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 Photo Gallery

Translated by Martin Jacobs

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Image #
- Regional map 32
23 Market day in the town: farmers brought their produce to the market every Thursday 39
25 The Polish grocery store set up by anti-semites with the slogan “Buy only from Poles” 41
27 Firefighters unit made up entirely of Jewish youths (1932) 43
31 The HaShomer HaTsair “nest” in Divenishok (1930) 47
32 The HaShomer HaTsair (trans. note: Young Guard) “nest” with the teacher Betsalel Petukhovski z”l [trans. note: of blessed memory] (1930) 48
33 Members of HaShomer HaTsair at an agricultural camp in a village near Smorgon in 1932 49
34 Agricultural summer camp in a village near Smorgon where members of HaShomer HaTsair participated (1931) 50
35 'Gloria' football team [trans. note: soccer] founded by students in 1923 51
40 The teachers, and sisters, Breyne [ed. note: top row, center] and Sheynele Rudnik z”l [ed. note: top row, right], with a group of students from the Hebrew school 56
41 Polish state school (“Powszechna”) on Geranion Street built in 1927 57
43 Market Street in the center of the town 59
44 The mill in Divenishok 60
45 The Polish police in town (1932) 61
46 Beginning of Geranion Street 62
49 The market place – in the center is the pump which the Germans constructed during the First World War 65
51 The Gmina House (trans. note: Town Hall) on Geranion Street, built in 1926 67
52 A children's party, with organ grinder and his parrot that “casts lots” 68
54 “The Kidre” (lake) from Vilne Street 70
56 The Tarbus School and its teachers (1930) 72
57 A group of young people, teachers and students, on the Oszmian Street bridge, a meeting place for the young 73
58 Friends saying goodbye to Sarah Kartshmer, z”l, on the occasion of her emigration to America 74
59 The Drama Circle after a performance of the play “The Kidnapper” 75
60 Winter in the town – young people enjoying the snow 76
61 The “Vilbig” (trans. note: Vilna Jewish Educational Association) Library for Yiddish Books on Subotnik Street (1931) – standing in the doorway: Yosele Levine, z”l, behind him Hirshel Krizovski, z”l 77
62 Students, teachers, and the parents committee of the Tarbus School in Divenishok (1932) – in the center: Rabbi Rudnik, z.ts”l, Dr. Wiesenfeld, Ben-Zion Schneider, Zisha Yakov Shkolnik, Nathan Itskovitsh, Moshe Yakov Rogol, and Krivitski 78
66 A group of young people in the town - Standing, from the left: Leah and Isaiah Wiener z”l, Itka Mintz, Tevya Blyakher, Reyzl Yutan, Duba Bernstein
Seated: Itka Blyakher, Itka Weiner z”l, Sarah Hinda Blyakher Movshovits, Khaya Blyakher-Lifsha
69 Hebrew public school in Divenishok (1931) 85
71 Purim performance in the Hebrew School in 1931, directed by the teachers A. Aloni (Zolondz), Bruria Rudnik-Aloni z”l, Dubkin, and others 87

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Divenishok


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