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Jews are mentioned living in the city of Győr, Hungary, as early as the 15th century.  From 1748, the Jews were restricted to living on the island of Győr-Sigat, a restriction that was kept, at least partially, for about 100 years.

In the second half of the 19th century, the Jews were prominent as grain exporters and many started factories.  The Jewish population, 3,051 in 1869, reached a peak of 5,904 in 1920 (12% of the total population of the city).

In 1941, 4,688 Jews remained.  In May 1944, the Jews were confined to a ghetto on the island.  On 7 June they were brought to a temporary camp near the city with other Jews from the area, and on 11 June were sent via Kassa to Auschwitz.  After the war, several hundred returned to Győr, but by 1956 only a few remained.


This collection consists of 15 pages of names (surnames and given names), of victims deported to Auschwitz.  The list was apparently made by a communal organization.  In many cases, it appears that the list contains married couples.  There are a number of cases were there was a male name, such as ADLER Oszkŕr, followed by ADLER Oszkŕrné.  The "né" at the end of the male name is the equivalent of "Mrs."

The fields in the database are as follows:

The following are the explanations for the Hungarian abbreviations and words in the "Title" field:

 Ifj.Ifju / IfjabbYouth / Junior
 Elnňk President
 Alelnňk Vice-President
 Fňrabbi Head Rabbi


The information contained in this database was indexed as part of the data sharing agreement between Yad Vashem and JewishGen.  Thanks to Zvi Bernhardt and the Hall of Names staff, the data was provided from the files of Yad Vashem (Collection # O 15 Group 23.4.3).  Zvi Bernhardt also supplied a draft of the background information for this introduction.  This information is accessible to you today thanks to the effort of the following JewishGen volunteers who are responsible for the data entry and validation of this file: Nolan Altman (coordinator), Carol Edan, Harry Green, Norman Greenfield, Joan Parker and Paula Zeiselman.  Thanks also to Tom Klein and Carol Robinson, both from H-SIG, for assistance with the translation of Hungarian words and titles.

In addition, thanks to JewishGen Inc. for providing the website and database expertise to make this database accessible. Special thanks to Susan King, Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias for their continued contributions to Jewish genealogy.  Particular thanks to the Research Division headed by Joyce Field and to Nolan Altman, coordinator of Holocaust files.

Nolan Altman
April, 2005

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