the former

Machzikei Hadas Synagogue

Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland




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Congregation Data


Machzikei Hadas Synagogue, Glasgow(ii)


29 Oxford Street, Gorbals, Glasgow(iii)


About 1916(iv)

Current Status:

Closed about 1923(v)


Strictly Orthodox(viii)


None known.

Minister: (To view a short profile of Rabbi Lurie - hold the cursor over his name.)

Rabbi Jacob David Lurie - Rabbi of the congregation from 1916 until about 1923.(ix)

Lay Officers:

c.1916 - c.1917 - Mr. Goldberg - warden(x)

c.1917 - c.1923 - K. Davis - warden(xi)


In 1921, the congregation established the Kol Yankouv Society to provide Jewish education for teenagers.(xii)

Membership Data

1916 - approximately 180 seatholders.(xiii)

Notes & Sources ( returns to text above)

  • (i) Reserved.

  • (ii) Machzikei Hadas is Hebrew for "Upholders of the Faith".

  • (iii) Jewish Year Books 1917 through 1924.

  • (iv) The congregation was first listed in the Jewish Year Book 1917. Second City Jewry (1990) by Dr. K.E. Collins, p. 198, refers to the congregation as "new" in 1916.

  • (v) Second City Jewry (1990) by Dr. K.E. Collins, p. 198, makes reference to the congregation as still functioning in 1921. The latest listing of the congregation was in the Jewish Year Book 1924, although the congregation could have closed a year or two earlier.

  • (vi) and (vii) Reserved.

  • (viii) The name "Machzikei Hadas" generally denotes a congregation whose members adhere strictly to Orthodox Jewish practises, taking its name from the Machzike Hadath Synagogue, which was situated in Spitalfields, London.

  • (ix) Jewish Chronicle press report of 1 September 1916 relates to Rabbi Lurie's appointment. He is listed as minister of the congregation in Jewish Year Books 1917 through 1924 (on each listing of the congregation). Second City Jewry (1990) by Dr. K.E. Collins, p. 199, states that he remained rabbi of the congregation until the congregation closed.

  • (x) Listed as warden in the Jewish Year Book 1917.

  • (xi) Listed as warden in Jewish Year Books 1918 through 1924 (the last listing of the congregation.

  • (xii) Jewish Chronicle report of 15 July 1921.

  • (xiii) Jewish Year Book 1917.


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