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Scarborough Street Synagogue

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Congregation Data


Scarborough Street Synagogue (from about 1873(i))

Former Name

Mansell Street Synagogue
(For predecessor congregation, see under "Formation" below)


Scarborough Street (previously Little Scarborough Street), Goodman's Fields, London E1.(ii)

Former Address:

Mansell Street, London E1(iii), from at least 1870. Prior to then, see under "Formation" below.


The Congregation was the successor to the Gun Yard Synagogue (which had been one of the one of three minor congregations established in London in the eighteenth century), when the Congregation relocated from Gun Yard (in the City of London), sometime before 1870.

Current Status:

Closed, 1920's(iv)


Ashkenazi Orthodox


One of the 16 congregations that attended the meeting on 16 October 1887 to form the Federation of Synagogues(v), and became one of the original 21 or 22 federated synagogues on 6 November 1887(vi)

Membership Data:

1870  -  130 members (Social History of the Jews of England by V.D. Lipman, p.74)

1896  -    52 members (Jewish Year Book 1896-97)

1905  -    83 members (Jewish Year Book 1906)

1915  -    96 members (Jewish Year Book 1916)

Local Government Districts:

Scarborough Street and the central and southern sections of Mansell Street are in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets(vii) (the northern section of Mansell Street is in the City of London). They were previously (from 1900 to 1965) in the Metropolitan Borough of Stepney and prior thereto (from 1856 to 1900) they were within the Whitechapel District in the former county of Middlesex.

Tower Hamlet Bibliography

Registration District (BMD):

Tower Hamlets(viii) - Link to Register Office website


See Cemeteries of the Federation of Synagogues.

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

  • (i) According to the Jewish Directory for 1874, the synagogue was built in Scarborough Street in 1873.

  • (ii) Scarborough Street runs east some 500 feet long from West Tenter Street to East Tenter Street, parallel with, and 300 feet to the north of, Prescott (formerly Great Prescott) Street.

  • (iii) Mansell Street lies to the west of Scraborough Street and runs south some 1,000 feet from Aldgate High Street (opposite Middlesex Street) to Prescott (formerly Great Prescott) Street and the new Tower Gateway DLR Station. It is parallel with Leman Street (500 feet to the east) and Minories (400 feet to the west).

  • (iv) Based upon listing in the Jewish Year Book, 1920, and may have been listed in later editions.

  • (v) Orthodoxy in Anglo-Jewry 1880-1940 by Bernard Homa (1969), p.15, repeated in The Federation of Synagogues 1887-1987 by Geoffrey Alderman (1987), p.20..

  • (vi) Social History of the Jews of England by V.D. Lipman, pp.120/1.

  • (vii) The London Borough of Tower Hamlets, which covers much of the traditional London East End, was created on 1 April 1965 upon the merger of the former Metropolitan Boroughs of Stepney, Bethnal Green and Poplar. These had been within the (then abolished) County of London.

  • (viii) The former Registration Districts were Stepney, until 1 January 1983, and prior thereto, Whitechapel, from the formation of the Congregation until 1 January 1926. All registers would now be held by current register office.

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