Memorial Book of Suvalk
(Suwałki, Poland)

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Translation of
Yisker Bukh Suvalk

Editor: Berl Kagan

Published in New York, 1961

Our sincere appreciation to Arthur S. Leonard, President,
Independent Suwalk & Vicinity Benevolent Association for permission
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Translations by Dr. Ida Selavan Schwarcz, unless otherwise noted,
and text retyped by Genia Hollander, unless otherwise noted.

We wish to thank Larry Freund for his considerable efforts
and assistance in obtaining scans of the originally typed translation.

This is a translation of: Yisker Bukh Suvalk (Memorial book of Suvalk),
Editor: Berl Kagan, New York, The Suvalk and Vicinity Relief Committee of New York, 1961 (Y, E 825 cols)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Suwalki (1961)

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Preface 7-8
A.    The First Hundred Years
The first hundred years of Suvalk and surroundings – Berl Cohen*
   1. How old is Suwalk? 11-19
   2. History of the Jewish settlement 19-29
   3. The economic situation 29-39
   4. Jews in agricultural settlements 39-45
   5. Emigration from Suwalk 45-60
   6. Education and culture (haskalah) 60-76
   7. Hibat Tsiyon (Love of Zion) 77-98
   8. Jewish Labor movement 97-102
   9. Institutions, societies, & community leaders 101-122
   10. Rabbis 123-196
   11. Writers 197-218
   12. Publishers 219-231
   13. Pioneers of the Yiddish & Hebrew press 231-238
   14. Press correspondents 239-240
   15. Cantors 239-243
   16. Actors 243-244
   17. Folksongs of the Suvalk region 243-250
   18. Jews and Christians once upon a time 249-251
   19. Curious Episodes 251-252
   20. Subscribers to books 252-266
   21. Bibliography 267-280
From an old journal –Eliezer Mordehai Altschuler 279-286
B.     Before and between the two World Wars
The last 40 years – Yekhezkel Berlzon 291-316
A city of active social involvement – Shmuel David Bernshteyn 315-324
In the days of the First World War – A.M. Altshuler 323-328
The progrom in Suvalk in 1914 327-332
Germans in the Talmud Torah – Eliezer Oranovsky 333-336
After the First World War – Shlomo Stutsinski 337-340
The Lithuanian Occupation – M. Shlomi-Firdman 339-342
The pogrom in 1936 – Mordekhay Zlotnitski-Zahavi 343-344
Episodes from my youth – Shmuel Sinanski-Siman 345-346
The shtetl of Ratsk – Avraham Moshe Kliman 347-348
The shtetl of Punsk – Leib Shperling, Albert Kirsh 348-350
My shtetl Baklerove – Shlomo Borowski 349-352
The shtetl Filipove – Mordekhay Pivovarski, Moshe Oshinski351-354
C.   Institutions, Societies, Parties
Suwalk – a nest of Torah – Moshe Raziel (Rozntal) 359-362
Suwalk, city of compromise – Shmuel Shori (Shvarts) 363-366
The Yeshiva crowd in Suwalk – Rabbi Yehoash Zavoznitski 365-372
The Revolution Years – Hayim Zeligson 371-380
Suvalk institutions – Yakov Arieh Trop 379-386
Schools and Hadorim (Kheyders) – Caleb Khahovits 387-388
Hoveve Zion in our city – Hayim Zeligson 387-390
Poalei Zion in Suvalk – Leybl Hen 391-400
Zionist activities – Gedaliah Simhoni 399-403
Reminiscences of Suwalk Jews – Hannah Altshuler 403-406
Beitar – Shlomoh Riman 405-407
Suwalk “Toz” – Eliezer Sherer 407-411
Makabi – Shlomo Riman 411-420
D.    Characters
R'Binyamin and R'Mordekhay Magentsa 427-430
Portraits of scholars, community leaders, and benefactors – Rabbi Yehoash Zavoznitski 431-474
Haim Mendl Fridman – Rabbi Ahron Reuven Tsharni 473-476
Barukh Roznberg – Eliezer Perlshteyn 477-480
My family – Moshe Shlomi–Fridman 481-485
Mordekhay Shpindlman – Eliezer Perlshtyen 485-488
Hayim Koyfman – Yehudah Leyb Blekhman 487-490
Avraham Shemuel Lizshevski 489-492
Aharon Sinenski – Hava Glatshtein 491-492
Once there was… – L. Shimoni 493-504
Melamdim (Teachers) – Moshe Shelomi–Fridman 503-506
Sketches and Episodes – Yehoshua Bakhrakh 505-510
Rabbi R'Mordekhay Tsevi Ha-Levi Vaysman – A. Suwalker 510-512
Suwalk Figures – Reuven Boyarski 511-514
Bizarre happenings in Suwalk – Ben-Yisrael 513-518
The Hidden Saint – Rabbi Abraham Magentsa 517-518
Suwalk Nicknames – Zalman David Roznblum 519-524
E.     People from Suvalk in the wide world
Suvalk Relief Committee – Haim Zeligson 531-566
The first people from Suvalk in New York – Haim Zeligson 567-580
Suwalk Landsmanshaft in Israel – Avraham Koyfman 579-580
F.     Holocaust
Destruction of Suwalk – Yehezkel Berlzon 595-628
On the bloody road – Hanah Levitan-Ribald 629-632
Suwalk Jews in the Slonim Ghetto – Dr. Katriel Aylender 633-636
In the Camps of Estonia – Dr. Aharon Kreshkovski (Ker) 635-636
With Jews from Suwalk in the Death Camps – Yaakov Fraymark 637-638
Perished in Lithuania – Avraham Leyb Vays 639-640
From Arkhangelsk and Back – Shlomo Gutman 639-642
Suvalk in 1957 – Hana Altschuler 643-649
Destruction of Ratzk – Mordekhay Mishel 649-650
Suwalk is No More – Kalman Abramavits 651-654
Photographs of victims from Suwalk and environs 655-672
On the fresh grave of friend, Lazar Pearlstein – Hayim Seligson 673-674
* * *
Mourning announcements 675-788
Name index 789-814
Names of Cities 815-820
English pages 821-826
* Berl Kagan, editor of the Suwalki yizker bukh, also wrote some articles under the Hebrew name, Berl Cohen


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