Szumsk - Memorial book
of the Martyrs of Szumsk

(Shums'k, Ukraine)

50°07' / 26°07'

Translation of
Szumsk Sefer Zicharon Le - Kedoshei Szumsk

Edited by: H. Rabin, Former Residents of Szumsk in Israel (Hebrew,Yiddish)

Published in Tel Aviv, 1968


Project Coordinator

Rachel Karni


This is a translation from: Szumsk Sefer Zicharon Le - Kedoshei Szumsk
(Szumsk, memorial book of the martyrs of Szumsk), ed. H. Rabin, Tel Aviv, 1968

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Shimsk

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A Message from the Association of Immigrants from Shumsk   5
Preface of the Editorial Board Editorial board: Pesach Lerner, Rafael Sapir and Chaim Rabin 6
On Shumsk and the Shumsk Yizkor Book H. Rabin 9
Dedication to David and Rosa Chazen   15
On the Holocaust
Between Regimes in Shumsk F. Weisman 16
This is How it Began W. Berensztejn 21
The Last Days of Shumsk Ruth Sztejnman Halperin 29
My Last Days in Shumsk H. Cisin 49
Into The Shumsk Ghetto And Out Again – Five Times M. Kesel 53
Ghetto Experience L. Golub 59
Shumsk at her End (a reconstructed diary) Y. Geler 66
Shumsk, My Tragic Host M. Grenoch 80
From One Hell to Another A. Krejmer 87
My Front Line Battles M. Gervitz 96
After the Holocaust M. Krakowiak 103
Wanderings of a Boy from Shumsk M. Fuks 110
The Zionist Underground in Soviet Shumsk A. Krejmer 117
Shumsk in the Eyes of a Refugee A. Zilber 123
Small Revenge A. Krejmer 125
Shumsk Through Experiences & Memoirs
The Move to Shumsk Yisrael Sudman 129
Shumsk of Blessed Memory Rafael Sapir 136
To Shumsk from the Heart Mordechai Gervitz 138
Shumsk – Landscape of My Youth Simcha Roich 140
Shumsk as I Remember It P. Lerner 144
Experiences and Memories Yehoshua Toren 147
Shumsk in the First World War Years A.M. Gejlichen 151
Summer Shabat H. Lavnah 158
The Jews of Shumsk - All cut from the same cloth Pesach Lerner 162
Shumsk: a Town Remembered A. Mordosh 164
The Four Horsemen Aharon Lokaczer 167
One Visit to Shumsk Chana Rosenberg 169
An Experience Frieda Bendman 170
Simple Shumsk S. Bahat 171
Clear Memory   173
Shumsk Anew H. Lavnah 175
Anti-Semitism Throughout the Ages S. Bahat 180
Special Persons in Shumsk
Rabbi Mordechai Lerner   185
Rabbi Beirinyo Rafael Sapir 188
The Historical Figures of Shumsk H. Rabin 193
Dr. Jakobson P. Lerner 199
Zecharaya Schreiber (Roichman) B. Tzoref 201
Rabbi Benjamin R. Safir 204
A. Goldberg H. Rabin 207
Yisrael Sudman Yitzhak Geler 211
Y. Sodman Y. Negar 214
A. Yukison D. Sachish 217
N. Milman Z. Ravitz 219
H. Milman Z. Ravitz 220
Our Rabbi, Reb Yossele -- and Sports S. Freider 221
The Last Rabbi of Shumsk A. Wertheim 224
Sarah the Righteous David Chazen 226
Rabbi Benjamin Shochat C. Rabin 230
M. Steinberg R. Ordi 234
The Years and More R. Safir 235
Yussel . . . . . M. Gervitz 237
Grandma Deborah P. Lerner 239
Aunt Katz Z. Rabin 241
Grandma Sara T. Adler 244
Feigele the Rebbitzin A. Safir 246
The Chazen Family: Yaakov & Sarah Pesya Gercfeld 248
Family and History B. Gorin 249
Something from Shumsk and her Legends Munya Chazen 252
Rabbi Idel Ashkenazi Z. R. 255
From the Neimans A. Lerner 258
Organizations and Different Movements
All My Melameds Pesach Lerner 261
Schools in Shumsk Chaim Livne (Yukelson) 267
The “Tarbut” School and Culture in Shumsk Zvi Rosenberg (Segal) 272
On “Hechalutz” in Shumsk and its Members Yosef Sapir 276
Shumsk: Aliyah Realized Y. Geler 281
The Lubomirki Group S. Safrim 289
The Drama Group in Shumsk R. Feldgar 291
Things I Remember A. Shprecher 294
Theatre in Shumsk M. Gilann 297
Economic Life C. Lavneh 301
Advanced Education Pesach Lerner 305
Kindergartens in Shumsk M. Gilann 308
Expressions of Shumsk
Money to a Friend M. Ravik 310
Not a Grave / Before (poems) S. Sagal 312
Remembrance Candle S. Sagal 314
University Opening Address S. Bahat 316
Shumsk the Unforgettable M. Rubin 317
Shavuot Y. Torn 319
Curses M. Ravik 319
Mother's Prayer M. Ravik 322
In Memory of My Brother M. Ravik 324
My Grandfather's Shul Y. Torn 324
A Letter from America to the Yizkor Book (1967) from Akiva ben Mordechai Peltz   327
A Letter from Gorochov (1938) from Yitzchak Geler   329
To the Organization of People from Shumsk in the Land of Israel (1945) from Yitzchak Geler   330
To Tzippora Gurewitz in Haifa (1937) from Yitzchak Geler   333
Letters from Gorochov, Poland (1938-9)   335
A Letter from Shumsk to the Readers of “BaMaale” (1937) from Yitzchak Geler   336
A Letter to the Shumsk Organization (from Italy 1946) from Yitzchak Geler   338
A Letter to Yitzchak Geler (1945) from Pnina Dorfman   340
A Letter to Pnina Dorfman (from Italy 1946) from Yitzchak Geler   341
Yiddish Section *
Editor's Foreword Chaim Rabin 345
My Hometown Shumsk Sarka Berensztejn–Fiks [Fuchs] 347
My Unforgettable Shtetl Shumsk Manny Rubin (Avraham Schochet's grandson) 356
Shumsk Dies Fayge and Yosef Mednik (Recounted by Munya Chazen) 358
How My Son and I Survived Chaim Geler 365
The Death of Devorele Zadie Chodaker 369
Sarah the Righteous David Chazen (New York) 372
Once Upon a Time in Shumsk Munya Chazen 376
The Rich Man Who Became a Bathhouse Attendant Munya Chazen 380
A Wedding at the Cemetery Munya Chazen 382
“Ata Her'eita” (An Evening Prayer on Shmini Atzeret) Munya Chazen 387
A Mixup About an Eruv Munya Chazen 390
Disguised as a Russian Munya Chazen 394
A Rich and Crafty Man – But Not After Death Munya Chazen 398
Two Friends – One Father Munya Chazen 401
A Double Miracle Munya Chazen 405
The Rabbi's Curse Munya Chazen 410
From Shumsk to Tel Aviv Rivka Ehrlich-Goldenberg 415
A Letter to Mother from “Vellas” (Diary of an Illegal Immigrant) Zipora (Rojchman) Weisman 419
Reb Meir-Zvi, Son of Reb Abraham-David (Harry) Silverberg of Blessed Memory
(Taken from “Dos Yiddisher Vort” [The Yiddish Word], Winnipeg)
What Can a Picture Tell Us? Etel Kleinshtein 442
The Martyrs of Shumsk   445
Survivors from Shumsk, Listed By Country   475
People from Shumsk Who Have Died in Israel   477

* Editor's note: The table of contents in the original Shumsk Yizkor Book ends with Page 324 but the book itself continues through Page 477. The translation of the Yiddish chapter titles was done by Michael Goldstein. Return

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