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Protected Jews of the Danzig Suburbs of Hoppenbruch, Stolzenberg, and Langfuhr, 1773
The following Jews living in the Danzig suburbs of Hoppenbruch, Stolzenberg, and Langfuhr were granted protected status by Prussia in 1773. Their names and details about the meaning of the protected status appear in the government order, "No. XL. General-Privilegium und Reglement fuer die Judenschaft in den Danziger Vorstaedten, Hoppenbruch, Stolzenberg und Langfuhr. De Dato Berlin, den 9. August 1773." They have been transcribed from Google Books scans of the compilation, Novum Corpus Constitutionum Prussico-Brandenburgensium Praecipue Marchicarum, Oder Neue Sammlung Koenigl. Preuss. und Churfuerstl. Brandenburgischer, sonderlich in der Chur- und Marck-Brandenburg, publicirten und ergangenen Ordnungen, Edicten, Mandaten, Rescripten &c. &c. von 1771. 1772. 1773. 1774. und 1775. Volume 5, Part 2. Berlin: Christian Ludewig Kunst, 1776.

All information in the published order appears below, and the Notes field also contains extra information, generally speculation about connections with individuals in other sources (which might well be incorrect). With a few possible exceptions, no surnames are present in the order, as expected, since it pre-dates surname adoption in the area. If you can help to identify any of these people, please contact us.

The names are grouped by town and type of protected status: ordinarii, extraordinarii, and bedienten. The three different types of protection will be described here in the future.

Note that the Hoppenbruch Jewish community merged into Altschottland, and Stolzenberg into Weinberg, so that neither existed in name when five communities unified in 1883 to form a single Danzig Jewish Community. It is unclear whether any Jews living in Altschottland or Weinberg are actually included in the Hoppenbruch or Stolzenberg lists below.

Sort by: Published Order / Given Name / Patronymic or Surname
Aaron's widow StolzenbergExtraordinarii
Aaron MeyerHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Aaron Simon Salom.HoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname HIRSCH adopted in 1814?
Abraham HeilbrunLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Abraham JochenStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Abraham JoelStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname LILIENTHAL adopted in 1814? Is this the Abraham Joel who visited the Leipzig fair in 1757,1761?
Abraham LazarusHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Abraham LeviHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname PARADIES, LICHTENHAYN, LEVINSOHN, or SILBER adopted in 1814?
Abraham LeviStolzenbergBedientenSurname PARADIES, LICHTENHAYN, LEVINSOHN, or SILBER adopted in 1814?
Abraham MeyerLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Abraham MeyerHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Abraham MosesHoppenbruchBedientenSurname ANHEIM or SILBERSTEIN adopted in 1814?
Abraham OvzerHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Abraham SalomonStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname SALINGER adopted in 1814?
Abraham SalomonHoppenbruchBedientenSurname SALINGER adopted in 1814?
Alexander AbrahamStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Alexander JochenStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Alexander ManuelLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Alexander MendelStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname KOKOSCHKE adopted in 1814?
Alexander SalomonLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Alexander SaulHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Alexander ValentinStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Anschel HirschHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Arend JonasStolzenbergBedienten
Arend SimonStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Baer IsaacLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Baer JacobHoppenbruchBedienten
Baermann PuchelStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Baer SamuelHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Behrend WulffStolzenbergBedienten
Bendix HirschHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Bendix IsaacLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Benjamin JacobStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Benjamin JoelHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Berens MosesLangfuhrExtraordinariiIs this the Behrend Moses who adopted the surname SILBERSTEIN in 1814?
Caspar MeyerLangfuhrBedientenIs this the Caspar who adopted the surname MEYER in 1814?
Cheia JontoffHoppenbruchBedienten
Conne SeligStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Culmen HirschStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Dadrus LeviStolzenbergBedienten
Daniel MosesLangfuhrOrdinarii
David HirschHoppenbruchExtraordinariiSurname KRIEGER adopted in 1814?
David IsaacStolzenbergBedienten
David IsraelHoppenbruchBedienten
David JoachimHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
David MarcusHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname CASPARIUS adopted in 1814?
David SalomonStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname GOLDSCHMIDT adopted in 1814?
David SamuelHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Elckan JoelHoppenbruchBedienten
Elckan SamuelHoppenbruchBedientenIs this Rabbi Elhanan b. Rabbi Samuel Sanwil Ashkenasi? Or, is this the Elkan Samuel who adopted the surname HIRSCH in 1814?
Elias JudaHoppenbruchBedienten
Enschel LevinStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Ezechiel AbrahamHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Fischel SaulStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname FISCHEL adopted in 1814?
Gottlieb HirschStolzenbergOrdinarii
Henoch AbrahamLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Hirsch ArendtStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Hirsch JoetzenLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Hirsch JonasHoppenbruchBedienten
Hirsch MathiasHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Hirsch MichelLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Hirsch PhilippHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Hirsch SamuelHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname ROSENSTEIN or KALISCH adopted in 1814?
Isaac AaronHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname FRIEDLAENDER adopted in 1814?
Isaac AbrahamHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Isaac DavidLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Isaac IsraelHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Isaac JacobLangfuhrExtraordinariiSurname WEINTRAUB adopted in 1814?
Isaac KoppelLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Isaac KoppelLangfuhrBedienten
Isaac MosesStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname BRUECKNER adopted in 1814?
Isaac PolackHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Isaac SamuelStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Israel AbrahamHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname WEINSTOCK adopted in 1814?
Israel HirschLangfuhrExtraordinariiSurname HIRSCHBERG, KUPFER, or BODENSTEIN adopted in 1814? Or is this the Israel who adopted the surname HIRSCHSOHN?
Israel SachsHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Israel SamuelStolzenbergBedientenSurname HANNEMANN adopted in 1814?
Jacob AbrahamStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Jacob AlexanderLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Jacob ArendtStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Jacob DavidLangfuhrBedienten
Jacob DavidLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Jacob HirschHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname JERATZKI adopted in 1814?
Jacob IsaacHoppenbruchBedientenSurname GERB or SILBERMANN adopted in 1814?
Jacob JonasHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname GOLDSCHMIDT adopted in 1814?
Jacob JosephHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname SOLMS adopted in 1814?
Jacob LeviStolzenbergExtraordinariiIs this the Jacob Lewin who adopted the surname LEWINSOHN in 1814?
Jacob LeviHoppenbruchExtraordinariiIs this the Jacob Lewin who adopted the surname LEWINSOHN in 1814?
Jacob MathiasStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Jacob SalomonStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname JACOBI adopted in 1814?
Jacob WulffStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname BAMBERG adopted in 1814?
Jacob ZodiaStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Joachim ArendStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Joachim LoebelHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Joachim Moses LeviHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Jochen MeyerLangfuhrExtraordinariiIs this the Joachim Meyer who adopted the surname MUNCK in 1814, possibly Rabbi Chaim b. Rabbi Meir POSNER MUNK?
Jochiel HertzHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Joel Israel LevinHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Joel JoachimStolzenbergOrdinarii
Jonas HirschHoppenbruchBedienten
Joseph DavidHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Joseph ElckanHoppenbruchBedienten
Joseph EphraimStolzenbergBedienten
Joseph HirschHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Joseph JacobHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname MEYER adopted in 1814?
Joseph JacobHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname MEYER adopted in 1814?
Joseph LeviStolzenbergExtraordinariiIs this the Joseph Lewin who adopted the surname ROSENZWEIG in 1814?
Joseph LeyserHoppenbruchExtraordinariiSurname LESSING adopted in 1814?
Joseph MeyerStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname BAECKER adopted in 1814? Or, is this the Joseph who adopted the surname MEYER?
Joseph SamuelLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Joseph SamuelHoppenbruchBedientenSurname SEEMANN adopted in 1814?
Joseph SamuelHoppenbruchExtraordinariiSurname SEEMANN adopted in 1814?
Joseph SimonStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname HARDER adopted in 1814?
Juda BruckHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Juda JoelStolzenbergOrdinarii
Juda MosesLangfuhrExtraordinariiSurname LINDENBAUM adopted in 1814?
Keila HertzinHoppenbruchBedienten
Koppel BaruchLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Laaser DavidHoppenbruchBedienten
Lazarus HirschHoppenbruchBedienten
Leffmann BehrensHoppenbruchOrdinariiIs this the Liebmann Behrend who adopted the surname SILBERSTEIN in 1814?
Levi HirschStolzenbergBedientenIs this the Lewin Hirsch who adopted the surname GOLDSCHMIDT or the Lewin who adopted the surname HIRSCH in 1814?
Levi Moses junHoppenbruchBedientenIs this the Lewin Moses who adopted the surname WEINSTOCK or the Lewin Moses who adopted the surname BACHERT in 1814?
Levin AbrahamHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Levin AbrahamLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Levin AlexanderStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Levin EliasLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Levin JacobStolzenbergExtraordinariiIs this the Lewin Jakob who adopted the surname ROSENBERG or the Lewin Jakob who adopted the surname BECKER in 1814?
Levin JosephHoppenbruchOrdinariiIs this the Lewin Joseph who adopted the surname PERLBACH in 1814?
Levin MarcusLangfuhrExtraordinariiIs this the Lewin Marcus who adopted the surname POLLACK or the Lewin Marcus who adopted the surname KARRO in 1814?
Levin MosesHoppenbruchOrdinariiIs this the Lewin Moses who adopted the surname WEINSTOCK or the Lewin Moses who adopted the surname BACHERT in 1814?
Liebmann LeviHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Loeser AlexanderStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Loeser SamuelHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Magnus JacobHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Marcus AronHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Marcus FischelLangfuhrBedienten
Marcus JoachimHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Marcus JosephHoppenbruchExtraordinariiSurname JOSEPHSOHN or MOELLER adopted in 1814?
Marcus MosesHoppenbruchExtraordinariiSurname DANZIGER adopted in 1814?
Marcus RubenLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Mendel IsraelHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Mendel SamuelHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Meyer AlexanderStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Meyer DavidLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Meyer JochenLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Meyer JosephLangfuhrExtraordinariiSurname MORITZ adopted in 1814?
Meyer LeviStolzenbergExtraordinariiIs this the Meyer Lewin who adopted the surname WILDORFF or the Meyer Lewin who adopted the surname LEWISOHN in 1814?
Meyer MendelStolzenbergOrdinarii
Meyern's widow StolzenbergExtraordinarii
Meyer SchmulStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Meyer SimsonLangfuhrExtraordinariiIs this the Meyer Samson who adopted the surname MELLER in 1814?
Meyer ZachariaHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Michael JoachimStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname MICHAELSON adopted in 1814?
Michel JochenLangfuhrExtraordinariiIs this the Michael Joachim who adopted the surname MICHAELSON in 1814?
Michel LevinLangfuhrBedienten
Michel NathanStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Michel SamuelLangfuhrExtraordinariiIs this the father of Rabbi Abraham Danzig or the Michael Samuel who adopted the surname WAHLBERG in 1814 or the Michael Samuel who adopted the surname SAMUELSOHN?
Michel WulffStolzenbergExtraordinariiIs this the Michael Wolff who adopted the surname GOLDSTAMM in 1814?
Moses AaronLangfuhrExtraordinariiSurname HANNEMANN, FRIEDMANN, STERNFELD, or WEINBERGER adopted in 1814?
Moses AbrahamStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname ENGELSDORFF or LICHTENSTEIN adopted in 1814?
Moses CasparStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname SILBERSTEIN or BECKER adopted in 1814?
Moses DanielLangfuhrExtraordinariiSurname BENDAN adopted in 1814?
Moses ElckannHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Moses IsraelStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Moses JacobStolzenbergExtraordinariiIs this the Moses Jakob who adopted the surname ZUTRAUEN or the Moses Jakob who adopted the surname SCHIDKOWSKI or the Moses who adopted the surname JACOBSOHN in 1814?
Moses JoachimHoppenbruchOrdinariiIs this the Moses Joachim bei Moses Juda who visited the Leipzig fair in 1763?
Moses JoelStolzenbergOrdinarii
Moses JosephLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Moses SalomonStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname LEVY adopted in 1814?
Nathanael JosephHoppenbruchBedienten
Nathan SamuelHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname NATHAN adopted in 1814?
Raphael AaronHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Ruben JacobStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Salomon AaronHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Salomon AaronLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Salomon DadrusHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Salomon HirschHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Salomon IsraelHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname BENDIX adopted in 1814?
Salomon MendelHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Salomon MosesStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Salomon SalomonHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Samson AbrahamStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Samuel AbrahamStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Samuel DavidStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname DAVIDSOHN or THORNER adopted in 1814?
Samuel HirschHoppenbruchExtraordinariiIs this the Samuel Hirsch who adopted the surname ROSENSTEIN or the Samuel Hirsch who adopted the surname FRANKENSTEIN or the Samuel who adopted the surname HIRSCHSOHN in 1814?
Samuel HirschLangfuhrExtraordinariiIs this the Samuel Hirsch who adopted the surname ROSENSTEIN or the Samuel Hirsch who adopted the surname FRANKENSTEIN or the Samuel who adopted the surname HIRSCHSOHN in 1814?
Samuel IsraelHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Samuel JacobStolzenbergOrdinariiIs this the Samuel Jakob who adopted the surname BECKER or the Samuel Jakob who adopted the surname SCHWARZ in 1814?
Samuel LevinLangfuhrBedientenIs this the Samuel Lewin who adopted the surname JOSEPHSOHN or the Samuel Lewin who adopted the surname ROSENSTEIN or the Samuel Lewin who adopted the surname WINTERFELD in 1814?
Samuel LiebmannStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Samuel MosesHoppenbruchExtraordinariiSurname DAVIDSOHN or SILLMANN adopted in 1814?
Samuel SalomonHoppenbruchExtraordinariiIs this the Samuel who adopted the surname SALOMON in 1814?
Samuel SimonHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname MEYER adopted in 1814?
Samuel WulffStolzenbergBedienten
Sara DavidHoppenbruchBedienten
Saul JacobStolzenbergBedienten
Schnoll JosephStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Selig HirschHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Selig HirschLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Selig IsaacLangfuhrExtraordinariiIs this the Seelig Isaac who adopted the surname FUERST in 1814?
Selig PomerLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Selig SalomonHoppenbruchOrdinariiIs this the Seelig Salomon who adopted the surname SACHS in 1814?
Simon AbrahamLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Simon EzechielHoppenbruchBedienten
Simon MendelStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Simon MeyerLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Simon SalomonStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname WEISSSTOCK adopted in 1814?
Simon SamuelHoppenbruchOrdinariiSurname MUELLER or BAECKER adopted in 1814?
Urias IsraelHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Victor MosesLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Vogel's widow StolzenbergExtraordinarii
Wulff AaronLangfuhrExtraordinariiIs this the Wolff Aaron who adopted the surname LOEWENSTEIN in 1814?
Wulff EphraimHoppenbruchOrdinarii
Wulff HirschStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Wulff HirschHoppenbruchExtraordinarii
Wulff LiebmannStolzenbergExtraordinarii
Wulff LiebmannLangfuhrExtraordinarii
Wulff MosesStolzenbergExtraordinariiIs this the Wolff Moses who adopted the surname GOLDSTEIN in 1814?
Wulff Moses LeviHoppenbruchOrdinariiIs this the Wolff Moses who adopted the surname GOLDSTEIN in 1814?
Wulff SamsonHoppenbruchBedienten
Wulff SamuelStolzenbergExtraordinariiSurname BECKER adopted in 1814?
Wulff SamuelStolzenbergBedientenSurname BECKER adopted in 1814?
Zacharias MeyerHoppenbruchExtraordinarii