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[Page 78 - Hebrew]

Various Pieces of Correspondence

Translated from Hebrew by Jerrold Landau


The Jewish community of Zuromin earns its livelihood as if in a state of siege. The general hatred of the Jews impedes their livelihood. We turned to our brothers and sisters overseas to ask you for help, and a ray of hope immediately came, which is the greatest comfort in life. Our brethren answered with a warm heart and with feeling. Under the leadership of the trusted activist Mr. Gedalia Michaelson, a group of natives of our town was chosen to work for the benefit of their former old home. We, the leadership of the charitable fund of Zuromin, appreciate your activities from the depths of our hearts. We heartily bless you. We wish you success in all of your endeavors, and that you should receive the reward for your activities.

With appreciation
In the name of the committee, the members and borrowers of the charitable fund of Zuromin
Yehuda Leib Mundzek, chairman; Y. Ch. Rizowi; Baruch Maj the treasurer; Y. Skorupa the secretary.

A word for the Leaders of the Charitable Fund in Zuromin

All of our work for the publication of the book would not be complete if you had not received our words of appreciation.

Since I have been in constant contact with you, I know how to value your responsible and complex work that you have taken upon yourselves in running the fund. The work for this institution has earned the honor and trust of all strata of the population (These words can be verified through letters that were received privately). All of this is thanks to the high level of pure intentions and dedication of your talented secretary Mr. Yitzchak Skorupa. In the name of the committee of the natives of our town, I express esteem for your dedicated work on behalf of building the institution

Gedalia Michaelson, the chairman of the committee

Greetings for the Committee for the Assistance of Zuromin in New York

I extend to you all honor and recognition. May your dedicated and diligent work on behalf of the children or Zuromin be like a torch that lights up the darkness of these times that are filled with barbarianism. Your noble deeds will banish the despair from their hearts.

Faithfully yours,
Yisrael Yaakov and Rachel Rakower
Mexico, February 1939


[Page 79 - Hebrew]

Greetings from the Organization of Zuromin Women “Milk Fund”

We have the honor of extending our blessings to the natives of the town of Zuromin in the United States on the occasion of the publication of the book that tells of your financial donations for the benefit your native town in general, and for the Milk Fund in particular – headed by Mrs. Pauline and Mr. Gedalia Michaelson. For years already, people have thought about setting up this institution that would save the school children from hunger. Missing was the impetus to begin organizing this matter, for the indifference that pervaded in the community was great. However when Mrs. Mindel Bruk visited the United States and confided to Mrs. Michaelson and other natives of the town, she received support in accordance with the American way. When she returned from there, she set up a fund for the hungry school children, and with the assistance of the support from the natives of Zuromin in the United States, and with the financial assistance that was collected from the downtrodden residents of the town.

Now, on the occasion of the publication of this honorable book, that will describe the assistance activities of the natives of our town in the United States in general, and the local assistance in particular, this will be a memory of the evil of the past, and a portent for a bright future for you natives of Zuromin, as well as for us here in Zuromin.

With great honor, the committee
Mindel Bruk chairwoman
Gittel Frajdenberg, secretary
Pesia Sokolower, treasurer

The Professional Union of Needle Workers near the Y. L. Perez Library
To the Committee of Zuromin Natives in the United States

It is with great joy that we have read your letter about the publication of the Jubilee Book of all the Zuromin natives in the United States. We here, an organization of Jewish workers, who feel the tribulations of our town in a significant manner, are able to properly esteem your activities that assist us in our struggle for bread and freedom. If it were not for your assistance granted to the Gemilut Chasadim loan fund that assists every person in need, who knows how we would look today? To our dismay, we cannot offer our blessings in person at your celebration and our celebration, so we are sending you our heartfelt greetings and warm wishes that your activities will be crowned with success.

With proletariat blessings
The committee
Tovia Brono, chairman
Chana Mitla, secretary


[Page 80 - Hebrew]

Greetings from the Jewish Community of Zuromin

To the honorable committee of the Zuromin natives in the United States

With respect to the idea of publishing a book that will include the annals of the natives of the town in the United States, the income of which will be dedicated to the Gemilut Chasadim fund in the town, we send your our blessings and good wishes that you will continue to contribute further, as you have done to this point, for the betterment of the living conditions, and that your activities to this point for the benefit of your brethren at home will remain as an eternal memory. We will here by outline your contribution with these brief lines.

First and foremost, the natives of the town in the United States participate annually in the Maos Chitin campaign, with large annual sums for there brethren in Zuromin who are living in straits. This enables them to observe the Passover festival in joy and honor. Second, this winter we have received the sum of 200 dollars, thanks to which our poor people have been saved from cold and hunger during the difficult winter days. Third, the greatest thanks is due to you for your dedication to the Gemilut Chasadim fund.

On its behalf, you have succeeded in transferring the massive sum of 1,000 dollars. This fund is the sole means of salvation for the Jewish population of the town. We thank you for the dedicated work of the committee that enables it to provide for the needs of the borrowers without differentiation, be they small-scale businessmen or tradesmen. The sum of 1,000 dollars added a great deal of energy to the community. Through this, larger loans were able to be granted in order to ensure the sustenance of the people. Special thanks are due to the leadership of the natives of our town in the United States, headed by Mr. Gedalia Michaelson. They are the activists who work with Jewish diligence and dedication.

We hope that the publication of the book in memory of the natives of our town will materialize, and will be crowned with success, so that your good deeds during the time when the Jews are persecuted in the world will serve as an example for our children.

Signing with great honor
Yechiel Mendelson, president
And members of the leadership committee
Avraham Lanet, Yaakov Rizowi, Yosef Kadecki, Isser Goldsztejn,
Nachman Strogowski, Meir Leib Szimsza


[Page 81 - Hebrew]

A Report from the Committee of
Zuromin Natives in Montevideo, Uruguay

With respect to all of the difficult persecutions of the Jews in their difficult economic situation, we have met in the home of Mr. Avraham Drobiner and founded an organization of natives of the town in August 1935. Its goal is to assist the Gemilut Chasadim fund. To this end, all of the natives of our town were obligated to pay membership dues each month, and the money would be transferred to the Gemilut Chasadim fund. 52 members have been registered in our organization during the brief period of its existence, and we have transferred 1,500 zloty to the fund. A short time ago, we celebrated the third anniversary of the existence of the organization, and at that opportunity, we collected and transferred 110 zloty for the purpose of the purchase of potatoes for the poor of the town. We are attempting to join together all the natives of our town in order to strengthen our support of the Gemilut Chasadim fund, which today is the primary means of economic support for the Jewish community of Zuromin.

With great honor,
The president Yitzchak Padro. Secretary Yitzchak Hirsh Ber


The Committee of the Zuromin Organization of Montevideo, January 1947

Standing: Yochanan Palto, Moshe Kronenberg, Yitzchak Turkiewicz, Yissachar Frucht, Yitzchak Padro.
Sitting: Rivka Turkiewicz, Liba Lifszycz, Berish Lifszycz, Yeshayahu Kubelsman, Yitzchak Ber,
Chaya Kubelsman, Anshel Witkowski, Esther Burza, Krusa Drobiner (Mitlo).


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