The Book of the Jews from Suceava (Shotz)
and the Surrounding Communities
(Suceava, Romania)

47°38' / 26°15'

Translation of
Sefer Yehudei Suceava (Shotz) vekehilot hasviva

Edited and designed by Benzion Fuchs
and the Editorial Board

Published in Israel 2007

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Our sincere appreciation to Benzion Fuchs and Simcha Weissbuch
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

(Note the Association of Former Residents of Suceava (Shotz) maintains a web site at:

This is a translation of: Sefer Yehudei Suceava (Shotz) vekehilot hasviva
(The Book of the Jews from Suceava (Shotz) and the Surrounding Communities),
Edited and designed by Benzion Fuchs and the Editorial Board,
Association of Former Residents of Suceava (Shotz) and Surroundings, Published: Israel 2007 (H, E)

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Edited and designed by:
Benzion Fuchs

and the Editorial Board:
Israel Huebner, Meir Kostiner, Yehuda Tennenhaus and Simcha Weissbuch

This Book was written to document and relate the story of
the Jews from Suceava/Suczawa (Shotz)
and surrounding communities:

Arbore, Balaceana, Bosanci, Burdujeni, Cacica, Comăneşti,
Costina, Dărmăneşti, Ilişeşti, Iţcani, Mărăţea, Mitoc, Pătrăuţi,
Solca, Todireşti, Zahareşti.

along their generations and their fate.

All rights reserved. Published by:
Association of Former Residents of Suceava (Shotz) and Surroundings
Non-profit Foundation No.:58-040-626-2 P.O. Box: 3742, Haifa, 31037 Israel

Directing committee: Menachem Fischler, Benzion Fuchs, Mordechai Gross,
Israel Huebner, Meir Kostiner, Yehuda Tennenhaus (Chairperson) and Simcha Weissbuch

Printed in Israel 2007 Production and Printing: Teper Publishers Ltd.



Volume 1
Acknowledgments - Laudatio 15
Foreword - Editors and Guests 17
Suceava & Surroundings & their Jews 23
Introduction (Simcha Weissbuch) 23
History of the Bucovina Region 23
Jewish Life in Suceava (Simcha Weissbuch) 24
The beginning of Jewish settlement 24
Zionist, Cultural, and Sport Organizations (Simcha Weissbuch) 27
The Revisionists-Beitar (Simcha Weissbuch after Dr. A. Weitmann) 29
Hanoar Hazioni (Yehuda Tenenhaus) 31
The “Mizrachi” and its branches (Shaul Weidberg, Mordechai Gross, Meir Kostiner) 37
Emigration to Palestine befor WW II; (Simcha Weissbuch) 40
Sport organizations (Simcha Weissbuch) 41
Political parties & the Jews in Suceava (Simcha Weissbuch) 41
The Communist party 41
The Social-democratic party (Simcha Weissbuch) 42
Cuza's “League of Defence” 42
The Jewish party 43
Religious Life in Suceava (Simcha Weissbuch & Yehuda Tenenhaus) 43
Synagogues in Suceava 43
Mutual aid and welfare 46
Eminent Rabbis 47
Rabi Chaim Hager (Arieh S. Kostiner) 47
Rabi Moshe Chaim Lau (Meir Kostiner) 48
Rabi Yakov Moscovici (Mordechai Gross) 49
Rabi Meschulam Rath (Mordechai Gross) 50
Rabi Yehuda Meir Schapira (Mordechai Gross) 51
The Romanian and Suceava Jews between the two worldwars (Simcha Weissbuch) 52
The situation preceding WW II 54
The Surrounding communities 55
Burdujeni (Simcha Weissbuch) 55
Iţcani (Josef Bernthal, Simcha Weissbuch) 59
Hatna (Dărmăneşti) 61
Bălăceana (Mordechai Haas, Meir Shafrir) 64
Comăneşti (Benzion Schaechter) 67
Jewish professionals and business owners in Suceava & Surroundings (Simcha Weissbuch) 70
Businesses and workshops between the two world wars 81
Businesses and workshops in Iţcani 93
Businesses and workshops in Burdujeni 94
The Holocaust 96
The 1940 persecutions & massacres (Meir Kostiner) 96
Prior to the deportation 98
The deportation of the Jews to Transnistria 99
The deportation process 99
Mogilev (Simcha Weissbuch) 102
Life in the ghetto 103
The typhoid plague 106
Exiles to camps 104
Forced labour 105
Self-organization 106
Welfare establishment 106
Religious and cultural life 107
Visits and help from outside 108
The Liberation 109
Shargorod (Simcha Weissbuch) 110
The ruling regime 111
Life in the ghetto 112
The plague 112
Self-organization 113
The orphanage as a cultural center 115
Help from outside 116
Forced labour 116
Observing tradition 117
Self-defense 118
The Liberation 119
Murafa (Meir Kostiner) 120
Arrival of the deportees 121
The convoy 121
The ruling regime 122
Forced labour 122
Conditions of life 123
Subsistence 124
Blood libel 125
Religion and culture 126
Resistance attempts and the Liberation 126
Djurin (Simcha Weissbuch) 127
The local Jews 127
Life in the ghetto 127
Forced labour 128
The ruling regime 128
Self-organiza tion 128
Religion and culture 130
The liberation 130
Cry and lough, scream and sing 131
Three songs written/sung in the ghettos 131
Songs for plays by Libi Schaerf 134
Life in Suceava after the Shoah (Simcha Weissbuch) 136
General stories on Suceava Jews 139
Suceava=Shotz or Meshuga Shotz: a skew look on a jewish town (S. Weissbuch) 139
A story on chess in Shotz (S. Weissbuch) 141
“Shabes Hagudel” in Shotz (Yehuda Tenenhaus) 142
Thanks to Stalin (S. Weissbuch) 143
Yizkor - remembering the dead 145
The list of Shoah victims 148
To honour fallen soldiers 214
References, Bibliography and Websites 225
Errata XXXIX
List of Members of the Association XXIII
Foreword XV
Acknowledgments XIII
Bilingual Table of Contents* III
English Title-page I
Volume 2
Personal accounts of Jews from Suceava and the Surroundings 247
Sarah Openheimer 247
Dr. Menachem (Fredy) Eidinger 249
Dr. Colette Itzig 254
Jetty Ellenbogen (Ruckenstein) 255
Freddy (Friedrich) Anschel 258
Hedva Anschel (Braunstein) 259
Ester Efler (Huebner) 263
Frima (Muzi) Acs 264
Mimi Artzi (Liquornik) 266
Raya Bogen 274
Michael Blumenfeld 277
Leah Ben-Dror (Hurtig) 278
Yitzhak (Isiu) Bessler 281
David & Renate Bacal 283
Dr. Mario (Avraham) Becker 284
Gertrude Baer (Schlaefer) 286
Mira Braun (Seidler) 288
Rachel-Rela Brandes (Sternlieb) 289
Josef Bernthal 290
Neomi Gottlieb (Pelz) 293
Dr. Shmuel Goldan (Sandi Goldenberg) 293
Martin Gidron 296
Esther Glueckman 299
Moris Glueckman 304
Mordechai Gross 308
Rachel Gruenberg (Berl) 318
Bluma Dinur 320
Dr. Zwi Hoch 321
Dr. Zwi (Harry) Holzer 321
Achim Hopmeier 325
Alfred Horowitz 342
Carol Hurtig 344
Israel Huebner 350
Sara Hirsch (Karten) 358
Gerda Heller 360
Zeev (Welvel) Heller 360
Meir Heller 364
Fritz & Dr. Regina (Weitmann) Hoerer 366
Lizi Tecuceanu - Weiner 372
Frieda Vigder 375
Josef Wijnizer 375
Dr. Adolf Weitmann 384
Simcha Weissbuch 389
Mordechai Wasserman 406
Dr. Hariet Vernia (Ita Schmelzer) 411
Yakob Sommer 412
Zita Singer (Wagner) 413
Jenny Tenenhaus (Schapira) 413
Yehuda Tenenhaus 416
Shari Yalon (Schlaefer) 425
Sarah Yaron 427
Yehuda Cohn 435
Shoshana Cohen (Rosa Laster) 437
Carmen Kahana (Dickmann) 438
Reizi (Shoshana) Kahana 444
Ruti Kaspi (Klein) 445
Israel Katz 446
Yosef Carmin 447
Dr. Rudi Lupovici 450
Ilse Leibovitz (Schneider) 451
Josef Leinburd 452
Paul Leinburd 454
Shmuel (Sasha) Lechner 470
Mina Moses 471
Norman Manea 474
Moshe Nadir - Niederhoffer 486
Ada & Haim Noi (Neuberger) 490
Solomon Sulciner 492
Yacov Smotricz 494
Nethanel Amit (Sani Wachs) 496
Rachel (Schela) Etzion 500
Shlomo Fuchs 502
Prof. Benzion Fuchs 504
Zwi Fuhrer 522
Chaim Fischler 523
Menahem (Maniu) Fischler 525
Dr. Avraham Peled (Abe Bartfeld) 536
Ruth & Meir Palmon (Fallenbaum) 537
Nelli Fallenbaum (Aspler) 538
Zwia (Herma) Pelz-Fuhrer 539
Frederika Pasternak 542
Martha Freund (Mati Marilus) 543
Martin Zwilling 547
Carol Zwilling 548
Arie (ben Baruch) Kostiner 549
Yehuda Leib Kostiner 553
Meir Kostiner 555
Shoshana Keisari (Radia Altmann) 561
David Klinger - Smotricz 562
Chaya Croitoru 565
Ada Krell 565
Senta Krams (Altman) 567
Poldi Kern 569
Anna Koerner 570
Dr. Sasha Koerner 571
Idit Reuveni (Edith Feller) 572
Britty Rubin (Lebzelter-Schneider) 576
Martin Rosner 577
Josef Ruhm 580
Ing. Karl (Bibi) Ruhm 582
Dr. Rivkah Ruckenstein-Zinovitz 584
Marietta (Coca) Reissman 592
Else Reif - Weininger 595
Henry Schauer 596
The Schauman Family 598
The Yitzchak Halevi Schwarz Tribe 606
Simha Stettner 612
Frizi Sternberg 617
Miriam Shimron (Rudich) 619
Bella Schiff 619
Zalman Schaechter 620
Shmuel Schaechter 625
Ariel (Freddy) Shany (Roth) 625
Gisela Schapira (Lupovici) 640
On those who didn't make it 643
Shmuel Oberweger 643
Zwi Orni 644
Yizchak Ilan (Iziu Fallenbaum) 649
Erich Heitel 651
Moshe Mordechai Herling 652
Marcel Wagner 653
Emanuel (Maniu) Michalovici 654
Prof. Emanuel Merdinger 655
Avigdor Nussbrauch 656
Jakov (Ianiu) Fuhrer 658
Kehat Falik 659
Jakov (Jacki) & Erika Strominger 661
Dr. Sylvia Sternlieb 661
Yosef Schaechter 663
Prof. Libi Schaerf 665
Index of names, locations and pictures 669
Errata XXXIX
List of association members XXIII
Foreword - Editors and Guests [E] XV
Acknowledgments - Laudatio [E] XIII
Bilingual table of contents III
English Title page I


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