Sokoly: In the Fight for Life
(Sokoły, Poland)

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Translation of Sokoly: B'maavak l'haim

Edited by: Shmuel Kalisher

Published in Tel Aviv, 1975


Project Coordinator

Avigdor Ben-Dov


Our thanks to Sondra Ettlinger for extracting the pictures
from the original book, enabling their addition to the project.


Our sincere appreciation to Moshe Maik, Organization of Sokoly Emigrés in Israel,
for permission to publish this material.

This is a translation from: Sokoly: B'maavak l'hayim,
Sokoly: In the Fight for Life, editor: Shmuel Kalisher, Tel Aviv,
Organization of Sokoly Emigrés in Israel, 1975 (H)

Notes: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Sokoly


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Sokoly: in the Fight for Survival

Shmuel Kalisher, Hebrew editor and translator (from the Yiddish)
Association of Sokoly Survivors in Israel, Tel Aviv (1975), 438 pp. (Hebrew)

Avigdor and Laia Ben-Dov, English editors and translators (from the Hebrew)

Introduction 7-8
A Word from the Editor 9-10
General Information about Sokoly 11
An Excerpt about Sokoly from a Guidebook 13
Reuven Lev, z”l, A Memorial for the Holy Martyrs of Sokoly (a Poem) 14
Survivors' Testimonies
Deliverance: the Diary of Michael Maik   17-141
Autobiography Avraham Kalifowitz 142-157
At the Height of the Decay Chaim Goldberg 158-187
In a Struggle for Life Liba Goldberg 188-200
Yadgika the Shepherd Tsipora Burstein 201-207
Under the German Hammer Issur Wondolowicz 208-213
The Paths of My Travails Moshe Surasky 214-216
Bobtcha Shafran Rachel Kalisher 217-220
In the Village of Piatkwa Zalman Sukman 221-223
Memories of My Life in Sokoly HaRav Yosef Rosenbloom 224-228
Characters, Images, Customs, Events
A Town Also has a Body and Soul HaRav Aharon Reuven Charney 231-236
My Family HaRav Yitzhak Meir Ben-Menachem 237-239
A Chain of Memoirs Moshe Dworkin 240-243
Youth Movements in Sokoly Dr. Bernard Kahan 244-246
The Great Conflagration Dr. Menachem Levine 247-248
My Childhood Dr. Philip Goldstein 249-251
Sokoly Pioneers in the Land of Israel before World War I Nathan Zahavi 252-256
Academics and Yeshiva Students Yisroel Leib Elgrod 257-260
Memoirs of a Teacher A. Wasserman 261-262
I Was a Teacher in Sokoly L. Shmeltsinger 263-264
The Mail Zippora Zatorsky 265-267
Our Universities Liba Langleib 268-270
Yankel Chaim and Mirka the Water Drawers Masha Kaplansky 271-272
Years of My Childhood Leon Lorinsky 273-274
My Father Rav Yosef Czerwonicz Ida Schweitzer 275-277
Theatre in Sokoly Moshe Goldberg 278-280
I was a Soltis in Sokoly Yehoshua Sorowitz 281-282
The Miracle Alter Schneider 283
The Image of My Father, Zelig Surasky Tsipora Breinsky 284-285
My Childhood Bela Waslowsky 286
Reflections Bracha Broin 287
Memories from Sokoly Batya Matzner-Paziger 288
My Family in Sokoly Yehuda Ilan 289
Images of My Aunt and Uncle Aharon Zamir 290-299
Men of Letters and Men of Faith Chaim Olsha 300-316
Torah, Commerce, and Trades in Sokoly Michael Maik 317-389
Yizkor 391
Stand At Attention! 392
List of Holy Martyrs Arranged by family groups 393-405
                               Arranged by individual names  
Eulogies for Sokoly Expatriates in Israel 406-414
Sokoly in Photographs 415-433
Addresses of Sokoly Survivors in Israel 435-438
Index to Photos  
Photo Name-Identification List  

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