Memorial Book of the Community of Zelechow
(Żelechów, Poland)

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Translation of
Yisker-bukh fun der Zhelekhover yidisher kehile

Edited by: W. Yassni

Published in Chicago, 1953



Project Coordinator

Andrzej Cieśla



Yiddish into Czech by Michael Dunayevsky
Czech into English by Andrzej Ciesla


This is a translation from: Yisker-bukh fun der Zhelekhover yidisher kehile,
Memorial book of the community of Zelechow, ed W. Yassni. Chicago, Former Residents of Zelechow in Chicago, 1953

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Zelechow

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EditorA.Wolf Jasny
Editor SecretaryLajbisz Wajsleder

Editing Committee

Isz-Tow Mordechaj Tel Aviv, Israel
Aszlak Szalom Melbourne, Australia
Iglicki Abraham Venezuela
Aszlak Gedalia Melbourne, Australia
Boruchowicz Mosze New York
Bornsztajn Herszel Melbourne, Australia
Bran Cyrel Costa Rica
Guberek Szymon Bogota, Columbia
Grajcar Lajbel New York
Drezner Baruch Bogota, Columbia
Hochgelernter Szmilke Melbourne, Australia
Hochgelernter Szalom Costa Rica
Hefner Israel Paris, France
Wajsleder Dawid Costa Rica
Tochbrach Sara Bogota, Columbia
Yehuda Ben Szalom Haifa, Israel
Koberman Golda Barranquilla, Columbia
Laksman Szmuel Israel
Mesinger Hanina Paris, France
Miszpotym Josek Santos, Brazil
Nachtajler Godel Argentina
Najman Sara Sao Paolo, Brazil
Fisz Szlomo New York
Cybulkiewicz Mosze Barranquilla, Columbia
Roterman Ajzyk Panama
Rotfarb Motel Melbourne, Australia
Roterman Ela Barranquilla, Columbia
Rochwergier Abraham Argentina
Szpajzman Mordechaj Tel Aviv, Israel
Sznapstajler Jechiel Melbourne, Australia

Translation from English to Polish

III.Foreword by the Editing Committee
A. Wolf Jasny: Żelechów, a Murdered Jewish Community (An Introduction in Yiddish and Hebrew) 5
The Development of Jewish Settlement in Żelechów and its Religious Life
Szolem Aszlak: The Old Żelechów (Y)31
Majer Wancjer: The Rebbe's Yard (Y)41
Jechiel Rosenboim: Types and Characters of the Religious Jews (Y)42
Szlojme Brański: They Taught me the Torah (Y)44
Szymon Guberek: The Cheders that I Attended (Y)48
Szolem Aszlak: The Żelechów Woman (Y)49
Mojsze Baruchowicz: The Community Council, Charity Organizations and Religious Parties (Y)51
Mojsze Goldfarb: Żelechów of my Childhood (Y)59
The First Russian Revolution
Szolem Aszlak: The Economical Situation of the Jews before WWI (Y)65
Herszel Takier(Majnster): On the Eve of the 1905 Revolution (Y)69
Szolem Aszlak: The Jewish Workers' Revolutionary Movements (Y)71
Moshe Cybulkiewicz: The Jewish Shoemakers and Huta Polish Workers (Y)77
Jankiel Majnster: Herszel Taker - the Hero of the Jewish Revolutionary Movement in Żelechów (Y)78
J.M.Wajsenberg: “Jekel - the Carpenter”, fragments from “The Shtetl” (Y)80
The Mid-War Period
Lejbisz Wajsleder: Żelechów as I Remember It (Y)89
Jechiel Chybkiewicz: The Social Life During the First World War (Y)95
Szulek Altman: The Bund Movement (Y)101
Tertze Wancjer: The Childrens' Organization Skif (Y)108
Mordechaj Isztow: The First Cultural Organizations Forward and Kadima (Y)108
Mordche Szpajzman: The Zionist Movement (Y)113
Jehuda Ben Szalom: The Youth Zionist Movement in Żelechów (Y)119
Lejbisz Wajsleder: Social Activities in Żelechów (Y)127
Jakub Szerman: After the War: Poland and the Soviet Union (Y)135
Srul Wajsman: When Anti–Semitism Raged (Y)136
Jede Ben-Szalom: The Ordinary Jews (Y)137
Lejbl Grajcer: The Żelechów Tanners (Y)138
Isroel Wajnberg: The Hasidic Circles in Żelechów (Y)141
Isroel Najszteter: Friday Evening in Our Town (Y)142
Ester Altman Kijowska : A Visit to the Town in 1933 (Y)143
J.Miszpatim: The Episodes from My Life in Żelechów (Y)145
Moishe Cybulkiewicz: The Craftsman Association and Cooperative Bank (Y)146
Szimon Guberek: The Sport Activities in Żelechów (Y)147
Mojsze Baruchowicz: The Free-Loan Fund (Y)149
Żelechów in the Jewish Literature
A. Wolf Jasny: J. M. Wajsenberg - The Artist that Immoratilized Żelechów in the Jewish Literature (Y)153
Szulek Altman: Wajsenberg and His “The Shtetl” (Y)165
Mosze Goldfarb: J. M. Wajsenberg as I Had Seen Him (Y)167
Szlojme Brański: The Wajsenbergs (Y)168
J.Papiernikow: The Wajsenberg's Influence on the Present Writers (Y)172
Mojsze Knaphajs: My Recollections of J. M. Wajsenberg (Y)174
Jechiel Lerer
Felhendler: The Life and Work of a Murdered Poet (Y)181
Unknown version of “Davis Abas-Szewe” by Jechiela Lerera (Y)184
Mojsze Grosman: “My Home”, a Song about a Jewish Town in Poland (Y)187
A. W. I.–A Poet that Praised Żelechów (Y)189
Some Annotations to the Biography of Jechiel Lerer
Sz. Brański: His Life (Y)190
J. Papiernikow: The Rebbe and His Pupil (Y)191
M. Bojm: The First Poetical Works of Jechiel Lerer (Y)192
Rachel Ojerbach: Jechiel Lerer in the Warsaw ghetto (Y)193
Żelechów at War. Suffering and Holocaust
Godl Nachtajler: The First Three Months of the Hitler–Occupation (Y)197
Perl Wajnberg: The German “Robbery” (Y)202
Mojsze Baruchowicz: I Survived the Holocaust (Y)203
Sura Wajnberg: My Memories of the Hitler Time (Y)236
Szmul Laksman: My Experiences During the 2nd WW (Y)239
Moshe Szyfman: The Holy Death of the Rebbes of Zelechow and Ryki (Y)250
Szmul Hochgelernterc: The Liquidation of the Żelechów Ghetto and My Journey between Life and Death (Y)253
Tzivia Rozental–Worcelman: The Ghetto Firemen and Their End (Y)259
The Underground Fight with the Cruel German Occupant
Israel Najszteter: Underground Movement in Zelechow During the German Occupation (Y)260
Shalom Sztejnhendler: Our Battle With the Germans (Y)262
Yosl Lukowiecki: Experiences of a Żelechów Partisan (Y) 263
Mendel Gerecht: In the Partisan Troops (Y) 267
Mendel Korcarz: With Soviet Partisans (Y)271
Jakub Szerman-Solnica: The Jews from Żelechów in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (Y)274
Tzivia Rozental–Worcelman: How They Shot Tsheshe Majchel? (Y)276
In the Hidings on the Aryan Side
Hinde Rubinsztajn: My Experiences (Y)277
Chana Winograd-Cackiewicz: How I Survived the Nazi Holocaust (Y)280
Dvora Popowska: Hideouts on the “Arian” Side (Y)282
Tzivia Rozental: Among Peasants (Y)286
Frejde Gorfinkel-Gecht: On the Aryan Side (Y)289
Jews from Żelechów in the Death Camps
J. Asatonowicz: In Majdanek, Oświęcim and Other Camps (Y)292
Fejge Gutrajch: Memories from a Death Camp (Y)303
Jankiel Farba: The Execution in the Bedzin Camp (Y)306
The Experiences of the Żelechów Jews in France
Chanine Mesinger: Holocaust in France (Y)307
B.Waserman: With French Jews to Oświęcim (Y)310
Shaya Majster: I Saw the German Cruelty (Y)311
Izaak Gelbart: The Death March after the Liberation of Oświęcim (Y)312
Returning “Home” after the Liberation
Szmuel Laksman: In my Home Town after the Liberation (Y)315
Chanka Oszlak: My Tragic Night in Zelechow (Y)318
Buried as a Jew
The Exhumation and the Burial of the 17 Nazi victims (Y)320
The Documents of the Exhumation and Repairs of the Gravestones Damaged by the Germans (Y)324
To the Memory of the Martyrs' Souls (Y)327
Anniversary and Remembrance of Żelechów Martyrs (Y)328
Portraits of the Dead and Murdered (Y)329
The Names of the Murdered and Lost Jews from Żelechów389
Appendix I
The Żelechów Families (Y)
Appendix II
Jews from Żelechów and their Landsmashafts (Y)XV
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