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1906 Pinsk uyezd Duma List, I-P

by the Belarus SIG
translated by Ted Gostin and Alexander Kott

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For more information on duma lists, please visit the Duma Voter List FAQ

Duma project coordinators: Risa Heywood and Riki Vered

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Ievlev Nikolai Ignatev civil service
Ignatkevich Korniei Matvieev civil service
Ignatovskii Foma Ignatev civil service
Ilchevskii Eremei Iakimov house owner
Ilchevskii Boris Ignatev house owner
Ilchevskii Bukol Iakovlev house owner
Ilinskii Aleksandr Nikolaevich Pensionery
Iliuchits Grigorii Vasilev Pensionery
Iliuchyk Matviei Nikolaevich Pensionery
Ilkevich Ilarrion Vasilev civil service
Illivitskii Iankel Leizerov house owner
Illivitskii Leizer Iankelev house owner
Immertreo Ivan Iulevich civil service
Iodko Ivan Antonov civil service
Iolob Osip civil service
Ioshpa Shmuel Khaimov house owner
Ioshpa Itsko-Shmuel Mikhelev house owner
Ioshpa Evel Girshev house owner
Ioshpa Leizer Abramov house owner
Ioshpa Osher Leizerov house owner
Ioshpa Aron manufacturing tax
Isakov Nikolai Isakov civil service
Ivanovich Pavel Oskpov house owner
Ivanovich Aleksandr Ambrosiev house owner
Ivanovskii Iulian Ivanov civil service
Ivashko Anton Ivanov civil service
Ivashko Semen Ivanov civil service
Ivenitskii Shlema Khatskelev house owner
Ivlev Mikhail Andreev house owner
Ivlev Selvestr Vasilev house owner
Ivlev Mark Ivanov house owner
Kachanovskii Itsko Dovidov manufacturing tax
Kachka Zelik Leizerov apartment tax
Kachka Meer Leizerov apartment tax
Kagan Iosel Meerov house owner
Kagan Borukh Abramov house owner
Kagan shlema Borukhov house owner
Kagan Dovid-Ber Abramov house owner
Kagan Beniamin Srolev house owner
Kagan Volf Berkov house owner
Kagan berko Nakhmanov house owner
Kagan Girsh Berkov house owner
Kagan Shmuilo house owner
Kagan Nakhman Meerov house owner
Kagan Srol Movshev house owner
Kagan Vulf Shimelev house owner
Kagan Matus Leibov house owner
Kagan Osher Girshev house owner
Kagan Abram Mordukhov house owner
Kagan Shmuel Movshov house owner
Kagan Berko Shamshelev house owner
Kagan Ovsiei Tsodikov house owner
Kagan Aron Ovsieev house owner
Kagan Khaim Ovsieev house owner
Kagan Berko Shimshelev manufacturing tax
Kagan Movsha-Borukh Dovidov manufacturing tax
Kagan Movsha-Borukh Dovidov manufacturing tax
Kagan Matus Leibov manufacturing tax
Kagan Iankel Mordukhov manufacturing tax
Kagan Volf apartment tax
Kagan Iankel apartment tax
Kagan Kopel Zalmanov apartment tax
Kagan Leiba Meerov apartment tax
Kagan Iakor Shmuilov apartment tax
Kagan: Iankel Movshov house owner
Kalinovskii Ivan Klavdievich civil service
Kalinovskii Afanasii Ilich civil service
Kalo Aleksandr Andreev civil service
Kaminskii Stanislav Onufriev civil service
Kaniuk Vasilii Stepanov civil service
Kantor Sholom Berkov house owner
Kapelman Nikolai Vasilev civil service
Kapitonov Feodor Petrovich civil service
Kaplan Dov Froimov house owner
Kaplan Iankel Froimov house owner
Kaplan Leizer Iankelev house owner
Kaplan Noson Donov house owner
Kaplan Shaia Pinkhusov house owner
Kaplan Naftol Ovsieev house owner
Kaplan Iankel Nevakhov house owner
Kaplan Movsha-Ber house owner
Kaplan Borukh-Iankel Donov house owner
Kaplan Ovsiei Nakhmanov manufacturing tax
Kaplan Mordko Itskov manufacturing tax
Kaplan Abram Girshev manufacturing tax
Kaplan Iosel-Movsha Berkov apartment tax
Kaplanskii Vulf Girshev manufacturing tax
Kaplinskii Moshko Zelikov house owner
Kaplinskii Zelik manufacturing tax
Kaplinskii Abram Zelikov apartment tax
Karchevskii Ivan Zinovev manufacturing tax
Karnieev Mikhail Leontev civil service
Karolitskii Iosel Mikhelev house owner
Karpeniuk Vasilii Maksimov house owner
Karpeniuk Mikhail Ivanov house owner
Karpeniuk Afanasii Mikhailov house owner
Karpeniuk Flor Ivanov house owner
Karpeniuk Luka Dorofieev house owner
Karpeniuk Feodor house owner
Karpeniuk Vladimir Ivanov civil service
Karpovich Nikodim Osipov civil service
Karpunin Ivan Ivanov civil service
Kashtan Osher Aronov house owner
Kashtan Itsko Aronov house owner
Kashtan Osher Iankelev apartment tax
Kashtelianets Pinkhus Shimenov house owner
Katsman Meer Govsieev manufacturing tax
Katush Petr Andreev civil service
Kavon Dovid-Ber Movshov house owner
Keblas Kazimir Matvieev civil service
Kechker Iudel Nokhimov manufacturing tax
Kidun Petr Ivanov house owner
Kidun Evdokim house owner
Kidun Ivan Efimov house owner
Kidun Martin Efimov house owner
Kidun Zenon Semenov house owner
Kidun Maksim Lukin house owner
Kidun Feodor Lavrentev house owner
Kidun Roman Evdokimov house owner
Kidun Afanasii house owner
Kiesl Lemian Makarov house owner
Kilchevskii Anton Nikolaev civil service
Kirevich Aleksiei civil service
Kirikov Afanasii Stepanov civil service
Kirkevich Ivan Kondratev civil service
Kirnichnik Berko Abramov house owner
Kirpichnik Movsha Aronov house owner
Kirpichnik Berko Aronov house owner
Kirzhner Mordukh Khatskelev house owner
Kisel Ignatii Prokofev house owner
Kisel Efimii Kornieev house owner
Kisel Nikita Kornieev house owner
Kisel Mikhail Kornieev house owner
Kisel Timofei Vasilev house owner
Kisel Demian Kozmin house owner
Kisel Andrei Stepanov house owner
Kisel Stepan Semenov house owner
Kisel Aleksandr Makarov house owner
Kisel Mikhail Vlasov house owner
Kisel Grigorii Vlasov house owner
Kisel Ivan Vlasov house owner
Kisel Kalenik Petrov house owner
Kisel Ivan Grigorev house owner
Kisel Viktor Nikitin house owner
Kisel Nikita Evmenov house owner
Kisel Vasilii Iakolev house owner
Kisel Efim Iakolev house owner
Kisel Grigorii Trofimov house owner
Kisel Daniil Kuzmin house owner
Kisel Grigorii Romanov house owner
Kisel Illarion Potanov house owner
Kisel Grigorii Abramov house owner
Kisel Ilia Romanov house owner
Kisel Iakim Iakovlev house owner
Kisel Vasilii Maksimov house owner
Kisel Mikhail Vasilev house owner
Kisel Savva Ivanov house owner
Kisel Roman Fomin house owner
Kisel Ivan Andreev house owner
Kisel Mikhail Andreev house owner
Kisel Gabriil Timofeev house owner
Kisel Grigorii Pavlov house owner
Kiselev Gordiei Dimitriev civil service
Kishei Iulian Diudvigov manufacturing tax
Kleiman Nota Shaev house owner
Kleingirs Iankel Ioselev house owner
Kleinman Abram Shaev house owner
Klevets Osip Ivanovich civil service
Klimovich Iakov Ivanov house owner
Klimovich Filnip Ivanov house owner
Klimovich Simon Iakovlev house owner
Klishevich Ivan Vasilev civil service
Klitenik Ekhiel Abramov house owner
Klitenik Shmuilo Abramov house owner
Klitenik Dovid Shimenov house owner
Klitenik Abram Vigderov house owner
Klitenik Movsha-Faivel Itskov house owner
Klitenik Gershon Shamshelev house owner
Klitenik Zelik Shamshelev house owner
Klitenik Zaivel Itskov house owner
Klitenik Khaim Dovinov house owner
Klorfcein Movsha Elev manufacturing tax
Kobrinchuk Iankel Mikhelev house owner
Kobrinchuk Shimon Srolev manufacturing tax
Kobrinchuk Shlema Gershkov apartment tax
Kobyla Alter Itskov house owner
Kobyla Itsko Leibov house owner
Kolbetskii Aleksandr Ivanov civil service
Koleda Silvestr civil service
Kolodner Shamshel Elev house owner
Kolodnyi Zusko Movshev house owner
Kolodnyi Aron Shmuilov house owner
Kolodnyi Shmuel-Ber house owner
Kolodnyi Beniamin-Girsh house owner
Kolodnyi Khaim Iankelev manufacturing tax
Kolodnyi Beniamin Movshev manufacturing tax
Kolodnyi Srol Sholomov manufacturing tax
Kolodnyi Iuzep Dovinov manufacturing tax
Kolodnyi Iosif Abramov manufacturing tax
Koltun Iankel Vulfov house owner
Komadieev Movsha Shlemov manufacturing tax
Komar Ivan Vasilevich civil service
Komardeev Movsha Shlemov house owner
Komarovskii Osip Adamov civil service
Kominiar Iosif Meerov house owner
Konik Movsha Mordukhov manufacturing tax
Kononovich Eduard Ivanovich civil service
Konoplianskii Grigorii Vasilev Pensionery
Kopelev Iankel-Iosel Khaimov house owner
Kopelev Iosel-Khaim Leibov house owner
Kopelev Iankel-Iosel manufacturing tax
Kopelev Dovid Berkov apartment tax
Koplianskii Meer Girshev manufacturing tax
Koriutko Trofim Ivanovich civil service
Kornitskii Feliks Pavlov house owner
Korobkin Tikhon Pensionery
Korobkov Vasilii Ivanov civil service
Korobochka Borukh-Nevakh house owner
Korobochka Shaia house owner
Korol Ivan Frantsev house owner
Korolevhich Anont Vikentev house owner
Korolevich Iosif Demianov house owner
Korolevich Mikhail Antonov house owner
Korolevich Ivan Demianov house owner
Korolevich Adam Fomin house owner
Korolevich Ivan Stepanov house owner
Korolevich Mikhai Fomin house owner
Korolevich Adam Andreev house owner
Korolevich Mikhail Leonov house owner
Korolevich Foma Stanislavov house owner
Korolevich Stpan Ivanov house owner
Korolevich Foma Andreev house owner
Korolevich Ignatii Stanislavov house owner
Korolevich Pavel Stanislavov house owner
Korolevich Osip Stanislavov house owner
Korolko Ignatii Ivanov civil service
Korsak Bronislav Kazimirov civil service
Korzh Abram Leib Ioselev house owner
Korzh Khatskel Itskov house owner
Korzh Leiba Girshev house owner
Korzh Itsko-Leib Ioselev house owner
Korzh Fishel Aronov house owner
Korzh Itsko Girshev house owner
Korzh Aron Shlemov house owner
Korzh Berko Aronov apartment tax
Korzh Leiba-Iosel apartment tax
Korzh Nota Aronov apartment tax
Korzhenevskii Aleksandr Grigorev civil service
Korzun Vladimir Nikolaev civil service
Kosenko Kosiak Aleksandr Fomich civil service
Kosmin Aleksandr Silvestrov civil service
Kosperovich Matviei Ivanov civil service
Kossovskii Itsko Shlemov house owner
Kossovskii Shmuilo Zelikov house owner
Kossovskii Khaim Shlemov house owner
Kossovskii Abram Shlemov house owner
Kostiuchenko Aleksandr Ivanov Pensionery
Kostiuchenko Anton Ivanov civil service
Kostiuk Ivan Stepanovich civil service
Kostrinskii Berko Srulev house owner
Kostrinskii Abel Srulev house owner
Kot Movsha Sholomov house owner
Kot Iokel Itskov house owner
Kot Iosel Zalmanov house owner
Kot Leiba Mikhelev house owner
Kot Aron apartment tax
Koufman Nokhim Khaimov house owner
Koufman Abush Froimov manufacturing tax
Koval Alter Leibov house owner
Kovalenko Aleksandr Lavrentev civil service
Kovalevich Efim Grigorev civil service
Kovalko Gerasim house owner
Kovalko Ivan Filimonov house owner
Kovalko Iosif Ivanov house owner
Kovalko Timofei Ivanov house owner
Kovalko Ignatii Romanov house owner
Kovalko Anton Kalennikov house owner
Kovalko Ivan civil service
Kozachek Maksim house owner
Kozachek Mikhail Pavlov house owner
Kozachek timofei Leontev house owner
Kozachek Iakov Evdokimov house owner
Kozachek Ignatii Ivanov house owner
Kozachek Ivan Vasilev house owner
Kozachek Ivan Mikhailov house owner
Kozachek Iakov Mikhailov house owner
Kozachek Pavel Mikhailov house owner
Kozakov Feodor Dorofeev house owner
Kozakov Grigorii Feodorov house owner
Kozakov Vladimir Feodorov house owner
Kozhushnik Mordukh house owner
Kozlovskii Daniil Dmitriev house owner
Kozlovskii Kaximir Martynov civil service
Kozyrev Semen civil service
Kraits Iankel house owner
Krashinskii Stanislav Ivanov house owner
Krassovskii Andrei Pensionery
Kravchuk Shmuel-Ber Elev house owner
Kravchuk Abram-Leiba Ioselev house owner
Kravets Movsha Iudov house owner
Kravets Zavel Iankelev house owner
Kravets Aizik Meerov house owner
Kravets Faivel Vulfov house owner
Kravets Govsiei Zelmanov house owner
Kravets Abram Ovseev manufacturing tax
Kravets Movsha Iudov manufacturing tax
Kravets Borukh-Leiba Shmuilov manufacturing tax
Krebs Ivan Iuliapovich civil service
Krebs Foddiei Iulianov civil service
Krechkevich Isaak house owner
Krechkevich Mikhiil Romanov house owner
Krechkevich Iakov Pavlov house owner
Krenevich Kirill Feodorov house owner
Krenevich Semen Fomin house owner
Krenevich Maksim Antonov house owner
Krenevich Petr house owner
Krenevich Daniil house owner
Krenevich Vasilii Fomin house owner
Krenevich Mikhail Romanov house owner
Krenevich Pavel Antonov house owner
Krepevich Ivan Antonovich civil service
Krikun Elia house owner
Kriniuk Iankel-Noson Leibov house owner
Kriniuk Matus-Noson Leibov house owner
Krishtaliuk Feodor Nikitin civil service
Kristal Movsha Shimshelev manufacturing tax
Kriuchenko Ivan Ivanov civil service
Kriuk Ivan Efimovich civil service
Krivinskii Pinkhus Khaimov manufacturing tax
Krivonpust Anton Pavlov house owner
Krivopust Petr Feliksov house owner
Krivopust Vladimir Konstantinov house owner
Krivopust Adam Karlov house owner
Krivopust Petr SEmenov house owner
Krivopust Ivan Kazimirov house owner
Krivopust Ivan Aleksandrov house owner
Krivopust Stepan Pavlov house owner
Krotov Iulian Petrov civil service
Kruglyi Shlema-Shmuel Iankelev house owner
Kruglyi Sholom-Shmuel Iankelev house owner
Kruglyi Shlema-Shmuel Iankelev apartment tax
Krugman Iankel Vulfov apartment tax
Krulpkovskii Pavel Ivanov civil service
Krunko Meer Mikhelev house owner
Krupchik Gdal Mendelev house owner
Krupchik movsha Mendelev house owner
Krupenich Klementii Aleksieev civil service
Krupnik Menakhim-Khaim Girshev house owner
Krupnik Shaia-Khaim Girshev house owner
Kryzhanovskii Dimitrii Kondratev civil service
Kubinovskii Anton Stepanov house owner
Kubinovskii Frants Stepanov civil service
Kubinovskii Iosif Stepanov civil service
Kudlovich Nikolai Semenov civil service
Kuibidovich Ivan Pavlov house owner
Kuibidovich Andrei house owner
Kukharchuk Grigorii Antonov manufacturing tax
Kukharkin Dimitrii Ivanov civil service
Kuksa Pavel Ivanov civil service
Kuksiuk Ivan Ivanov house owner
Kuksiuk Andrei Ivanov house owner
Kulik Lavrentii Nikolaev civil service
Kulikovich Pavel house owner
Kulikovich Ivan Antimonov house owner
Kulikovich Stepan Stepanov house owner
Kulikovich Iakov Agafonov house owner
Kulikovich Leon Stepanov house owner
Kulikovich Feodor house owner
Kulikovich Vasilii house owner
Kulikovskii Stanislav Aleksandrov manufacturing tax
Kumish Adam Kazimirov civil service
Kunda Abram Zalmanov-(Zavelev) house owner
Kuniakh Ivan Radionov civil service
Kunitsa Evfroim-Mordukh Iankelev manufacturing tax
Kuntsevich Stepan Fomin civil service
Kupershtokh Iankel Ioselev manufacturing tax
Kuprik Prokofii Ivanov civil service
Kuralchuk Itsko Leibov house owner
Kuris Evdokim Feodorov house owner
Kuris Dmitrii Feodorov house owner
Kuris Onufrii Ivanov house owner
Kurtach Aron Ovsieev house owner
Kurtach Froim Rubinov house owner
Kurtag Shimen Rubinov apartment tax
Kurtal Nevakh Leibov house owner
Kushel Vladimir Karpov civil service
Kushner Froim Shlemov house owner
Kushner Berko Shlemov house owner
Kushner Mordukh Donov house owner
Kushner Litman Abramov house owner
Kushner Mikhel Abramov house owner
Kushner berko Senderov house owner
Kushner Eiter apartment tax
Kushnerovich Foma Ivanov house owner
Kusik Beniamin Iankelev house owner
Kusik Iankel Meerov house owner
Kustinskii Albert manufacturing tax
Kutalchuk Beaz Mikhelev house owner
Kutalchuk Abram Leibov house owner
Kutalchuk Abram Movshev house owner
Kutasevich Iogafat Feodozev house owner
Kutsevich Nikifor Vakulov house owner
Kutsevich Mikhail Aleksandrov house owner
Kutsevich Tikhon Demianov house owner
Kutsevich Stepan Ivanov civil service
Kutsikovich Srol-Khaim house owner
Kutsykovich Osher Abramov house owner
Kutsykovich Leizer Abramov manufacturing tax
Kutsykovich Leiba Srolev manufacturing tax
Kutsykovich Motel Srol-Khaimov manufacturing tax
Kuzei Stepan Onufriev civil service
Kuzhelnyi Ivan civil service
Kuzmuk-Kovalchuk Gerasim Antonov civil service
Kuznets Tsal Srolev house owner
Kuznets Mikhel Leizerov house owner
Kuznets Movsha Vulfov house owner
Kuznets Itsko-Vulf Khaimov house owner
Kuznetsov Shlema Mikhelev apartment tax
Ladno Gershko Itskov manufacturing tax
Landman Froim Mikhelev manufacturing tax
Lapetskii Mikhel Nakhmanov house owner
Lapich Petr Ivanov civil service
Lauenshtein Vladimir Avgustinovich civil service
Lavrov Timofei Lavrentev civil service
Lavrovskii Aleksandr Felitsianov civil service
Lazarenko Semen Iakovlev Pensionery
Lazarovich Nikolai Pavlov manufacturing tax
Lebedevskii Petr house owner
Lefarov Mukhamet Alim manufacturing tax
Leinveber Vilgelm Iosifov Pensionery
Leizeruk Ziskind Mordukhov house owner
Leizeruk Kalman Mordukhov house owner
Leizeruk Iankel-Shlema Rubinov house owner
Leizeruk Iser Khaimov house owner
Leizeruk Iankel-Leib Khaimov house owner
Leizeruk Iankel Leib-Iserov house owner
Leizeruk Iankel Khaimov manufacturing tax
Leizeruk Shmuilo apartment tax
Leizeruk Shmuilo-Itsko apartment tax
Leizerukh Itsko Khaimov house owner
Lemeshevskii Stepan Antonov civil service
Lemkovich Shmerko house owner
Lemkovich Iosel Shimenov apartment tax
Lemkovich Iosel' Shimenov unspecified
Lenchevskii Fedor Leontev civil service
Lenkevich Aleksandr house owner
Lenkevich Soip Kazimirov house owner
Lenkevich Anton Vasilev house owner
Leonov Efim Stepanov civil service
Lepko Aleksandr Ivanov civil service
Lerman Iosel Shimenov house owner
Lerman Shlema Mordukhov house owner
Lerman Movsha-Aron Fishelev house owner
Lerman Shlema-Shaia Movshev Aronov house owner
Lerman Girsh-Movsha Aronov house owner
Lerman Meer-Abram Itskov manufacturing tax
Leshchilovskii Felitsian Adamovich civil service
Leshchinskii Ilia Ivanovich civil service
Lev Aron Ovsieev house owner
Lev Meer Ovsieev house owner
Lev Berko Mordukhov house owner
Lev Movsha Iankelev house owner
Levedzevskii Nikolai Adamov house owner
Levin Kiva Girshev house owner
Levin Khaim-Aizik Nokhumov house owner
Levin Shlema Iankelev house owner
Levin Zorakh Govsieev house owner
Levin Movsha-Srol Meerov house owner
Levin Khatskel Iankelev house owner
Levin Abram Girsh house owner
Levin Fishko Movshev house owner
Levin Zorukh Mordukhov house owner
Levin Iser Leibov house owner
Levin Iankel Mikhelev manufacturing tax
Levin Alter Mordukhov manufacturing tax
Levin Alter Mordukhov manufacturing tax
Levin Leiba Iankelev manufacturing tax
Levin Leizer Itskov manufacturing tax
Levin Froim Osherov apartment tax
Levin Anshel Iankelev apartment tax
Levin Movsha Kirov apartment tax
Levin Movsha Ekhelev apartment tax
Levin Froim-Iosel' Osherov unspecified
Levin Anshel' Iankelev unspecified
Levin Movsha Kivov unspecified
Levin Movsha Ekhelev unspecified
Levitskii Nikifor Feodorov civil service
Levliukh Ilia Davidov civil service
Levoshko Adam Antonov house owner
Levoshko Nikolai Stanislavov house owner
Levoshko Stepan Leonov house owner
Levoshko Mikhail Stanislavov house owner
Levsha-Ants Vasilii Ivanov civil service
Levshin Petr Ivanovich civil service
Liashko Savva Efimov house owner
Liashko Timofei Nikitin house owner
Liashko Feodor Kondratev house owner
Liashko Semon Kondratev house owner
Liashko Ermolai Efimov house owner
Liashko Anton house owner
Liau Pavel Eduardov civil service
Libchik Zorakh manufacturing tax
Liberant Gdal Ovsieev manufacturing tax
Liberkas Mordukh Girshev house owner
Liberkas Iosel-Aron Mordukhov house owner
Liberman Nota Beniaminov house owner
Liberman Abram Berkov house owner
Liberman Pinkhus Itskov house owner
Liberman Nevakh Itskov house owner
Liberman berko Itskov house owner
Liberman Itsko Gershov house owner
Liberman Leiba Volfov house owner
Liberman Abram Zundelev house owner
Liberman Itsko Shlemov house owner
Liberman Shlema Itskov house owner
Liberman Shlema Evnov house owner
Liberman Borukh Evnov house owner
Liberman Kogos Gershkov house owner
Liberman Khiel Abramov house owner
Liberman Mikhel Evnov house owner
Liberman Nevakh Govsieev house owner
Liberman Shimon Leibov house owner
Liberman Shimon Notov house owner
Liberman Osher Movshov manufacturing tax
Liberman Movsha Khatskelev manufacturing tax
Liberman Berko Girshkov manufacturing tax
Liberman Mordukh Shlemov apartment tax
Liberman Froim-Iosel Osher-Lemelev apartment tax
Liberman Movsha Khaimov apartment tax
Liberman Mordukh Shlemov unspecified
Liberman Froim-Iosel' Osher-Lemelev unspecified
Liberman Movsha Khaimov unspecified
Likhodzieevskii Evgenii Vladimirovich civil service
Likhshtein Mordukh house owner
Linkevich Nikolai Ignatev house owner
Lipchik Ovsiei Girshev house owner
Lipnik Mordukh Iankelev house owner
Lipnik Evel house owner
Lis Leiba Itskov house owner
Lis Shimel Itskov manufacturing tax
Lis Iulian Mikhailovich civil service
Lisieev Pavel Pavlov civil service
Litsevich Stepan Ivanov house owner
Litvak Pinkhus Ioselev house owner
Litvan Boguslav Iulianov civil service
Litvan Dovid apartment tax
Litvan Dovid unspecified
Litviakov Zakharii Trofimovich civil service
Litvin Tevia Nevakhov house owner
Litvin Aron Nevakhov house owner
Litvin Nakhman Khaimov house owner
Litvin Movsha Khaimov house owner
Litvinchik Eremei Semenov house owner
Litvinchik Iosif Daniilov house owner
Litvinchik Faddiel house owner
Litvinovich Ivan-Vilgelm Romualdov manufacturing tax
Liubchik Ovsiei Girshev manufacturing tax
Liubiner Movsha Movshov manufacturing tax
Liubiner Berko apartment tax
Liubinskii Berko house owner
Liulis Karl Fridrikhov civil service
Livshits Abram-Leiba Litmanov house owner
Livshits Volf Leibov house owner
Livshits Shlema Azrielev house owner
Livshits Iosel Shmuilov manufacturing tax
Livshits Khonon Shaev manufacturing tax
Livshits Isaak Froimov manufacturing tax
Livshits Isaak Froimov apartment tax
Livshits Shepsel Leibov apartment tax
Livshits Isaak Froimov unspecified
Livshits Shepsel' Leibov unspecified
Lobachevksii Ivan Petrov house owner
Lobachevskii Frants Aleksandrov house owner
Lobachevskii Aleksandr Frantsev house owner
Lobachevskii Ivan Adamov house owner
Lobachevskii Adam Frantsev house owner
Lobachevskii Anton Ivanov house owner
Lobachevskii Petr Isaakov house owner
Lobachevskii Anton Frantsevich house owner
Lobachevskii Ivan Frantsev house owner
Lobachevskii Mark Frantsev house owner
Lobachevskii Ivan Minovich civil service
Lobko Stepan Mikhailovich manufacturing tax
Lobzovskii Meer Matusov manufacturing tax
Lomako Petr Ivanov civil service
Lopatytskii Evnia Iankelev house owner
Lotysh Ivan civil service
Lukashevich Aleksiei Kondratev house owner
Lukashevich Matviei Markov house owner
Lukashevich Aleksandr Aleksandrov house owner
Lukashevich Nikolai Ivanov house owner
Lukashevich Ivan Voitsiekhov house owner
Lukashevich Ivan Lukin house owner
Lukashevich Nikolai house owner
Lukashevich Nikolai Stanislavov house owner
Lukashevich Kazimir Pavlov house owner
Lukashevich Stefan Pavlov house owner
Lukashevich Ivan Mikhailov house owner
Lukashevich Vasilii Fomin house owner
Lukashevich Osip Pensionery
Lukashevich Kazimir Dominikovich civil service
Lukashevich Aleksandr Antonov civil service
Lukhtan Khaim Ioselev house owner
Lukhtan Shimon house owner
Lukhtan Mordukh Abramov house owner
Lukhtan Iankel house owner
Lukhtan Abram Shmuilov house owner
Lukhtan Girsh Govsieev house owner
Lukianchik Vasilii Stepanov civil service
Lukianovich Nikolai Stepanovich civil service
Lukianskii Fedodor Vasilev civil service
Lukianuk Mikhail Mikhailov civil service
Lutskii Sholom Mordukhov house owner
Lutskii Abo Shmuilov house owner
Lutskii Srol-Khaim Mordukhov house owner
Lutskii Girsh Abramov house owner
Lutskii Movsha Nisonov house owner
Lutskii Berko Gabrielev house owner
Lutskii Iosel Shmuilov house owner
Lutskii Berko Niselev house owner
Lutskii Abram-Sholom Niselev house owner
Lutskii Ovsei Vigdorov house owner
Lutskii Aron Ovsieev house owner
Lutskii Zavel Mikhelev house owner
Lutskii Menachim Movshov house owner
Lutskii Shevel Mendelev house owner
Lutskii Itsko Mendelev house owner
Lutskii David house owner
Lutskii Berko Abramov house owner
Lutskii Aron-Shmuel Berkov house owner
Lutskii Mordukh Movshov house owner
Lutskii Movsha-Iosel Mikhelev manufacturing tax
Lutskii Iosel Vulfov manufacturing tax
Lutskii Berko Sholomov manufacturing tax
Lutskii Borukh-Itsko Leibov manufacturing tax
Lutskii Froim Movsha-Abelev manufacturing tax
Lutskii Fishel Abov apartment tax
Lynev Ivan Ivanov civil service
Machukovskii Pavel Klement'ev Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Makarevich Andrei Mikhailovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Makhon Kirill Ivanov Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Maksimchuk Ivan Maksimov Home Owner
Makushnik Movsha-Vol'f Home Owner
Makushnik Zelik Ekhielev Home Owner
Makushnik Movsha Vol'fov Home Owner
Makushnik Zelik Ekhielev Industry Taxpayer
Malakha Semen Grigor'ev Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Malakha Dionisii Tikhonov Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Malashhitskii Dimitrii Pensioner
Malets Adam Adamov Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Malokhovich Luka Nikolaev Home Owner
Malokhovich Andrei Nikolaev Home Owner
Malokhovich Efim Kazimirov Home Owner
Malokhovich Ivan Kazimirov Home Owner
Mandel'baum Iankel' Berkov Home Owner
Mandel'baum Abush Fishelev Home Owner
Mankovskii Leiba Movshev Home Owner
Manuilo Boris Home Owner
Manuilo Arkhip Home Owner
Marants Khaim Ioselev Home Owner
Marchuk Semen Ivanov Industry Taxpayer
Margolin Leizer Berkov Home Owner
Margolin Girsh Apartment Renter
Margulits Leizer Berkov Industry Taxpayer
Markeliuk Shimon Nosonov Home Owner
Markeliuk Iankel' Nosonov Apartment Renter
Markevich Nikolai Andreev Home Owner
Markevich Mikhail Home Owner
Markevich Mikhail Andreev Home Owner
Markevich Anton Andreev Home Owner
Markevich Andrei Ivanov Home Owner
Markevich Petr Aleksandrovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Markevich Nikodim Aleksandrovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Marteni Leonard Liudvigov Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Martoshenko Andrei Mikhailovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Martsinkevich Mikhail Osipovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Martsinkevich Ippolit Osipovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Matskevich Andrei Safronov Industry Taxpayer
Matsuk Andrei Korneev Home Owner
Matsuk Khariton Korneev Home Owner
Matsuk Vasilii Korneev Home Owner
Matsuk Kondratii Kononov Home Owner
Mazrier Beaz Shmuelev Home Owner
Mednik Khaim Vol'fov Home Owner
Mednik Peisakh-Iankel' Shmuilov Home Owner
Medved' Iudel' Abramov Apartment Renter
Medved' Iosel' Pinkhusov Apartment Renter
Medvedev Iankel' Ioselev Home Owner
Medvedev Iosel' Osherov Home Owner
Meidelev Girsh Nakhmanov Home Owner
Meidelev Srol' Girshev Home Owner
Meistel' Iankel' Apartment Renter
Melamed Shmuilo Faivelev Industry Taxpayer
Melamed Vel'vel'-Srol' Leibov Apartment Renter
melamed Berko-Srol' Leibov Apartment Renter
Mel'nik Simkha Osherov Home Owner
Mel'nik Aron Menashev Home Owner
Mel'nik Petr Vasil'ev Industry Taxpayer
Mel'tser Abram-Ber Movshev Home Owner
Meshel' Khaim Mikhelev Home Owner
Miasnik Tev'ia Nakhmanov Industry Taxpayer
Mikhalevich Petr Ivanovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Mikheev Pavel Nikolaev Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Miksha Ivan Andreev Home Owner
Miksha Aleksei Semenov Home Owner
Miksha Stepan Vasil'ev Home Owner
Miksha Daniil Vasil'ev Home Owner
Miksha Ivan Vasil'ev Home Owner
Miksha Eeremei Vasil'ev Home Owner
Miller Girsh Industry Taxpayer
Mil'man Girsh Movshov Home Owner
Mil'man Shevel Aronov Home Owner
Mil'man Mikhel' Itskov Apartment Renter
Mil'man Girsh Movshov Apartment Renter
Mil'man Nakhman Movshev Home Owner
Mil'shtein Meer Meerov Industry Taxpayer
Mindiuk Leiba Manev Home Owner
Mindiuk Ruvin Manev Home Owner
Minkevich Andrei Stepanov Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Minkevich Vasilii Feofanov Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Minkin Movsha Sholomov Industry Taxpayer
Minkovich Shmuilo Movshev Industry Taxpayer
Mironovich Feodor Home Owner
Mironovich Aleksandr Home Owner
Mitel'man Mordukh Mikhele Home Owner
Mitel'man Mordukh Mikhelev Industry Taxpayer
Mitskevich Konstantin Mikhailovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Molodovskii Iosel' Mikhelev Home Owner
Monashuk Evsei Girshev Home Owner
Monashuk Pinkhus Girshev Home Owner
Moskalenko Zinovii Pensioner
Motsuk Porfirii Kononov Home Owner
Motsuk Anton Daniilov Home Owner
Muchnik Abram Mordukhov Home Owner
Muchnik Froim Senderov Home Owner
Muchnik Govsei Iankelev Home Owner
Muchnik Khatskel' Mordukhov Home Owner
Muchnik Sender Shlemov Home Owner
Muchnik Shlema Nevakhov Home Owner
Muchnik Froim Senderov Home Owner
Muchnik Itsko Senderov Home Owner
Muchnik Shevakh Industry Taxpayer
Muchnik Abram Industry Taxpayer
Muchnik Evna Girshev Industry Taxpayer
Muliar Shaia Berkov Home Owner
Murovinskii Meer Mendelev Home Owner
Murtazinov Mikhail Industry Taxpayer
Musher Movsha Home Owner
Naidich Gil'man Home Owner
Naidich Itsko Home Owner
Naidich Movsha Shmuilov Home Owner
Naidich Govsei Ioselev Home Owner
Naidich Meer Home Owner
Naikhan Osher Mordukhov Home Owner
Naiman Shlema Exielev Home Owner
Naiman Shlema Girshev Home Owner
Narkevich Sergei Iakovlev Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Navrodskii Vladislav Pensioner
Nazarov Steman Zinov'ev Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Neiman Shlema Girshev Industry Taxpayer
Nemtsovich Khonia Ioselev Home Owner
Nenadkevich Nikolai Aleksandrovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Nesterov M. V. Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Nevstruev Ivan Sergeev Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Nikitin Trifon Kharlamovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Nikonovich Semen Petrov Home Owner
Nimtsovich Mordukh-Getsel' Shamshenov Home Owner
Nimtsovich Osher Davidov Home Owner
Nimtsovich Zalman Mordukhov Industry Taxpayer
Nimtsovich Osher Davidov Industry Taxpayer
Nimtsovich Nota Girshov Industry Taxpayer
Nimtsovich Shaia Apartment Renter
Nimtsovich Khonon Apartment Renter
Nosanchuk Movsha Leizerov Apartment Renter
Nosonchuk Leiba Senderov Home Owner
Nosonchuk Itsko Ioselev Home Owner
Nosonchuk Abram Ioselev Home Owner
Novakovich Aleksandr Ivanovich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Novakovich Shlema Shabasov Apartment Renter
Novitskii Ivan Karlov Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Nunberg Gershon Gendalev Industry Taxpayer
Nusov Roman Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Nusov Mikhail Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Obodnikov Ivan Sergeev Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Obrovets Danill Ivanov Industry Taxpayer
Ogul'nik Rakhmiel Abramov Industry Taxpayer
Okolovich Vladimir Pensioner
Okunev Aleksandr Filippov Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Olekhnovich Pavel Vasil'ev Home Owner
Olekhnovich Mikhail Ivanov Home Owner
Olekhnovich Stanislav Antonov Home Owner
Olekhnovich Ivan Vasil'ev Home Owner
Olekhnovich Stanislav Mikhailovich Home Owner
Olekhnovich Domenik Mikhalov Home Owner
Olekhnovich Adam Antonov Home Owner
Olekhnovich Kazimir Stepanov Home Owner
Olekhnovich Mikhail Lukashev Home Owner
Olekhnovich Mikhail Semenov Home Owner
Olekhnovich Luka Mikhailovich Home Owner
Omel'ianenko Aleksei Semenov Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Onishchenko Luka Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Oporovskii Ben'iamin Leshcherov Industry Taxpayer
Oposhnianskii Demitrii Dimitriev Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Orda Mikhail Mikhailovich Industry Taxpayer
Osipov Aleksandr Timofeev Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Osovskii Pinkhus Abramov Industry Taxpayer
Osovskii Motel' Shlemov Apartment Renter
Ossovskii Leiba Movshov Home Owner
Ossovskii Pinkhus Shlemov Home Owner
Ossovskii Girsh Osherov Home Owner
Ossovskii Itsko Osherov Apartment Renter
Ossovskij Zelik Movshov Home Owner
Ostrovskii Mendel Home Owner
Osvitsimskii Vladislav Osipovich Industry Taxpayer
Ovsiannikov Kos'ma Terentevich Civil Servant/ Professional Employee
Paikov Meer Veniaminov Home Owner
Paikov Mordukh Meerov Home Owner
Pakter Srol' Iankelev Home Owner
Palevskii Gavriil Semenov Home Owner
Palevskii Foma Sil'vestrov Home Owner
Palevskii Osip Daniilov Home Owner
Palevskii Ivan Daniilov Home Owner
Palevskii Anton Sil'vestrov Home Owner
Palevskii Sil'vestr Semenov Home Owner
Palevskii Stepan Semenov Home Owner
Palevskii Anton Lukin Home Owner
Panin Vladimir Konstantinov Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Papa-Afanasopulo Il'ia Afanas'evich Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Papish Leizer Apartment Renter
Pashkevich Ivan Industry Taxpayer
Pavlovich Feofil Vasil'ev Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Pechonko Timofei Terent'ev Home Owner
Pechonko Ivan terent'ev Home Owner
Pechonko Koz'ma Terent'ev Home Owner
Pechonko Feodor Daniilov Home Owner
Pekach Leizer Home Owner
Pekach Osher Home Owner
Pekach Khaim Abramov Home Owner
Pel'tsman Leib-Dovid Vigdorov Home Owner
Pen' Getsel' Lozor Khaimov Apartment Renter
Perchik Ieser Zelikov Home Owner
Perchik Iankel' Ieserov Home Owner
Perchik Shlema-Lemel' Nakhmanov Home Owner
Perchik Iankel' Nakhmanov Home Owner
Perchik Evel' Home Owner
Perchik David Apartment Renter
Perebrotskii Movsha Shmuilov Home Owner
Perebrotskii Iudka Shmuilov Home Owner
Peregud Aleksandr Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Perekal'skii Simkha-Ber Ioselev Home Owner
Perekhodnik Berko-Srol' Home Owner
Perekhodnik Abram Iankel' Industry Taxpayer
Perel'shtein Sholom Sruelevich Home Owner
Perel'shtein Nokhim Sholomov Home Owner
Perel'shtein Evel' Itskov Industry Taxpayer
Perel'shten Nokhim Sholomov Industry Taxpayer
Perepechin Vasilii Pensioner
Pereplechik Nakhman Shamshenov Home Owner
Perepletchik Ekhiel' Nevakhov Home Owner
Perepletchik Leiba Movshev Industry Taxpayer
Perlov Movsha-Girsh Azrielev Home Owner
Perlov Iosel' Shmuilov Home Owner
Perlov Shmuilo Ioselev Home Owner
Perlov Gavriil Movshov Home Owner
Perlov Nota Leibov Home Owner
Perlov Abram Itsko Home Owner
Perlov Movsha Faivelev Home Owner
Perlov Movsha-Ber Khaikelev Home Owner
Perlov Khaikel'-Movsha Berov Home Owner
Perlov Srol' Osherov Home Owner
Peshko Iakov Ivanov Home Owner
Peshko Vasilii Nikiforov Home Owner
Peshko Trofim Nikiforov Home Owner
Peshko Gavriil Ivanov Home Owner
Peshko Pavel Vasil'ev Home Owner
Peshko Petr Vasil'ev Home Owner
Peshko Moisei Isakov Home Owner
Peshko Konon Antonov Home Owner
Peshko Dimitrii Ivanov Home Owner
Peshko Ivan Korneev Home Owner
Peshko Trofim Vasil'ev Home Owner
Peshko Vasilii Semenov Home Owner
Peshko Mikhail Dimitriev Home Owner
Peshko Ivan Grigor'ev Home Owner
Peshko Iosif Grigor'ev Home Owner
Peshko Semen Dem'ianov Home Owner
Peshko Vasilii Samuilov Home Owner
Peshko Efim Ivanov Home Owner
Peshko Dimitrii Vasil'ev Home Owner
Peshko Iosif Andreev Home Owner
Peshko Ivan Andreev Home Owner
Peshko Kiprian Dem'ianov Home Owner
Peshko Lavrin Dem'ianov Home Owner
Peshko Pavel Stefanov Home Owner
Peshko Vasilii Nazarov Home Owner
Peshko Stepan Dem'ianov Home Owner
Peshko Stepan Kurillev Home Owner
Peshko Iosif Nikolaev Home Owner
Peshko Gavriil Pavlov Home Owner
Peshko Ivan Kos'min Home Owner
Peshko Nikita Sergeev Home Owner
Peshko Matvei Karpov Home Owner
Peshko Pavel Karpov Home Owner
Peshko Ivan Avksent'ev Home Owner
Peshko Ivan Danilov Home Owner
Peshko Karp Trofimov Home Owner
Peshko Stefan Naumov Home Owner
Peshko Grigorii Naumov Home Owner
Peshko Nikolai Pavlov Home Owner
Peshko Samuil Kalenikov Home Owner
Petrachiko Anton Il'ich Industry Taxpayer
Petriaevskii Ivan Konstantinov Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Petrik Petr Kirillovivh Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Petrov Aleksandr Korneevich Industry Taxpayer
Petrov Semen Aleksandrov Industry Taxpayer
Petrovich Pavel Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Petrozhitskii Boleslav Ivanov Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Petrukovich Mikhail Ivanov Home Owner
Petrukovich Iosef Grigor'ev Home Owner
Petrukovich Nikolai Osipov Home Owner
Petrukovich Grigorii Iakovlev Home Owner
Petrukovich Aleksandr Ivanov Home Owner
Petrukovich Aleksandr Gavrilov Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Pigulevskii Aleksei Pensioner
Pikman Zelik Tev'ev Home Owner
Pikman Shlema Aronov Home Owner
Pikman Aron Osherov Apartment Renter
Pil'chik Meer Khaimov Home Owner
Pil'chik Itsko Vol'fov Home Owner
Pil'chik Abram El'ev Home Owner
Pil'chik Movsha El'ev Home Owner
Pil'chik nevakh Meerov Home Owner
Pil'chik Shakhna Iankelev Home Owner
Pil'chik Itsko Meerov Home Owner
Pil'chuk Leiba Abramov Home Owner
Pil'ko Mikhail Maksimov Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Pinchuk Dionisii Pensioner
Pines Mordukh Industry Taxpayer
Pinkhusovich Girsh Iudelev Industry Taxpayer
Pinkhusovich Movsha Ioselev Apartment Renter
Pinskii Girsh Iserov Home Owner
Pishchik Stepan Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Piskun Dementii Pensioner
Piskunovich Iosif Pavlov Home Owner
Piskunovich Iurii Pavlov Home Owner
Piskunovich Adam Lukin Home Owner
Piskunovich Luka Pavlov Home Owner
Piskunovich Feodor Stepanov Home Owner
Piskunovich Sergei Maksimov Home Owner
Piskunovich Karl Efimov Home Owner
Piskunovich Aleksandr Antonov Home Owner
Piskunovich Adam Aleksandrovich Home Owner
Piskunovich Efim Home Owner
Piskunovich Ivan Petrov Home Owner
Piskunovich Mikhail Osipovich Home Owner
Piskunovich Ivan Osipov Home Owner
Piskunovich Anton Osipov Home Owner
Piskunovich Efim Stepanov Home Owner
Pivovar Mikhel Shmuelev Home Owner
Plavskii Ivan Ignat'evich Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Pleshko Semen Avksent'ev Industry Taxpayer
Pleshko Vasilii Aleksandrovich Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Pliasniuk Govsei El'ev Home Owner
Pliasniuk Abram Govseev Home Owner
Pliasniuk Ovsei Elev Industry Taxpayer
Plotka Vul'f Shaev Industry Taxpayer
Plotnik Vigdor Motelev Home Owner
Plotnik Berko Evel'-Dovidov Home Owner
Plotnik Ruvin Shlemov Home Owner
Plotnik Bunim Ioselev Home Owner
Plotnik Gershko Bunimov Home Owner
Plotnik Itsko Mikhelev Home Owner
Plotnik Ovsei Iankelev Home Owner
Plotnik Girsh Itskov Industry Taxpayer
Plotnik Aron Itskov Industry Taxpayer
Plotnik Itsko Girshev Industry Taxpayer
Plotnik Iosel' Faivelev Apartment Renter
Plotnitskii Zorakh Iudelev Industry Taxpayer
Pochtar' Tsodik Itskov Home Owner
Pochtar' Osher Leibov Industry Taxpayer
Pochtar' Khaim Osherov Industry Taxpayer
Podletskii Raimund Ansonov Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Poleshko Ivan Samuilov Home Owner
Poleshko Efim Nikitin Home Owner
Poleshko Mikhail Pavlov Home Owner
Poleshko Martin faddeev Home Owner
Poleshko Kuz'ma Samuilov Home Owner
Poleshko Trofim Ivanov Home Owner
Poleshko Matvei Korneev Home Owner
Poleshko Matvei Korneev Industry Taxpayer
Poliak Froim Noselev Industry Taxpayer
Poliak Abram-Itsko Nosonov Apartment Renter
Polianovich Ivan Home Owner
Polianovich Nikolai Fomin Home Owner
Polianovich Aleksandr Pavlov Home Owner
Poliskii Nokhum Movshev Apartment Renter
Poliukhovich Luka Andreev Home Owner
Polkhovskii Iosif Stepanovich Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Polliak Shmerko Zakhelev Home Owner
Pomeranets Elia Pinkhusov Home Owner
Pomeranets Shepshel' Ioselev Industry Taxpayer
Pomeranets Elia Pinkhusov Industry Taxpayer
Pomeranets Movsha Tankhelev Apartment Renter
Pomeranets Itsko Ioselev Apartment Renter
Pomeranets Shlema Itskov Apartment Renter
Popovskii Kazimir Ivanovich Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Poretskii Bentsion Mordukhov Home Owner
Poretskii Nisel' Evelev Home Owner
Poretskii Ruvvin Mordukhov Home Owner
Poretskii Khaim Bentsionov Industry Taxpayer
Poretskii Khonia Rubinov Industry Taxpayer
Portnoi Motel'-Movsha Aizikov Home Owner
Portnoi Osher Ioselev Home Owner
Portnoi Alter Abramov Home Owner
Portnoi Khatskel' Home Owner
Portnoi Sender Abramov Industry Taxpayer
Portnoi Abram Movsha Apartment Renter
Posternak Iosel' Leizerov Home Owner
Posternak leizer Ioselev Home Owner
Posternak Iosel' Leizerov Industry Taxpayer
Potenko Mikhail Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Potrebnik Movsha Elev Home Owner
Pozniak Vladimir Osipovich Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Primak Itsko-Movsha Leibov Home Owner
Priputnevich Petr Pavlov Home Owner
Priputnevich Ivan Vikent'ev Home Owner
Priputnevich Iakov Vikent'ev Home Owner
Priputnevich Pavel Ivanov Home Owner
Priputnevich Petr Vikent'ev Home Owner
Priputnevich Anton Aleksandrovich Home Owner
Priputnevich Luka Aleksandrovich Home Owner
Priputnevich Domenik Matveev Home Owner
Priputnevich Mikhail Stanislavov Home Owner
Priputnevich Stepan Matveev Home Owner
Priputnevich Grigorii Stanislavov Home Owner
Priputnevich Petr Grigor'ev Home Owner
Priputnevich Anton Stepanov Home Owner
Priputnevich Foma Stepanov Home Owner
Priputnevich Sil'vestr Stepanov Home Owner
Priputnevich Ivan Fomin Home Owner
Priputnevich Vasilii Mikhailov Home Owner
Priputnevich Osip Ivanov Home Owner
Privorodskii Borukh Vigdorov Home Owner
Prokopovich Vladimir Frolov Home Owner
Prokopovich Flor Pensioner
Pronevich Vasilii Dem'ianov Home Owner
Pronevich Daniil Dem'ianov Home Owner
Pronevich Vasilii Iakimov Home Owner
Pronevich Ivan Agafonov Home Owner
Pronevich Grigorii Ivanov Home Owner
Pronevich Roman Fedorov Home Owner
Pronevich Ivan Karpov Home Owner
Pronevich Andrei Stepanov Home Owner
Pronevich Fedor Home Owner
Pronevich Grigorii Iakimov Home Owner
Pronevich Pavel Karpov Home Owner
Pronovich Foma Home Owner
Prorvich pavel Pensioner
Protas Srol' Mordukhov Home Owner
Prozornyi Mordukh-Itsko Iankelev Apartment Renter
Prtnoi Berko Home Owner
Prussak Girsh Ioselev Home Owner
Prussak Girsh Ioselev Industry Taxpayer
Przheslovskii Nikita Pensioner
Ptashk Itsko Srolev Home Owner
Pugachev Viacheslav Iaroslavovich Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee
Putsykovich Viacheslav Iosifovich Civil Servant / Porfessional Employee

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