Memorial Book of Kolomey
(Kolomyya, Ukraine)

48° 32' / 25° 02'
Translation of
Pinchas Kolomey

Edited by: Shlomo Bickel

Published in New York, 1957


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Project Coordinators

Claire Hisler Shefftz and Dr. Ben Nachman


This is a translation of : Pinkes Kolomey (Memorial Book of Kolomey),
Editor: Shlomo Bickel, New York, Rausen Bros., 1957 (Y, 448 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Kolomyia (1957)

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Translator's Note

My parents, Aaron and Mary (Miriam Shuster) Hisler came from Kolomey and my father was on the Kolomeyer Memorial Book committee and in charge of the book's distribution. The book was copyrighted in care of his name and address. I was encouraged to read the book but never quite managed to get much beyond the first page when my parents were alive. In the years since their deaths, I have observed Yom Hashoah each year by slowly translating some of the section of the Holocaust as best I could and writing it down.

Many years ago, my father expressed the wish that the book be translated into English and published; I thought that very unlikely. But now this website has made his wish possible in a way he could never have imagined.

Claire Hisler Shefftz


Shlomo Bickel Preface VII
Dr. N. M. Gelber History of the Jews of Kolomey (with notes and references) 13
Dr. Abraham Yaakov Braver Kolomey –Capital of Pokutia (Polish spelling: Pokucie) 96
Moshe Rat Rabbis, Synagogues and Jewish Life in Kolomey 112
  Synagogues and study-houses in Kolomey 130
A. Yeri List of (31) Jewish Books Published in Kolomey 157
Israel Isser Zeidman Three Eras 159
Dr. Zvi Heller Zionism in Kolomey 176
Levi Grebler Socialist Demonstration in Kolomea on the Eve of Voting, 1907 182
David Yesha'yahu Silberbusch Vienna Rothschilds and Kolomeyer Taleysim Workers 190
I. Teitelbaum The “Hechalutz” in Kolomey 197
  The Martyred Chalutzim from Slobodka–Leshna [1919] 205
Dr. Stanislav Vintsentz To Kol Nidrei in the Boyaner Prayer House 208
Shlomo Bickel The Apostate Newcomers Are Honored and the Resident Apostate is Trounced 212
Dovid Landman The Jewish Workers Movement in Kolomea 220
Leib Weitz My Little Street and My Youth Organization 223
Leizer Walder Memories of a Young Kolomeyer Tailor 231
A. Sh. Yuris My Streets 237
Shloyme Bik Two Russian Jews in the City: Yona Shamas and Motl Fonya, the News Seeker 244
Naftali Gross Yosel Klezmer Saves the City from a Fire 251
  My Companions in Kolomey [from his book of poems, Yidn, NY, 1929] 255
Itzik Manger Between Stopchet and Kolomey [poem] [reprinted with the author's permission] 256
Portraits [brief biographies, most with small photos]
  Chaim Gross [1904] 257
  The Poet Naftali Gross [1897– 1956] 259
  The Musical Child Prodigies: The Brothers Sigmund (1900-1952) and Emanuel Feuermann (1902-1942) 264
  Laibel Toibsh [the people's educator for two generations, [1863–1933] 265
  The Last Kolomeyer Rabbi [Rabbi Joseph Lau] 268
  Rabbi Bachur [a Hasidic rabbi, 188?– 1917] 271
  The Veteran Zionist [Dr. Shlomo Rosenheck] 1862–1934] 274
  “Yirat Elohim,” [“Fear of God” leader Moshe Yaakov Shverdsharf, 1858–1922] 277
  The Teacher R' Wolf Rosenkrantz 279
  Dr. Fishl Rotenshtreich [member of Suchnot, 1882–1938] 281
  The Jewish Teacher in Vilna [Dr. Israel Biber, 1897–1942] 283
  The Leader of the Bund, [Dr. Adolf Frisch, 1891–1943] 285
  The Distinguished Educator from Tel Aviv [Dr. Eliahu Maruz– Rosenbaum, 1987–1952] 287
  Comrade Shmois [Yitzchak Shlomo Shmoisen, 1887–1942] 291
  The Very Fine Jew [Chaim Ringelblum, 1894 ? 1942] 296
  The Hebraist [Yaakov Bitter, 1894–1941] 301
  The Devout Enlightened Scholar [Ephraim Klurman, 1874–1928] 302
  The Tchtortkover Chasid [Hanoch Schecter, 1878–1955] 304
  The Socialist [Michal Herer, 1885– ? 1942] 306
  The P.P.S [Polish Socialist Party] Organizer [Moshe Sack, 18?– 19?] 307
  The Business Leader [Yehuda Baruch Feuerstein, 1887–1941] 308
  The Financier [Emanuel Luft, 1893–1941] 310
  The Writer [Dr. Anzels Kleinman, 1882– ? 1942] 312
  Surgeon and Philosopher [Dr. Eliezer Bickel 1902–1951] 313
  The Talmud Professor [Dr. Israel Asterzetzer, 1904–1942] 315
  The Editor of the “Red Flag” [Heinrich Ziskind, 1895– 1934] 316
  Lawyer and Orator [Dr. Feivil Shternberg, 1887–1948] 318
  The Actor [Alexander Granach, 1891–1945] 320
Khurbn [Holocaust]
Chana Weinheber– Hacker:  The Annihilation of the Jews of Kolomey [June 1941– February 1943] 325
  [Testimony from Sally Tager]  357
  [Testimony from Sigmund Tager] 359
  [Sally and Sigmund Tager Speak] 360
  [Testimony from Andi Lederfeind:] [–about the action of September 17] 366
  [–about the Sunday action in early October, 1942] 368
  [The Escape– testimony from Chana Weinheber– Hacker] 370
Yeshia Feder and Shoshana Hecht–Feder We Survived 376
Lusia Borten In Kolomey Between 1944–1946 414
  The Judenrat and Its Chairman, Markus Horowitz 420
  The Murderers of the Martyred Kehilla of Kolomey (names, trials, and sentences) 425
In Memory of Our People
List of Kolomayers who, together with millions of other martyrs, perished in the great khurbn (holocaust) 5700–5705 (only about 80 families list the names of family members who were killed – there were thousands more)  431
(The following section is not listed in the table of contents):   
[Those who were killed in the Soviet–Nazi war] (They enlisted in the Soviet army in summer 1941 after the Nazis invaded Russia – only 12 names known are listed out of over a hundred Jewish Kolomeyers who fell on the battlefields.) 442
Kolomear Organizations in New York 443
(these are described as below in the text but not listed in the table of contents)   
[The Joint Kolomear Relief by A. Hisler 444
The Kolomear Jewish Center 445
Kolomeyer Branch 528 of the Arbeiter Ring 445
Kolomear Friends Association] 447
The A–B Line [photo of square with city hall] 17–18
Proclamation (copy of 1891 appeal to Jews to elect Dr. Joseph Shmuel Block to his third term in the Austrian Parliament in Vienna representing the district which included Kolomey, Buczacz, and Sniatyn– in Yiddish)  83
The Tall Shul, Boyaner House of Study, Azipolyer Shul (drawings) 129
The wooden shul in Yablonov, the wooden shul in Peczenizhin (photos), the Talmud Torah (drawing) 141
Literary Evening (copy of program for Feb.22, 1919) 169
Histadrut Mizrachi (photo) [1929] 175
“Hitahadut Ze'irei Zion” [local committee] 181
Hechalutz Groups [3: Hechalutz 1924–25,” Dror 1933”, Histadrut “Gordonia” 1933] 198
Hachshara Collective [1935], “Hanoar Hazioni” [1934], Farewell Banquet  
[before Kutner and Rosenbaum left for Israel] 202
Hachshara Group [Hashomer HaTsair] in Slobodka–Leshna in the year 1919 206
Evening Class from the organization “Evening Courses” 230
Map of the Three Ghettos in Kolomey [in Yiddish] 336–337
Translator's notes:
Square brackets, [ ], contain information from the text to help explain the items in the table of contents.
The words in parentheses, ( ), are explanations added by the translator.
The group photos in the “Illustrations” section do not list the names of the group members.

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