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Rabbis of Stanislav of the Horowitz family

Notes from the family tree

Translated by Jerrold Landau

  1. The son of Rabbi Eliezer of Zalozce, the son of Reb Yitzchak the rabbi of A. H. V., known as Reb Itzikel Hamburger. The author of the book “Pnei Aryeh” on the Torah (Przemysl, 1876). The rabbi of Stanislav and its environs from the years 5544-5604 (1784-1854).
  2. The son-in-law of Rabbi Yehoshua Zeitlin of Shklov (Sar Oshia).
  3. The rabbinical judge, teacher, and rabbi of the “Mochrei Kemach” (“Wheat Merchants”) group in Brody.
  4. Rabbi in Zalozce, and from the years 5605-5648 (1845-1888) rabbi in Stanislav. The author of the book of responsa “Bar Livai” on charity; “Klei Chemda” on the Torah; “Shibcha Demara” on the Passover Haggadah.
  5. The wife of Reb Mordechai, the head of the rabbinical court of Uscie Zielone.
  6. The wife of the Admor of Reb Chaim Halberstam of Tzanz (Nowy Sacz).
  7. The wife of the wealthy man Reb Michel Yosef Bergsohn of Warsaw.
  8. Both of them died in the epidemic of 5591 (1831) in Zolochev.
  9. The rabbi of Pinsk.
  10. The rabbi of Shklov.
  11. A rabbi in Mariampol, 5611-5617 (1851-1857). A rabbi in Rohatyn, 5617-5629 (1857-1869). The author of the book “Dvar Halacha” (Lvov 1862); “Ateret Zkeinim” (Przemysl 1876).
  12. Rabbi in Ottynia and Zurawno, and rabbi of Stanislav from the years 5648-5664 (1888-1904). Author of the book “Toldot Yitzchak” (Lvov 1866), “Mea Shearim” (Lvov, 1887).
  13. Rabbi in Ushchya-Zielona, 5613-5642 (1853-1882). Rabbi in Tysmienica, 5642-5673 (1882-1913). The author of the responsa book “Besamim Rosh” (Lvov 1871).
  14. Rabbi in Delatyn. The author of Avnei Hashoham (Lvov 1880); the responsa of Ribam (Muncacz, 1888); “Shirat Dodim” on the Song of Songs (Tarnow 1894).
  15. The wife of Rabbi Yehoshua Kliger, the rabbi of Gorodok.
  16. A rabbi in Ushchya-Zielona, 5642-5647 (1882-1887). The author of the book “Alon Bachut”, which was a eulogy to his father (Drogobych, 1888).
  17. The wife of Rabbi Mordechai Teomim of Horodenka, and after his death, the wife of Rabbi Pinchas Bursztyn, the rabbi of Seret.
  18. A rabbi in Zalozce, 5631-5634 (1871-1874); the rabbi of Seret in Bukovina, 5634-5638 (1874-1878); a rabbi in Stryy, 5638-5664 (1878-1904). The rabbi if Stanislav, 5664-5669 (1904-1909). The author of the two volume responsa book “Harei Besamim” (Lvov, 1897).
  19. The wife or Rabbi Pinchas Halevi Ish Horowitz, the rabbi of Zurawno.
  20. The rabbi of Krakow. The author of the book “Tikkun Eiruvin”; the responsa book “Chayei Aryeh”. He had three sons: Reb Michael, Reb Moshe and Reb Tzvi Hirsch, the rabbi of Kehal Yereim in Drozdin.
  21. The head of the Yeshiva and rabbi of Brotchin (Bohorodczany).
  22. The rabbi of Gorodok.
  23. The rabbi of Krekovitze.
  24. The wife of Rabbi Halberstam, the rabbi of Biala.
  25. The wife of Rabbi Tzvi Ashkenazi.
  26. A Zionist activist in Vienna, now in Ramat Yochanan.
  27. A Zionist activist in Bielic, and the Zionist representative in the community. Died in Kiriat Bialik.
  28. The head of the community in Kolomyya. He perished in sanctification of G-d's name during the days of the Nazis, may their names be blotted out.
  29. A member of Kibbutz Mizra. He died on guard duty on the 19th of Iyar, 5701 (1941).
  30. The son of Chana, a Hebrew writer, one of the founders of “Kotvim”. An editor of “Haaretz”. Now in Tel Aviv.
  31. The wife of Dr. Shimon Federbusch, one of the leaders of Hapoel Hamizrachi.
  32. The rabbi of Tlusti.
  33. The rabbi of Mariampol.
  34. The rabbi of Kozlow. 5669 (1909). The rabbi of Stanislav 5669-5684 (1909-1924). The author of the book “Imrei David”.
  35. The wife of Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Teomim, the rabbi of Lyubetshov.
  36. The rabbi of Mariampol and Kozlow, 5669-5674 (1909-1914). In Vienna, 5674-5694 (1914-1934). The rabbi of Stanislav, 5694-5701 (1934-1941).
  37. The rabbi of Lisets and Halicz.
  38. A rabbi in Lisetz.
  39. A rabbi in Chodorov.

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