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Congregation Data


Windsor Street Chevra or Windsor Street Synagogue

Alternative Names:

Righteous Path No. 2 Chevra


Windsor Street, London E1.

(Location: What was previously known as Windsor Street is now numbers 121 to 125 Middlesex Street, which backs on to Catherine Wheel Alley. It consists of a row of terraced buildings (about 150 feet long) on the western side of the northern end of Middlesex Street, set back at little from the road and running in an east-west direction.

Present-day Middlesex Street is made up of three sections: the southern section, previously known as Petticoat Lane (still the name of the local street market), which was renamed Middlesex Street in about 1830; the middle section, which until the early 20th century was part of Sandy's Row; and the northern section, consisting of Windsor Street and the adjacent areas leading to Windgate Street (to the north), which until road works in the early 20th century did not appear to have direct access to Middlesex Street/Sandy's Row.)

Date Founded:

Between 1881 and 1887(source)


The congregation merged in 1895 with the Kalischer Synagogue, to form the Great Ali Street Synagogue. ("Service and Scandal: the life and times of an immigrant Jewish Clergyman" by Daniel Appleby, p.90. 2013)


Orthodox - Ashkenazi


One of the 16 congregations that attended the meeting of 16 October 1887 to form the Federation of Synagogues ("The Federation of Synagogues 1887-1987" by Geoffrey Alderman, p 20), and became one of the original federated synagogues on 6 November 1887 (as listed by V. D. Lipman in his "Social History of the Jews in England 1850-1950" - pp 120-121)

Local Government Districts:

The northern section of Middlesex Street (as described above), including what was Windsor Street, is wholly within the City of London (forming part of the ward of Bishopsgate Ward Without), within the administrative area of Greater London since 1965. Until the abolition in 1908 of civil parishes in the City, Windsor Street was within the parish of St. Botolph Without Bishopsgate.

The remainder of present-day Middlesex Street forms the boundary between the City of London (Portsoken Ward, which was also formerly within the parish of St. Botolph Without Bishopsgate), to the west, and the London Borough of Tower Hamlets (formerly the Metropolitan Borough of Stepney in the County of London), to the east. Until 1889, Middlesex Street had formed the boundary between the City of London and the former County of Middlesex, hence the name given to the street.

Registration Districts:

Since 1 July 1837 - City of London

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