Memorial Book of Lutsk
(Luts'k, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Seyfer Lutsk

Editor: N. Sharon

Published in Tel Aviv, 1961


Project Coordinator

Sandra Crystall


Emeritus Project Coordinator Leonard Prager z”l


This is a translation from: Seyfer Lutsk, Memorial Book of Lutsk
Editor: N. Sharon, Published: Tel Aviv, 1961; Publisher: Former Residents of Lutsk in Israel.
Pages: 608. Languages: Hebrew, Yiddish

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Lutsk

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TOC translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund (Yiddish) and by Yocheved Klausner (Hebrew)

Title Author Page
From the Editorial Board [H]   5
From the Editorial Board [Y]   8
The History of the Jewish Community
Remembrance Aba Kliger 15
The history of the Jews in Lutsk [H] Dr. N. M Gelber 18
The History of the Jews in Lutsk Dr. N. M Gelber 44
The craftsmen in Lutsk in the 16th-18th centuries [H] Dr. T. Hendel 75
Worker Record Books from Various Societies A. Rechtman 84
The history of the Karaite sect in Lutsk [H] M. S. Geshuri 86
The Lutsk Holocaust in the Decrees of 5408-5409 [H] M. S. Geshuri 91
The Big Synagogue in Lutsk Engineer M. Petitz 92
Reb Wolf's Beis-Medrash [House of Prayer] in Lutsk A. Rechtman 97
Memories of Lutsk M. Gliklich 99
The Era of the First World War
Lutsk in the First World War Yoal Charak 105
Between 1915 and 1918 Pinkhus Tshetshotko 114
The Lutsk Jewish Mayor Sh. Warkowicky 119
A night of horrors [H] Ben-Arye 120
The Jewish Aid Committee during the years 1915-1917 Lawyer Aleksander Kotliar 121
The Jewish defense in Lutsk [H] Y. Ben Amitay 122
The Communal-Political Life - Organizations and Parties
Lutsk after the First World War Yehuda Papir 129
The San Remo Act in Lutsk N. Gartibel 131
Zionists and Zionism in Lutsk A. Wachsman 133
The attempt of Lutsk Jews to acquire land in Eretz Israel [H] Binyamin Groschewsky 146
The Jewish Kehile in Lutsk Sh. Szlajfsztajn 146
Invalidated List Ch. Bar Halafta 154
Under Polish Rule N. Sharon Strachman) 155
Enough with the Past A. Lutsky 169
On a Shabat and Rosh Khodesh [beginning of the month] B. Brik-Assis 170
Jewish movements among the Lutsk youth Y. Gindel 171
The days I spent in Lutsk [H] Y. Berginsky 177
The Ukrainian Halutzim in Lutsk [H] Y. Bankower 179
The History of HeHalutz in Lutsk [H] Moshe and Yosef Shofman 181
Review of the Halutz Kibbutz [agricultural settlement] Sh. Cwitman 183
Halutzim [agricultural pioneers] from Hitler Germany in the Lutsk Kibbutz Sh. Friedman 184
Rejoice not against me, my enemy! [H] Haim Chalaf 185
The Election to the 18th Zionist Congress Sh. F. 185
The Ha'Oved [Worker] in Lutsk Z. Nissenkorn 186
Hashomer Hatzair in Lutsk [H] A. Efrat (Fiks) 187
The External-Party Youth Organization Y. Perel 192
The Hashomer [watchman] Plot in Lutsk Y. Perel 193
Brit Trumpeldor [BETAR] A. Dik 195
The National Military Organization in Lutsk [H] Y. Fershtey 199
Memories from the days of Hakhshara in Lutsk [H] D. Blorey 201
A short visit in Lutsk [H] Yosef Weitz 202
A bundle of letters [H] Y. Ben-Arye (Ziniuk) 204
I remember you, Lutsk [H] Elazar A. Hermoni 204
The Mizrakhi in Lutsk M. S. Geshuri 205
The Bund in Lutsk Between the Two World Wars M. Ferdman 207
The Youth Bund - Tsukunft [future] M. Geyer 211
A Day of Heartache B. Brik 214
Lutsk on the eve of Second World War Dr. Y. Shampanier 218
Tortchiner [Taczyn] Jews and their Connection with Lutsk Dr. M. Giber 220
Economic and Social Institutions
The Second Lutsker Loan and Savings Fund Alter Bardicz 225
The Lutsk Interest-Free Loan Fund Yoal Charak 226
Jewish Credit Cooperative Sh. Warkowicky 229
The ORT Society B-N 231
The TOZ Society in Lutsk Dr. A. Beylin 231
The Jewish Hospital Sh. Shleyfshteyn 234
Seven Year of the Artisans Sickness Fund W. P. 236
The Women's Union Bikur Kholim [society to aid the sick] B. Hochberg 239
The Linas haTzedek [aid to the poor] Society G. Kruk 241
Ten Years of Beis Lechem [support for the needy] - 244
Fifteen Years of Tsentos [organization for aiding chidren and orphans] W. Tshetshotka 247
The Orphans' Home in Lutsk Z. Zigman (Litman) 250
Accomodation for guests and a cheap kitchen Ch. 252
Women's Union on Nowostrojenja Y. Ts. 253
The Jewish Butchers Guild Y. Dimsik 254
Jewish Sports in Lutsk Sh. Chozan 256
The Cultural Life
S. Ansky in Lutsk Yitzhak Szternfeld 263
The Jewish Press in Lutsk Sh. Chazan 265
Yiddish Theater in the Past Yitzhak Szternfeld 267
The Yiddish Free Theater L. Kotliar 269
Around the Jewish Gymnazie [secondary school] in Lutsk G. Fierer 271
Lutsk Students in Prague Dr. T. Leshner 278
The elementary school Tarbut W. P. 281
My memories about “Tarbut” school in Lutsk [H] Tuvia Berger 283
The Sholem Aleichem School Sh. Ferdman 284
The Jewish Library M. Ferdman 288
The Lubart Castle Y. Perel 290
Y. Kornblit, the Artist Sh.Ochsman 292
The Religious Life
Lutsk Rabbis [H] HaRav Elhanan Sorotzkin 295
The History of the Lutsk Rabbis and Rebbes M. S. Geshuri 298
Synagogues and Houses of Study in Lutsk M. S. Geshuri 300
The Fortress Synagogue in Lutsk [H] M. S. Geshuri 303
Beit HaMidrash named after “Rabbi Wolf HaKadosh” [H] M. S. Geshuri 305
The history of the Hasidic Movement in Lutsk [H] M. S. Geshuri 306
Reb Shlomo Lutsker M. S. Geshuri 309
Reb Yochanan Perlow, the Lutsker Rebbe M. S. Geshuri 312
The Nesvizher Rebbe and his Successors M. S. Geshuri 313
Rebbes from Lutsker Hasidic dynasty M. S. Geshuri 317
HaRav R' Yechiel Yitzhak Rapaport [H] M. S. Geshuri 320
The history of hazzanut and cantors in Lutsk [H] M. S. Geshuri 321
Lutsker Khazonim [cantors] A. Weynszteyn 325
The Old and New Lutsk Cemeteries M. S. Geshuri 329
Portraits and Way of Life
The Lofty Soul of the City of Lutsk Yosef Finklsztajn 335
My Melamdim [religious school teachers] Y. Ts. Galperin 337
Lutsk Gavriel Wajsman 340
Itzik Peretzes, the melamed [teacher] of small children S. Borditsh-Goldberg 341
Erev Shabbat [the eve of Shabbat] S. Borditsh-Goldberg 342
My Krasner Purim Aba Kliger 344
Jewish Holidays S. Borditsh-Goldberg 345
“…He Who did not create me a woman” S. Borditsh-Goldberg 349
Ruba Trubatsh in Lutsk A. Lutsky 350
Episodes and Types S. Borditsh-Goldberg 350
Memories Prof. Y. Rosmarin 354
Urtshik Trager [porter] S. Borditsh-Goldberg 355
How My Grandmother Beyla Fought with the Chapunes [kidnappers] G. Fierer 356
Characters and Personalities
A. Lutsky A. Karlin 361
To Honor that which once existed A. Lutsky 363
Memories of the Old Home M. Szternfeld 364
The Generation of My Father Aba Kliger 366
Reb Zalman Sorotzkin - the Last Lutsk Rabbi A. Ben-Avraham 367
The Koshivker Rebbe Ben-Arye 370
R'Zelig SHOV [slaughterer and examiner] Y. Sternfeld 371
The First Heads of the Kehile * 372
Jewish Councilmen in the Lutsk City Council * 373
My Uncle [H] Yosef Vits 375
The Rabbi Reb Mendele M. Borditsh-Goldberg 377
Yakov Grobszteyn M. Grobszteyn 377
Yakov Sima * 377
Yonah Friedman * 378
Yehoshua Berger * 379
Chaya Ruchl Krojnszteyn * 379
Eliezer Petitz (AVRI) * 379
Yakov Kotlyar * 380
Dr. Friedman Pemaw * 380
Avraham Gliklich * 381
Dr. T. Rafalowsky * 381
Moshe Gliklich * 381
Moshe Kiperman * 382
Wolf Schneider * 382
Yakov Baksht * 382
Aharon Meiser * 382
Miriam Barzach * 382
In memory of two labor activists (Yakov Bornstein and Shlomo Zimmering) * 383
Zalman Kanisch * 384
Solomon Pinus * 384
In memory of Zalman Elbirt Y. Perel 385
Pinye Kartin - Andzhey Schmidt M. H. 385
Yochanan Kornblit * 386
Jewish doctors Dr. T. Konitza-Goldstein 387
Dr. Shabtay Avramski Y. Sternfeld 389
Dr. Ben-Zion Beilin Dr. A. Beilin 390
Simcha Lipin * 392
Itche Meir Besprianzik * 392
Rescuing Jews from the pogrom S. Borditsh-Goldberg 393
Naftali Gortibel A. Wachsman 394
The Years of the Holocaust
Years of pain, resistance and destruction N Sharon (Strachman) 397
The Lutsker “Book of Lamentations” Dr. M. Griffel 399
As I close my eyes David Sfard 404
From Chelm to Lutsk S. Shargel 405
An Ukrainian's tale   407
The testimony of Leizer Tzirolnik   409
The testimony of Fania Pasht   413
The tree of bravery Z. Eshrer 414
Occupation, Ghetto, Annihilation Dr. T. Konitza-Goldstein 416
My battle for my life Dr. R. Pinus 423
From the ghetto to the partisan A. Boidman-Ettinger 427
Man and animal A. Lutzki 440
German workshops in Lutsk M. Roitman 441
Under the German occupation B. Gatman-Pitlikova 442
In the Lutsk ghetto B. Fogel-Weidman 444
My escape from Lutsk Ghetto [H] S. Roiter 448
The testimony of Yakov Polieshuk   450
Children in the ghetto S. Shiloh 454
Children in the ghetto [H] S. Shiloh 457
Children victims Y. Obstein 459
I jumped from the train P. Gurolnik-Hertz 459
Witold Fomyenka A. Friedboim-Fomyenka 461
Dziennik Witolda Fomienki   465
The diary of Witold Fomyenka   467
One of the Righteous Among the Nations [H] Y. Nimtzowitz 468
“Witold Fomienko” (My Rescuer) S. Yakobowitz 470
If only all were like them… [H] D. Prital 471
The family Egermayer M. Petitz 478
Dr. W. Stroshinska - rescuer of five Jews T. Konitza-Goldstein 478
The testimony of Bereza Michael   481
“The seven departments of Hell” Y. Gack 482
A Jewish boy between life and death S. Shiloh 486
The Days of Awe in the Lutsk Ghetto [H] S. Shiloh 492
Letters from: an unknown woman, Shimon Bokowietzki, Chaim Prinzenthal   496
The history of two letters [H] D. Prital 498
The teacher Chaim Prinzenthal [H] Y. Prital 499
The testimony of Yakov Elbirt   500
Nine days in the attic H. Gornstein-Piterman 504
“Eygn blut” (One's Own Flesh and Blood) Yoyl Perel 506
The Jewish hospital at the time of the great liquidation [H] David Prital 509
Two young men organize a partisan group [H] Asher Goldenberg 511
On the ghetto uprising A. Siegelblum-Sowitzki 517
The uprising on the eve of the liquidation of the camp [H] S. Shiloh 518
The testimony of Dr. B. Rotnyevski   520
Jewish partisans in the Lutsk region Y. Rosenfeld 523
Revenge Y. Teitelboim 525
Among the partisans P. Shemesh 527
Lutsk Jews in the Soviet Army M. Schuldiger 528
Yoel Stcherbeto, may God avenge his blood Gad Rosenblatt 530
Avraham Buslik, may God avenge his blood Gad Rosenblatt 531
Lutsker around the World - the Landsmashaftn
Yoel Finkel   536
Lutsker Landsmanshaft organization in the US Yitzhak Finkel 537
Lutsker Landsmanshaft in New York during the years 1948-1960 N. Fierer 550
A meeting at the Lutsker people A. Lutski 553
Lutsker Relief Society in Baltimore A. Barditch 554
Lutsker Jews in Portugal S.Sternfeld 557
Lutsker in the United States Perl Marantz 559
Lutsker in Sao Paolo M. Geyer 561
The Lutsk survivors Dr. Y. Shampanyer 564
The Organization of Lutsk former residents in Israel Y. Friedman 566
The Organizatin of former Lutsker in 1958-1961 Edw. A. Kotlyar 571
The Interest-Free Fund in the name of the Lutsk victims S. Workowitzki. Y. Shampanyer 573
Lutsker in Israel
Avraham Landsberg A. Wachsman 579
R'Binyamin Grushevski A. Avatihi 580
The house of the Rabbi of Lutsk Baruch Katzenelbogen 581
Shlomo Ben-Yosef - a man from Lutsk [H] Shalom Rosenfeld 583
Yitzhak Nul   586
The Eng. Shaul Zhitin (Sonik)   587
Moshe (Mosik) Plosker   587
David Yaakovi   588
Asher Yisraeli (Becker)   588
Shlomo Kachova   588
Haim Applebaum   588
Yitzhak Fogen   588
Aharon-Leib Finkel   589
Dr. Shimshon Yunitzman z”l   590
Israel A. Lutski 591
Remember   592
An Eternal Memory   593
Bibliography   595
Index   599


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