The City of Zloczow
(Zolochiv, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Sefer kehilat Zloczow

Edited by: Baruch Karu (Krupnik)

Published in Tel Aviv 1967


Project Coordinator

Moshe Kutten


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This is a translation from: Sefer kehilat Zloczow (The city of Zloczow),
ed. Baruch Karu (Krupnik), Zloczow Society, Published in Tel Aviv 1967 (748 cols, H, E)

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Front Page and Maps   7
Introduction The Committee of Zloczow's Town people 13
Chapter A: The City of Zloczow and its History
The History of the City
     The City of Zloczow [Zolochiv] and its History
     The Jewish Community During the Polish Regime
     Zloczow Rabbis and the Situation in the City
     The 19th century
     Under the Austrian Conquest
     Intellectuals and Authors
     The Zionist Movement
Dr. N. M. Gelber 25
Zloczow Chronicles Ron – Tzimmer 107
Zloczow until World War II Mordekhai Deutsch 117
The Kempa and Zlotsov'ka Dr. E. Boneh (Bauman) 137
Chapter B: Holocaust and Heroism in Zloczow
A Picture P. Ash 151
The Holocaust in its Occurrence Dr. Altman 153
Sections from “Chapters from Galitsia” Prof. Dov Sadan 179
The Loss of the City Shlomo Meir 183
Two People from the Viklitski's Bunker Sionio Fenster 211
Beyond the Wall Nushka Altman 219
A Bunch of Memories from the Holocaust Nakhum Ben-Meir (Pasternak) 223
The Rescue of Batish and Altman Families Jozef Mayer 231
A Mourning Poem about the Destruction of Zloczow Yekhiel Imber 239
Chapter C: The Social Activities in Zloczow
Zloczow's Rabbis and its Righteous People David Imber 245
Zloczow's Poets Ron Tzimmer 267
The Synagogues and Praying Houses David Imber 275
The Big Temple (Beit HaMidrash) David Imber 281
Cantorship Among Zloczow's People David Imber 287
In the Music Hall of Zloczow's Righteous People Geshuri 291
The Orphanage, Hospital, and Nursing Home   295
The Zionist Movement in Zloczow Dr. Yosef Shatkai 299
“Tzeirei Tzion” [“Zion Youths”] in Zloczow Khaim Reiser 303
“Ha'Shomer Ha'Tzair”, 40 Years Ago Shlomo Bar-Am 319
“Gordonia” Youth Movement Y. Zendberg 323
“HaMizrakhi Union” Barukh Imber 327
The Trail Blazes of the Haredi Movement Member of the Knesset Y. Katz 331
The Activities Among the Zloczow's Youths Leah Raviv 339
The Sport Movement in Zloczow Dr. E. Boneh (Bauman) 345
The Jewish School in Zloczow Prof. Hirsch 355
The Teaching of Hebrew in Zloczow Naftali Zigel 359
The Theatrical Clubs in Zloczow Herman Mass 371
Chapter D: Personalities and People in Zloczow
The Maggid from Zloczow Moshe Leiter 381
“Love of Israel” by the Maggid's Sons Avitov 387
Rabbi Yissaskhar-Ber Geshuri 389
Rabbi Israel Landau Ya'akov Katz 393
Rabbi Shalom Mordechai Hillel HaCohen Shwadron Moshe Leiter 397
The Gaon Rabbi Yoel Ashkenazi Moshe Leiter 407
Gaon Rabbi Shraga Feivel Rohatyn B. Tzverdling 413
Rabbi Shraga Feivel Rohatyn Moshe Leiter 415
The Departure of Rabbi Rohatyn from Zloczow Yaakov Meizlish 419
Rabbi Shmuel Shapira and his Family Israel Shapira 425
Gaon R' Yekhiel Mikhel Leiter Moshe Leiter 429
Rabbi Khaim Moshe Zilbershitz Ben-Tzion Tzverdling 433
Writer and Educator R' Binyamin Zusman Ya'akov Katz 437
Assortment of Personalities in Zloczow Yekhiel Imber 442
A Few Words about Writers and Poets in Zloczow B. Tzverdling 451
Naftali Hertz Imber, the Poet of “Ha'tikqva” Yaakov Meizlish 453
Dov Ofer, The Pioneer from Zloczow Levi Ofer 459
Dr. Avraham Sharon M. Deutsch 463
About the Image of Avraham Sharon B. Tzverdling 465
Dr. Tzvi Hirshhorn Shulamit Ofer 467
My Husband, Dr. Hirshhorn Mrs. Hirshhorn 469
Dr. Yosef Shatkai B. Tzverdling 471
Eliyahu Schorr, the Painter from Zloczow (1904 – 1961) Kh. Finkelstein 473
Dr. Khaim Zalkai (Leider) B. Zalkai 479
To the Image of Mrs. Kreger E. Davidsen 481
Shalom Mendel & his Wife, and Grandmother Meita Tennenbaum Mrs. Kh. Laks 483
Memories about Personalities in the City Yehoshua Sherletzki 485
In memory of Mordekhai Baumgarten Z”L Member of the Knesset, Y. Katz 489
R' Shmuel Tenenbaum Mina Mamber 491
Memories from my Father's Home Leah Raviv 493
In Memory of Dr. Eizen Mozes Rabbi David Eizen 495
Modest Light Dov Sadan 497
Yankaleh Baumgarten Shlomo Altman 503
Dr. Yaakov Yehoshua Yosefsberg Mordekhai Deutsch 505
Dr. Kalman Shweig Leah Raviv 507
Trifles from the City of Our Youth Dr. Eliezer Boneh (Bauman) 509
The Jews and the Municipal Authorities in Zloczow Dr. Altman 517
The Zionist Movement in Galitsia and Zloczow B. Tzverdling 521
Artisans and Workers in Zloczow Shlomo Bar – Am 525
Some Quality Characteristics of My Teacher R' Israel Mashir Z”L B. Tzverdling 531
In Memory of Malka Akselrod Khana Laks 533
Yehuda Zilbershitz Member of Knesset, Yaakov Katz 535
My Memories of Zloczow Shlomo Buchacher 537
Memorial Service for Zloczow's Martyrs B. Tzverdling 539
Yizkor Pages   541
Introduction Dr. Eliezer Boneh 11
Zloczower Relief Verband of America   16
A short history of the Zloczower, N.Y. City Sol Katz 25
Haunting Memories Dr. S. Altman 29
In Memory of Dr. Moses Eisen Rabbi David Eisen 147
Beyond the Wall Mrs. N. Altman 151
Between the Millstones Joseph Meyer 157
The Poet of Hatikva W. Winchel, N. G. 157
Zloczow, A City of Poets Sol Katz 167
The Youth of Zloczow David Eisen 171


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