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List of Kedoshim from Sokoly, Poland

Arranged by family groups

Translated, arranged and edited by Avigdor Ben-Dov

(Editorial amendations shown in brackets.)

Note: The Yiddish names and Polish diminutives taken from the necrology in the Yizkor Buch were Hebraicized to conform with modern Hebrew usage and the English translation reflects this treatment.

Common examples of this are: Velvel - Zeev; Label - Aryeh; Hontche - Hannah; Herschel - Tzvi; Berel - Dov; Itchka - Yitzhak; Itka - Ida; and Mirka - Miriam.



ALINOVITZYitzhak, his wife and children
ALLENBERGBaruch, his wife and children
APPLEBAUMIda, her husband and children
ASTROWITZYitzhak, his wife, Hadassah and their children, Shalom and Chana
ASTROWITZShabtai and his wife
AYNEDaniel, his wife, Fruma, their daughter, Tsipora and their two sons
BRABINSKY    returnMoshe, his wife, Liba and their two children
BARANZusel, his wife, Dubah and their two children
BARANTuvia, his wife and their son, Shmuel
BARANYitzhak, his wife, Perlah and their children, Dov, Shmuel, Frumah
BARANAlter, his wife and their son, Dov
BEKLAROBSKYDrobnah and her daughter, Brineh
BEKLAROBSKYBashka and her husband, Meir
BEKLAROBSKYZeev, his wife and children
BERLINERZaidel, his wife and their two children
BIALAChaikel, his wife and children
BIALODBORSKYAbba, his wife and daughters, Kelah and Genendal
BIALODBORSKYChaya Leah [and] her son, Elimelech
BIALOSTOTSKYLeah [and] her children, Yaakov and Zissel (Metukah)
BIALOSTOTSKYNachum, his wife and children
BIALOSTOTSKYAryeh and his wife
BIALOSTOTSKYMoshe, his wife and children
BIBERYitzhak, his wife, Libbeh [and] their daughter, Zelatka
BIDENOVITZZalman Arye, his wife and their daughters, Sarah and Rachel
BIDENOVITZRachel and her two children
BIDKOAlter, his wife, Yentah and their two sons
BIDKOYaakov [and] his wife, Sarah Rachel
BLOSTEINYechiel [and] his wife, Malka
BLOSTEINYosef, his wife, Michaela [and] their children, Mordechai Moshe and Hinda
BLOSTEINAryeh, his wife and their three children
BLOSTEINDavid, his wife and children
BLOSTEINShmuel [and] his [children], Miriam Rashka, Esther, Fruma Sarah, Rachel, Shalom
BLUMENBLATTAryeh, his wife and their four daughters
BLUMENBLATTChaim [son of Aryeh] and his wife, Idka
BLUMENBLATTReuven, his wife and their three children
BLUMENBLATT(wife of Meir) and her children
BLUMENBLATTChaim (son of Meir), his wife and children
BLUMENBLATTYechezkel and his wife
BLUMENKRANTZFalk, his wife, Bashka and their four children
BLUMENKRANTZReuven, his wife and their three children
BOROWITCHAvraham [and] his wife, Sarah
BOROWITCHMasha [and] her children, Rachel and Malka
BOROWITCHNachum, his wife, Chana [and] their children, Yehuda and David
BOROWITCHAharon [and] his brother, Zeev and their sisters
BRILLTzvi and his wife
BRILLLiba and her son, Asher
BURAKEliyahu [and] his son, Chaim Yitzhak
BURAKAharon Zeev and his wife
BURSHTEINAvraham, his wife, Dinah [and] their children, Motal, Izik [and] their four daughters
CARNETSKY   returnChaya Rachel and her children, Reitcha, Hinda, Kreindel, Kalman
CHARNETSKYNathan, his wife, Zahava and their son, David Shlomo
CHARNETSKYEliezer and his wife, Devorah
CHARNEYAvraham, his wife and children
CHARNEYZusel, his wife, Tova Leah and their children
CHARNEYMoshe and his wife, Shosha Tsipora
CHARNEYMeir and his wife
CZERBONICZDubka and her children, Yaakov Eliezer and Rivka
CZERBONICZYechezkel, his wife, Malka and their children
CHERVANITZMina and her son, Yosef
CHOROVSKYZeidel, his wife and their children, Yehosha and Shaine
DECHOVITZ     returnChaim and his sister
DECHOVITZYisroel, his wife, Chaya, their daughter and sons, Alter, Aharon, Mendel
DIGOLATCHAlter, his wife, Tova and their daughter
DJEJEHBeila Gita and her children
DVORKOVITZYaakov, his wife, Chaya Sarah and their daughter, Idka
DVORKOVITZChaim David, his wife, Tova and their children, Yeshayahu, Chava, Liba
FABZNER        returnRachel (Gutman)
FINKELSTEINEsther and her son, Chanan
FLEERAvraham, his wife, Nechamah and their child
FLEERChaim Yitzhak, his wife, Devorah and their children, Shoshana, Rachel, Elka, Shlomo
FLEERMela and her daughter, Hennia
FLEERNeshka and her children, Chaya, Mordechai, Aharon
FLEERBezalel, his wife, Sarah and their children, Motel and Bashka
FLEERShmuel, his wife, Bashka and their children
FREIMANMichael, his wife, Nechamah (Goldin) and their child
FRIDMAN(the Teacher)
GINZBURG      returnYonah, his wife, Tsilina and their daughter, Aviva
GINZBURGAlter and his wife, Ida
GOLDBERG(wife of Yaakov)
GOLDBERGAvraham and his wife, Melah
GOLDBERGYisroel, his wife, Sprintsa and their son, Zalman
GOLDBERGTuvia, his wife, Rachel and their children, Sarah, Rashka, Malka, Elimelech, Chaim Eliezer
GOLDBERGBailah and her daughter
GOLDBERGShlomo and his wife, Malka Leah
GOLDGRAD(daughter of Hasid, David Shlomo) and her children, Pinchas and Shoshana
GOLDINAlter, his wife, Shosha and their son, Chaim
GOLDINAlter, his wife, Sarah and their three children
GOLDINYaakov and his wife, Miriam
GOLDOSARChaim Boruch and his wife, Rashke [Rachel]
GOLDSHTEINGenyah and her daughter, Hila
GOLDSHTEINBolak, his wife, Tzvia and their child
GOLDSHTEINMoshe Dov, his wife, Hatal and their children, Yitzhak, Aharon, Tsilah
GONSHAKReuven, his wife, Rivka and their son, Shmuel
GORKOVITCHYaakov Tzvi, his wife, Fruma and their children, Rachel and Shlomo
GORKOVITCHLeah and her two daughters
GOZBONDAMeir, his wife and child
GREENBERGMoshe, his wife, Aviva and their two children
GREENBERGShlomo, his wife,Genyah and their two children
GREENSPANYitzhak Meir and his wife, Pearl
GRITCHAKYaakov Moshe, his wife, Sarah Hennia and their grandson, Yehuda
GROSSMANRivka and her husband
GUTTMANRaphael, his wife, Dinah and their daughter
HIRSHMAN     returnYisroel, his wife, Liba and their sons, Mordechai and Chaim
HIRSHMANDavid Shlomo, his wife and child
HODSHARYukal, his wife, Yosefa and their son
ICHKOVSKY   returnChaya and her sister, Simcha
KAFKA            returnMalka
KALINAYitzhak and his wife, Dubkah
KALINAEsther Rivka
KALIPOWICZShlomo Yaakov, his wife, Shaine Raizel and their children, Yehudit and Aharon Yehuda
KAPLANDov Aryeh, his wife and children
KAPLANZeidka, his wife, Tsipa and their children, Arye, Sarah, Yisroel
KAPLANShmuel, his wife and children
KAPLANEliyahu and his wife, Kelah
KAPLANDavid, his wife, Tova and their children
KAPLANSKYYaakov and his son, Avraham
KAPLANSKYDov, his wife and their children
KARABTSEVITCHShlomo Yaakov and his wife, Zipporah
KARABTSEVITCHTzvi and his wife
KARABTSEVITCHShlomo, his wife, Leah and their sons, Fishel and Avraham
KAROSHNANSKYMiriam and her children, Meitah, Zeev, and Aryeh
KAROSHNANSKYShmuel, his wife, Chana (Baran) and their children
KAROSHNANSKYYaakov, his wife, Esther and their daughter, Basha Rivka
KASHEVITCHYehoshua, his brother, Chanan [and their mother]
KATSHUBAMeir, his wife, Sarah and their daughter
KATZAROVITZSarah Malka and her son, Asher
KERASNOVORSKYAryeh, his wife, Shevah and their children
KERASNOVORSKYShabtai, his wife, Chaya and their children
KIRSHENBAUMSimcha and his children
KOBILINSKYMeyer, his wife and their children, Aharon and Fruma
KOBILINSKYMeir, his wife, Rachel Leah and their six children
KOLODZINSKYZelig and his wife, Hennia
KOLODZINSKYSarah and her children
KOLODZINSKYChaim and his daughter
KOLODZINSKYChanania and his wife
KOLODZINSKYYaakov, his wife and children
KRAKOVIAKFeivel, his wife and children
KRANCHELMindel and her children
KRAVITZShmuel Tzvi, his wife, Hindah and their children, Shoshka, Hadassah, Shifra, Shaindel, Meir,Yosef, Shaul David
KRUSHAVSKYYaakov, his wife, Elka and their children
KRUSHAVSKYReuven, his wife and their children
KRUSHAVSKYMordechai, his wife and children
KRUSHAVSKYDov, his wife, Reizel and their children
KUMACHEVSKYYitzhak, his wife, Sarah Rachel and their children, Faige, Rivka, David
KUMACHEVSKYKalman, his wife, Chaya Sarah and their son, Moshe
KUMACHEVSKYDov, his wife and children
KUMACHEVSKYDov and his children, Yehudit, Motel, Sarah
KUMACHEVSKYAryeh, his wife, Nechah and their children, Motel, Chaya, Elka, and their only son
KURAKYisroel, his wife, Gita and children
KUZALudka and his sister, Stepha
KOZLOVITZShalom, his wife, Rachel and their daughters, Tsipora and Bracha
KUZSHOLShalom, his wife, Tsipora and their daughters
KUZSHOLReuven and his sister, Margalit
LANGLEIB       returnYishayahu, his wife and their daughter, Esther
LANGLEIBEliyahu, his wife, Duba and their children
LAXZisha, his wife, Bobcheh (Ratchekobsky) and their children
LEFCHINSKYAryeh, his wife, Sarah and their daughter, Tsipora
LEFCHINSKYAbraham, his wife and children
LEFCHINSKYNisan, his wife, Shirkeh and their children
LEFCHINSKYChaim Shimon and his wife, Yaffa
LEFCHINSKYNissan and his wife, Hinda Leah
LEFCHINSKYAbba, his wife, Chaya Zipora and their children
LEFKOBSKYAvraham, his wife, Chaya and their children
LEFKOBSKYChaim Gershon, his wife, children and [grandmother]
LEVAharon Eliyahu [and his mother]
LEVChaya and her children, Yehudit and Eliyahu
LEVLeah (wife of Yehuda)
LEVBashka and her son
LEVArye, his wife and children
LEVRivka and her children, Yisroel, Yishayahu, Boruch
LEVShmuel Arye, his wife, Devorah and their children, Mendel and Chaya Sarah
LEVShabtai, his wife, Malka and their son, Kadish
LEVINYitzhak, his wife, Fredl (Bialodworsky) and their daughter, Yehudit
LICHTBURGAvigdor, his wife and child
LICHTENBERGChaya Sarah and her husband, Nathan
LICHUBARMindel and her son, Nisan
LICHUBARTova, her husband, Leon and their child
LITBARLiba (Zilberstein) and her daughter
LITWAKShamai [and his brothers], Yaakov and Yishayahu
LOBZUBSKYAlter, his wife, Liba (Lichubar) and their children
LORINSKYNechemia, his wife and children
LORINSKYEliezer and his sister
LOKITAK[unknown], his wife and children
LUBOVITCHHennia (Studenik)
LUBOVITCHChaim, his wife, Chaya Liba and their sons, Reuven and Eliezer
MALACH         returnBezalel, his wife and children
MALACHJoseph, his wife, [their daughter] and their son, Zeev
MALONYosef, his wife and children
MALONYosef, his wife [and daughter] and their son, Zeev
MAZOVITZTzvi Dov and his wife
MAIKYisroel, his wife, Dina and their children, Shmuel and Yona
MEISLERYehoshua Zeev, his wife, Alte Yosepha and their son, Yaakov Kopel
MIKOVSKYShalom, his wife, Maniah and their son, David
MIKOVSKYYitzhak, his wife and children
MILNERFruma (Greenberg) and her child
MIRONLulak and his wife, Duba (Rosenovitz)
MORASHKEVITZYechezkel, his wife, Shaine Rivka and children, Yisroel, Rachel, Leah
MORASHKEVITZYitzhak, his wife, Shirka and their children
MORASHKEVITZEsther, her husband and child
MORASHKEVITZReshka, her husband and child
MORASHKEVITZAbba, his wife and child
MUNKARSHFishel, his wife, Devorah and their daughter-in-law and grandchild
NEIBURG         returnBenjamin
NEIBURGGita and her daughter, Rachel
NEIBURGZeidel and his wife
NEMEZINSKYAlter, his wife, Sema and their children
NEMEZINSKYTzvi and his wife (Radzilovsky)
NEMEZINSKYChaim Zelig, his wife and children
NEMEZINSKYShmuel, his brothers, David and Yona, and their sister and mother
NEMEZINSKYYosef, his wife, Shaine and their daughters, Zippora, Gita, Esther, Zissel
NOWAKAlter and son, Shmuel
NOWAKMoshe and sister Devusha
NURZYCZAvraham, his wife, Taama and daughters, Sarah, Leah, Chana
NURZYCZDov, his wife, Zahava and their children, Shmuel and Zippora
OFERSTEIN     returnAlteh [and] her sons, Nissan and Yehoshua
OFERSTEINTuvia, his wife and their two children
OFERSTEINYisaschar, his wife, Zvia and their children
OKUNEBenyamin, his wife, Duba and their children
OKUNEChanan, his wife, Musha and their children
OKUNEAryeh, his wife, Baleh, their daughter, Malka and sons, Meir and Eliyahu
OKUNEMoshe, his wife, Miriam and son, Yaakov
OKUNEMindel (wife of Nechemia) and children
OKUNEShmuel and his wife
OKUNEDov, his wife and children
OKUNERivka Baileh, her husband and their two children
OKRUNGLIYaakov, his wife, Chana [and] their children, Devorah and Shlomo
OLSHATzvi and his wife, Esther Leah
OLSHAYitzhak, his wife, Baileh and their sons, Chaim and Yaakov
OLSHAMichael, his wife, Masha and their son, Gershon
OLSHAMoshe, his wife, Rachel and their daughter, Tsipora
OLSHAZeev, his wife, Liza and their daughter, Sema
OLSHAChana, her husband, Moshe Zelberg [and] their son, Shmuel
OLSHAShifra and her children, Pesach and Sarah
OLSHASara Miriam
PAYIS             returnAlter, his wife, Tsipora [Feigel] and their daughter, Liuba [Loibka]
PIANKOAvraham, his wife, Kentsha (Borowich) and their children
PLUTNaftali, his wife, Rachel and their children, Dov, Shlomo, Issaschar, Nachum Yehuda, Yafa, Arye RACHELSKY, Yaakov Yitzhak, his wife and their children, Dov, Moshe, Traineh
RACHELSKY   returnYaakov and his wife, Dubeh
RACHELSKYYitzhak and his wife, Esther Shaine
RADZILOVSKYAlter, his wife, Chaya and their children
RATCHEKOBSKYAlter, his wife, Hinda and their children, Traineh, Zeidel, Chaim Tzvi
ROSACHATCHKYShlomo, his wife and their children, Meir, Liba, Tsipora
ROSEMANYitzhak, his wife, Sarah and their three children
ROSENBLOOMHaRav Yosef, his wife and children
ROSENOVITZEliezer and his wife
ROSENOVITZBen-Zion, his wife, Rachel and their child
ROSENOVITZYitzhak, his wife and their children
ROZENZWEIGShmuel, his wife and their children
RUBINSTEINGedalia, his wife, Devorah and their children
RUDOWITCHChaim, his wife and their children, Issur, Menuchah, Shoshana, Leah
RUDOWITCHChaya Rivka (Lev) and her daughters, Yehudit and Sarah
SPIROVITZ      returnYaakov, his wife, Liba and their children
SAPIROVITZYisroel, his wife and children
SARNOWITZAvraham and his wife, Malka
SARNOWITZAlter, his wife, Shaine and their daughter, Yenta
SARNOWITZYisroel Aharon, his wife, Shaine and their children
SCHEPPES[husband], his wife and their [three]children
SCHULTZYosef, his wife, Chaya Zelda and their three children
SCHWARTSBRODEliyahu, his wife and children
SCHWARTSBRODDavid, his wife, Esther Gita and their children, Avraham Shlomo and Chaya
SCHWITCHNIKTova Devorah and her children
SEGALChanaleh [Chana]
SEGALYehuda, his wife, Rachel and their children
SEREBRULOVYosef, his wife, Freidel and their children, Meir, Sarah Traina, Leah, Rachel
SHADLINSKYTzvi, his wife and their son, Boruch
SHAFRANMotel, his wife, Peshah and their daughter, Bobcheh
SHAPIRAYaakov, his wife, Alteh and their son, Shlomo
SHAPIRAChaim Eliezer, his wife, Tzvia and their three children
SHAPIRAHaim Eliezer, his wife and their children (from Zembrow)
SHAPIRAYosef, his wife, Ida and their sons, Tzvi and Motel
SHAPIRAMordechai, his wife, Peshah and their daughter, Bobcheh
SHOSTAKMordechai Aharon and his wife, Sarah
SHOSTAKAvraham, his wife and child
SHULMEISTERMoshe Lippe and his wife, Nechah
SLODKYAlter and his wife, Rachel
SLODKYAharon Yehuda, his wife, Gita and their child
SLODKYYisroel, his wife and child
SLOMASKYMeyer and his wife, Rachel
SOKOLBlumah and her two sons, Moshe and Yisroel
SOKOLDov, his wife and children
SOKOLZalman, his wife, Zipporah and their children
SOKOLEKMordechai and his wife, Tzvia
SOKOLOVITZAvraham and his wife
SOKOLOVITZHallelka and his sons, Yisroel, Meir, Simcha
SOKOLOVITZYehuda, his wife, Leah and their child
SOKOLOVITZYehezkel, his wife and child
SOKOLOVITZMalka Leah and her daughter, Tsipora
SOKOLOVITZMoshe, his wife, Hadassah and their children
SOKOLOVITZHinkah and her daughters, Zippora and [her sister]
SOMOVITZYechiel and son, Chaim
SOMOWITZYaakov and his wife, Belah
SOMOWITZTzvi, his wife, Erzah and their child
SOMOWITZYitzhak, his wife and child
SORASKYChaim, his wife, Raizel Devorah and their child
SORASKYYaakov, his wife, Yente and their children, Nechemia, Chana, Fredl, Duba, Avraham
SORASKYMordechai and his wife, Fruma
SPECTORAvraham, his wife, Rachel and their children, Zeev, Faivel, Tzvi Zusel, Moshe, Yosef Yaakov
SPECTORMotel, his wife, Ita and their child
SPECTORMordechai Shmuel, his wife and children
SPIVAKDov, his wife and children
STUDENIKGershon, his wife, Esther and their children, Shimshon, Yona, Chaya
SYNESSDov, his wife, Liba and their sons, Chaim and Tzvi
SYNESSYehosha, his wife and child
SYNESSMoshe Tzvi, his wife, Chava and their sons, Chaim and Yaakov
SYNESSShlomo and his wife, Chaya
TABAK           returnMenachem, his wife, Leah and their children, Shlomo and Hinda
TABAKPesach, his wife, Sarah and their children, Tsipora, Tova, Penina, Moshe, Tzvi, Dov
TOPORYitzhak Meir, his wife, Liba and their daughter, Nechama
TSIBAKDov and his son, Eliyahu
TSIBAKYehuda and his son, Shmuel Chaim
TSIBAKTzvia [and her sisters], Bobcheh and Devorah
VARAN           returnAvraham, his wife, Shoshana (Sokolovitz) and their children
WNYARKSKY  returnZvia and her daughters
WANDELOWICZGita and her children, Feivel, David, Ziskind, Mordechai, Rivka, Shoshka, Zisel
WANDELOWICZChana (Nurzycz)
WASSERMANRachel and her son, Reuven
WEINERTzvi, his wife, Chaya (Burstein) and child
WEINKRANTZEliyahu, his wife, Sarah and their children, Peshka, Chaya Devora, Gedalia, Yona
WEINKRANTZYerachmiel, his wife and children
WEINSTEINShmuel and his wife, Rachel
WISOTSKYAvigdor, his wife, Shaineh and their children
WISOTSKYDavid, his wife, Peshah (Lev) and their child
WITRIULEliyahu, his wife, Rosa and sons, Yaakov and Yisroel
WITRIULTzvi, his wife, Elka and their child
WOLKOWICZEliezer, his [wife and children]
YANOVITZ      returnYaakov, his wife, Chana and their children
YELLINAlter, his wife and children
YELLINZissel and her son, Ephraim
YECHNESFreidel and her daughter
YISKOLKIShlomo, his wife, Rivka and their son, Aryeh
YISKOLKIKalman, his wife, Cheryl and their child
YISMACHTzvi, his wife, Freidel and their daughters
YOCHELSKYAlter, his wife and children
YOPACKYosef, his wife and child
YOPACKYaakov [and brothers], Zundel and Yisroel, and [their] mother
YOPACKMotel and his sister, Chaya
YUZEVITZMordechai, his wife, Penina and their daughters, Basha and Tsipora
YUZEVITZFredl and her children
ZELOTKO        returnYosef, his wife, Shoshana and their children
ZELOTKOShabtai, his wife, Chava and their children
ZELTSERBendit and his sons, Moshe and Aryeh
ZHALIZERDavid and his wife, Rachel Leah
ZHELEZOAvraham and his daughter, Esther
ZHEREBKOVSKYChaya Yehudit and her [children], Dov, Shaineh, Sarah
ZHOLTYAharon and his son, David
ZHOLTYChaim and his wife, Felah
ZILBERSTEINTzvi and his wife, Etka
ZILBERSTEINZvi, his wife and children
ZISKChaim Tzvi, his wife and children

Table of Contents

[Pages 435 - 438]

Natives of Sokoly residing in Israel (as of 1975)

(N.B.: Hebrew street addresses omitted)

SurnameFirst nameCityNotes
BARYehudaNazareth Ilit 
BARVINBarkavPetah Tikva 
BERGERRachelTel Aviv 
BREINSKYTsiporahRamat Gan 
BURSHTEINZipporaRamat Gan 
BURSHTEINDubaPetah Tikva 
COHENYonaKiryat Chaim 
COHENYaffaYahudm. Chaim Cohen
DEVORKINMiriamKfar ShmaryahuMoadon Neve Aviv
GILAREtkaTel Aviv 
GINGISHaddasahAfridar, Ashkelon 
GINZBERGBelahYad Eliyahu, T.A. 
GOLDBERGYeshayahuTel Aviv 
GOLDRATTSarahTel Aviv 
GOLDSTEINTovaPetah Tikva 
GONENLeahYad Eliyahu, T.A. 
GONSHEBSKYYaakovRamat Gan 
GORKOVITCHZeldaPetah Tikva 
ILANYehudaKibbutz Dafna 
KATZChayaKfar Ata, Bet Kushkliki 
KEBAIKOBenyaminRamat Gan 
LACHMANHannahTel Aviv 
LANIADOLeahRamat-Chen, R. Gan 
LEONChaimTel Aviv 
LEVChaimPetah Tikva 
LEVEtyaTel Aviv 
LEVLeahTel Aviv 
LEVAvrahamTel Aviv 
LEVINEstherVatikim, Herzlianee Hertzberg
LORINSKYAryehYezrielia, Haifa 
MARKUSRachelTel Aviv 
MUNKARSHAryehRamat Gan 
NIRZahavaTel Adashim 
OKUNEYosefRamat Gan 
OLSHAEliyahuBnai Atarot 
PINSKYKalmanBeit Vegan, JerusalemHaRav
PLUTYaakovKfar Aviv 
SHAFFERRachelRamat Gan 
SHAPIRATsiporahPetah Tikva 
SIKORAKHerzlRamat Gan 
SINESSShmuelRamat Chen, R.Gan 
SLODKYMosheRamat Gan 
SLODKYElimelechTel Aviv 
SLOMASKYAharonPetah Tikva 
SORASKYMosheKfar Aviv 
TENETSHARMiriamTel Aviv 
VASLOWSKYBelahPe"ga, P. Tikva 
VEROBALShlomitRamat Gan 
VILKANFELDBrachaRishon LeZion 
WACHTYaffaTel Aviv 
WASSERMANAbrahamTel Aviv 
WINDERMANHenniaPetah Tikva 
WINEREliezerTel Aviv 
YECHNESIdaRamat Ganhusband, Yosef
YECHNESYosefRamat Ganwife, Ida
YISRAELIRivkaKiryat Chaim 
YUDKESSMinaTel Aviv 
ZAHAVINathanHar HaCarmel, Haifa 
ZAMIRAharonPetah Tikva 
ZILBERSTEINunknownRamat Gan 

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