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Translation Project Editor's Note

After World War II, the Kremenets Landsmanshaft had active members in Israel, New York, and Argentina. Sometime after the yizkor book Pinkas Kremenets, edited by Avraham Stein, was published in 1954, the Israel-based Landsmanshaft (Irgun yotsei Kremenits, or Organization of Kremenets Emigrants) began publishing a series of booklets. These included 18 numbered booklets published between 1967 and 1982, as well as an additional booklet in 1995. Their purpose was to keep Kremenetsers around the world in touch with one another.

All the booklets included sections in Hebrew and Yiddish. In the first 10 numbered booklets, the Hebrew and Yiddish sections are identical (or nearly identical) in content. As the burden of translation increased with the amount of material to publish, the organization began to print much of the material in its original language (Hebrew or Yiddish) only.

In booklet 10, published in December 1972, Yitschak Rokhel, a member of the Editorial Board, described the first nine Voice of Kremenets Emigrants booklets as follows:

The booklets were not published on set dates. Their formula and contents varied, and even their size went through changes until we arrived at a certain set scale. . . .

We started out by presenting all material in both languages (Hebrew and Yiddish), but as time went by, we stopped insisting on this to keep the length reasonable and for other reasons. . . .

Now, who are the writers? Certainly, board members (particularly Manus [Goldenberg] and [Yitschak] Rokhel) contributed the lion's share, but they were not the only ones. Twenty-seven members in the Land and abroad contributed the fruit of their pen, and in the nine booklets, some 117 articles were published.

The organization's aim is to preserve the memory of the Kremenets community. One of the tools for achieving this is the Voice of Kremenets Emigrants booklets. . . .

As for content, Rokhel writes that booklets 1 through 9 include

In a very real sense, then, the booklets are yizkor books – not the traditional kind that deal with an ancestral shtetl in Eastern Europe, but yizkor books dealing with the lives of those who left Kremenets before, during, and after World War II, and their descendants.

Rokhel notes that booklet 10 had a circulation of 700 copies, distributed as follows:

Our hope is that the translations will extend this circulation to new generations of Kremenetsers and other interested readers.

A word on transliteration: We have tried to be consistent in transliterating Hebrew and Yiddish names in a way that allows the reader to work backward to the original spelling. A document describing our transliteration guidelines is on our Kremenets Shtetlinks website ( As project manager, I take full responsibility for changes I have made to our translators' work, and I welcome comments, criticism, and suggestions for improvement. If you identify any errors in the translation or take issue with the way we have transliterated specific surnames, please advise me of them so that we can correct them.


Translation Acknowledgments

We are indebted to the following translators for their work on these booklets: Shimshon Bahat, Lenny Blank, David Dubin, Nathan Gabriel, Jack Horbal, Sara Mages, Thia Persoff, and Elliott Raisen. I take full responsibility for changes I have made and any damage done to their work. Please keep in mind that this is an ongoing project. Additions and revisions to this translation will be made available as they are completed.

The Kremenets Yizkor Book Translation Project is one of the projects of the Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP/Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, an activity of the Kremenets District Research Group (

Ellen Garshick

Editor, Kremenets Yizkor Book Translation Project

Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP/Jewish Records Indexing-Poland

an activity of the Kremenets District Research Group

Ronald D. Doctor, Co-Coordinator
Portland, Oregon USA


Bibliography of Kremenets Yizkor Books

This bibliography includes citations for the two primary Yizkor Books for Kremenets, as well as for a series of booklets published by the Organization of Kremenets Emigrants between 1967 and 1982. At least one more was published in 1995. All those booklets are in the possession of the Kremenets District Research Group. In addition, the list includes citations for yizkor books for several nearby towns that are closely associated with Kremenets—Brody, Pochayev, Shumsk (Szumsk, Shumskoye), Vishnevets, and Yampol. Partial English translations are available on the JewishGen Yizkor Book website,

Kremenets (50°06' N, 25°43' E)



From 1967 through 1982, the Organization of Kremenets Emigrants published a series of 18 booklets in Tel Aviv and distributed them to Kremenetsers worldwide through representatives in New York, Buenos Aires, and Winnipeg. Beginning with Booklet 16 in 1979, the title and content were changed to include emigrants from Shumsk (Szumsk, Shumskoye; 50 07 N / 26 07 E, 17.8 miles E of Kremenets) as well as Kremenets. Norm Kagan, whose father, William, was the New York representative of the Kremenets landsmanschaft, donated copies of Booklets 1, 2, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, and 18 to the CO-OP and to YIVO; Ron Doctor has donated Booklet 11; Peggy Pearlstein donated copies of Booklets 3 through 7, 9, and 13 from the collection of the U.S. Library of Congress; and Eileen Curtis donated a copy of Booklet 17. We now have originals or copies of the entire series of 18 numbered booklets. The CO-OP has donated copies of all booklets to the U.S. Library of Congress and to YIVO.

Brody, Ukraine

(50°05' N, 25°09' E, 25.1 miles W of Kremenets)

Lichtblau, Albert, ed. 1999. Als haetten wir dazugehoert. Vienna-Cologne-Weinar: Boehlau, in cooperation with Leo Baeck Institute and the Institute for History of Jews in Austria. German.

An English translation, A Day in the House of My Parents: Reminiscences of Brody, is available on Brody ShtetLinks website,

Ner tamid: Yizkor le-Brody [An Eternal Light: Brody in Memoriam]. 1994. Jerusalem: Organization of Former Brody Residents in Israel. 508 pp. Hebrew. English table of contents available at

Translation of further sections of this book is underway. The book's English pages consist of the list of founders of the Organization of Former Brody Residents in Israel, the Table of Contents, the Preface, a selection from Nathan Michael Gelber's “History of the Jews of Brody,” and an essay by Julian Tuwim entitled, “We, Polish Jews.” I also have two poems that have been translated into English.


(Pitshayev, 50°01' N, 25°29' E, 11.8 miles WSW of Kremenets)

Staryy Aleksinets

(Aleksinets, 49°50' N, 25°33' E, 19.8 miles SSW of Kremenets)

No Yizkor Book

[There also is a Novyy Oleksinets nearby (49° 50'/25° 30', 20.8 miles SSW of Kremenets.]

Shums'k (Shumskoye, Szumsk, 50°07' N, 26°07' E,

17.8 miles E of Kremenets)

Rabin, H. 1968. Szumsk ... sefer zikaron le-kedoshei Szumsk [Shumsk ... Memorial Book of the Martyrs of Shumsk]. Tel Aviv: Former Residents of Shumsk in Israel. 477 pp. Hebrew and Yiddish. Partial translation is at


(49° 54' N, 25°45' E, 13.9 miles S of Kremenets)


(Vishgorodek, 49°46' N, 25°58' E,

25.6 miles SSE of Kremenets)

Vyshgorodek is included in the Kremenets Yizkor Book published in Argentina and edited by Stein. There is no separate Yizkor Book for Vyshgorodek.

Yampil' (Yampol')/Tikhomel' (49°58' N, 26°15' E,

25.4 miles ESE of Kremenets)


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