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Image #
80 Hanuka party in the home of the Shtakilshtsik family in Subotnik Street – Samuel Sharon is a descendant of the family 96
87 HeKhaluts (ed. note: boy/girl scouting group) organization in Divenishok, 1932 103
88 HeKhaluts membership card, Divenishok, 1925 104
89 Post Office on Subotnik Street, in the house of the Kivelevitsh-Krivitski family 105
91 A group of Jewish youths in the woods near Divenishok (1930) 107
99 Daughters of Moshe Aaron Katz and their friends 115
101 The Jewish football (trans. note: soccer) team Gloria after a match with the local police team (1924) 117
103 Young people boating on the Gavye River (1930) [ed. note: Gauja River] 119
106 Some members of Vilbig (trans. note: Vilna Jewish Educational Association; ed. note: Yankel and Jaimorke Benyakonski, far right) 122
107 The Divenishok “nest” of HaShomer HaTsair (trans. note: Young Guard) at a summer camp in the village of Juraciski in 1937 123
108 The Drama Circle in a performance of “Der Batlen” (trans. note: “The Idler”; ed. note: Bilke Kherson top row, 4th from left) (1931) 124
110 The general Drama Circle group under the direction of Hershel Krizovski (1930) (ed. note: Yankel Benyakonski with mandolin; Bilke Kherson top row, 5th from right) 126
113 Clean up of the market place after market day (1929) 129
114 Oszmiana Street Bridge over the Gavya River, constructed in 1928 [ed. note: Gauja River] 130
117 Gate of the old cemetery on Geranion Street 133
120 Graduates of HaShomer HaTsair (trans. note: Young Guard) at pioneer training in the commune BaDerekh (trans. note: “On the Way”) in Grodne before emigrating to Israel (1933) 136
122 Washing clothes in the river at Oszmiana Street 138
124 Committee for Keren Kayemes (ed. note: Jewish National Fund) and the Tarbus School, 1930 140
125 Monument to the Unknown Soldier, erected in 1929 next to the Polish State Elementary School in Geranion Street – the round stones are from a nearby archaeological dig 141
130 A group of girl scouts (1932) from HaShomer HaTsair (trans. note: Young Guard) who were killed by the German murderers: standing, from the right: Khayke Levine, Rebecca Solts, Minka Rogol, Yehudis Levine, Mashka Shapira. Seated: their leader Yakov Bloch; he is now in Tel-Aviv 146
214 The “valley of murder” of the Jews of Divenishok, not far from Voronova, in 1943-- in the background are Germans and Polish police – the picture was found, after the liberation, in the possession of a Pole who had collaborated with the Nazi murderers 230
226 Survivors from Divenishok, after the liberation, at the memorial stone at the mass grave in Voronova 242
227 Yakov Schneider hi”d [trans. note: may the Lord avenge his blood] 243
239 M. Y. Itskovitsh (on the right) as a partisan in 1943, with a woman and a man from his unit 255
245 The yearly memorial service in Tel-Aviv for the martyrs of Divenishok – the executive committee together with guests from the United States, Meir and Fanny Bolinski z”l [trans. note: of blessed memory] (1960) 261
248 A section of the audience at the yearly memorial service in Tel-Aviv (1963) 264
252 Administration of the Tarbus School (1938 [according to the Yiddish]/1930 [according to the Hebrew]) at the time of the visit of Meir Bolinsky and G. Livay from America. In the middle of the first row, Rabbi Rudnik z.ts”l [trans. note: may his saintly memory be for a blessing]; [ed. note: in the middle row, second from right, Munye Kherson] 268
258 Avraham Aloni, Avraham Abir (Israel), Rebitsin Rudnik, Sheyne Rudnik and Naomi z”l 274
260 Rabbi Israel Movshovitsh 276
261 Rebitsin Movshovitsh with her sons and daughters 277

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Divenishok


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