Memorial Book of Vishnevets
(Vishnevets, Ukraine)

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Translation of

Sefer Vishnivits: Sefer zikaron likedoshei
Vishnivits shenispu besho'at hanatsim


Published in Tel Aviv, 1970




Project Coordinator

Ronald D. Doctor

Kremenets Shtetl CO-OP, an activity of the
Kremenets District Research Group



This is a translation of: Sefer Vishnivits: Sefer zikaron likedoshei Vishnivits shenispu besho'at hanatsim

(Memorial book to the martyrs of Vishnevets who perished in the Nazi Holocaust),
ed. Chayim Rabin, Tel Aviv: Organization of Vishnevets Immigrants, 1970 (H, Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Vishnevets

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Sefer Vishnevets

A Memorial Book to the Vishnevets Martyrs

Who Perished in the Nazi Holocaust




[Translation Editor's Note: This table of contents includes entries for articles that appear in the book but not in the original table of contents.]

Translation Project Editor's Note
List of Illustrations
Town Locator
Name Index
Map of Vishnevets – Moshe Segal flyleaf
(title page) 1
(credits page) 2
Part One (Hebrew)
Note from the Editorial Board 7
Note from the Organization of Vishnevets Immigrants 9
Acknowledgments and Blessings 10
Vishnevets in Original Sources and Sefer Vishnivits – Chayim Rabin 11
Guide to Volin – Dr. Mstislav Orlovich 16
Vishnevets (History and Description)Encyklopedia Powszechna 18
Vishnevets in Ruins and Her Annihilated Jewry – Meir Or 20
Our Town
Cradle of Our Childhood – Yakov Ayzenberg 29
When I Remember Vishnevets – Sonya (Shats) Levanon 30
Opening Remarks at the Adoption Ceremony – Moshe Kahan 33
Vishnevets as We Saw It – Children of Binyamina 34
The Hole in the Synagogue (from tales of Vishnevets) – Avraham Rozenberg 39
Poem – Chayim Elyovich 40
Poem – Nurit Sheyner 41
Oy, Mama (Poem) – Nitse Biv 41
Vishnevets through Its Institutions – Various photos 42
In the Tempest of the Holocaust (Survivors' Testimonies)
History Will Not Repeat Itself – Edna Yafe 51
The Vishnevets Ghetto – Zev Sobol 52
Nazi Atrocities in Vishnevets – A Survivor 61
In the Sea of Human Madness – Sore Kitaykesher (Kirshenboym) 72
I Was a Girl in the Vishnevets Ghetto – Rachel Sobol (Fuks) 79
The Destruction of Vishnevets, Volin – Mendel Zinger 84
A 12-Year-Old under Nazi Rule – Gdalye Rozenberg 93
From Inferno to Inferno – Moshe Segal 97
Jewish Communism in Vishnevets – Yehuda Margalit 107
Jewish Communism in Vishnevets – G. Nudel 111
Years of Senseless Horror – Chayim Korin 114
With the Soviets in Vishnevets and Afterward – Y. Mazur 119
The Victims We Sacrificed… – Sonye Shats 126
Under Justice-Perverted Regimes – Yerachmiel Servetnik 129
Russia, Which Was My Undoing – Menashe Tsvik 132
An Answer to a Grandson (Poem) – Meir Or 136
My Trip to Vishnevets in 1956 – M. Meliv (Frayer) 137
Institutions and Movements
Tarbut and Culture – Chayim Tsvi Mazur 141
A Hebrew Kindergarten in Vishnevets – Tsipora (Shlayen) Kornfeld 145
General Zionist and General Zionist Pioneer Representatives in Vishnevets – Y. Ron 147
A Treasured Memory of Vishnevets – Hentsye Zak (Zeyger) 150
Young People in Vishnevets – Moshe Shteynberg 152
The Founding of Young Pioneer in Our Town – Yakov Chatski 154
How I Came to Immigrate – Chayim Verdi 157
Youth Guard and More in Vishnevets – Moshe Leshed (Markhbeyn) 160
Betar in Vishnevets – Sore Kitaykisher (Kirshenboym) 163
In a Training Detachment in Vishnevets – Tsipora (Shlayen) Kornfeld 164
Drama Circles in Vishnevets – Yone Ron 167
An Anti-Semitic Judge's Verdict in Vishnevets – Yehoshue Ron (Shike Geler) 169
From Cheder to the Northern Fence – Yitschak Verdi (Reyzels) 172
How Yitschak Reyzels (Verdi) Was Wounded 175
The Northern Fence Builders – B. Chabas 175
Notes and Letters
Letter from Kopel Dobrovitker 179
Letter from D. Balmelakhe to Yakov Chachkis 180
Letter from Leybtsi Fefer 182
Leybtsi (Arye Leyb) Fefer, of Blessed Memory 184
People We Remember
Grandma Chane-Malke – Yone Ron 189
Azriel (Son of Moshe Aharon) Kubrik – A. Barak 191
Shimon Ayzenberg – Lipa Goldberg 194
Something about Shimon Ayzenberg – Yitschak Kecholy 196
Duvid Roynik – Lipa Goldberg 197
The Spirit of Nachum Beren – Sore Or 199
In Memory of My Beloved Parents and My Best Friend, Avraham Bisker, of Blessed Memory – Eliezer Tsinberg 202
Something about Dad, of Blessed Memory – Tsvi Katz 204
In Memory of Mr. Avraham Vitels, of Blessed Memory – Y. N-S 206
R' Mordekhay Kechum – Y. Ron (Shike der Geler) 207
Gdalye “Gedoyle” – Y. Ron 209
On the Nation's Stage
Betsalel Mishne – Batye Derbarimdiker 213
Ben-Tsion (Bentsi) Tsur, of Blessed Memory – His Parents 214
Neta Hadari – Yakov Chachkis 216
Our Dead in the Nation
Azriel Kubrik – Yitschak Ben-Tsvi (the President) 219
Duvid Roynik, of Blessed Memory – Meir Or 220
More about Shimon Ayzenberg 221
A Time to Mourn – Meir Or 222
Chayim Zev Barkay – Meir Or 226
Simche Zak, of Blessed Memory – Meir Or 228
Yitschak Rabin – Meir Or 229
Moshe Goldshub, of Blessed Memory – Meir Or 230
My Father, Yehuda, and My Mother, Sore – Tikve (Rozental) Sklod 231
Sore, Duvid Roynik's Daughter – Mikhael Goldberg 232
The Sofer Brothers
About Yosef Sofer – Hentsye Zak 237
Yakov Sofer, of Blessed Memory – Meir Or 238
Asher Sofer – Ts. R. 240
Collection (Contributions Received after Typesetting)
Those Who Are No Longer – Y. N.-S. 243
Among Russian Citizens and on Its Frontiers – Mikhael Valdman 244
From a Survivor's Diary – A. Y. Teyer 247
The Story of Asher Sofer – Cherne (Katz) Rabin 271
R' Simche Ayzik Rotman – M. M. 275
Loving Friends (Poem) – Simche Ayzik Rotman 278
On The Enlightenment (Poem) – Simche Ayzik Rotman 280
My Parents, Some of the First Immigrants from Vishnevets – Shlome Rachmani 281
Bat-Sheve and Zalman Chazan, of Blessed Memory – Meir 282
In Memory of the Martyrs of Vishnevets – Chayim Rabin 284
Part Two (Yiddish)
A Note from the Organization 287
Editors' Foreword 289
Horror and Death
The Last Rabbi of Vishnevets – Edna Yafe 295
Let Us Not Forget – Mordekhay Fishman 296
The Vishnevets Ghetto – Zev Sobol 298
Horror in Vishnevets – A Survivor 311
Vishnevets Takes in Its Brothers – Rachel (Sobol) Fuks 326
Mama (Poem) – Avraham Lev 335
In the Sea of Human Madness – Sore Kitaykisher (Kirshenboym) 336
A 12-Year-Old – Gdalye Rozenberg 346
My Mother Is Off to Ponar (Poem) – Avraham Lev 352
With the Soviets in Vishnevets and Afterward – Y. Mazur 353
From Inferno to Inferno – Moshe Segal 363
Jewish Communism in Vishnevets – G. Nudel 379
Jewish Communism in Vishnevets – Yehuda Margalit 382
Vishnevets 1944 – Simche Hirsh Boytener's 387
The Victims We Sacrificed – Sonya Shats 393
Our Poor Town
Vishnevets in Original Sources and the Memorial Book – Chayim Rabin 401
Vishnevets–Historical Dates – Chayim Rabin 408
Guide to Volhynia – Mstislav Orlovich 410
A Treasure of Memories – Avraham Blum 413
Vishnevets – Avraham Averbukh 418
Vishnevets, My Town – Yehoshue Zeyger 420
I See My Vishnevets – Zeyde Kamtsen 425
Synagogues in Vishnevets – Meir Or 428
My Contribution to the Memorial Book – Misha Koren 433
Vishnevets in a Trick Mirror – M. Averbukh 455
Episodes and Legends
Face Down – Sh. Ayzenberg 469
The Rabbi and the Police Chief – Louis Ratman 471
Vishnevets Demons – Yakov Sheyngold 472
Hometown Memories – M. Fishman 474
The False Accusation against the Great Saint R' Yosele Radiviler – M. Chazan 476
Jewish Benefactors – A. Freylekh 484
A Favor for a Favor – M. Chazan 486
Chane Malke – M. Or (Averbukh) 493
Three Generations of Pedigree – Alef 496
R' Levi Yitschak of Berdichev's Grandchildren in Vishnevets – M. Averbukh 499
Hersh Bisker, of Blessed Memory – Chayim Baral 501
Avraham Yehuda Katz – Yoel Akiva Zusman 504
Fund for the Sick in Vishnevets, or History of an Institution – Miryam Maliv (Frayer) 507
Mikhel Fishman, of Blessed Memory – From Newspapers 510
Idel Shapiro – The Editors 513
A Story with Duvid Roynik – Sh. Sheyner 514
Makhlye Vaynman (Kremenetski), of Blessed Memory – M. Alef 515
History of the Vishnevets Society – Avraham Freylikh 517
Vishnevets–Adopted – Meir 523
The Vishnevetsers' Good Name – Yosef Shatski 525
Vishnevetsers in Israel and America – Avraham Averbukh 527
With Brethren from Argentina (February 1961) – M. Alef 530
Vishnevets Townspeople Societies in America and Israel – The Organization 534
A Last Word
Vishnevets 1956 – M. Malev (Frayer) 538
Shoshana Zak (Agsi), of Blessed Memory – From a memorial booklet 540
List of Printing Errors 541
Name Index 900


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