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At the Memorial Monument During a Gathering
in Memory of the Martyrs of Zuromin

By Leah Adini, 1991

Translated from Hebrew by Jerrold Landau

As we stand next to the monument in memory of the martyrs of Zuromin, childhood memories of a typical Jewish community in Poland of those days – before the terrible Holocaust – come to the fore.

I remember pleasant images – approximately 400 families that numbered more than 2,000 souls. The problems were typical of any community, and our motto was: a common lot as we dwelled among mainly anti-Semitic gentiles – and dreams about the redemption of the nation and the return to Zion.

The following communal institutions operated in the small community: the communal council, tending to wayfarers (Hachnasat Orchim), charity to brides (Hachnasat Kalla), visiting the sick (Bikur Cholim), charitable funds, mutual assistance, and the Chevra Kadisha (burial society).

Without obligatory laws, without official penalties, the community was led by its chosen leaders and the local rabbi. They maintained their principles through independent will. If we look backward at all that happened to us and the entire Jewish nation through the entire path from then until today, perhaps through this way of life we were able to reestablish the nation, and see the success in its struggle for independence which was crowned with the grace of G-d with the success of the establishment of the sovereign State of Israel, the opening of the gates and the continuation of the struggle to ensure a warm and secure home for all the Jews of the world.

Many from Zuromin are already no longer with us – some of them from the Diaspora. The name Zuromin is not mentioned often by our children – for they too are not lacking in experiences and challenges in ensuring the continuation of our existence here among the many enemies that are lurking to destroy us. Therefore there is a dual importance to this memorial and the names inscribed upon it. So that we will not forget what the Amalek of our generation did to us.

It is my pleasure to thank Elimelech Szklar and his assistants for organizing this annual gathering. You are performing a great and important good deed – and all we can do is thank you for it.

I offer my greetings to all those gathered and also take leave of you with wishes of health to everyone. I look forward to continuing, to the extent possible, to tell our children about Zuromin, one small pearl in the crown of Polish Jewry that was destroyed during the Holocaust.


The memorial tablet in the Holocaust Cellar in Jerusalem

{The tablet reads as follows}

Over these do I weep, in memory of the martyrs Of the community of Zuromin
Who were expelled on the 26th of Cheshvan 5700 (November 8, 1939)
And were murdered at the hands of the impure Nazis
During the years of the Holocaust from 5700-5705,
may G-d avenge their blood
May their souls be bound in the bonds of everlasting life
Perpetuated by the Zuromin natives in Israel and the Diaspora


On the right side of the memorial tablet to the community of Zuromim:

Yosef Granet, Eliezer Sidroni. Standing: Dov Eilat, Esther Krulik, Moshe Elsztejn, Yocheved Listopad,
Rivka Szrkornik, Chana (Karpo) Levin, Rachel (Bruk) Wilenski, Avraham Fruchobnik, Meir Listopad.
Sitting: Tzirel (Dan) Danziger, Liba Klinski, Feiga Elsztejn, Rachel Klein, Gittel Sidroni, Leah Goldsztejn
From the left, standing: Binyamin Kopeld, Moshe Popiol, Elimelech Szklar, Avraham Dragon, Yosef Lichtman,
Shlomo Dragon, Gedalyahu Frajdenberg, Shimshon Indor, Yochanan Palto, Shlomo Motzani, Yerachmiel Shor,
Eliezer Braun, Roiza Szlesinger, Ruth Popiol


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