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1906 Pinsk Uyezd Duma List, Q-Z

by the Belarus SIG
translated by Ted Gostin and Alexander Kott

Surnames starting with  A-H  I-P

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For more information on duma lists, please visit the Duma Voter List FAQ

Duma project coordinators: Risa Heywood and Riki Vered

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Rabinovich Rubin Abramov Home Owner
Rabinovich Shimon Ruvinov Home Owner
Rabinovich Abram-Itsko Rubinov Home Owner
Rabinovich Movsha Mordukhov Home Owner
Rabotash German Mitrofanov Home Owner
Rabotash Ivan Eremeev Home Owner
Rabotash Trofim Ivanov Home Owner
Rabotash Mikhail Home Owner
Rabotash Samuil Home Owner
Ratkevich Eizer Leiba Itskov Home Owner
Ratnovskii Abram Senderov Home Owner
Ratnovskii Iankel' Senderov Home Owner
Ratnovskii Mendel' Senderov Home Owner
Reizenberg Abrim-Leib Dovidov Home Owner
Reshetskii Ivan Pavlov Home Owner
Rezenberg Abram Berko Movshev Home Owner
Reznik Sender Meerov Home Owner
Reznik berko Mordukhov Home Owner
Reznik Mordukh Ioselev Home Owner
Reznik Froim Mordukhov Home Owner
Reznik Abram Ioselev Home Owner
Reznil El'ia Berkov Home Owner
Risiukovich Sil'vestr Kuz'min Home Owner
Romer Borukh Shmuilov Home Owner
Roniuk Mordko Mikhelev Home Owner
Rozenberg Khatskel' Shmuilov Home Owner
Rozenberg Khaim Leibov Home Owner
Rozenblium Itsko Tsalev Home Owner
Rozenblium Iosel' Shamov Home Owner
Rozenblium Itsko Shamov Home Owner
Rozinman Iankel' Mordukhov Home Owner
Rubakha Itsko Girshev Home Owner
Rubakha Nevakh Girshev Home Owner
Rubakha Vol'f Itskov Home Owner
Rubakha Srol' Iankel' Zelikov Home Owner
Rubakha Abram-Girsh Nokhimov Home Owner
Rubakha Abo leizerov Home Owner
Rubakha Aron Girshev Home Owner
Rubakha Girsh Iankelev Home Owner
Rubakha Osher Movshev Home Owner
Rubakha Iokhel'-Leizer Nokhumov Home Owner
Rubakha Tev'ia Osherov Home Owner
Rubakha Nisel' Meerov Home Owner
Rubanovich Itsko Mikhelev Home Owner
Rubinshtein Vul'f Girshev Home Owner
Rubinshtein Itsko Girshev Home Owner
Rubinshtein Movsha Rubinov Home Owner
Rubinshtein Leiba Itskov Home Owner
Rubinshtein Abram Leibov Home Owner
Rubinshtein Mordukh Girshev Home Owner
Rukhotskii Perets Sholomov Home Owner
Rukhotskii Froim-Osher Sholomev Home Owner
Rukhotskii Dovid Sholomov Home Owner
Rusman Movsha Leiba Iankelev Home Owner
Russman Osher Itskov Home Owner
Russman Peisakh Movsha Leibov Home Owner
Rybnik Mendel' Vul'fov Home Owner
Rybnik Mikhel Vul'fov Home Owner
Rybnik Vul'f Mikhelev Home Owner
Rytsman Mordukh Gershov Home Owner
Vagner Geogrii Karlovich civil service
Vainer Itsko Movshov house owners
Vainer Movsha Sholomov house owners
Vainer Abram Itskov manufacturing tax
Vainer Mordukh Khaimov apartment tax
Vaingortin Leiba Itskov house owners
Vaingortin Motel apartment tax
Vainshtein Dovid Ioselev house owners
Vainshtein Iosel house owners
Vainshtein Motel Itskov house owners
Vainshtein Khaim Itsko-Girshov house owners
Vainshtein Girsh Ber-Khaimov house owners
Vainshtein Khaim Mordukhov house owners
Vainshtein Leiba Khaimov house owners
Vainshtein Dovid Iosolev manufacturing tax
Vainshtein Iankel Dovidov manufacturing tax
Vainshtein Itsko Girshev manufacturing tax
Vainshtein Azriel Volfov manufacturing tax
Vainshtein Iankel Abramov manufacturing tax
Vaks Iankel Movshov apartment tax
Valdman Pinkhus house owners
Valkovskii Stepan Stepanovich civil service
Valtsman Itsko apartment tax
Varshavskii Aizik Elev manufacturing tax
Varshavskii Bentsian Mordukhov manufacturing tax
Varshavskii Leizer Aronov manufacturing tax
Vasevich Aizik Neakhov house owners
Vasevich Itsko Nevakhov house owners
Vasilev Evgenii Pensionery
Vasilev Mikhail Fedorov civil service
Vasilev Mikhail Efremov civil service
Vasilev Konstantin Mikhailov civil service
Vasilev Ivan Semenov civil service
Vasilevskii Ivan Osipov civil service
Vasserman Lozer Osherov house owners
Vasserman Abram Leibov house owners
Vasserman Shmuilo Girshov house owners
Vasserman Shaia house owners
Vasserman Khatskel Leibov house owners
Vasserman Mordukh Khatskelev house owners
Vasserman Motia Leibov house owners
Vasserman Iankel Todrisov apartment tax
Vasserman Motel Iankelev apartment tax
Vasserman Berko Abramov apartment tax
Vasserman Iudel Osherov apartment tax
Vecherko Mikhail Kosmin house owners
Vecherko Daniil Efimov house owners
Vecherko Trofim Ivanov house owners
Vecherko Ignatii Grigorev house owners
Vecherko Trofim Grigorev house owners
Vecherko Ivan Semenov house owners
Vecherko Isidor Fomin house owners
Vecherko Nikolai Feodorov house owners
Vechorko Ermolai Nikolaev house owners
Vechorko Feodor Nikolaev house owners
Vechorko Timofei Ivanov house owners
Vechorko Ivan Mikhailov house owners
Vechorko Kalenik Mikhailov house owners
Vechorko Grigorii Iovov house owners
Vechorko Ivan Nikolaev house owners
Vechorko Silvestr Klimov house owners
Vechorko Iulian Silvestrov house owners
Vechorko Aleksiei Klimov house owners
Vechorko Ivan Petrov house owners
Vechorko Emelian Iovov house owners
Vechorko Matviei Petrov house owners
Vechorko Silvestr Grigorev house owners
Vechorko Ivan Grigorev house owners
Vechorko Petr Grigorev house owners
Vechorko Grigorii Grigorev house owners
Vechorko Ignatii Petrov house owners
Vechorko Grigorii Petrov house owners
Vechorko Iosif Grigorev house owners
Vechorko Petr Isidorov house owners
Vechorko Ivan Aleksieev civil service
Veigert Alfons Pensionery
Veiner Leiba Mikhelev manufacturing tax
Veiner Kusiel Girshev apartment tax
Veiner Shimen Girshev apartment tax
Velesko Osip Antonov civil service
Velesnitskii Gerasim Pavlov house owners
Velesnitskii Nikifor Pavlov house owners
Velesnitskii Konstantin Iakovlev house owners
Velesnitskii Mark Artemev house owners
Venslav Frants Andreev civil service
Veraksa Maksim Antonov civil service
Verekha Terentii Martinov house owners
Verner Karl Karlovich civil service
Verokha Demid Andreev house owners
Verokha Evtikhii Ivanov house owners
Verokha Konon Ivanov house owners
Verokha Fedor Prokofev house owners
Verokha Aleksandr Kosmin house owners
Verokha Potap Ignatev house owners
Verokha Stepan Martinov house owners
Verokha Iakov Ivanov house owners
Verokha Prokofii Ignatev house owners
Verzhbitskii Osip Petrov civil service
Viktorovich Maksim Iakovlev house owners
Viktorovich Maksim Iakovlev civil service
Viner Meer manufacturing tax
Viniarskii Boleslav Ivanov house owners
Vinman Nisel Notov house owners
Vinman Leizer Ioselev house owners
Vinnik Movsha Tsalev house owners
Vinograd Girsh Volfov house owners
Vinokur Kalman house owners
Vishkin Sergiei Vasilev civil service
Visotskii Bronislav Ivanov civil service
Viuniskii Aron Movshev house owners
Viuniskii Sanel Movshov house owners
Viuniskii Govsiei Itskov apartment tax
Viuniskii Ovsiei Aronov apartment tax
Vivat Borukh-Elia Iankelev house owners
Vivat Aron Leibov house owners
Vivat Abram Aronov house owners
Vladimirskii Shlema Nevakhov apartment tax
Voden Aleksiei Petrovich civil service
Voevodin Aleksandr Mikhailov civil service
Volchuk Leiba Itskov manufacturing tax
Volianskii Leizer-Mikhel Ioselev manufacturing tax
Volianskii Nevakh Ioselev manufacturing tax
Volianskii Movsha Ioselev manufacturing tax
Volkev Konstantin Diodorov civil service
Volkovich Luka Filippov civil service
Volkovyskii Volf Shlemov manufacturing tax
Volkun Itsko Leibov house owners
Volochinskii Iankel Leizerov manufacturing tax
Volochkovich Grigorii Pensionery
Volodkevich Vasilii Pensionery
Volosevich Nikolai Aleksandrov civil service
Volosiuk Khariton Pensionery
Volosiuk Kirill Kononov Pensionery
Volovich Grigorii Vasilev civil service
Volynskii Pinkhus Khaimov house owners
Volynskii Iokel Khaimov house owners
Volynskii Girsh Vulfov house owners
Volynskii Itsko Iankelev house owners
Volynskii Khaim Girshev manufacturing tax
Vorobei Avksentii Akimov civil service
Vorober (Vorobei) Mikhail Leonov civil service
Vorobev Nikita Evdokimov civil service
Vorotsevitskii Veniiamin apartment tax
Vortsevnitskii Liber Gershov house owners
Vysochuk Shimel Mordukhov house owners
Vysochuk Abram Mordukhov house owners
Vysotskii Aron Osherov house owners
Vysotskii Meer Iankelev house owners
Vysotskii Naftol Meerov house owners
Vysotskii Sholom Meerov house owners
Vysotskii Iudko Osherov manufacturing tax
Zaiko Vasilii Ivanovich civil service
Zaikovskii Ivan Venediktov civil service
Zaliaznik Beaz Osherov apartment tax
Zaltsman Movsha Abramov house owners
Zamoiskii Anton Kazimirov Pensionery
Zamoiskii Stepan Osipov civil service
Zamorochenskii Zalman Ovsieev house owners
Zaniemonskii Mikhail Grigorev civil service
Zaputskii Ksaverii Vikentev civil service
Zarietskii Shmuilo Khaimov house owners
Zaritskii Movsha-Iosel Girshev house owners
Zarozhniei Aleksandr Osipov civil service
Zarukhovich Shevel Kopelev house owners
Zarutskii Movsha Volfov manufacturing tax
Zavadskii Nikolai civil service
Zavisha Dovgallo Sergiei Vasilev civil service
Zavitnevich Lukian Ignatev civil service
Zditovitskii Daniil Osipov manufacturing tax
Zeger Movsha Itskov house owners
Zeger Khaim Movshov house owners
Zeger Shimon Volfov house owners
Zeifert Petr Nikolaev civil service
Zeigepomeister Rakhmiel Evnov house owners
Zelianskii Anton Osipov civil service
Zelinskii Iakov Nikiforov house owners
Zelinskii Ivan Lukin house owners
Zelinskii Aleksandr Feodorov house owners
Zemlianskii Ivan Efimov civil service
Zeniutych Petr Feodorov civil service
Zenovich Vikentii Nikolaev civil service
Zeziulin Andrei Danilov civil service
Zhagalkovich Grigorii Ivanov civil service
Zhdanevich Vasilii Ivanov house owners
Zhdanevich Ivan Isaakov house owners
Zhdanko Ivan Kondratev manufacturing tax
Zhdanov Ivan Trofimov civil service
Zheliezniakov Nikifor Terentev civil service
Zhemoitin Anton Ivanov civil service
Zherebtsov Feodor Vladimirov civil service
Zhigadlo Stanislav Frantsev civil service
Zhmako Viacheslav Nikolaev civil service
Zhurov Vasilii Efimov civil service
Zhutovskii Petr Aleksandrovich civil service
Zilberman Shlema Senderov house owners
Zilberman Tsal Senderov house owners
Zingerman Movsha Abramov house owners
Ziniuk Movsha Peisakhov house owners
Ziniuk Iankel Aizikov house owners
Ziniuk Elia Iankelev house owners
Zlochevskii Feoktinst Feodorov civil service
Zlotinkov Semen Fedotov civil service
Zlotnik Volf apartment tax
Zmievskii Izaat civil service
Zolotnik Khaim Niselev manufacturing tax
Zubko Iakov Iakovlevich civil service
Zubov Aleksandr Petrov civil service
Zubovich Feodor Domenikov civil service
Zubritskii Pavel Grigorev civil service

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