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List of Goniondz Natives Who Were Saved

Translated by Shayna Kravetz

ZEIDKE ALTSHULD, Nat'ke the farmer's son, was in Auschwitz. Living in Munich.

BERYL SLOMIONSKY, a grandchild of Shmuel-Ber the tailor. Was in Auschwitz, living in America.

TZADUK SHVECHER, a grandchild of Itshe the blond. Living in America.

LEIZER SHVECHER, Tzaduk's brother, was in Auschwitz. Living in Israel.

YOEL PLUSKOLOVSKI, a grandchild of Itshe2 the water-carrier. Hid himself in a Polish home.

YAAKOV KREPCHIN, Ben-Zion and Chin'ka's son. Was in the Russo-Polish army. Now in America.

DR. EPHRAIM SHOR, formerly doctor in Goniondz. Living in Poland.

KHAYA-ITKE , Shmuel the blacksmith's [daughter?] with her husband and two daughters. Was in Russia. Now living in Israel.

RIVKA, daughter of Zalman-Gershon DOVNARSKI with her daughter Beil'ka . Were in Auschwitz. Living in America.

LIZA RUBIN, Chatzkl Eliyah the blacksmith's daughter. Was in Auschwitz. Now in America.

BEIL'KA4 GRITZMAN, a daughter of Leibl the ditchdigger. Was in Russia. Now in Colombia, South America.

GRUNTSHE SHTSHUTSHINSKI, Moshe Din'ke's daughter. Was in Auschwitz, now in Israel.

TUVIA, ZALMAN, and their sister KEILA, the children of Kheikl YEVRAISKI. Hid themselves in Polish houses around Goniondz. Now in Israel.

KHAYIM KRAVIETZ, a son of Avraham-Aharon Gedaliah Mondres. Was in the Russo-Polish army. Now in Israel.

YISASCHAR KRAVIETZ, a son of Gedaliah Mondres. Was in the Russo-Polish army. Now in Canada.

PESAKH TIKOTZKI, a son of Leibl Tzalel . Hid in a Polish home. Now in Israel.

ELIYAHU-HERSHL NIEVODOVSKI, a son of Khayim Leizshke . Was in the Russo-Polish army. Now in Israel.

LEIZER NIEVODOVSKI, a son of Khayim Leizshkei10. Was in Auschwitz. Now in Australia.

ZEIDKE MILTSHAN, a son of Zerakh Shikorer. Was in Russia. Now in Israel.

LEIBL6 GELBORD and daughter SONIA. Leibl's mother was named Khana'tche, n?e Marantz. Leibl was raised by his aunt Khaya-Rokhel Luria. Hid in a forest around Vilna. Now in Israel. Sonia was married here.

MEILECH TRESHTSHANSKI, a son of Zeidke Reuven Drak. Was in Russia. Now in Israel.

GOLDA BURSHTEIN, a daughter of Itshe2-Berl. Was in Auschwitz. Died in Israel.

MUSHKE GENSHOR, a daughter of Itshe2-Berl, was in Auschwitz. Now in Israel.

AVRAHAM'L REZNITZKI, Beil'ke4 Pesha's son. Was in the Russo-Polish army. Now in Israel.

MORDECHAI GRODZENSKI, a son of Moshe-Leizer the watchmaker (GRODZINIAK). Was in the Russo-Polish army. Died in Israel.

KHAYIM ZIMNACH, Alter the dry-goods merchant's son. Itshe2-Berl's grandchild. Was in the Russo-Polish army. Now in Israel.

LEIBL6 GOPSHTEIN, a son of Shprintze , Yehuda the hatter's [wife?]. Was in the Russo-Polish army. Now in Israel.

The SHLOMOVITSH brothers and their sister KHAVA, children of the last rabbi of Goniondz. Escaped with the Mir yeshiva via Russia, China, and Japan. Now in America.

H. BECKER (PEKARZSH), lived in Goniondz for 9 years. Hid in a Polish home. Now in America.

YOSEF KHAZAN, a son of Henia Pesha. Was a partisan. Now in Russia.

LEIZER-ZELIG TRESHTSHANSKI, a son of Meir the watchmaker. Escaped from Belgium to Portugal. Died in Belgium

KHAVA TRESHTSHANSKI, a sister of Leizer-Zelig. Survived Hitler in Belgium. Now living there.

YOSEF LEV (LEVV), a grandchild of Yoske Rutkovski. Now in Israel.

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By Fishl Yitzhaki

Translated by Gloria Berkenstat Freund

Great efforts were invested in this book. The concentration of material, the compilation of documents, the pictures, the ties with our landsleit[1] throughout the entire world in order to turn to this writing – all of this required a great deal of time and, actually, lasted a long time.

Particular care and attention was dedicated to the content and form of the book. We strove so that a complete, if inadequate, expression of the life of our dear shtetl[2] in all of its aspects would be provided as far as possible.

It was clear that not everything received an exhaustive expression, but taking into account the great difficulties with which such a work is bound, we can say that the book gives a sufficiently clear look at our shtetl with its population, vivid personalities, works of art, institutions, way of life and destruction.

* *

The publication of the book was rendered possible thanks to our landsleit in America. Our friend, Meirim Rubin, must particularly be mentioned as the initiator of the idea in America and the main force in collecting the monetary means and for the preparatory work to which he devoted himself with his entire heart.

The editing was done in America and in Israel. The editor in America, the poet, M. Sh. Ben-Meir, of blessed memory, did not spare any effort or exertion – despite his sad family conditions at the time – so that the work would be completed. The remaining members of the editorial group in America, the brothers Moshe and Kalman Bachrach, contributed greatly to the contents of the book with their articles and together with the editorial group member, Moshe Malozowski, skillfully took part in the general editorial work.

Here in Israel, a thank you goes first of all to the editor, Mr. A.L. Fajans, who edited a large part of the book and also reworked all of the material that was edited in America and the Misters Moshe Lewin and Moshe Goelman, who were occupied with the collection and selection of the material.

A special yasher koyekh[3] to the Misters Dovid Bachrach, Perec Czerniak and Sora Brkais, who helped with a full effort, each according to their means and abilities, with the realization of this work.

May a deep thank you be expressed here to all who answered our call and took part in the yizkor bukh.[4] Tovya Evri (Yevraiski), the living witness of the Goniadz destruction, who gave us a strong, shocking description of the destruction, deserves particular thanks.

Let this Goniadz memorial book be a living memorial matzeyvah[5] to the annihilated-lost splendor of the past – for us and for our children, for eternity.

Translation Coordinator's Note: Pages 807-808 of the Afterword appear to be same (by layout) of pages 805-806 above. Translation will be considered at a later date.

Translator's notes:

1. people from the same city Return
2. town Return
3. literally, may your strength be firm congratulations! Return
4. memorial book Return
5. headstone Return

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