Yizkor Book in Memory of Chelm

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Translation of
Sefer ha-zikaron le-kehilat Chelm; 40 shana le-hurbana

Editor: Sh. Kanc

Published in Tel Aviv, 1980/81

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation of: Sefer ha-zikaron le-kehilat Chelm; 40 shana le-hurbana (Yizkor book in memory of Chelm),
Editor: Sh. Kanc, Tel Aviv, Chelm Society in Israel and the US, 1980/81 (H, Y, 828 pages).

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

I shall Remember 5
El Male Rahamim   6
Nizkor [We remember] 7
Akdamut Milin [Introduction] Moshe Grinberg 18
The Chelm Community Shimon Kantz 25
The Town and its History
The history of the Jews in Chelm Dr. Phillip Friedman 37
Following the “Hidden Light” of the Chelm Jews Avraham Brick 57
Chelm - the splendor of a Jewish town B. Bienstock 91
How they were saved from the 1905 pogroms S. Wiener 95
Notes from the near and distant past I. Millner 97
Leaders through the Generations
The first Rabbis Avraham Brick 113
Hassidic Movement and Religious Institutions
The Hassidic movement in Chelm K. Shimon 137
The “Shtiebel” of the Belz Hassidim Moshe Grinberg 145
The religious Jewry in the last generation Moshe Grinberg 153
The rabbi R'Nathan Moshe Ungar 167
This I shall remember P. Lehrer 173
The Tomashov Hassidim Ch. I. Sobol 201
Two Tzadikim B. M. Ehrlich 203
Only the melody remained Nathan Katz 215
Jewish Education
The days of my lifetime Moshe Grinberg 221
In the Cheder and in the Yeshiva Ch.R. Sobol 233
My teachers Arie Tennenbaum 239
The spring from which we drew knowledge Israel Grinberg 241
My teachers Ben-Aharon 247
The Hebrew High-School Avraham Schwarzman 249
The teachers Chava Biederman 251
The Tarbut School and its fate Yehoshua Flaumenbaum 255
The elementary school Moshe Boim 259
Sad lights Moshe Dunitz 265
Parties, Organizations and Institutions
The Zionist Movement K. Shimoni 273
The Zionist Organization Malka Goldman 277
The Tze'irei Zion Party S. Becker 281
The Hebrew High-School Yakov Oren 283
Po'alei Zion Left Shmuel Shregel 285
The Revisionist Party Yehoshua Silber 297
The Hechalutz Pinchas Goldman 301
Hashomer Hatza'ir P. Goldman 304
The Communist Party P. Goldman 306
Mizrahi, Hashomer Hadati and Agudat Israel Moshe Grinberg 307
On my way to Eretz Israel Moshe Grinberg 311
The WIZO organization Pearl Lehrer 315
A honeycomb of activity Chaim Wahrsager 317
Bund Nachum Vinik 327
The Jewish Labor movement [Yiddish] Z. Kratco 337
A letter to the martyrs (poem) [Y] Shneur Wasserman 365
Societies and charity institutions M. Vinik 367
Righteous women 375
The Orphanage H. Shishler 379
   The Jewish press 381
   The way-of-life in the Jewish streets 384
   The Drama Circle 387
   The Music Group 388
   Chelm in the Yiddish literature 390
Educators and those who showed us the way Ch. Globen 389
The Cultural life David Goldreich 391
The Peretz Library Yitzhak Altman 393
Dr. Yitzhak Schieffer, Chelm delegate in the Sejm Akiva Vinik 395
Life and Folklore
Chelm (poem) Shlomo Wahrsager 405
Chelm, as preserved in my memory P. Siegelbaum 407
Roads in Life Shneur Wasserman 423
Sabbaths and Holidays M. and P. Goldman 437
Entertaining events Yakov Becker 461
Forgotten images B. Elkvit-Blum 463
A multi-colored Jewish life is gone [Y] Pinchas Goldman 467
Sights and figures 1897-1977 B. Bienstock 475
The uncle from Chelm S. Tennenbaum 483
There once was…. [Y] Nesia Tzitron 485
In years past [Y] I. Klein 489
Life chapters Moshe Schoffel 495
My old home [Y] Yehoshua Orenstein 499
The life of one family Miriam Friedland 501
The first years B. M. Ehrlich 505
A Jewish wedding Moshe Lehrer 511
Those who are happy with their lot S. Ehrlich 513
Neighbors B. Ne'eman 521
Generations of Yiddish Chelm Motl Ehrlich 525
Chelm and surroundings Binyamin Orenstein 555
Chelm in the Jewish Folklore
Chelm tales P. Friedman 561
Chelm tales and Literature I. Yansowitz 563
Chelm and its sages M. Sela 567
Contents of a Chelm story [Y] A. Roitman 571
Mendele Moicher Sforim's interest in Chelm M. Lehrer 577
Famous People
Portraits I. Millner 579
Writers and artists S. Gavrieli 585
R'Yehuda-Leib Milner I. Millner 597
My father R'Chaim Reifer Malka Goldman 599
R'Anshel Biderman - the last head of the community Avi AHAM 603
R'Abush Schneider Wolf Brones 603
My father, Mordechao Ivri Rina Ivri 605
My home Zelig Schwarzman 607
Moshe Becker Ch. Diamand 611
Matel Gross A. Becker 611
Life pages Rivka Friedland 613
Shiv'a [Mourning] (poem) S. Wasserman 615
Communal Workers, former Residents of Chelm in Israel
Yosef Rolnik 617
R'Yehoshua Orenstein Moshe Grinberg 619
Refael Silber Yitzhak Silber 621
Yochanan Donitz M. Grinberg 625
Holocaust and Heroism
The Binding of Arthur [after: “The Binding of Yitzhak,” Genesis 22] B. Scheffner 633
The power to die S. Bikel 636
The broken string I. Fatt 637
S. M. Siegelbaum D. Hans 638
My holy father Yosef Siegelbaum 642
The poetic unrest Feivel Siegelbaum 643
“The Binding of Siegelbaum” H. Leivik 646
Destruction, Annihilation and Strength
The summer when evil struck S. Michaeli 649
The destruction of Chelm A. Kaspi 651
The Ultra-Orthodox [Haredi] Jewry during the Holocaust S. I. Yechieli 659
In the Hell of fear and death I. Hertz 663
Torture and Hell Hella Abetman 671
The cruel annihilation Yoel Pontchek 681
Massacre and destruction Manis Tzitrin 683
The death march Ben-Zion Brucker 687
From this terror I. Grosskopf 697
The destruction campaign Lazer Cohen 703
At the river (poem) [Y] Moshe Ganz 707
In the Nazi prison Chaim Sobol 709
At the mass-graves S. Brostman 711
When Chelm fell Yakov Zvi Shargel 713
The terrible summary I. Feinstock 717
Years of suffering and heroism [Y] Peretz Burstein 719
On the roads of battle [Y] Yudel Klein 745
Sprouts of underground Yitzhak Feigenbaum 753
The minutes of the last ordeal Manis Tzitrin 757
The spring from which they drew patience Nachman Tennenbaum 767
Back to Chelm Moshe Ganz 769
Heroes in the forest [Y] Yankel Glaser 773
In the Death Camp - Sobibor
The destruction campaign and manifestations of heroism Moshe Hochman 779
Through fire and blood [Y] Alexander Wahrsager 785
Remembrance of he Holocaust - for the Youth in Israel
A school adopts the Chelm Community Moshe Grinberg 791
The memory of the Holocaust Moshe Grinberg 795
In memory of our martyrs - the ceremony of unveiling the monument M. Grinberg & S. Wahrsager 799
How we started - Chelm Organization in Israel Pearl Lehrer 803
The sons we have lost 811
Remember, the nation of Israel, the martyrs of the Chelm community 817


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