 silver spoons with her children's initials and a silver pepper caster with her name thereon to her daughter Rose, wife of David Abrahams; a silver chased cup to her son David, if he wants it; residue to her son Lewis and daughters Hannah and Caroline (Devon Record Office J35, proved Totnes 1836).)

Samuel ben Hayim.

[Reverse] Samuel Hyman, died 23 November 5599 [= 1838] aged 73 years.

(Samuel Hyman (1771 1838), born Bohemia, came to England via Dover 1788. Married Betsy (Elizabeth, see A49) daughter of Abraham Moses, and had 11 children. In 1803 he was a dealer and chapman, 10 Higher Lane, and later became a pawnbroker. In his will signed with an "X", dated 14 November 1838, he left £100 to each of his daughters Mathilda, Rosina and Eve. His business was to be carried on for the maintenance and education of his daughters and sons until marriage. 'If any of my children marry contrary to their established religion, they shall not be entitled to any of my estate'.)

A52 to A55
Missing or illegible.

[This stone has been removed from its place, and lies next to B126.]

Here lies the modest and worthy woman Reichla bat Abraham, wife of the late Naphtali Benjamin. She died on Friday 26 Adar 5577 [= 14 March 1817] with a good name. A woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. She went to her rest 17 years after her husband, and there they shall rest in honour with all the righteous men and righteous women in the Garden of Eden, and they shall rise at their portion at the end of days.

(She was the wife of Naphtali Benjamin (see A130), and was one of the respected women of the community. Her husband was a box maker and was born in 1725 at Ilbersheim near Mannheim. It is possible that he and his wife kept an inn as they supplied dinners as well as coffee to the Meshivas Nefesh Society, Plymouth. In 1798 he was the oldest Jewish immigrant in Plymouth having arrived in 1745. He was a member of the Congregation before 1759.)

A57 to A59
Missing or illegible.

Hannah bat David KZ, wife of Issachar Ber, Santapel, SGL. Died Monday ?25 Adar 5581 [= March 1821].


Reichle bat Joseph wife of the late Joel Levy, died 23 Shevat 5582 [= 14 February 1822].

(= Rachel Levy, see A43.)

A63 to A66

The scholar Matathias ben Rabbi Shabbetai the Priest, from Poland, died 9 Av 5573 [= 5 August 1813] at half his days.

(= Mattis Cohen. Berlin, P8, read the date of death as Wednesday 5 Av 5593. The 5th of Av 5593 was Sunday 21 July 1833. The Hebrew entry in the PHC Book of Records, p. 57a, confirms Berlin's reading of the year and my reading of the day of the month and records that he came from Sonhause and that he died on the eve of 9 Av and was buried on 9 Av 5593, whilst the English entry says that Mattis Cohen (the name Cohen might be crossed out) came from Polen and that he died on 24 July and was buried on 25 July 1833.)

17 Elul 5593 [= 1 September 1833].

Moses ben Aryeh Lobell from the State of Germany who pitched his tent in the City of Birmingham, and who conducted there the needs of the Congregation. He was buried 5 Av 5594 [= Sunday, 10 August 1834].

Moses Lobell of Birmingham, died 5594 aged 64 years.

(According to Berlin he left £150 'to the three congregations' and the PHC Pinkas (no. 30) records that he left £50 to the Plymouth Congregation.)


Gabriel ben Judah died 28 Iyar 5598.

[Reverse] Gabriel Rosenthal died 27 May [= 1835] aged 33 (?55years) years.

(Came from Poland, a son was born posthumously to him in July 1835, and according to Ashkenasi tradition was given his name Gabriel. His widow, Ann married in 1844 Mark Levy of Guernsey.)

An old man Avigdor ben Moses Isaac, died with hoary head ...

[Reverse] Francis Lyon died 23 Shevat 5597 [= 28 January 1837] aged 85 years.

(Francis Lyon/s 1752 1837. Watchmaker in Pike Street 1822. He was, perhaps, the Francis Lyon apprenticed in 1767 to John Lakeman of Exeter for a premium of £48. His children were Solomon, Judah and Mathilda.)

Here lies Martha bat the Haver Judah the cantor, wife of Abraham Emdon, who died on Thursday 15 Iyar, and was buried on Thursday 18 Iyar 5598 [= 10 May 1838].

(The first Thursday ought to have been 'Monday'. See also B112.)

Here lies the body of Elizabeth Abrahams who died Friday night and was buried on Sunday 22 Adar Sheni 5590, aged 42 years. May her soul rest in peace.

(There was, however, no Adar Sheni in 5590.)


The bachelor ?Zvi ?Hirsh ben Asher died Tamuz 55(?70) [= July ?1810] or 55(?90) [= July ?1830].

A77 to A82
Missing or illegible.

A broken slate stone, only the name barely legible. See Berlin Q19, below.


In 1963, barely legible. See Berlin Q16, below.

A86 to A91

Moses ben Jacob from the City of London which was the city of his birth died Thursday night and buried Friday 3 Elul 5598 [= 24 August 1838].

[Reverse] Moses Solomon formerly of Scotland .... London.

(According to Miss Allegra Dawe a family tradition says that the family originated from Valenciennes, France. He seems to be the brother of Phineas Solomon who lived at Bevis Marks London, 1811 1822 and who was at 8 Great Alie Street, London, from 1825 1834. Wholesale watchmaker in Frankfort Street 1836. From two wives he had 13 children all married in Church, even those who had a Jewish spouse.)

Judah ben Isaac, died Sunday and buried Tuesday 8 Sivan 5540 [= 9 June 1840].

[Reverse] Levin Jacobs aged 49 years.

[Reverse] Betsy ... Jacobs, ?daughter of the late ?Lewis Jacobs [I].

A95 to A99
Missing or illegible.

Merela [Berlin reads Merka] bat Joseph, wife of Judah Zvi ben Solomon died and buried 5 Elul 5572 [= 16 August 1812].

A101 to A103
Missing or illegible.

David ben Solomon.

David son of the late Revd Solomon Lyons, formerly of Cambridge, who died at Brixham on his voyage to Naples, 8 February 1819 aged 20 years.

(His father was a teacher of Hebrew at Cambridge about 1815.)

A105 to A108
Missing or illegible.

5525 [= 1835].

A122 to A124
Missing or illegible.

An upright and honoured man, the elderly bachelor, one hundred years old at his death, ... Isaac ben Rabbi Joseph, died on the Holy Sabbath the 11th of [month omitted on stone] and was buried on the 12th of [month omitted on stone] 5574 [= 1813/1814] with a good name.

(Berlin, S8, in his transcript writes, 'does not say what month'. When he wrote down the Hebrew date he writes Yod Aleph, without abbreviation marks, which may be an abbreviation for '11' or, alternatively, 'day 1', because he goes on to record an abbreviation which appears to stand for 'of the Intermediate Days [of a Festival]'. This is followed by Yod Beth which may stand for '12' or 'day 2'. But this is followed by letters which can only stand for 'of Rosh Hodesh'. It is all a bit puzzling, because Rosh Hodesh can never coincide with the Intermediate Days of a Festival.)

Ze'ev Wolf ben Naphtali, died and buried 13 Tishri 5574 [= 7 October 1813].

Joseph ... died Sunday 27 Sivan 5582 [= 16 June 1822].

A128 to A129

An upright and faithful man ... ben Naphtali. Died 5559 [= 1799].

A131 to A132

Samuel ben Judah, died 1 Adar Sheni 5627.

[Reverse] Samuel Ralph died 17 March 1867 aged 64 years.

(Samuel Ralph was a grandson of Abraham Ralph of Barnstaple who died December 1805 and who had been established there since 1765 holding services in his house. His father Judah or Lewis Ralph was a Navy Agent in Plymouth in 1812 and was secretary to a Masonic Lodge. Samuel was born 18 June 1803 and circumcized by Joseph Joseph. According to W. Jessup, 'A Coat of Many Colours' p. 126, he was married in Church once or twice.)


Here lies Avigdor ben Judah who died the eve of Tuesday 10 Heshvan and was buried on Wednesday its morrow in the year 5610.

In memory of Frederik Ralph, who departed this life 15 October 5611 [= 1850], aged ?46 years.

(He was a marine store dealer on Southside Quay in 1844. He was a brother of Samuel Ralph (A133).)

Here lies the wise bachelor Abraham ben Baruch SGL, died Friday 26 Shevat and was buried Sunday, 28 Shevat 5548 [= 4 February 1788 but the day and date do not coincide]. May he remain in his grave and rise in his turn at the end of days.

(A member of the Plymouth Congregation before 1759. He is described on his tombstone as HaBachur HaYashish (= The Wise Bachelor). The expression is used amongst Sephardim to designate elderly bachelors of sound reputation.)

This man, perfect and upright in his works/ Whose deeds were righteous/ His death bemoaned by his friends and aquaintances/ At fifty eight years of age he was gathered to his people [Ze'ev] ben Solomon. In the year HaBrith, according to the major order of counting [= 5612].

W. Solomon, died ?2 ?March 5612 [= 1852].

(The first letter of the first three lines of the inscription provide the acrostic Ze'ev, the next line says '58 years old, and the fifth line gives 'Solomon'.)

Our lives are in Thy hands O God, and our days are as nought before Thee.
Here lies David ben Abraham
for 50 years a member of the congregation of this town,
died and buried with a good name on Friday ?27 Tamuz 5600 [= 28 July 1840, though Friday 24 July corresponding to 23 Tamuz is more likely]
aged 76 years.

(= David Abraham, silversmith, born 1762 according to the Aliens Register, no. 56, in Pattenson, Hanover. He came to England via Dover in 1789. He married Rose, daughter of Isaac and Betsy Jacobs of Totnes.)


Jacob ben Judah, died ?Thursday ?8 Sivan ?5553 [= May 1793] or possibly ?5653 [= May 1893].

B7 to B8
 Illegible double stone.

Eliezer ben Abraham Emden died on 16 Shevat and buried on 17 Shevat 5604 [= 6 February 1844]. The days of his years which he lived were eighty three.

(Eliezer Emden born 1764 Amsterdam, came to England 1786, remained in London until 1794, then to Portsmouth until 1798, moved to Plymouth in 1798 and died there. A dealer in old clothes, who achieved some financial stability as a pawnbroker in Cornwall Street, Devonport in 1844. For some years he and his brother Phineas baked the matzos for the Congregation. His will directs that there should be no eulogy at his funeral and that his tombstone be inscribed in the Hebrew language only with his bare name and date of death and burial, concluding with the stereotyped 'May his soul be bound up in the bond of eternal life' (Devon Record Office, Exeter, E351).)

The Parnas and Manhig Samuel ben Solomon Phineas, died Tuesday 17 Tamuz and buried Wednesday in the year 5605 [= 22 July 1845].

(Samuel Levy (1811 1845) whose wife was called Phoebe. He had a Fancy Warehouse at 35 Bedford Street which his widow ran after his death. His father was Phineas Levy of Devonport, one of the first Jews to hold elected civic office in England.)

Here lies the aged, full of years, Alexander ben Abraham who died Nisan 5610 [= March 1850].

[= Sender Alexander (1763 27 March 1847). The tombstone inscription is worn and probably incorrectly read. He was born in Devon, a tailor in Cambridge Street in 1841, Parnas of the Congregation in 1815 and 1816. See also B37.)

Sacred to the memory of Mark Mordecai, who departed this life 2 May 5609 [= 1849] in his 70th year.

(Mordecai ben Samuel SGL. His wife Esther died 10 August 1833 (A47). His sons were Samuel, Jacob, Zvi, Simha, and his daughter Anna married Isaac Stone, 1 Trafalgar Place, 26 August 1857. He was a brother in law of Phineas Levy.)

Judah, thy brothers bless thee [Gen. 49:8]/ Your name is praised as generous hearted/ The poor and orphans ... at thy table/ With a perfect heart thou didst serve the Lord thy God/ In the bond of life shall thy soul rest/ Judah ben Moses, died 20 Av 5609.

Lyon Lazarus died 8 August 5609 [= 1849] aged 59 years.

(Lyon or Lippa Lazarus, married Mathilda who was born in Bideford 1801. He was an optician in Frankfort Street in 1836. Three of his children Abraham, Daniel and Solomon died in 1832, 1833 and 1836. He probably came from Exeter. Surviving children in 1851 were Mosely (general dealer), Fanny (dressmaker) who married Nathan Lazarus in 1853, Frank (merchant apprentice), Hezekiah (scholar) with a niece Hannah Lyons (dressmaker) and Juliana Marks of Portsmouth, living in the house.)

The bachelor Hayim ben ...

Hyman Solomon died ? August 5609 [= 1849].

(Hyman Solomon = Hayim ben Isaiah (1838 1849) son of Josiah and Rosa Solomon.)

Nathan ben Joseph KZ, died Friday ?26 Tishri and was buried on the Monday after it, 5610 [= 12th October 1849].

(= Nathan Joseph alias Altmann, born 1766 Ransporke, Bohemia, landed Gravesend 1784, in Dartmouth 1784 1802, in Plymouth from 1802, in Broad Street, a jeweller. At 72 Fore Street, Plymouth Dock, Navy Agent in 1816. Property owner and one of the prominent citizens who testified that they had confidence in the Plymouth Naval Bank in 1825. He married Brina daughter of Abraham Joseph I. He left his property to his sons Sampson Altman and Michael Israel Altman both of Kingston, Jamaica, and both surgeons. Although in England for 65 years he signed his will in Hebrew characters.)

An elder, honoured amongst men, his heart did not hold back from bestowing loving kindness, Phineas ben Abraham Emdin, died with a good name Thursday 15 Av 5610 [= 24 July 1850].

(= Solomon (Selig) Emden, 1771 1850. In spite of his Hebrew name, he was known as Solomon. Born 1771 Amsterdam, and was in 9 Cat Street in 1803, and was a hatter. In 1819 he advertised as an insolvent debtor. His wife was Freda bat Judah, died 1843 (B35). He probably acted as a caretaker or beadle to the Congregation, as in 1834 he was allowed to live in the Congregation's house next to the Synagogue. The 1841 census records an 86 year old Mariam Abrahams, born in Ireland, posssibly his mother in law, living with him.)

Hayim ben Mordecai.

Hyman Levy died 14 Kislev 5611 [= 19 November 1850].

(Hyman Levy came from Plock, Prussia, Poland, according to an inscription on an interlinear Hebrew/Yiddish Mahzor.)

Jacob was a perfect man, upright in his flock/ He turned from wickedness, faithfulness was his love/ He departed from evil, his way was good/ The portion of Jacob is his inheritance/ A lion, with clean hands.

J. P. Lyon died 23 Yiar [sic] 5612 [= 12 May 1852].

(The Hebrew name, Jacob Pesach ben Aryeh, is indicated by the first word of the first line. The first letter on each of the next three lines gives the name Pesach, and the first two words on the fifth line say that he was ben Aryeh. In spite of his first name he was known as Judah P. Lyon (1794 1852), born Bideford, married Fanny, (born Swansea 1803). Watchmaker and jeweller of 7 Union Street. A different Fanny Lyons, spinster, aged 55, strawbonnet maker, born Bideford, and another Judah Lyons, bachelor, 23, wholesale traveller, born Plymouth, described as friends, were in his house on the night of the 1851 census.)

[IMPORTANT: see this emendation/query at this link

Jacob ben Judah.

John Levi died 10 Adar 5615 [= 28 February 1855].

(John Levy or Levi, born 1793 in Portsmouth, general dealer. His wife was probably Elizabeth (see B64). His daughters: Eliza married Benjamin Jonas in 1841, Phoebe married Aaron Wolf in 1846, Julia married Edward Basch, Traphina married Sigmond Yager.)

A perfect and upright man, he walked in perfection and executed righteousness, a God fearing man all his days, Jacob ben the late Judah, he was 63 years old when he died on Tuesday 28 Nisan and was buried with a good name on Wednesday the 29th thereof in the year 5615.

To the memory of Jacob Moses died 28 days in Nisan 5615 [= 16 April 1855] aged 63 years.

(The Hebrew has three errors, possibly the fault of the mason. This Jacob Moses was probably the husband of Agnes, haberdasher, and father of Esther, milliner, born Yealmpton, Harriet, dressmaker, Judah, errand boy, Eleazer, Isaac, Wolf, scholars, all born Plymouth, of 11, East Cambridge Lane, all enumerated in 1851 census.)

By decree of the plague, Haya, wife of Jacob ben Ze'ev, died Av 5592 [= August 1832].

(She was Hannah Woolfson, wife of Jacob Woolfson of London who settled in Plymouth about 1819. She died in the cholera epidemic of 1832 (PHC Minute Book II, 245).)

Here lies an upright man amongst the princes. All his deeds was (sic) altruistic. And he clave to the living God. David ben Jacob from Bialin in Poland, died 12 Shevas (sic) 5565 [= 12 January 1805.]

(David Jacob Coppel, born 1748 Belleye (Biala) arrived via Gravesend, 1799 and was in Comer Lane, Plymouth, in 1803. He had a brother Menahem [= Emanuel Cohen]. Coppel is a diminutive of Jacob.)

A God fearing man Ze'ev ben Judah from Shotwinitz in the State of Poland, died by decree of the plague on Thursday and was buried on 6 Av 5592 [= 2 August 1832.)

(= Mr Wolf who left £25 with Lazarus Solomon to be sent back to Poland through the good offices of Chief Rabbi Solomon Hirschel.)

Here is buried Aaron ben Yehiel who went the way of all the earth in the sixty eighth year of his life.

Aaron Nathan died 21 February 5618 [= 1858] aged 69 years.

(Aaron Nathan, 17 Pearl Street, Stonehouse, in 1827, pitifully poor, became Constable for Stonehouse and in 1837 apprehended a gang of counterfeiters. A silver snuff box awarded to him for this exploit is now in the Jewish Museum, London. In 1851 he was superintendent of the Watch Force and lived at Fore Street, Stonehouse, with his wife Mary (B62), and daughters Haranitha, dressmaker, Sarah, milliner (B63).)

Jacob [ben] Uri Shraga ben Moses, who lived eight and sixty years, died Thursday and buried Friday, 19 Shevat 5593 [= 7 February 1833].

Philip Moses. Near this spot lies the remains of Eleazer Moses.

(A Philip Moses featured in the Exeter Congregation's accounts for 1820. An Eleazar Moses was born 12 July 1838 to Jacob and Ella Moses. He might be the same as Eliezer Moses who, according to the 1851 census, was 12 years old, the son of Agnes Moses, living at 11 East Cambridge Lane, Plymouth.)

The bachelor, a Godfearing man, Jacob ben Uri Shraga, the priest from Lontschotz, died Av 5592 [= August 1832].

(= Jacob Philip Cohen, member of the Congregation in 1819. He seems to be identical with Meyer Jacob Cohen, hardware dealer, died 16 August 1832. His will (DRO, Exeter, C794), made 15 August 1832 and signed with Hebrew characters, was sworn with effects under £100, the executor was Charles Marks. He left one guinea to be distributed to the poor of Jerusalem, and the residue 'in trust for my dear mother, Rebecca Cohen, now residing in Poland, for her separate use apart from her husband so that he shall not intermeddle therewith'.)

Gitla bat Zvi, who died in her old age on the Holy Sabbath Iyar 5613.

In memory of Hannah Ralph who departed this life May 5613 [=1853] aged 87 years.

(Hannah Ralph wife of Judah (Lewis) Ralph who was the son of Abraham Ralph I of Bideford. Their children were Samuel, 1803 67 (tomb A133); Frederick, 1804 1850 (tomb B1); Abraham, 1814 1890; Amelia, 1812 1874; and possibly George. In the 1841 census she is living at Southside off Bedford Street, was aged 75 and of independent means.)

[Reverse] Sydney Solomon.

Solomon Samuel ben Solomon who went to Heaven aged 1 year and two months, on Friday 22 Adar 5629 [= 5 March 1869].

[Reverse] Charles Samuel Solomon.

A child of delights ...

(Apparently a double stone.)

Sarah bat Benjamin Aryeh.

[Reverse] Sarah Levi died 2 February 5601 [= 1851] aged 78 years.

B32 to B34

Here lies a woman who feared the Lord in her heart/ To help with loving kindness the living/ and the dead, Mrs/ Friedcha bat Judah, wife of Phineas ben Abraham Emdin, died Monday 6 Adar Rishon 5603 [= 6 February 1843].

[Reverse] Esther Simons.

[Reverse] Rosie ... Sander Alexander, aged ?66 years.

Yetta bat Mordecai the Levite, wife of Eliezer ben the late Abraham, died in her old age on the Holy Sabbath, 10 Tamuz 5606 [= 4 July 1846].

(She was the wife of Eliezer Aaron, son of Abraham Aaron, who in turn was son in law of Abraham Joseph I.)

[Reverse] [?] Harris.

Esther bat ?Judah, wife of Alexander.

Rachel Yettela bat Abraham, wife of Avigdor Isaac, died Nisan 5609 [= March 1849].

Sara Lyon.

Abraham ben ... died and buried 22 Adar 5566 [= 12 March 1806].

Here lies the aged woman/ Who kept the commandments of the Lord/ And was gathered up in good hoary age/ Mrs Miriam bat Abraham Zvi KZ. Died 4 Iyar 5609.

Meriam Abrahams died 25 April 5609 [= 1849] aged 96 years.

The child of delights Jacob ben Elijah Moss, born on Friday, 12th Tishri 5573 [= 18 September 1812], died and buried Friday 4 Nisan 5575 [= 14 April 1815].

(His father was Elias Moss, of George Street, Plymouth Dock, Navy Agent in 1816. Elias was brother to Barrow Moss (13/14).)

5577 [=1817].

Sacred to the memory of Mordecai Levi son of Lyon and Leah Levi, died 3 Av 5577 [= 16 July 1817] aged 5 years and 2 months.

Blima bat Eliezer wife of Isaac from Portsmouth.

[Reverse] Blumey, wife of Isaac Marks of Portsmouth died December 5610 [= 1849] aged 77 years.

Leah bat Issachar Baer, wife of Zvi ben Judah.

(Her husband was Zvi ben Judah Lyons from Warsaw, who in 1810 is described in Congregational records as a fringe maker. They lived in Devonport.)

Miss Pessla bat Simeon the Levite, died Tuesday ?25 Tevet 5610 [= ?9 January 1850].

[Reverse] In memory of Eliza Levi ....

Joseph ben Isaac, died first day of Rosh Hodesh Shevat 5591 [= 15 January 1831].

(= Joseph Isaac of Devonport.)

Telza wife of Abraham Joseph.

[Reverse] Eliza Joseph, died 4 Shevat 5610 [= 17 January 1850], aged 42 years.

(She was the daughter of Lemon Wolf, granddaughter of Moses Jacob of Redruth, and great granddaughter of Zender Falmouth. Her husband was Abraham Joseph II, and her children include Solomon, Hannah and Eliza.)

Miriam bat Abraham wife of Nathan from Dartmouth.

[Reverse] Miriam Jacobs, wife of Nathan Jacobs, formerly of Dartmouth, 5610 [= 1850].

(Miriam Jacobs was born in Devon in 1771; she advertized in TFP, 7 March 1833 that her pawnbroking business in Dartmouth was for sale; she was a silversmith in 1841 in Bedford Street, Plymouth. Her sons were Alexander, Jacob, and Angel, her daughters: Betsy married B. L. Joseph of Liverpool; Martha (pre deceased her mother) married Isaac Emanuel of Southampton; Zipporah married Hyman Hyman of Plymouth. Her will (DRO, Exeter, J/38) was made 12 February 1846 and was proved with effects sworn at under £1,600. Her nephews are said to have founded Crockfords.)

Ginandel bat Judah, wife of Judah, 5611 [= 1851].

(= Nandell Moses, probably the wife of Judah Moses I. She was born in Devon in 1766, and in 1841 was an 85 year old shopkeeper in the High Street, Plymouth.)

[Reverse] Leah (?) Levi.

(Front: Illegible. In the 1841 census she is described as 58, born in another county, of independent means, living in St Andrew Street, Plymouth, with Esther, Isabella and Julia, presumably her daughters. See B43a.)

Hannah bat Isaac, wife of Judah, died on the Holy Sabbath, ?20 Tevet 5612 [= 12 January 1852].

[Reverse] Ann wife of Mark Levy aged ?43 years.

(She was Ann, widow of Gabriel Rosenthal who died 27 May 1835 (A71), daughter of Isaac Mark. She married Mark Levy II in 1844 (PHC Mar. Reg 10). He was in business at Cornet Street, Guernsey, which he insured from 1830, and there is an insurance policy for his goods at the corner of Grosvenor and Olive Street, Alderney, and another at High Street, Guernsey in 1839. He died 23 December 1848 in Guernsey and his widow a 'dealer in cutlery, stationery, mathematical and optical instruments, wearing apparel' insured for herself and in trust for her children.)

Rachel bat Abraham, wife of Aaron.

Rachel Bellem.

(Rachel Bellam or Bellem, born 1783 Plymouth, died 1863. Her husband was Aaron Bellam of Dartmouth, where her three children Harriet, a deaf and dumb seamstress, Jacob, general dealer, and Abraham, a dyer were born. Her father in law was Hayim of Dartmouth, member of the Congregation in 1760.)


Aaron ben Mordecai, died Monday 11 Av 5555 [= 27 July 1795].

(He was born 26 March 1786 and was the fith child to be circumcized by Joseph Joseph.)


Frumat bat Moses, wife of Abraham.

(She was the first wife of Abraham Emden, she died 13 May 1838.)

A child's stone, illegible.

[Reverse] Kitty, wife of Phinehas Levi, also her daughter Traphina.

(Kitty Levi born Portsea 1788, died after 1851. Her husband was a Navy Agent of 15, Catherine Street, Devonport, and was one of the first Jews elected to Civic office in England.

Leah bat Mordecai, wife of Abraham Emdin, died Av 5611 [= August 1851].

[Reverse] Leah wife of Abraham Emdon.

(Lydia Emden born Devonport 1811, daughter of Mordecai Davis, Market Street, Plymouth, second wife of Abraham Emden. Her children were Clarence, Eleazar, Clare Solomon, Mark.)

Zvi ben Moses, died Sunday and buried Monday 9 Iyar 5536 [= May 1776].

[Reverse] Rebecca .... Lemon Wolf.

(She was the wife of Lemon Wolf, who was the son of Hayim Wolf of Penzance, and granddaughter of Zender of Falmouth.

[Reverse] Rosetta Solomon ?wife of Isaac Solomon.

(She was Rosa bat Asher ben Hayim, probably a daughter of Asher Wolf of Penzance. She was born in Cornwall, 1811. Her children were Solomon, Sarah, Henry, Julia, Ellen E., Simon W., David. Her husband had a fancy goods warehouse at 22 Whimple Street, Plymouth. He was the son of Jacob Solomon of Exeter, and moved to New York by 1872. About 1858 he was elected Poor Law Guardian, Plymouth.)

Fanny, beloved wife of Joseph Joseph, died ?Av ?5615.

(Fanny Joseph was born in Poland 1815, married Joseph Joseph of Redruth who moved to Plymouth in 1849 to 29 Whimple Street, silversmith and mineralogist. Their children were Solomon, Phoebe, Henry, Esther, Sarah, Gertrude, Rose, Julia, Florence {who married Solomon Barnett in 1876. He was a property developer in Kilburn and Willesden, London, and named the streets there after towns in her native Devon} and Mathilda.)

Miriam bat Moses, wife of Aaron Nathan. May her pains and affliction which she bore in her life be an atonement for her sins. Died Friday, 5 Heshvan 5618.

Mary Nathan died 23 October 5618 [= 1858] aged 61 years.

(See B24.)

Miss Sarah bat Aaron, aged 38 years, died Tuesday Rosh Hodesh Kislev 5632.

[Reverse] In loving memory of Sarah, daughter of Aaron and Mary Nathan, died 14 November 1871, aged 38.

(See B24, B62.)

Bila bat Eliakim, died ?2 Kislev 5619 [= December 1859].

[Reverse] Elizabeth ... John Levi.

(See B19, where he is called John Levy.)

Sarah bat Mordecai to the grief of her parents.

[Reverse] Sarah Levy died 2 Tevet 5619 [= 9 December 1858], aged 15 years.

(She appears in the 1851 census (P5/41). Her parents were Marks and Betsy Levi of 50 Bedford Street, Plymouth.)

Miss Gitla bat Isaac, died 5619 [= 1859].

[Reverse] Julia Marks, sister of Charles Marks.

(Julia Marks was a strawbonnet maker in Cornwall Street in 1836. Administration of her estate, under £50, was granted to her brother Samuel in London.)

The bachelor Moses ?Menahem ben Solomon, died [?] Heshvan ?5564 [= October ?1804].

Bila bat Moses Isaac. She was 60 years old at her death.

[Reverse] Arabella, wife of Myer Stadthagen, died 26 Nisan 5622 [= 26 April 1862] aged 61[!] years.

(She was the daughter of Judith and Henry Joseph of Redruth, granddaughter of Zender of Falmouth. See B76.)

The Parnas and Manhig to his congregation, Abraham ben Joseph.

[Reverse] Abraham Joseph died 28 Eyar 5628 [= 20 May 1868].

(Abraham Joseph II (1799 1868), born Plymouth, married firstly 31 January 1828 Eliza Wolf, daughter of Asher Wolf (1811 1850), of Penzance (B47): secondly Rose died 1896. By his first wife he had Rose, Hyman, Henry, Moses, Solomon, Sarah, David, Ruth, Hannah and Eliza. By his second wife he had Floretta. A bill broker in 1851 of 6 Mulgrave Place, Plymouth. Slop man to Prince William Henry. Plymouth's representative at the Board of Deputies. Partner in Devon and Cornwall Bank. Friend of Chief Rabbi Nathan Adler, to whom he bequeathed his library.)

A woman of valour and of upright heart, Sheincha, wife of cantor Lima [?Lita], died Wednesday, the eve of Rosh Hodesh Nisan 5553 [= 13th March 1793].

(Their son was a member of the Congregation from 1795 99. The first reference in the PHC's records to Cantor Lima is in 1796 when he was appointed Reader at £25 per annum. His salary went up to £42 per annum in 1802 and £50 per annum in 1816.)

Mordecai ben Israel, an old man and honoured, who served in the fear of the Lord. Died with hoary head on Tuesday, 14 Shevat and buried on Wednesday in the year ?5618 [?= Friday 29 January 1858].

Samuel ben Menahem the Priest, an honourable and faithful man from the stock of martyrs, eager to do loving kindness to the poor and hastening to his prayers, evening, morning and noon. Died 5 Iyar 5620 [= 27 April 1860].

(Samuel Cohen, referred to in Congregational records of 1820 as 'from Chelmsford', and seems to have travelled through Plymouth frequently about 1821. In 1846 it seems as though he was in some financial difficulty, but he left £5 to the Synagogue when he died in 1860.)

[Reverse] Marcus Wolf.

(Ze'ev ben Mordecai (1781 c1860). Born Poland, married to Kitty also from Poland, left £1 to Synagogue at his death.)


Judah Lyon.

(Judah ben Avigdor. Probably son of Francis Lyons, died 1837. Brother of Solomon Lyons and Mathilda Lazarus. Watchmaker in Bedford Street, Plymouth 1836.)

 [IMPORTANT: see this emendation/query at this link

Illegible, but a ewer and basin at the head of the stone.

Here lies a man who walked in uprightness and righteousness, he feared the Lord God all the days of his life. 32 years he was cantor here in the Holy Congregation of Plymouth. Meir ben Rabbi Isaac, he died on Monday, the 7th day of Passover, aged 58 years and was buried with great honour on the last day of the Passover, 5622.
Myer Stadthagen died 21 Nisan 5622 [= 21 April 1862] aged 58.

(Myer Stadthagen, born Prussia 1804, married Arabella (see B67). Their children were Selina, Phoebe, Sarah, Ellen and Isaac (see A26). Ellen married Edwin Selig of Manchester in Birmingham 1864, his other sons in law were Barnet Barnett, jeweller of Birmingham, Abraham Isaacs, pawnbroker of Newport, Mon., and Edwin Wolf of Plymouth, pawnbroker. By his will, under £1,500, he left £200 to Ellen when she should marry, which should not be without the consent of Barnett and Abraham 'if it be against our religion', as the others had also received £200 each. £400 to his son in law Barnett, which Stadhagen had already lent to him, and called on him to pay into the estate some £610, the value of railway shares, which were in his possession. His son in law Edwin Wolf, owed him £20 and Mr J. Joseph owed £14 for which Stadhagen had mortgaged his house. He left £3 to my Congregation as a memorial to be made every festival of free will offerings and to pay some fit person to say a prayer for me during the year, and a light shall be burned... ' He gave a silver cup to each son in law, and the 'circumcision boxes shall be kept in the family until one of my grandchildren shall be a circumcizor'. £3 was to be sent to the Holy Land, and his Pentateuch with the commentary of the Abarbanell to be given to Abraham Isaacs of Newport. According to his naturalisation certificate he was a native of Bishopswerder, Prussia and wanted citizenship to enable him to purchase and hold landed property. His five referees were all non Jews.)

Abraham ben Yekutiel. ... buried with honour ...
[Reverse] Abraham Kaufman, died 16 January 1863, aged 54 years. May his soul rest in peace.

(Abraham Kaufman, hawker, born Prussia, bachelor (P5/265). Described as a watchmaker when administration of his effects is granted to his brother Bernard Kaufman.)

Miss Harriet Nathan.

(Miss Harriet Nathan born Plymouth 1773, an aunt of Abraham Ralph II, probably the sister of Hannah Ralph. Listed in the Plymouth Directory, 1850 under 'gentry etc.' as of Bedford Street.)

Joseph ben Judah Jacob.

(= Joseph Jacob Sherrenbeck. He came from Sherrenbeck in Germany, and was the leader of the Plymouth Congregation in 1745. Is first heard of in 1734 at the Assizes at Taunton when he was found guilty of criminal conversation with the wife of Lazarus Chadwick, for which he was fined £20 and imprisoned 2 years. A prominent business man and generous benefactor with his wife to the Synagogue. In 1746 he applied as creditor to administer the estate of a William Acres {Ackres} late of Crediton but died belonging to HMS Edinburgh {DRO Moger, II, p. 1335, bundle 130}. He insured his goods in a house on New Quay for £2,000 from 1758. In 1760, giving his address at Solomon Nathan in Fenchurch Street, with whom he presumably had business dealings, he insured stock in a house in Plymouth Dock in the tenure of Sampson Cohen. He died between 1779 and 1782.)

Miss Rachel ben Jacob Judah, died 22 Tamuz 5629 [= 1 July 1869].
[Reverse] R. Benjamin aged 88 years.

(Rachel Benjamin, born Plymouth, feather maker, daughter of Levi Benjamin, cantor in Plymouth in 1813, she lived at 43, Claremont Street, Plymouth in 1851. According to the census she was born in 1801, but according to the tombstone inscription she was born in 1781. She and a Miss E. Benjamin (?= her sister Leah) gave £7. 5s. to the Appeal for the Gifford Place Cemetery, in 1858.)

Hannah bat Menahem the Levite, died Adar Sheni ?5635 [? = March 1875].
Hannah Jonas.


Shraga ben Abraham KZ, died 13 Shevat 5551 [= 17 January 1791].

(Hands of priest on the stone.)

Leah bat Shemaiah, wife of Menahem ben Jacob the priest, aged 81 years.

(Her husband was Emanuel Cohen, born in Carlsberg, near Mannheim 1775, came to England via Gravesend in 1801, stayed in London for a short time and came to Plymouth in 1802. He left Plymouth in 1820 for Falmouth and Redruth. Local tradition in Redruth more than a century after his passing relates that he could be seen in the street waiting for sunset on Friday and Saturday evening to close and open his jeweller's shop. He signed his will in 1849 with a mark, leaving everything to his wife, Leah (AL 58; PCC Cornwall 1849, 329).)

An upright and pure man, the late Gershon ben Judah Jacob, died Kislev 5542 [= December 1781].


The woman elder Mrs ... wife of .... died Tishri 5543 [= September 1783].

(Gershon Sherrenbeck, brother of Joseph Jacob Sherrenbeck. See B78a.)

Illegible. A broken stone with the number 85 at the top, indicating that the stones were numbered subsequent to setting, probably when the cemetery was closed.

Jacob Zvi ben Joseph.
[Reverse] Jacob Lyons.

(Jacob Lyons, born 1795, Poland, wife born 1816 Poland, of 19 Barrack Street, East Stonehouse, general dealer in 1851. Children were: Rosa, Rebecca, Moses, Isaac, Amelia and Aaron. Rose (Rosa) married George Norman, a secretary of the Synagogue, in 1861.)

Here lies a man who feared God, his body lies in the ground, but his soul is in the Garden of Eden. Ze'ev Hayim ben Eleazer who lived 58 years and died with a good name on Friday the 8th of Adar Sheni and was buried with great honour on the 11th thereof in the year 5627.
In memory of Woolf Emden died 15 March 1867, aged 58 years.

(Woolf Emden born 21 April 1810, the son of Eliezer Emden (see B9). In 1851 he was a draper of 19, High Street, and he was married to Rebecca Franco, daughter of John Franco. John Franco's Hebrew name was Abraham, and John was almost certainly the Abraham Franco who died together with his non Jewish wife of cholera in 1832 and who were both buried in the same grave. The children were converted and Rebecca seems to be the 'Rachel' referred to in the Beth Din minutes about their conversion. By trade he was a last maker.)

Jacob Joseph ben Aryeh, died 21 Kislev 5624 [= 2 December 1863]. Aged 58 years.
[Reverse] Jacob Joseph.

(On an 1858 inscription in the Plymouth synagogue his Hebrew name is Isaac Joseph ben Aryeh.)

Abraham ben Aaron Bellem, the reaper passed over him and he died 27 Tishri 5627.
Abraham Bellem died 6 October 5627 [= 1866] aged 44 years.

(His father was Aaron ben Hayim of Dartmouth.)

Here lies the worthy bachelor it is a duty to remember him in honour/ because he dealt in faithfulness,/ charity to the poor he gave,/ his righteousness will remain forever,/ may he reap the reward of the righteous./ He left his wealth as an everlasting memorial/ to see the pleasantness of the fruit of his work./ Jacob ben Solomon died with a good name Tuesday 16 Iyar and was buried on Wednesday the 17th thereof in the year 'You shall be remembered', in his 83rd year.
Beneath are deposited the remains of one of the worthies of his native town Plymouth. Jacob Nathan who departed this life the 21 May 5627 [= 1867]. Reader ponder on the momento of a good man. His path during life was upright, just and righteous. The name of Jacob Nathan was proverbial for deeds of kindness and acts of charity to the needy and unfortunate.

(Jacob Nathan was the largest single benefactor to the Plymouth Congregation leaving them the bulk of his estate of £13,000. He was a bachelor, first mentioned in Congregational records in 1819, is mentioned in English Goldsmiths as a goldsmith in 1833. His brothers were Nathaniel, born 1778, and Henry, born 1793 {see tombs B91 and B93}. Their sister Bila died in 1833. None of the family married, they were large owners of houses. Neither Nathaniel nor Henry were as rich as Jacob, who was a most frequent and generous contributor to all manner of charities.)

Nathan ben Solomon, died Sunday 5 Elul 5625.
Nathaniel Nathan died 27 August 5625 [= 1865] aged 87 years.

(Brother of Jacob and Henry Nathan, see B90.)


Zvi ben Solomon, died on the Holy Sabbath 23 Tevet 5624 [= 2 January 1864].
Henry Nathan.

(Brother of Jacob and Nathaniel Nathan, see B90.)


..... in the year 5522 [= 1762].


The upright and worthy Joseph ben Joseph Meir, died Sunday, Rosh Hodesh Heshvan ?5545 [?= 15 October 1784].

(He was the Beadle of the Congregation in 1779 and appears to have been a member in 1759.)


The worthy bachelor Jacob ben .... died 23 Shevat 5523 [= February 1763].

Abraham ben .... died Iyar 5540 [= 1780].


Menahem ben Judah, died Friday, 2 Kislev 5557 [= 2 December 1796].

(A deeply incised inscription on slate. The standard abbreviation for 'May his soul be bound up in the bond of life' is at the beginning of the inscription. It is invariably at the end. He and his wife Esther bat Solomon left £2. 2s. to the Synagogue.)

B103 & B104


Feigala bat Samuel, died 19 Shevat 5628.
[Reverse] Frances, daughter of Samuel and Phoebe Levy, 12 February 1868.

(See B10. Their surname is more usually spelled Levi.)

Brina bat Gershon.
Brina, wife of Henry Morris died 28 August 1867, aged 56 years.

(Brina Morris, nee Joseph, was born in Exeter, was married in 1830 to Henry or William Morris, born Prussia, jeweller, of 35, Cambridge Street in 1851. Their children were Cordelia, George, Deborah, Kate, Jacob and Judah.)

Brina bat Abraham, died 2 Elul 5625 [= 24 August 1865].
[Reverse] Brina Joseph.

Brina {or Briny} Joseph born 1781 Plymouth, daughter of Abraham Joseph I, married Nathan Joseph (Altmann), and had twelve children.)

The tombstone of Abraham Emden (B112)

B109 to B111

Here lies a man who went in the path of uprightness, feared God, generous of heart, pursued righteousness and loving kindness and gave to the needy. Abraham ben Eliezer who reached days and years of hoary head and who died on Monday 12th of the month of Ziv [= Iyar], his body lies in the earth but his soul is accepted in the Garden of Eden. He was gathered with great honour to the place of his fathers on Tuesday, the 13th of said month in the year 5632. In memory of Abraham Emdon T.C. Devonport, died 20 May 1872/5632, aged 73 years.

(Abraham Emden born 1799 Plymouth, son of Eliezer Emden I married twice, firstly to Martha {Frumat} {see A73} and secondly Lydia, daughter of Mordecai Davis. He was a pawnbroker in Cornwall Street, Devonport in 1844, at 13 Ordnance Street in 1851. Elected Town Councillor of Devonport on 9 November 1870, and a year later was a member of the General Purposes Committee. His son was elected in his place for Morice Ward on his death, which took place at 10, Lambert Street. According to Revd Berlin, the present stone is a replacement of a previoue one.)

The outstanding Torah scholar, righteous, and upright. Isaac ben Abraham. When he was 73 years old he was called to the Yeshiva on High. 10 Shevat 5732.
Isaac Isaacs died 19 January 1872 aged 72! years.

(Isaac Isaacs born Bavaria 1803, married Fanny, born Exeter 1812. Their children, all born in Plymouth, were Amelia, Isabella, Nancy, Julia, Jeanette. He was a master jeweller of 31 Frankfurt Street, in 1851. In the 1871 census he is described as a general clothes dealer at 1 Abbey Place. He is referred to in a holograph letter [brought to my attention by Mr Edgar Samuel] sent to Henry Solomon of Plymouth in 1844, as 'the man who comprehends all knowledge, the sage Mr Isaacs'.)

B114 & B115

At the age of ?13 years he ascended to Heaven. The bachelor Ze'ev ben Abraham, in the year ?5610 [= ?1850].
[Reverse] Wolf Rosenberg.

Alexander ben Meir, died 19 Av 5629 [= 27 July 1869].

(= Alexander Klapper born, according to Revd Berlin, in 1834; married 12 November 1862 to Amelia Rain of 8 Leigham Terrace, Plymouth, daughter of Abraham Rain. Klapper was a clothier of 92 Pembroke Street, Devonport, in 1862.)


The righteous man Mordecai ben Jacob, died Friday and was buried on Sunday ... 5567 [= 1806/7.)

(= Mordecai Jacobs born 1727 Prague, landed at Harwich in 1750, spent 3 years in London and was then in Cornwall from 1753 to 1773. He was an umbrella maker and remained in Plymouth from 1773 until his death on 4 October 1806. In 1805 he lived at 85 Market Place, Plymouth.)

Joseph ben Baruch, died 27 Heshvan 5627 [= 5 November 1866] aged 72 years.

Hannah Moses.

(A broken stone lying on the ground in pieces. According to Revd Berlin she was the wife of Phillip Moses II, she died Friday, 23 December 1864 aged 83. These details are no longer legible.)

Rose Philip [Berlin read: Rosie Phillips], died 5 January (1803) aged 55 years.

(= Reizcha bat Samuel SGL, she was a clothes broker of 15 Market Street, Plymouth Dock in 1823 and, from 1825 to 1826, one of the few women members of the Plymouth Meshivat Nefesh Society.)

B120 to B125
Illegible or Missing. A56 (Mrs Reichla Benjamin) above, lies next to B126.

... ben Abraham KZ, [died] 55[??].

(The number 126 has been placed in the centre of the stone as the priestly hands have been carved at the top.)


Abraham Isaac ben Joseph, died 22 Kislev ...

(= Abraham Joseph I (1731 24 November 1794). 'Died at Plymouth aged 63, Abraham Joseph wholesale dealer in slops for the Navy. He was one of the people called Jews, but the actions of his whole life would have done honour to any persuasion. He amassed a considerable fortune by very fair and honest means. As an agent for seamen, his practice was well worthy the imitation of every person in that business, as several orphans and indigent widows can testify (Gentleman's Magazine 1794, p. 1156)'. He was married to Rosy Abrahams and their children were Phoebe, Esther, Joseph, Brina, Samuel, Aaron, Gella, Henel. He probably came from Germany, and spent his early years in London. His wife had a grandfather, Michael Moses, who lived in Creechurch Lane, London. They probably went to Plymouth because Rosy had family there. According to his will he left his real estate to his children, to Joseph and Samuel two leasehold dwellings on the Barbican, Plymouth, two other leasehold houses in the possession of Thomas Rowland and John Elliot and three dwellings on the quay in East Stonehouse on trust for Joseph, Gella and Henel, Samuel, Phoebe and Brina. Also to his wife and sons freehold dwellings in Castle Street and Stillman Street or Seven Star Lane. These were also to be held in trust for Esther. A house in Pyke Street used by his son in law Abraham Aaron to be held in trust for Phoebe Aaron. He had insured the life of one Joseph Daw[?son], and Phoebe was to pay the premiums, and to have the benefit of it. Of the residue £500 went to his wife and each child except Joseph and Phoebe, who already had their share, and the remainder to be divided into eight parts. One eighth each to: Joseph, his wife, Samuel (provided it did not exceed £500) 'to set up or continue as a pawnbroker', Phoebe, Gella, Brina, Henel, Esther. His scrolls of the Sefer Torah in the Synagogue were to be given one to Joseph, one to Samuel, and the oldest to the 'Synagogue and the Jew people frequenting same'. 'The pair of Aaron silver bells and the plate thereto belonging shall never be sold or alienated from my family'. Joseph's son Henry got a gold watch and silver shoe and stone knee buckles. 'To Moses Ephraim, schoolmaster £12. 12s. 0d. within twelve months to say certain prayers for me daily'. The interest of £100 in the Oakhampton Turnpike to be paid to the Beth Hamidrash in London. 'The interest on £100 for the Synagogue in Plymouth upon condition and in confidence that proper prayers are said for me in the synagogue every Jewish Sabbath Day, and every holiday, and if the people attending at such times shall refuse, neglect, or omit to say such prayers for me, then the executors are to pay the interest to the Institution in London'.)

Upon the mountains I will raise my cry and upon the heavens my lamentation [Jer. 9:9] for the young maiden, the daughter of our people Gella bat Abraham known as Arbilai. She died on the Holy Sabbath, 11 Kislev 5574 [= 4 December 1813]. May her soul be bound up in the bond of life.

(She was the daughter of Abraham Joseph I, for whom see C1.)

C3 & C4

Joseph ben Abraham Isaac.

(= Joseph Joseph (1766 6 September 1846) son of Abraham Joseph I {see C1}. Silversmith and slop merchant, continued in his father's footsteps, generous benefactor of the Synagogue. In 1798 he gave a burial plot worth £105 to the Congregation, also an Ark curtain, two golden breastplates and a small cover. He owned extensive property, but lost his money and went bankrupt. He moved in High Society and appears to have been friendly with King William IV when the latter was at Dartmouth in his youth.)

Here lies a modest women, precious in her actions, her glory was at home and she was praised without, ninety were the days of the years of her life when she was gathered to her people and to her fathers. She was the benefactress, a woman of worth, Edal bat Abraham Zvi, who died with a good name on Thursday, 11th Adar and was buried here in honour on Friday, the 12th thereof 5621 [= 21 February 1861].

(She was the wife of Joseph Joseph (C5). She was born in Liskeard in 1771.)

Zvi ben [?] Nahum, died ... ?5552 [= ?1792].


C9 & C10



With bitter cry we bemoan the child Abraham ben Samuel, died on the 2nd day of Shavuot 5564 [= 7 May 1804] aged 5 years.

The child Isaac ben ?Avigdor/?Abimelech. 5564 [= 1804].

May he be with the congregation of the upright, there with the sweet voiced may he dwell, the perfect man Moses ben Isaac, Shammash and Trusty of the Holy Congregation of Plymouth. Died and buried on Thursday, 18 Sivan in the year 'and ye shall circumcize the foreskin of your heart' [apparently based on Deut. 10:16] [= 1780].

(= Moses Isaac, born 1728 Mezeritz in Poland, moved to Frankfurt, landed in Harwich 1748. From the chronogram it appears that he was also the town Mohel. His wife was Dikah bat Jacob and when she died in 1815 the stock which she left was sold to satisfy the expenses incurred by the Congregation on her behalf. Isaac was appointed as Teacher of children in 1781 though he probably acted in this capacity at an earlier date because he signed the minutes of the congregation as Beadle in 1778. His wife, Dikah, together with the wife of Naphtali Benjamin (see A56), and Beilah, wife of Moses Yorkshire, were called on to examine Esther bat Judah, on the 6th day of Passover 1794. The girl was standing on a table to watch the sight of the army to amuse herself like the other girls, as she was at that time between 8 and 9 years of age. She fell from the table and her mother saw that there was blood on her dress, so she sent for the three women to rule whether 'it was blood of virginity or not. Therefore let this be a memorial, so that there should not be found in her, God forbid, an evil name, for there are men of Belial who say that she whored in the house of her mother and father'.)

A woman of worth Golda bat Judah, died and buried Sunday, 19 Adar Rishon 5559 [= 24 February 1799].

With bitter cries we mourn the child Elijah ben Abraham, died and buried on Sunday, 9 Adar Sheni 5527 [= 10 March 1767].

The generous Israel ben Jacob, died 29 Adar Rishon 5559 [= 5 April 1799].

(= Israel Jacobs, born 1743 in Oberhausen, Germany. Landed in Harwich in 1762. He was a silversmith in Southside Street. A member of the Congregation in 1767, subscribed one guinea in 1779 for the Plymouth Congregation's War Levy, and one guinea in 1782 for a new Scroll of the Law. He was probably a brother of Nathan Jacobs of Dartmouth, see 13/7.)

Naphtali Hirtz ben Benjamin, died on Friday, 4 Iyar and was buried on Sunday 5561 [= 17 April 1801] aged 75.

(This seems to be Naphtali Benjamin, born in Ilbersheim, near Mannheim in 1725. Landed at Harwich in 1745, and appears to have settled in Plymouth by 1759. He acted as beadle to PHC in 1778, and was a boxmaker shortly before his death, see AL32.)

An upright man, a righteous priest, who helped the poor, to services he went morning and night, Federale ben Abraham KZ. Died and buried with a good name on Wednesday, 13th Adar Sheni 5562 [= 17 March 1802].

My heart weeps for the praised woman, wife of Lapidot [Judges 4:4] Gittla bat Michael, wife of the late Zalman Mannheimer, who died on 4 Iyar 5565 [= 3 May 1805].

(Her husband was Solomon Zalman ben Abraham KZ Mannheimer who was a member some time before 1782.

Nathan ben Jacob from Dartmouth, died Friday 14 Heshvan 5592 [= 24 October 1831].
Reverse] Nathan Jacobs, late of Dartmouth, 6 November 5592 [sic].

(Nathan Jacobs was a member of the Plymouth Congregation before 1779 when he made a big disturbance in the Synagogue for which he had to make an abject apology. He was a jeweller in Dartmouth, his wife was Miriam and his children were Alexander, Angel, Betsy, Martha and Zipporah. By his will he appointed Arthur Bailey Harris, a banker, and Alexander as executors of his estate which amounted to some thousands of pounds.)

Yehiel ben Naphtali, died and buried Wednesday, 3 Nisan 5581 [= 5 April 1821].

(Possibly he was Henry Hart, the father of Moses Hart. In Plymouth before 1805.)

Judah ben Moses Jacob, died [or was buried] the eve of Rosh Hodesh Shevat 5586 [= 8 January 1826] aged 87 years.

(= Judah Moses I, born 1741 Hartheim in Wurzburg, landed 1763 in Harwich and came straight to Plymouth. His daughter Esther married Alexander ben Samuel of Truro. Judah played an important part in the affairs of the Congregation in the early nineteenth century {a Judah ben Moses subscribed to the Plymouth Congregation's War Levy of 1779}. He was insured as a watchmaker, silversmith and slopseller at 62 Southside Street, Plymouth, in 1805. Rachel Benjamin left him and his daughter Esther £1 each by her will {DRO B652} in 1817.)

Ezekiel Judah ben the late Abraham, died 15 Tevet 5583 [= 29 December 1822.]

Simha ben Isaac the Levite who was called Bunam Segal died Monday 25 Tevet 5579 [= 25 January 1819.) The Parnas and Manhig of the Holy Congregation of Plymouth, aged 53 years.

(= Benjamin Levy, born 1776 Hamelburg, Germany, landed in London 1782, and spent 4 years in Arundel, came to Plymouth in 1786. He was insured as a silversmith, haberdasher and optician at 47 Market Street, Plymouth from 1800. On 1 April 1816 he signed as B. Levy in English characters and Bunam in Hebrew, slopseller, a lease for water for a house in Portland Square inhabited by John Tubby. One of the first Jews to be listed in the Devon Directory, he was an optician in Southside Street until his death in 1819. One of his daughters married a Sephardi from Mogador. An ewer and basin are carved at the top of the stone.)

Baruch ben Isaac Moses, died on the eve of Rosh Hodesh Shevat 5577 [= 17 January 1871] aged 35 years. He offered £100 to the Synagogue and he left £40 to its Sinking Fund.

(= Barrow Moss of Devonport. Berlin says that there was poetry on the reverse, but did not record it. Barrow's wife was Sally, whose father Solomon Isaac, came to Plymouth in 1776 and left her a fortune of about £1,500. The Congregation still uses a silver besomim box (spice holder used in the havdalah ceremony at the conclusion of the Sabbath) which his widow presented originally to the Plymouth Dock Minyan.)

Mordecai ben Abraham, died Friday, 21 Heshvan 5572 [= 8 November 1811].

(= Mordecai Abraham born 1743 Gelheim, arrived in England via Harwich 1766, and in 1803 was a silversmith at 37 St Andrews Street, Plymouth. The TFP of 24 December 1773 carried an advertisement from him:

RUN AWAY. On Monday 13 December Moses Isaac, a Jew, servant to Mordecai Abraham of Middle Lane, Plymouth, and carried off two boxes of great value .... Whoever will apprehend [him] so as he may be brought to justice shall receive 2 guineas reward. He is a pale faced man, about 30 years of age, black curled hair, 5 feet 8 inches high, and apt to be merry in company. He wore a blue plush coat, reddish waistcoat and buckskin breeches.

The local press took note of his death after a long illness, when he died at North Corner Street, Plymouth Dock. In his will he is described as a shopkeeper and licenced hawker. His wife was Rachel, and their children were Abraham, Judah, Rebecca and Phoebe.)

Jacob ben Mordecai, and was gathered to his forefathers on Wednesday, 2nd day of Rosh Hodesh Elul and was buried on Friday ?10 Elul.

(= Jacob Jacob/s. The son of Mordecai Jacob who landed in England in 1750. He was insured as a silversmith and toyman of Market Place, Plymouth, from 3 February 1796. He remained there until his death. His will leaves 'to the Jewish synagogue at Plymouth, of which I am by the blessing of God a member, £100 to be invested in 5% annuities, the interest to be given to the poor Jews of Plymouth every year in Elul, on condition that my late father Mordecai Jacobs, and myself, be commemorated forever at the Yizkor service. In default of which my heirs are to sue the congregation in payment of £100. £10 towards ten poor people for making a competent meeting for prayers every Saturday, and £5 to Mr Ephraim to say a certain portion of the Holy Scriptures as a prayer for me on every Saturday, £5 to my brother in law, Rabbi Simon for saying a prayer called Kaddish for me in the synagogue every day, a mourning ring to each of my nephews and the residue to my dearly beloved wife Hannah Jacobs, daughter of Hayim Barnett of the City of Gloucester'.)

The old man Solomon ben Nathan, died on the Holy Sabbath 15 Shevat 5571 [= 9 February 1811].

(= Solomon Nathan, born 1740 Merionthal, Germany, landed Harwich 1756 and came straight to Plymouth where he had family. He was the father of Jacob, Henry, Nathaniel and Bila Nathan. His wife was Rachel, sister of Abraham Daniel, a noted miniaturist. He was a goldsmith, and apparently the only registered Jewish master who took registered apprentices in the South West. Judah Lyons was apprenticed to him in 1772 for £42.)

My wife Feigela bat Mordecai, wife of Isaac ben Avigdor, died on account of the plague, Tuesday, 2nd day of Rosh Hodesh Elul 5592 [= 28 August 1832].
[Reverse] Fanny, wife of S. Lyon.

(First wife of Solomon Lyon. She was a straw hat maker in Pyke Street in 1822.)

Esther bat Abraham from the State of Poland, the Holy Congregation of Lublin, died 25 Tevet 5591 [= 7 January 1831].

(The wife of Lazarus Solomon (see A21), possibly his first wife.)

(Jose) Cohen, she died 2 April 5589 [= 1829] aged 3 months.

Sarah bat David the Priest, died 15 Heshvan 5581 [= 23 October 1820].

An elder, honoured and respected, who attained 80 years like a mighty man. He ran like a hart and was as swift as an eagle to do that which was right and upright, the scholar Sampson ben Nathan, who died on Tuesday, 27 Iyar 5577 [= 13th May 1817] the 42nd day of the Omer according to the counting of the children of Israel. May he arise in his turn at the time appointed which is sealed in the Book.

(= Simon Nathan, born 1747 near Marienbad in Bohemia, landed at Harwich in 1773 and came straight to Plymouth where he was a dealer and chapman at 85 Market Place in 1803. As early as 1786, he was in a comfortable way of life, able to have water piped into his house on the conduit system.)

Nencha bat Yehie[l], wife of the late Zvi ben Nathan, died 15 Heshvan 5574 [= 8 November 1813].

(The 'l' of Yehiel is omitted, probably for the same reason as the 'o' in G d, which is the translation of el.)

Brina bat Solomon known as Zalman KZ, wife of Reuben known as Zelig, died Tuesday 21 Kislev 5574 [= 14 December 1813].

(= Mrs Brina Isaacs, the wife of Solomon Isaacs (see O18), and a relation, perhaps, of the aunt of Joseph Joseph.)

The elder, Reuben Zelig ben Isaac, died the Holy Sabbath 21 Kislev 5576 [= 23 December 1815]. He left after him £15 and £10.

(= Solomon Isaac, born 1751 in Mannheim, landed in London 1775, arrived in Plymouth 1776, a silversmith, noted in the Devon Directories from 1798, a tenant of one of Joseph Joseph's houses in Southside Street. His wife was Brina, or Briney, see O17. By his will he appointed Leviah, wife of Levy Zachariah, Sally, wife of Barrow Moss, Isaac Isaacs, three of his children, to be executors of his estate which was sworn at £3,000.)

Minnela bat Menahem, wife of the Parnas and Manhig Zvi ben Samuel who went to her rest on Sunday, 25 Heshvan and was buried on the 28th thereof 5572 [= 12 November 1811].

(She was the wife of Henry Hart {see 13/7b}, who in 1797 was one of the Trustees of the synagogue.)

The bachelor Abraham ben Nathan, Dartmouth, died on the Holy Sabbath, the eve of Shavuot, and was buried on Isru Hag 5572 [= 16 May 1812] aged 20 years.

(A son of Nathan Jacobs of Dartmouth.)

The child Miriam bat Yehiel, died on Friday, 6 Elul 5572 [= 14 August 1812].

Moses Isaac ben Judah, died Friday and buried Sunday 14 Elul 5593 [= 2 September 1833].

(= Isaac Moses, known as Ike Moses, probably a son of Judah Moses I (see A14) who came to Plymouth in 1763.)

The Parnas and Manhig Yehiel Michael ben Zvi, died Thursday, 20 Adar 5579 [= 17 March 1819].

(= Michael Hart, born 1739 near Mannheim, came to England via Harwich 1763. A silversmith in Howes Lane in 1803.)

Alexander Aryeh ben Menahem, died 14 Heshvan 5579 [= 16 November 1818], with hoary head and full of days.


Edal bat Samuel, wife of Alexander Aryeh ben Menahem, died Sunday, 9 Heshvan 5579 [= 8 November 1818], aged 65 years.

(His surname was Emanuel, his children were Samuel, Ezekiel and Menahem.)

Genella bat Baruch, wife of the late Joseph ben Zvi, from the Holy Congregation of Falmouth, died Friday, 9 Kislev 5577 [= 29 November 1816].

The child Miriam bat Jacob, Betsy Miriam Jacob, daughter of the late Lewis Jacobs [II].

Judah ben Isaac, died 8 Sivan 5600 [= 7 June 1840].
[Reverse] Lewis Jacobs; 7 June 1840, aged 49 years.

(= Lewis Jacobs I, goldsmith in 1823 in Totnes. He was not the father of Q5, but he might have been the father of A94.)

The bachelor Issachar ben Joel, died 25 Shevat 5582 [= 16 February 1822].

(Berlin queries 's.o. [= son of] Joel Levy?'.)

The bachelor Aaron ben Simeon the Levite, died 13 Tishri 5579 [= 13 October 1818].

(The stone has an ewer and basin at the top.)

Joshua Falk ben the late Isaac from Breslau. He was slain in the place of Fowey by the uncircumcized and impure man Wyatt and drowned in the waters, 14 Kislev 5572 and buried on the 17th thereof [= 30 November 1811], aged 26 years.

(= Isaac Valentine who acted as an agent for the Josephs, a Plymouth family, who in turn were acting on behalf of the London bankers Goldsmid, who were buying up golden guineas for the Government. He was enticed to bring £260 to Fowey by an innkeeper called Wyatt and was murdered by him and dropped into the dock. Wyatt was hanged for this crime at Bodmin in the presence of a large crowd which flocked in from all the countryside.)

Zadok ben Asher, died 5 Tamuz 5570 [= 7 July 1810].

(In the Plymouth Aliens Register (AL19) there is a Hebrew annotation R' Zadok next to the name Alexander Sunder. The name Zadok occurs only rarely amongst Plymouth Jews, and it is likely that Alexander Sunder is to be identified with Zadok ben Asher. If so, he was born 1760 at Hanau, near Frankfurt, landed at Margate in 1782 and came straight to Plymouth. He was a hawker and pedlar living at 2 Middle Lane in 1803.)

Joseph ben Zvi, died 16 Adar Rishon 5603 [= 16 February 1843]

Abraham ben Isaac, died Monday, 5 Tishri 5585 [= 27 September 1824].

(= Abraham Isaac, born 1741 Furth, landed at Harwich in 1761, and was an old clothes dealer in Southside Street in 1803. In the Congregational records he is always described as Abraham ben Isaac Schnapfuchs.)

The Torani Aaron ben Michael, died 10 Av [followed by the chronogram] 'According to the counting of the children of Israel' [= ?1753 or ?1813].

The bachelor Issachar Behrman ben Joshua Levy the righteous Priest from the Holy Congregation of London, died ?Yom Kippur 5565 [= 15 September 1804] in the Island of Madeira, and was buried here in Plymouth on Friday, the eve of Sabbath, Iyar 5565 [= May 1805].

(The Plymouth Congregation has a silver bowl and jug for the use of the Priests given by his family in gratitude for 'the loving kindness done to the bones of our son'.)

A most exalted man Menahem ben Isaac from London who laboured .... he died on Monday and was buried on Tuesday..... Av 5580 [= ? July 1820].
Emanuel Levy.

(He might be Levy Emanuel (AL30) who was born in 1732 in Weisendorf, Germany, and came to Truro via Harwich in 1748. He was a silversmith in Plymouth from 1763, and in Frankfort Place, Plymouth, in 1803. There was an Emanuel Levy who came from Jamaica and died and was buried in Plymouth in July 1825. A Mr Simons of Falmouth laid out £20 to cover the cost of his burial.)

Joseph ben Naphtali, died and buried on Wednesday 13 Tamuz 5559 [= 16 July 1799].

(= Joseph Henry (AL48), born 1735, Sandfelt, came to England via Harwich in 1766, was a clothes dealer in Lower Lane.)

Joseph ben Jacob Mannheim called Yosepha Mannheimer, died Sunday, 24 Sivan 5582 [= 11 June 1822].

(= Joseph Hart, born 1756 Mannheim, came to Plymouth via Harwich in 1770 and was a silversmith at 35 Market Street, Plymouth. He left Plymouth between 1798 and 1803, but returned to lodgings. He died, and four banknotes of £100 each, gold and silver coins, as well as much gold and silver to a total value of £700 or £800 were found in his lodgings by his landlord William Pyne, who at first refused to hand over the effects. The Congregation appointed a committee of four men to take steps to recover the property and administer it for the benefit of the heirs.)

David ben Moses from Norwich, died and was buried 23 Heshvan 5573 [= 29 October 1812].

(= David Moses born 1737 near Saarbruck, landed in Harwich in 1759 and moved straight to Norwich where he traded as a spectacle maker until 1793, when he moved to Plymouth. In 1803 he lived in Southside Street.)

My husband Isaac Eliezer ben Sampson, died the first Intermediate Day of Succot 5611 [= 23 September 1850].


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