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Index of Illustrations

Translated by Shayna Kravetz

Edited by David Goldman and Marvin Galper

Map of the surrounding area 9[1]
Map of the town 13[2]
The synagogue 17[3]
Pictures (postcards) 25
Moshe Bachrach 33
Heads of the Community 35
Goniondz City Council 39
Payen[4] bank (Council & Administration) 41
Monday market 43
The New Market 45
A Certificate of the Goniondz Community in 1835 47
Yossl Alshanitzky 55
Zelig Niyevodovski 57
Volf Pekarski 58
Osher Shirotes 59
Yekhezqel Peretz Tsherniak 63
The Committee for Jewish National Fund (Qeren Qayemet le-Yisroel)[5] affairs 65
The Committee and Regiment for the Jewish National Fund 67
Photostat of a Letter 73
Yosef Hertzig 75
Beilke Kliap 79
The Persian Room at one of the JNF bazaars 81
The Founders of the Yiddish Public Library 85
The I. L. Peretz Library (Administration) 91
He-chalutz (Israeli Pioneers)[5] Assembly 1931 93
He-chalutz (Israeli Pioneers) Assembly 1933 95
A Gathering of Friends Parting from their Companion about to Move to Israel[6] 99
Land of Israel Labor League Council 101
Among the First Chalutzim (Israeli pioneers) in the country 103
Goniondz Branch of He-chalutz Ha-tza'ir (The Young Pioneers)[5] 107
"Tel-Chai", the Young Pioneers' newspaper 114
Branch Council of the Young Pioneers 111
Administration of the Culture (Tarbut[5] )Library 1925 117
Administration of the Culture (Tarbut) Library 1931 117
Administration of the Culture (Tarbut) Library 1934 119
Photostat of a Cash Account from a Drama Night for the Benefit of Poor Families 11.3.1917 123
Ephraim Halpern 127
David Bachrach 128
A Visit from the Shomer Ha-Tza'ir (The Young Guardians)[5] of Grajeve 132
Moshe Levin 134
The [Hebrew] School's First Annual (Graduating Class) 135
Shimon Halpern 137
Yoel Meir Cohen 138
The [Hebrew] School's Second Annual [Graduating Class] 139
The [Hebrew] School's Fourth Annual [Graduating Class] 143
Certificate of [Hebrew] School Completion - First Annual [Graduation] 147
The Hebrew School Building on the Synagogue Hill 151
Moshe Levin and his Wife Khemda (Chinke) 156
The Funeral of the teacher Shimon Halpern z"l[7] 157
The Hebrew School's Third Annual Graduation Class - 1922 162
Teacher M. Nilovitzki and his Class 165
The National Hebrew School in 5676 [1915 - 1916] 167
Teacher A. Gevirtzman and his Class 169
The Culture (Tarbut) school 5689 [1928 - 1929] 171
Shalom Graubard 177[a]
The Founders of the Jewish School Organization (JSO) - 1921 177[b]
Leibl Mankovski 179
Moshe Malozovski 181
Dr. Simon Blum during his Visit to Goniondz 185
The Four Founders of our Society 187
Fishl Yitzkhaq Treshtshanski 194
Ribatzke Street 195
Shmuel Ber Malozovski 198
Avrem'l Reigrodski 200
Yossl Tikotzki (Sheimele's) 201
Yitzchak Treshtshanski (Itshe Gele's) 202
The “Short Street" 203
Yehuda Hertzig, the hatmaker 205
Moshe Zilbershtein 210
Yankl Rubin, the blacksmith 221
Motke Kliap 223
Market Street 225
A Memorial Night conducted in Tel Aviv 229
Meirim Rubin 231
Dr. Simon Blum in Goniondz 233
The New York Aid Committee 237
The Detroit Aid Committee 241[a]
The Chicago Aid Committee 241[b]
The Los Angeles Aid Committee 243
The New York Ladies' Auxiliary of Goniondz 245
The New York Ladies' Auxiliary of Goniondz 249
The Aid Committee in Israel 253
Rabbi Tzvi Volf 271
Rebbetzin[8] Bliume Volf 272
The Synagogue Hill 275
Rabbi Yisroel Shlumovitsh 278
Family of Rabbi Shlumovitsh 279
Moshe Levine 282
Benjamin the Scribe 285
Benjamin the Scribe and his Family 287
Ephraim Halpern 289
Yaaqov Rudski 291
Gedaliah Seid 294
Visit to Israel by Gedaliah Seid z"l and his Wife, 1951 295
Gravestone at Tel-Khai 297
Yonatan Neiman 305
Yehoshua Supraski 311
Aryeh-Leib Bachrach 315
Khayim-Aryeh Pekarski 319
Nakhum Zakai 330
Khagai Zakai 334
Moshe Biali 336
Eliezer (Leizer) Mali 337
Yosef Bobrovski 339
Avraham Shvartz 343
M. S. Ben-Meir 354
Kalman Bachrach 360
Young people Boating on the River 373
The Bober River 375
The Boathouse for Meir Guzer's Watermill 383
River Street 385
At the entrance to the New Market Square 389
Young People in Boats on the Lake 393
The Houses around the Old Market 401
Avraham Yaffe 411
Synagogue Interior 417
Cantors and Shochets (ritual slaughterers) 431
A snowfall in June 1918 435
Singing “Eliyahu Ha-Navi"[9] 437
Elazar Zakimovitsh 441
Feigl Rubin 469
The Synagogue Building 471
David Forman 473
Isaac Ellen 475
Firefighters in Goniondz 481
Goniondz refugees in Mariampol during the Russian-Polish War 523
Goniondz, a picture 557
Holocaust and Destruction (a sketch) 569
Zeidl Altshuld 583
Tuviah Ivri 591[a]
Kheikl Yevraiski 591[b]
Khannah Yevraiski 591[b]
A Meeting at the Market on the day of Poland's Emancipation - 1935 593
Entrance to the Goniondz town square through Church Street 599
Motke Kliap's Brick House 609
A Group of Jews Evicted from Prayer 615
Part of the Old Market 625
The Cemetery[10] (a sketch by Shimon Halpern) 645
At the Grave of Kheikl Yevraiski 669
Keili Yevraiski-Kremer 677
Shabtai Finkelshtein 685
Avraham Leizer Rubin 701
A Gravestone in the Cemetery - 1956 707
Shmuel Farber 711
David Treshtshanski 713
The Zdroi (a stream) 715
Idel Treshtshanski 723
The Synagogue and Officials 727
A Memorial for the Holy ones, in New York 755
Everlasting Portraits (obituaries) 761-798

1. Actually appears on page 13 Return
2. Actually appears on page 15 Return
3. Actually appears on page 9 Return
4. The word “payen” is unknown, but PAY might be an acronym for something like Poalei Eretz Yisrael Return
5. An international organization Return
6. Lit. “To go up to the land” Return
7. Abbreviation for “zichrono/zichrona li-vrocho” - “of blessed memory” (for a man/woman) Return
8. Honorific in Yiddish for a rabbi's wife Return
9. “Elijah the Prophet” - A song traditionally chanted after the Havdalah service marking the ends of the Sabbath and festivals, at which time Elijah is expected to appear to announce the coming of the Messiah Return
10. Lit. “The good place” - the cemetery is considered good, not evil, because that is where a person goes to his eternal reward.Return

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Participants in the Memorial Book

Translated by Shayna Kravetz

-------, Feigl Bat Binyamin A daughter of Rabbi Binyamin the scribe[1]
Altshuld, Zeidl A son of Nat'ke the tenant farmer
Arad (Axelrod), Aryeh Director of the Hebrew school, before the outbreak of World War II
Avshalom, Prof. L. Mordechai Motye Leib Fridman, a son of Peshe the Staznover[2]
Bachrach, David, Moshe, & Kalman Sheina-Beil'ka Rokhel and Moshe's sons
Barqait, Sarah A daughter of Dvorah and Meir Raigrodski. Meir's father -Avraham-Aharon Dolistover[3]
Ben-Meir, M.S. Idel Treshtshanski, a son of Meir the watchmaker
Charmin, Dr. Yosef A son of Yehoshua Charmi (Storozum[4])
Ellen, Isaac A relative of Khaya-Vichne. Left Goniondz in the [18]90s
Farber, Miriam Miriam [daughter?] of Gershon-Leib. A sister of Shmuel'ke
Farber, Shmuel Shmuel [son?] of Gershon-Leib, lived in Bialystok since 1912
Finkelshtein, Shabtai From Yashinovke
Forman, David A son of Nisan the tailor
Fridman, Aharon A brother of Niss'l the butcher
Gelbord, Gershon A son of Gnend'l and Avraham Gelbord, a grandchild of Gershon Kliap
Gelbord, Morris Moshe'ke Berl Dolker
Goelman, Moshe Teacher in the Hebrew school during the [19]20s - Keila Bachrach is his wife.
Graubard, Shalom A native of Trestine, lived in Goniondz for a short time
Halpern, Yosef A son of Ephraim Eliyahu Nekhemiah
Halpern, Ephraim Ephraim the writer, Ephraim Eliyahu Nekhemiah
Hertzig, Yosef Yos'l Yehudah
Ivri, Keile Tev'l's sister
Ivri, Tuvia Tev'l Yevraiski, a son of Kheik'l the hatter
Kamenietzki, ------ (wife) Wife of Moshe-Meir, a son of R. Gedaliah, the Rov
Kamenietzki, Zeev Velvel, the rov's [son]. A son of R. Gedaliah, the Rov
Khativah, Aryeh A son of Simkhah the tenant-farmer
Kravietz, Khayim A son of Avraham-Aryeh, Gedaliah Mondres
Levin, Moshe Moshe'ke Klevianker, the Hebrew teacher
Levinshal-Mali, Yonah Daughter of Moshe Bandkes[5]
Levin, Yerukham A native of Bialystok, teacher and journalist
Malozovski, Moshe Moshe'ke, [son?] of Shmuel-Ber
Miltshan, Alexander Sender, [son?] of Moshe-Yos'l Zerakh
Neiman, Khanah Khanah-Reizl, a grandchild of R. Gedaliah the Rov
Neiman, Yonatan A brother of Khanah Neiman
Niyelovitzki, Mordechai A teacher in the Hebrew school in the [19]20s - His wife Beil'ke was a daughter of Sender the writer
Rozen, Alter A son of Rokhel Leah, daughter of Betzalel (Tikotzki)
Rubin, Meirim Meirim, [a relative of?] Hersh'l Vrotzenier
Sheinenzon, Elimelech His mother was called Mot'l, his father - Leib'l, a brother of Khayim and Yehoshua Sheinenzon, who lived in Warsaw
Shtshutshinski, Asher A son of Itshe and Leah [a daughter of?] Asher
Shvartz, Avraham Avraham'l, [a son of?] Sender the writer, lived in Trestine since 1912
Treshtshanski, David A son of Gedaliah Gershon the carpenter
Tsherniak, Yehezkel-Peretz Chatzk'l-Peretz, [husband?] of Khaya-It'ke
Yafe, Avraham Avraham the decisor. Left Goniondz in 1907
Yardeni,Y.D. Yisroel-David Yarushevski, a son of Moshe-Mich'l the dyer
Yitzkhaki (Treshtshanski), Fish'l Fish'l, [son?] of Itshe the blond

1. No last name is given, Hebrew “Bat Binyamin” - daughter of Binyamin Return
2. Possibly a geographic nickname, from the town of Staznov Return
3. Possibly a geographic nickname, from the town of Dolistov Return
4. Possibly a nickname derived from Yiddish “storozimnik” -wise or knowledgable person. Return
5. Possibly a professional nickname, from Yiddish “Bander” -cooper Return

List of contributors to Goniadz Yizkor Book Fund

This list was printed as an insert to the Yiskor Book. It includes the names of those who funded the initial publication of the book in 1960.

The following is a list of the Goniondzer in the United States and Canada
who have donated for the Yiskor Book of the town of Goniondz, Province Bialystok, Poland:
(surnames have been capitalized by the transcriber)

New York, N.Y.
Mrs. Sarah SEID, in memory of her beloved husband, Gus SEID, first chairman of the Goniondzer Relief Committee of N. Y. $800.00
Mrs. Katy ATLAS & Children 100.00
Mr. Israel ATLAS 25.00
Mr. & Mrs. Joe ATLAS 5.00
Mr. & Mrs Pearl ALLAN 10.00
The children of Marcia & Benjamin Joseph BYER 50.00
Sol & Ruby BINDLER 25.00
Mr. & Mrs. Kalmon BACHRACH 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Sol BYER 10.00
Mr. Simon BLOOM 5.00
Mr. & Mrs. Sam CHUDEN 5.00
Mr. Irving CANTER 5.00
Mr. David FORMAN 10.00
Mrs. Gussie FRIEDMAN 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Louis GOLDBERG 50.00
Mr. & Mrs. Izy GREEN 5.00
Mr. & Mrs. Sam GROBARD 5.00
Mr. GUMBINER 10.00
Gondiondzer Ladies Auxiliary 100.00
Mrs. Bella KAYE 5.00
Mr. & Mrs. Max KAPLAN 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. David LIPSCHITZ 5.00
Mrs. Bessie LICHTENSTEIN 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Morris MOLOZOFSKY 5.00
Anna & Molly NEWMAN 25.00
Mr. Phillip OTTENSTEIN 15.00
Mr. Sam PINSKY 15.00
Mr. & Mrs. Myrim RUBIN 30.00
Mr. Alter ROSEN 20.00
Mr. & Mrs. Sylvia SEID MORGAN 75.00
Irving & Jack SCHWARTZ, in memory of father, Max SCHWARTZ, secretary of the Detroit Relief Committee 100.00
Mrs. Sophia SEID 10.00
Mr. Abe TUDOR & sister, Chaya Leah 75.00
Mr. & Mrs. Gershon TUDOR 5.00
Paul YONOFSKY 10.00
TOTAL $1,655.00
Detroit, Michigan
Mrs. Marcia APELL $ 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Human BALIS 10.00
Miss Mary BANKLER 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. H. CHERON 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. L. CHOLNICK 30.00
Mr. & Mrs. Abe GLUCK 5.00
Mr. & Mrs. Abe GRODMAN 20.00
Mr. & Mrs. Eli GRODMAN 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Jack GRODMAN 10.00
Mrs. L. MARKOVITZ 10.00
Mrs. MARKELSON 10.00
Mrs. Tillie SCHOLNIK 50.00
Mr. & Mrs. H. SCHWARTZ 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Abe SCHWARTZ 5.00
Miss Rose & Roe BOBER 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. M. WARSHAW 10.00
Mrs. B. WEIDER 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Hyman WEINER 10.00
Mr. Abe WARSHAW 10.00
Detroit Committee 100.00
TOTAL $350.00
Los Angeles, California
Mr. & Mrs. Morris BACHRACH $ 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Max BLOOM 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Morris FORMAN 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Ben IZAKOVITZ 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. I. IZAKOVITZ 5.00
Mr. & Mrs. Jack KOBRIN 10.00
Mrs. H. KRAVETZ 25.00
Mr. & Mrs. Jack SEBULSKY 25.00
Mr. & Mrs. Raya SOLOMON 10.00
Fannie, Raya's sister 5.00
Mr. & Mrs. Rubin LEVINE 25.00
Mr. & Mrs. L. TICOTZKY 10.00
Mr. & Mrs. Milton WEINER 10.00
TOTAL $165.00
Mr. [sic] Mrs. Chona BYER, Montreal Canada $ 25.00
Mr & Mrs. Max BYER, Montreal, Canada 25.00
Mr. & Mrs. Max BYER WOLKOFF, Newburgh, N.Y. 25.00
Mrs. Esther BOBROWSKY, Norwalk, Conn. 40.00
Mr. & Mrs. Peretz FORMAN, Taunton, Mass. 10.00
Mr. Abraham GOLDBERG, New Orleans, La. (David FRANTZAILZUL's son) 55.00
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard HALPERN, Atlanta, Ga. 50.00
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel HALPERN, Salem, Mass. 5.00
Mr. Isador KOBRIN, Waren, Mass. 40.00
Mr. & Mrs. KULBASH, Roxbury, Mass. 5.00
Mr. & Mrs. Jack MOREN, South Bend, Ind. (Yeaske's son) 200.00
Mr. & Mrs. E. ROSENZWEIG, Troop, Pa. 15.00
Mr. & Mrs. Berul SLOMIANSKY, Atlanta, Ga. (Smuel BEAR's grandson) 15.00
Mr. & Mrs. Dora SCHOLNICK, Salem, Mass. 10.00
Mr. Aviezer ZARICHANSKY, Columbia, South America 20.00
TOTAL $540.00
New York, N.Y. $1,655.00
Detroit, Michigan 350.00
Chicago, Illinois 550.00
Los Angeles, California 165.00
General 540.00


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