Memorial Book of Vishnevets
Memorial Book to the Martyrs of Vishnivits Who Perished in the Nazi Holocaust

(Vishnevets, Ukraine)

Translation of
Sefer Vishnivits: Sefer zikaron likedoshei
Vishnivits shenispu besho'at hanatsim

Published by the JewishGen Press
part of Yizkor Books Project of JewishGen, Inc.

Published by Organization of Vishnevets Immigrants
Tel Aviv, 1970
Editor: Chayim Rabin
Layout: Jonathan Wind
Cover Design: Nina Schwartz
Name Indexing: Jonathan Wind
Hard Cover, 11” by 8.5”, 438 pages with original illustrations and photographs.

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Vishnevets, on the Horyn River, was the princely seat of the Wiśniowiecki family. At the end of the 14th century, New Vishnevets was founded across the river from the old town, and the two towns joined with a bridge. In the 17th century, an established Jewish community existed in Vishnevets.  Although it was repeatedly destroyed—by Tatars, Turks, and Cossacks—by 1897, Jews numbered 2,980 out of a population of 4,196. Most Jews lived in the new town, working as merchants, grocers, and craftsmen such as tailors, cobblers, milliners, and carpenters. In the 1920s and 30s, while part of independent Poland, the Jewish community supported seven synagogues, a library, an orphanage, several schools, both religious and secular, Zionist youth groups, and even a training kibbutz. In 1941, the Nazis occupied the area. On August 11–12, 1942, German troops and Ukrainian Auxiliary Police murdered nearly 2,700 Jewish men, women and children. Vishnevets became the area’s ghetto, where ultimately 6,000 died. This book is a tribute to that lost Jewish community and its people.

Let us never forget.


Alternate names: Vishnevets [Rus], Wiśniowiec [Pol], Vishnivits [Yid], Vyshnivets' [Ukr], Vishnevits, Vishniets, Vishnivitz, Vishnyovyets, Wisnievicze, Wiśniowiec Nowy, Wisnowiec, Vysnivec


Located at 49°54' N 25°45' E, 214 miles W of Kyyiv


Nearby Jewish Communities:

    Katerynivka 9 miles NE
    Podlesnoye 10 miles N
    Novyy Oleksinets 12 miles WSW
    Vyshhorodok 13 miles SE
    Kremenets 14 miles N
    Pochayev 14 miles NW
    Lanivtsi 15 miles E
    Velikiye Berezhtsy 15 miles NNW
    Zbarazh 16 miles S
    Zaliztsi 19 miles WSW
    Pidkamin 19 miles W
    Stryyivka 21 miles S
    Belozërka 21 miles ESE
    Shums'k 22 miles NE
    Rakhmanov 22 miles NE
    Yampil 23 miles ENE
    Ternopil 25 miles SSW
    Ozerna 26 miles SW
    Kam'yanky 27 miles SSE
    Verba 27 miles NNW
    Radyvyliv 27 miles NW
    Kozin 28 miles NNW
    Ozhyhivtsi 28 miles SE
    Brody 30 miles WNW
    Teofipol 30 miles E
    Kozliv 30 miles SW
    Bilohirya 30 miles ENE


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