Our Town Ternovka;
Chapters of Remembrance and a Monument
(Ternivka, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Ayaratenu Ternovka; pirkei zikaron ve-matseva

Editor: G. Bar-Zvi

Published in Tel Aviv 1972



Our sincere appreciation to Nathen Gabriel for the providing
this complete translation for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Ayaratenu Ternovka; pirkei zikaron ve-matseva
(Our town Ternovka; chapters of remembrance and a monument),
Editor: G. Bar-Zvi, Ternovka Society, Published: Tel Aviv 1972 (H 103 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Ternivka (1972)

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G. Bar-Tzvi (Wortman)


Chapters of Remembrance and Commemoration

Our Shtetl Ternivka

Second and Expanded Edition


A Publication of the Ternivka Landsmanschaft
Tel Aviv, 5732 (1972)


A Publication of Yizre'el Publishing House for the Ternivka Landsmanschaft
76 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv
Ruth Printing Ltd., Tel: 828328, Tel Aviv





I would like to dedicate this translation to my maternal grandmother's paternal aunt's husband, Fetter Lazar Pollick (Shute) (1896-1987) of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada who was always proud to proclaim that he was from Mestechko Ternovka, Gaisinskiy Uyezd, Podolskaya Guberniya.
A Note from the Translator

The readers of this translation will note the comments that I have placed in parentheses throughout the translation. This was my attempt at clarifying certain possibly obscure terms and also for the purpose of making the translation more interesting for the reader. Most of the comments were researched from the Internet. I take sole responsibility for any errors or omissions in these comments.

Nathen Gabriel
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
June 1, 2015





Drawing: Ternovka and Surroundings 2
Foreword 5
About the Second Edition 6
   1. This Is How the Shtetl Came Into Being 6
   2. A Story about the Rabbi of the Shtetl and the Chasidic Rebbe of Talne 8
   Photo of Tena'im [1] 9
   Transcript of the Tena'im contract 10
   3. In Praise of Rabbi Ya'akov 12
   Photo and transcript of R'Yakov's handwriting 13
   4. The Economy and the Livelihoods in the Shtetl 14
   5. The Story of a family 15
   6. Education 17
   7. Private Teachers 20
   8. The Emissary 20
   9. Library and Theater 22
   10. The Performer Okun 24
   11. Synagogues and Houses of Prayer 25
   12. Revolt of the Tradesmen 26
   13. Chatan–Torah [2] 27
   14. Medical Services in the Shtetl 29
   15. Epidemics of Plague, Spanish Flu and Typhus 31
   16. Tragic Events 32
   17. Strange Visitors 33
   18. The Turkish Bakery 34
   19. The “Grabarny” 36
   20. “Disputed Waters” 37
   21. Frozen to Death 38
   22. How Were They Saved from Freezing? 39
   23. The Boycott of the Butcher 40
   24. The Plant Cutter 41
   25. Drafted Army Recruits 41
   26. The 1905 Revolution 43
   27. Ternivka and the Romanov Dynasty 44
   28. Christmas 45
   29. The Mediator 45
   30. The First Gramophone 47
   31. A Tale of a Milchig (Dairy) Meal 48
   32. “Aliya” (Immigration) to Palestine 50
   33. A Wonderful Meeting 52
   34. A Shared “Etrog” 52
   35. Yosyp (Yosef) of Berezivka 53
   36. A Story about a “Shoychet” (“Kosher” Slaughterer) 54
   37. “Sirka” and “Gematria” 54
   38. My Father's Home 55
   39. The House of Yisra'el 57
   40. Jewish Robbers 59
   41. The Old “Vasser Tregger” (Water Carrier) 60
   42. “Arka Povozka” (Arka “the Cart”) 60
   43. The Jewish Postman 61
   44. The Ukrainian Who Put on “Tefillin” (Phylacteries) 62
   45. “Shmerel Schreiber” (“Shmerel the Letter Writer”) 63
   46. The Beilis Blood Libel Trial 64
   47. Nightmares 65
   48. A Town Located on a River (the Udych River) 67
   49. The Ice Dippers 67
   50. The Poor 68
   51. “Blind Chezkel” 69
   52. The Story of a “Prikazchik” (Salesman) 69
   53. Menashe “Pyatkopyechnik” (“Five Kopeks”) 70
   54. “Sendrel the Woman” 71
   55. Fires 73
   56. “The Guardian of Israel” 73
   57. Joyful Occasions and Entertainment in the Shtetl 75
   58. The Nature Lover 76
   59. The Fortune Telling Shoemaker 78
   60. The First World War 79
   61. The Russian Patriot 79
   62. The Revolution is Coming 82
   63. Zionism in the Shtetl 83
   64. The Balfour Declaration 84
   65. Between Regimes 85
   66. The Petliura Pogroms and the Gangs 86
   67. Breslov Chasidim 89
   68. Denikin's Army 89
   69. The “Puritz” of the Shtetl 91
   70. During the “Military Communism” 93
   71. The Immigration to Palestine of the Ternivka Pioneers 93
   72. The Winding Life Path of an Orphan 94
   73. The Teacher–Educator 95
   74. The “Apikoros” (The “Heretic”) 97
   75. The Faithful Religious Man 99
   76. The Destruction of Ternivka 99
Epilogue 101


1. Jewish engagement contract Back
2. Person called up for the reading of the last portion of the Torah on the Simchat Torah Holiday Back


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