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Early Youth Organizations

Eliyahu Naor-Bitchutsky

        When the Balfour Declaration and the Keren Hayesod were established (the Keren Hayesod organization sent out representatives for fund appeals everywhere where there were Jews), a growing Zionist atmosphere increasingly developed in our town, just like everywhere else in Bessarabia. The representatives arrived from centers in Kishinev, and public information and organizational meetings were held.

Ha'Or (The Light) [page 524]  
Ha'Or [The Light]

Ha'Or was one of the first youth groups in town, and was part of other youth groups (Hagibor [The Hero], etc.) in Hatechiyah [Rebirth] (early 1920s).
Standing, from right: Yosef Magen-Shitz (Tel Aviv), Gavriel Kriegsfeld (North America), Zelig Kerrick (Rishon Lezion), Yisrael Steiff.
Seated: Brothers David and Yaakov Steinman (Brazil), Yaakov Meiberg.


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Fifteen Year-Old Delegates at the Kishinev Conference
Episodes of the Hagibor [The Hero] Youth Organization

Mordechai Reicher

        Relative to their age, the children's and youth organizations developed a wide range of activities, which required thought and initiative on their part in terms of how to preserve the framework and to operate it in order for it to be attractive and interesting. Episodes from the life of the Hagibor organization that I wish to describe here also typify other youth groups mentioned in various lists.

- Maintaining the Clubhouse
- A “Newspaper” with just two copies
- A Fence as a Contribution to the Jewish National Fund
- A Delegation to Kishinev

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A Group of Members of the 'Hatechiya' [Rebirth] Movement in the mid-1920s [page 529]  
A Group of Members of the Hatechiya [Rebirth] Movement
in the mid-1920s

Standing (from right to left): David Steinman (Brazil), Eliyahu Bitshutsky (killed in Israel), Yaakov Schwartzman (Israel), Yisrael Steiff, Yitzchak Schwartz (Dezherot's).
Seated: Yisrael Koller (Lvov), David Kallis, Mordechai Reicher


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The Hatechiya Youth Organization

Ephraim Schwartzman-Sharon

        After World War I many youth organizations sprouted up in town. A few of them were: Pirchei Zion [Flowers of Zion], Ha'Am [The Nation], Ha'Or [The Light], Ha-Tikva [The Hope], Ha-Gibor [The Hero], Yaldei Zion [Children of Zion], He-Chaver [The Comrade], etc. Only one branch of a nation-wide organization, Ha-Shomer Ha-Tsa'ir [Young Guard], was started in Yedinitz (it was started by Eliezer Reich-Ro'i). However, it did not last long, and only in a later period, at the end of the 1920s, were branches of the various nation-wide organizations established in town. These included Dror [Freedom], Gordonia, [named for A.D. Gordon], Macabbee, Betar (only briefly and in a limited way). Hashomer Hatsa'ir did not attempt to re-establish a branch.

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One of the many reading evenings started in the 1920s [page 532] One of the many reading evenings started in the 1920s.
1. Fishel Malay (Peru) 2. Doba Grozman-Cohen (Israel)
3. Julius Feingold (Brazil) 4. Ephraim Schwartzman-Sharon (Jerusalem)

[Photo:] In memory of the tenth anniversary of his death
[for author Sholom Aleichem] – 1916-1926

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A literary court (regarding
The Priest [Hakohen]
by Y.L. Peretz)
in the later 1920s
A literary court [page 531]
  In photo: 1. Meshulam Bronstein 2. Monya Kleiman (USSR) 3. Eliezer Sonstein (South America) 4. Yisrael Millman (died in Israel) 5. Shalom Ozeroner (perished) 6. Mordechai Reicher (died in Israel) 7. Leibush Lerner (Colombia) 8. Eliyahu Bitshutsky-Naor (killed in Israel) 9. Berl Goldenzweig (Brazil) 10. Fishel Malay (Peru)

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